105 Names That Mean Lucky: Inspire Good Fate & Fortune

These dazzling names that mean lucky provide the ultimate good luck charm for your baby boy or girl.

Set your child up for the best and brightest future by selecting one of these spectacular names that mean luck.

You don’t need to be superstitious to be intrigued by the prospect of good fortune, so we’re sure you’ll be enchanted by this charming array of lucky names from around the world, each ideal for babies destined for greatness.

Perfect for parents looking to bless their child with every success, you’re sure to find magic among these lucky names. And, to help you on your journey, we’ve listed all the meanings, origins, wonder, and charm behind each one!

45 Gorgeous Girl Names That Mean Luck

Your little lady will flourish with potential, should she be blessed with one of these lucky names.

  1. Aashvi – meaning “blessed, victorious,” this Hindi girl’s name holds all the luck of a champion.
  2. Bushra – a cute female name carrying the prosperous meaning of “good news.”
  3. Chieko – a cute Japanese girl’s name, brimming with “a thousand blessings.”
  4. Destiny – evoke the best, brightest luck with this celestial-sounding vocabulary name.
  5. Duyên – a mystical pick among Vietnamese luck names, meaning “fate, charm.”
  6. Erin – referring to “Ireland,” this cute 4-letter name carries all the luck of the Irish.
  7. Eutychia – a feminine form of the Greek-rooted name Eutychius, meaning “fortunate.”
  8. Evangeline – or Evangelina, full of excitement and luck with their “good news” meaning.
  9. Fate – a dreamy vocabulary name full of that shimmering, witchy aesthetic.
  10. Faustina – for the “luckiest” of women, a classic among ancient Roman girl names meaning fortune.
  11. Felicia – or Filicia, both “lucky” Latin names and feminine forms of Felix.
  12. Felicitas – after the Roman goddess of luck, this name carries an ethereal sort of prosperity.
  13. Felicity – the most joyful of English names meaning “happiness,” also meaning “good luck” from Latin.
  14. Felka – is fun and funky among Polish names for girls, meaning “luck.”
  15. Fortuna – take a chance on this name, inspired by the Roman goddess of fortune.
  16. Fortunata – a Latin girl name carrying “good fate” and a longer form of Fortuna.
  17. Fortune – a rare yet special virtue name, would sound amazing twinned with Fate.
  18. Fuku – a Japanese girl name meaning “blessing, happiness, good fortune.”
  19. Gefion – or Gefjon (meaning “giver”) after the Norse goddess of fertility and prosperity.
  20. Glicka – with Yiddish roots, this plucky name means “luck.”
  21. Grug – an unusual Welsh name meaning “heather,” carrying all the luck symbolic of that flower.
  22. Heather – this shrub is believed to symbolize protection and luck, great among nature names meaning fortune.
  23. Jade – a pretty green name after the gemstone believed to be lucky in Chinese culture.
  24. Kỳ – a short yet dazzling Sino-Vietnamese name carrying “good luck, fortune.”
  25. Laima – after a Baltic faith goddess, this name means “luck, fate” in Latvian and Lithuanian.
  26. Lakshmi – a strong girl’s name inspired by the beautiful Hindu goddess of luck and fortune.
  27. Lykke – an unusual Viking name meaning “good fortune.”
  28. Mallory – quite the opposite of lucky; this girl’s name actually means “unfortunate.”
  29. Milagros – the Spanish word for “miracles” has a heaven-sent aura of prosperity.
  30. Miyuki – an adorable Japanese name with various meanings, such as “beautiful snow” and “beautiful happiness, fortune.”
  31. Monifa – a soft African name for a kid who knows she is “lucky.”
  32. Nasiba – an Arabic name representing “luck, fortune.”
  33. Onneli – the etymology behind this name means “luck” or “happiness,” from the Finnish word “onni.”
  34. Sa’adah – or Saadah, meaning “happiness, success” in Arabic.
  35. Sachiko – like the “good luck” name Sachie, but with the cutie suffix meaning “child.”
  36. Sadia – a dreamy Arabic female name for a “blessed, lucky” lady.
  37. Sa’ida – like Sadia, a feminine form of the Arabic Sa’id, meaning “happy, fortunate.”
  38. Shreya – a fun-to-say Hindi girl’s name carrying “blessings, beauty, good fortune.”
  39. Tadala – this African name celebrates a parent’s luck, meaning “we have been blessed.”
  40. Tashi – a pretty feminine name meaning “good fortune” of Tibetan origins.
  41. Tyche – meaning “luck, providence,” this rare name comes from a goddess of fortune in Greek mythology.
  42. Urd – meaning “fate,” inspired by a Norse goddess of destiny.
  43. Waimarie – a pretty name translated from Maori to mean “good luck.”
  44. Xiang – a sparky Chinese name with possible meanings including “lucky” or “fragrant.”
  45. Zaida – sexy and modern-sounding, meaning “prosperous, fortunate” in Arabic.

48 Magical Male Names That Mean Lucky

He’ll sound like a charmer with one of these positivity-filled names meaning fortune.

