100 Girl Names That Start With H: Happy & Hopeful

Find the most honorable girl names that start with H for your daughter with these helpful, humble, and happy choices.

The letter H radiates hope, happiness, and harmony, making girl names that start with H some of the most honorable choices for a daughter.

Many cultures worldwide utilize H names for girls to symbolize greatness and virtue, so we have gathered our favorite picks for you to explore below. With heartfelt influences behind each choice, we’re sure your daughter will have the most heroic name in no time.

So, keep reading to find the most humble and hopeful names for girls that start with H.

100 Heavenly Girl Names That Start With H

We hope you agree these H names for girls are full of harmony and happiness!

  1. Hadassah – a dreamy Hebrew girl’s name representing the symbolic myrtle tree.
  2. Haden – or Hayden, both modern unisex names meaning “hay clearing” or “heather valley.”
  3. Hadiya – this Arabic name serves as a “guide to righteousness,” often spelled with more “d’s, “h’s,” or “y’s.”
  4. Hadley – meaning “heather meadow,” this name paints a beautiful floral picture.
  5. Haf – a rare Welsh name with the joyous meaning of “summer.”
  6. Hafsa – or Hafza, this cuddly Arabic name means “lioness cub.”
  7. Haggith – a very unique biblical female name with the party-ready meaning of “festive.”
  8. Hai – a Chinese name element with the powerful yet beautiful meaning of “ocean.”
  9. Hailey – a very common English name meaning “hay meadow,” with spelling variants including Haley and Hailee.
  10. Haizea – one of the most popular names in the Spanish Basque country, meaning “wind.”
  11. Hala – this ethereal Arabic name refers to the halo of light that shines around the moon.
  12. Halcyon – a spectacular, standout name referring to the graceful and clever kingfisher birds.
  13. Halle – an angelic Norse name meaning “heroine” and a great Hailey alternative.
  14. Hallel – a fantastic Hebrew name with the spiritual and devout meaning of “praise.”
  15. Halo – perfect for little cherubs; this spiritual name carries a lot of light.
  16. Hanako – meaning “flower child,” this Japanese name is ideal for your new little petal.
  17. Hang – is a Vietnamese name meaning “moon.”
  18. Hằng – spelled this way, the Vietnamese name has the ultra-feminine meaning of “lady.”
  19. Hanga – a Hungarian name with the floral meaning of “heather.”
  20. Hannah – the most well-known of palindromic female names that start with H, meaning “grace.”
  21. Hannele – a charming and sophisticated Finnish twist on Hannah, still carrying all that “favor and grace.”
  22. Harlem – after various place names, this “homely” name is modern-sounding yet cozy.
  23. Harley – rooted in Old English, this gender-neutral name is made of elements meaning “hare” and “lea, meadow.”
  24. Harmony – this melodic virtue name carries peace and perfection and is popular among Black families.
  25. Harper – a popular celebrity pick among musical H names for girls.
  26. Harpreet – an enchanting Sikh name, symbolizing the power of “God’s love.”
  27. Harriet – a feminine twist on Harry, this beautiful 7 letter name means “home-ruler.”
  28. Harshita – a feminine and vibrant Hindi name for a girl who’s “full of happiness.”
  29. Harsika – you can’t help but smile at this Hindi name, meaning “happiness, laughter.”
  30. Hartley – from an English surname, this modern-sounding, romantic choice means “deer meadow.”
  31. Harumi – interpretations of this Japanese name include “clear weather, beautiful, sunny.”
  32. Hattie – means “home-ruler,” as a fun-loving diminutive of Henrietta or Harriet.
  33. Haukea – this Hawaiian girl’s name is crisp and fresh with its “white snow” meaning.
  34. Haunai – another wintery Hawaiian name, meaning “beautiful snow.”
  35. Havaska – meaning “snowy,” this Hungarian name is fit for an ice princess.
  36. Haven – this cute name will let your daughter know she’s always safe and secure with you.
  37. Haya – a pretty alternative to Maya, meaning “life” from Hebrew roots.
  38. Hazal – this Turkish name represents everything we love about autumn, including crisp leaves and fall foliage.
  39. Hazel – nutty and earthy, this color name would look gorgeous on a brown-eyed girl.
  40. Heather – like the flowering shrub, believed to bring protection and good luck.
  41. Heaven – one of the dreamiest entries among names for girls that start with H.
  42. Hecate – a cool and “far-reaching” mythological name after the Greek figure associated with the moon.
  43. Hecuba – a rather badass name born by a mother figure from Greek legend.
  44. Hedda – one of the mightiest girl names that start with H, meaning “female warrior,” of Scandinavian roots.
  45. Hedwig – a unique yet memorable German name with the combative meanings of “war, battle.”
  46. Heidi – meaning “noble,” this literary girl’s name takes us to the mountains!
