155 Boy Names That Start With F: for Fearless Fellas

Boy names that start with F are fresh, fun, and feisty.

Where better to look when searching for a baby name than working through the alphabet?

If your favorite letter happens to be F, you’re in luck. From Fred, Fritz, and Fabian to Flynn, we list 155 fantastic, fun, and famous boy names that start with F to help spark your imagination.

So, let’s get started with our fascinating list that’s fizzing with fun as we rundown the ultimate boy names with F.

155 Fabulous F Names for Boys

Don’t settle for second best when choosing boy names.

  1. Faas – is possibly Dutch or African, meaning “rescued.”
  2. Fabian – derived from the Latin term “fabius,” meaning “bean grower.”
  3. Fabo – possibly meaning “sacrifice and powerful” or “bean grower.”
  4. Fabio – this popular Brazilian male name hails from Italy and means “bean.”
  5. Fabricio – similar to Fabrizio, this Italian boy’s name means “smith.”
  6. Fabrizio – derived from the Latin “fabricius,” meaning “craftsman, smith, and maker.”
  7. Fadi – this classic Arabic name means “savior.”
  8. Fadil – an Arabic name meaning “generous.”
  9. Fahad – this Arabic name represents stealth and means “panther and leopard.”
  10. Fahri – a short and sweet Turkish boy’s name meaning “honorary.”
  11. Fairbright – according to some, Fairbright means “studious, competitive, and confident.”
  12. Fairfax – taken from the Anglo-Saxon words “foegr” and “feax,” meaning “fair-haired.”
  13. Fairleigh – is an Old English name meaning “bull meadow.”
  14. Fairmont – this fancy name means “sacrifice, innovation, and power.”
  15. Faisal – another Arabic name meaning “sword.”
  16. Fakri – possibly means “worthy of being proud” or “glory” in Arabic.
  17. Falcon – a gender-neutral name of English origin, referring to a bird in the Hawke family.
  18. Falk – a common German male name meaning “hawk.”
  19. Falkner – an Old English and German occupational name for a “falconer.”
  20. Fallon – this Irish/Gaelic name comes from the word “follamhnus,” meaning “leader.”
  21. Faol – is of Irish and Gaelic descent, meaning wolf.
  22. Farah – an Arabic name with a Western flavor, meaning “joy or joyful.”
  23. Faramond – this Old English name means “traveler’s protection.”
  24. Farid – is an Arabic boy’s name meaning “exceptional and unique.”
  25. Faris – a powerful Arabic male name meaning “knight, horseman, and cavalier.”
  26. Farley – many boy names that start with F come from Old English, meaning “fern wood.”
  27. Farnham – is a habitational Old English name meaning “from the fern field.”
  28. Faron – is of Old English origin, meaning “handsome servant.”
  29. Farrell – a classic Irish name meaning “descendent of the man of valor.”
  30. Faruq – a popular Arabic name for someone “who knows right from wrong.”
  31. Faulkner – derived from the Old French term “faulconnier,” meaning “falconer.”
  32. Faustino – for “lucky” children, this Spanish name also means “bringing good luck.”
  33. Favian – meaning “man of wisdom,” derived from the Roman name Fabius.
  34. Favio – comes from the Roman clan Fabius, meaning “bean.”
  35. Fawkes – of Norman-French origin, meaning “valley.”
  36. Fawzi – an Arabic name meaning “triumph, winner, and victory.”
  37. Fayiz – this Muslim boy’s name means “winner.”
  38. Fedor – another fantastic Greek male name meaning “God’s gift.”
  39. Fedot – derived from the Old Greek name Theodotus, meaning “given by God.”
  40. Feival – of Greek and Yiddish origin, meaning “bright and radiant.”
  41. Felipe – this foreign version of Philip means “lover of horses” in Spanish.
  42. Felix – popular boy names with F have simple meanings, like “happy and fortunate.”
  43. Felman – a German topographic name for someone “who lives by a crag.”
  44. Fen – is an Old English name meaning “marshland and peace.”
  45. Fender – after the popular electric guitar, meaning “from the defender.”
  46. Fenrir – a wonderful Old Norse name meaning “fen-dweller.”
  47. Fenton – a cute and cool Old English name meaning “marsh town.”
  48. Fenwick – an unusual Old English name meaning “village on the marsh.”
  49. Fenxy – this modern-sounding name is of unknown origin, meaning “hesitate, good understanding, and travel lover.”
  50. Fenyman – this Irish-sounding name means “honesty, sacrificer, and admirer.”
  51. Ferdie – this Dutch and German derivative of Ferdinand, means “peace, daring, and brave.”
  52. Ferdinand – a classic German name meaning “to be courageous.”
  53. Fergal – a common Irish and Gaelic name meaning “brave man.”
  54. Fergus – of Scottish origin, meaning “manly strength.”
  55. Ferguson – an Irish and Scottish patronymic name that means “son of Fergus.”
  56. Fermin – this Spanish name is perfect for “strong” children.
  57. Fermont – possibly of German origin, meaning “freedom mountain.”
  58. Fern – an Anglo-Saxon name that translates as “feather.”
  59. Fernando – is of Spanish and Portuguese origin, meaning “adventurous and bold journey.”
  60. Ferrer – this classic Spanish/Mexican name means “blacksmith.”
  61. Ferris – of Irish and Gaelic descent, meaning “rock.”
  62. Festus – F names for boys are rarely this exotic, meaning “steadfast” in Roman.
  63. Fidel – a derivative of the Latin “fidelis,” meaning “faithful.”
  64. Fido – a variant of the Latin “fidelis,” meaning “faithful.”
  65. Fielder – an Old English habitational name meaning “dweller in open countryside.”
  66. Fife – a county name in Scotland, meaning “from Fifeshire.”
  67. Figaro – a sophisticated Italian name meaning “barber.”
  68. Fighter – this is a tough name to give a kid because it means “one who fights.”
  69. Fikri – this Arabic name sounds Japanese and means “intellectual.”
  70. Filch – a famous Harry Potter character; this Old English name means “to steal.”
  71. Filmar – possibly Spanish or German, meaning “loving change.”
  72. Finbar – a common Irish name meaning “fair-haired.”
  73. Finch – this English bird’s name means “to swindle.”
  74. Finchley – an English name meaning “finch’s clearing,” and a large district in London.
  75. Fingal – this Irish masculine name means “fair stranger.”
  76. Finley – of Scottish/Gaelic origin, meaning “fair or blonde warrior.”
  77. Finn – is a short form of Finnegan with the same meaning.
  78. Finnegan – continuing the theme of Irish boy names that start with F, meaning “son of Fairhead.”
  79. Finnian – is of Irish or Gaelic origin, meaning “fair.”
  80. Finnick – this hipster Anglo-Saxon name means “marshland farm.”
  81. Finnie – a unisex Gaelic name meaning “soldier.”
  82. Fionn – Irish guy names that start with F are so cool, meaning “white and fair.”
  83. Fiore – an Italian variant of the Latin “flora,” meaning “flower.”
  84. Firth – a Scottish place name meaning forest.
  85. Fischer – is the German version of Fisher with the same meaning.
  86. Fishel – is of Hebrew origin and means “little fish” in Yiddish.
  87. Fisher – an occupational English name for a “fisherman” or someone who “catches fish.”
  88. Fitz – this patronymic name of Anglo-Norman origin means “son of.”
  89. Fitzgerald – a classy Irish name meaning “son of Gerald.”
  90. Fitzhugh – derived from the Latin “filius,” meaning “son of intelligence” or “son of Hugh.”
  91. Fitzpatrick – this Old German and French name means “son of Patrick.”
  92. Fitzroy – an Old French name meaning “son of the king,” while Roy derives from “roi,” meaning “king.”
  93. Fitzwilliam – this aristocratic French/English name means “son of William.”
  94. Flanagan – many names for boys that start with F come from Irish/Gaelic, meaning “descendent of Flannagán.”
  95. Flann – nicknames are rarely as lovely, meaning “ruddy” in Irish.
  96. Flavio – is a derivative of Flavius, with the same meaning.
  97. Flavius – the perfect name for Roman kids with “golden” or “yellow-blonde hair.”
  98. Fleet – a place in England; Fleet means “stream.”
  99. Fleetwood – a topographical English name meaning “woods with a stream.”
  100. Flemming – is an Old English name describing a “man from Flanders.”
  101. Fletcher – names for boys that start with F are sometimes occupational – like this one, meaning “arrow-maker.”
  102. Flick – is an informal English nickname for Felicity, meaning “lucky.”
  103. Flint – a habitational Old English name meaning “born near an outcrop of flint.”
  104. Florence – unisex male names that start with F are rarely prettier, meaning “blossoming.”
  105. Florent – an Old French name meaning “in flower.”
  106. Florentino – the long-form version of the Old French name Florint, meaning “in flower.”
  107. Florian – the perfect Slavic and Latin name for your little “flower.”
  108. Floro – derived from the Greek word “floros,” meaning “blossoming flower.”