  47. Hel – a chaotic entry on this list of H names, meaning “hidden,” after a Norse death goddess.
  48. Heledd – after a 7th-century Welsh princess, this name may be rare, but it sure is special.
  49. Helen – a timeless Greek girl’s name whose meaning of “shining light” carries so much positive energy.
  50. Helena – like Helen, but with that youthful, ultra-feminine “a” at the end.
  51. Helga – meaning “blessed, holy,” from the Old Norse “heilagr.”
  52. Hellä – there’s no denying this “loving, affectionate” Finnish name is ‘hella’ cute!
  53. Heloise – a French name of various interpretations, including “renowned warrior,” “healthy,” or “sunny.”
  54. Hema – an angelic Hindi H name with the radiantly colorful meaning of “golden.”
  55. Hemera – inspired by the Greek mythological personification of “daytime.”
  56. Henna – a cool alternative to Hannah, this Finnish name is from the same stem as Henrietta.
  57. Henrietta – less heard than its male equivalent, Henry, this bold name means “home-ruler.”
  58. Henrika – a Swedish variant of Henrietta with a fun, continental sound.
  59. Hera – the most badass pick, after the Greek goddess.
  60. Hermine – meaning “soldier,” this Germanic female name is tough and ready.
  61. Hermione – Harry Potter fans will love this witchy name, meaning “messenger.”
  62. Hero – a badass name for a little champ, could work wonderfully as a middle name.
  63. Hersilia – dating back to Roman legend, this unique name means “delicate.”
  64. Herut – meaning “freedom, liberty,” this name offers so much encouragement.
  65. Hesper – a modern-sounding choice from Greek, romantically meaning “evening star.”
  66. Hester – a cute literary pick, adorably meaning “star” from its Greek roots.
  67. Heulwen – bring some light to your daughter’s days with this Welsh name that radiates “sunshine.”
  68. Hikmat – a noble choice among girl names that start with H, after an Islamic term meaning “wisdom.”
  69. Hilal – a gender-neutral Arabic name referring to a “crescent moon.”
  70. Hilaria – meaning “cheerful,” this smile-bringing name dates back to Roman times.
  71. Hilda – a Norse legend name meaning “battle, protector.”
  72. Hildegard – a name like a battle cry, “hild” means “war” in Old High German.
  73. Hilke – is a cool, yet very old-fashioned, Hilda variant with that same feisty meaning.
  74. Hilla – sweet as pie, this Finnish girl’s name means “cloudberry.”
  75. Hillary – a form of Hilaria, this friendly name works for baby boys and gorgeous girls.
  76. Hilma – is slightly different from Hilda; this German form means “determined warrior.”
  77. Hiltrud – a firm, almost uppity-sounding Old German name, meaning “strong in battle.”
  78. Hima – one for winter-born babies, this Sanskrit name means “frost, snow.”
  79. Himani – another name meaning “snow,” this one from Sanskrit.
  80. Hinata – a Japanese name full of summer vibes, meaning “sunny place, sunflower.”
  81. Hira – meaning “diamond,” this Hindi girl’s name dazzles like a gemstone.
  82. Hoa – meaning “flower,” this Sino-Vietnamese name is the prettiest pick of the bunch.
  83. Hōkūlani – the Hawaiian words for “star” and “sky” create this gorgeous name for a nighttime-born baby.
  84. Holly – a wonderfully festive choice for a nature-inspired name.
  85. Honey – no women’s names that start with H are as sweet as Honey!
  86. Hong – like the cutest blush, this pretty color name means “pink, rosy.”
  87. Honor – a powerful virtue name full of glory, spelled with a “u” in British English.
  88. Hope – a dazzling virtue name for a girl with the brightest future ahead.
  89. Hortensia – meaning “garden,” this flower-inspired name sounds vibrant and creative.
  90. Hosanna – a powerful liturgical name to bestow upon a child, meaning “praise.”
  91. Hoshi – dreamy and infinitely fun to pronounce; this Japanese name means “star.”
  92. Hotaru – this Japanese name has the most special and unique meaning of “firefly.”
  93. Houria – a mystical and magical H name, meaning “fairy, nymph,” in Arabic.
  94. Houtu – using the powerful Chinese goddess as a namesake, Houtu means “queen of the earth.”
  95. Hulda – mysteriously meaning “secrecy,” this Old Norse name carries myth and legend.
  96. Humayra – a vivid Arabic color name meaning “red.”
  97. Hunter – a cunning and athletic name repurposed from the common occupational surname.
  98. Hunu – a rare, Maori-rooted name meaning “sunray.”
  99. Hyacinth – a vintage choice among old lady flower girl names with H.
  100. Hydra – a watery, electric-sounding name that reminds us of the mythological water dragon.

H Names for Girls FAQs

What Is the Most Popular H Name for Girls?

Hannah, Holly, Hailey, and Hazel are among the most popular girl names that start with H. In more modern years, names such as Harper and Hunter have also crept up the popularity charts.

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