  109. Floyd – a classic Welsh first, middle, and last name meaning “gray-haired.”
  110. Flynn – a funny Irish name meaning “son of the red-haired one.”
  111. Folke – a Danish and Western European name meaning “people’s guardian.”
  112. Forbes – from the Scottish clan Forbes, meaning “field or district.”
  113. Ford – a topographical name referring to a “river crossing.”
  114. Forrest – derived from the Latin word “foris,” meaning “outside.”
  115. Forsythe – of Old Gaelic, English, and Irish origin, meaning “man of peace.”
  116. Fortune – is derived from the Latin word “fortuno,” meaning “lucky.”
  117. Foster – an English occupational name possibly meaning “forest worker or a shearer and maker of scissors.”
  118. Fowler – in Anglo-Saxon times, a Fowler “hunted wild birds.”
  119. Fox – an English occupational name meaning “fox catcher or “fox’s set.”
  120. Foxworth – meaning “social person and great companion,” this English name is old-fashioned.
  121. Fran – a short form of Francis, meaning “from France.”
  122. Francis – possibly meaning “free,” this Latin and Germanic name refers to a “Frenchman.”
  123. Francisco – is of Spanish and Portuguese origin, meaning “free man.”
  124. Franco – a Spanish and Italian version of Frank, meaning “free.”
  125. Francois – a classic Latin male name meaning “from France.”
  126. Frank – an Old English form of the French name Francois, meaning “sincere.”
  127. Franklin – derived from the Anglo-Franco “fraunclein,” meaning “landowner or free.”
  128. Fraser – some boy names that start with F have surprising meanings, like “strawberry.”
  129. Freco – derived from the Italian word “fresco,” meaning “fresh.”
  130. Fred – this shortened version of Frederic means “peaceful ruler.”
  131. Freddie – a short form of Frederic, meaning “elf counsel” and “peaceful ruler.”
  132. Frederic – a variant of the German boy’s name Frederico, meaning “peaceful ruler.”.
  133. Frederico – a classic German/Italian and Spanish name that means “peaceful ruler.”
  134. Free – unsurprisingly, Free means “free borne” in English.
  135. Freedom – an Old English name that does what it says in the title.
  136. Freeland – with Middle English origins, meaning “free land” or “free man.”
  137. Freeman – is an Old English name meaning “free man.”
  138. Frej – a sweet Scandinavian/Swedish name meaning “Lord.”
  139. Frens – a variant of Frans and Frings, meaning “Dutch.”
  140. Frey – a short and sweet Scandinavian name meaning “Lord and exalted one.”
  141. Fridwald – this Old German name possibly means “friendship, tranquility, power, and mighty one.”
  142. Friedland – a classic German and Jewish habitational name meaning “from Friedland.”
  143. Friedrich – the German version of Frederick, meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  144. Fritz – an Old German name that means “peaceful-ruler.”
  145. Frodo – derived from the Old English name Froda, meaning “wise.”
  146. Frost – this gender-neutral Old English name means “freezing water.”
  147. Fuad – a masculine Arabic name meaning “heart.”
  148. Fulbert – derived from the German name Filibert, meaning “very bright.”
  149. Fulbright – an old-fashioned name meaning “very bright.”
  150. Fulk – some 4 letter names for boys that start with F are cool, like Fulk, meaning “people” in German.
  151. Fuller – an occupational Old English word for someone who is a “dresser of cloth.”
  152. Fulton – a rare and unique Scottish boy’s name meaning “of the people’s estate.”
  153. Furkan – this Arabic boy’s name means “beautiful.”
  154. Future – an unusual baby name, meaning “what’s to come.”
  155. Fyfe – boy names that start with F don’t come any cuter – means “from Fifeshire” in Scotland.

Boy Names That Start With F FAQs

What Are the Most Popular Boy Names That Start With F?

The most popular boy names that start with F include Freddie, Franz, Frank, Finn, and Fabricio. Other examples, like Fuad, Furkan, Fikri, and Fadi, are well-loved in Arabic countries.

What Celebrities Have Boy Names With F?

Many celebrities have boy names with F, including Freddie Mercury, Forest Whittaker, Frank Sinatra, Fidel Castro, and Fred Astaire. Other famous people include Floyd Mayweather, Frank Langella, Fernando Alonso, Frank Grillo, and French Montana.

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