  1. Abondio – meaning “abundance, riches,” this Latin name carries a wealth of fortune.
  2. As’ad – an Arabic male name for the “most fortunate” boy, also seen as Asaad.
  3. Atahualpa – an unusual name after an Inca Emperor, uniquely meaning “fortunate hen,” from Quechua.
  4. Avetis – an Armenian name meaning “good news, gospel” for spiritual families.
  5. Ayaan – or Ayan, holy among names meaning fortune, meaning “gift of God” in Arabic.
  6. Bakhtiar – or Bakhtyar, a Muslim boy name meaning “fortunate, lucky.”
  7. Bonaventura – this “good fortune” Italian name sounds like a vacation resort.
  8. Bonheur – a charm of a French surname, meaning “good time, lucky.”
  9. Boniface – an upper-class sounding French male name borne by various popes and saints, meaning “good fate.”
  10. Boone – an adventurous locational name meaning “good, lucky.”
  11. Chance – play with fate and fortune by choosing this cool Middle English name for your son.
  12. Eutychus – a biblical name rooted in Greek, meaning “fortunate,” with Eutychius as a recognizable alternative.
  13. Fatbardh – a unique Albanian name meaning “luck, fortunate.”
  14. Faustus – a strong, literary Latin name meaning “fortunate” for a man destined for greatness.
  15. Feliks – a Slavic spelling of Felix, with a fun feeling.
  16. Felix – iconic among names that mean “lucky, fortunate,” from Latin.
  17. Gad – a cute biblical short form of Gadiel, also relating to a tall, evergreen tree in Navajo.
  18. Gadiel – a spiritual pick among luck names, meaning “God is my fortune.”
  19. Ganesha – or Ganesh, after the heavenly “lord of multitudes” Hindu god of fortune and good luck.
  20. Glick – a Yiddish surname derived from the German Glück, meaning “happiness.”
  21. Hyson – inspired by a Chinese green tea, commonly known as Lucky Dragon Tea.
  22. Kamran – cool and trendy for “prosperous, fortunate” Persian men.
  23. Lôc – this Vietnamese male name holds several meanings, including “luck, blessings” and “flower bud.”
  24. Maddox – this trendy name comes from Welsh, meaning “fortunate” or “son of Madoc.”
  25. Mas’ud – or Masud, meaning “lucky, prosperous, happy” in Arabic.
  26. Mus’ad – meaning “lucky, happy” – like Mas’ud, just with the letters re-jigged!
  27. Mushu – a fun Disney name after the lucky dragon sidekick in Mulan.
  28. Navid – a handsome Persian boy name, carrying prosperity and “good news.”
  29. Onni – meaning “luck” in Finnish, being a cute, charming, and common choice in that country.
  30. Otis – a cute German name to bless “wealth, fortune” upon a boy.
  31. Parvīs – a regal Persian name for one who is “victorious” and “fortunate.”
  32. Prospero – used by Shakespeare in The Tempest, this “prosperous” name is a great “lucky” synonym.
  33. Sachie – this stunning Japanese name holds meanings including “joy, happiness, blessing, good luck.”
  34. Sa’d – is an Arabic pick meaning “fortunate, happy,” also seen as Sa’di or Sa’id.
  35. Saeed – a spelling alternative to Sa’id, meaning “fortunate, lucky, happy.”
  36. Shamrock – a rare nature name, after the type of clover symbolizing Ireland and good luck.
  37. Shankara – or Shankar, a powerful Hindu name meaning “beneficent, maker of luck.”
  38. Sisay – an African boy’s name, serving as a positive “omen of good things to come.”
  39. Srećko – a South Slavic variant of Felix, meaning “lucky.”
  40. Svante – a Swedish name for the most “blessed people” alive.
  41. Szczęsny – the “luckiest” among Polish boy names that mean lucky.
  42. Taalay – a rare name, said to mean “luck” and “happiness” in Kyrgyzstan.
  43. Tamrat – a strong African name for a “miracle” child.
  44. Tavarious – meaning “misfortune,” this isn’t the most convincing among names meaning luck.
  45. Tawfik – this Arabic name dazzles with “success” and “prosperity.”
  46. Udo – meaning “wealth, fortune” in German, and “peace” in Igbo.
  47. Uğur – a standout Turkish name for a “lucky” lad.
  48. Wapi – a “lucky” boy name from Native American (Sioux) origins.

12 Glowing Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Lucky

These unisex names that mean luck are all full of unique power and prosperity.

  1. Bahati – a great, gender-neutral Swahili name meaning “luck, good fortune.”
  2. Charm – a magical name, seeming to shimmer with luck and possibility.
  3. Clover – a rare yet earthy nature name symbolizing luck, perhaps best bestowed upon cats.
  4. Cricket – is cute among lucky nicknames; these insects are seen as international symbols of luck.
  5. Iqbal – a Persian given and last name meaning “good fortune, prosperity.”
  6. Lucky – commonly used for pets, this is the cutest among vocabulary names that mean fortune.
  7. Phúc – this Vietnamese name shines with “blessings” and “good fortune.”
  8. Prosper – a unique unisex pick among vocabulary names meaning luck, great for Star Trek fans.
  9. Samnang – a melodic Cambodian name for a “lucky, fortunate” little love.
  10. Shay – a Gaelic name for over-achievers, meaning “esteemed, fortunate, admirable.”
  11. Sonam – a unisex Tibetan pick among lucky names, meaning “merit, fortune.”
  12. Yoshi – a cute video game dinosaur name with Japanese meanings including “good luck” and “respectful.”

Lucky Names FAQs

What Are Some Fortune Goddess Names?

Inspire ethereal luck by naming your daughter after a goddess of fortune. We love Gefion, Laima, Fortuna, Felicitas, Tyche, Urd, and Lakshmi for girls, or you could even opt for Ganesh for a son.

What Spiritual Names Represent Fortune?

For girls, we love the joyful and holy meanings behind names such as Evangeline, Aashvi, Milagros, and Tadala, which are associated with fortune. For boys, consider Eutychus, Ayaan, Avetis, or Gad.

What Are Some Japanese Names Meaning Lucky?

If you love the magic behind Japanese language and culture, consider the lucky names Chieko, Miyuki, or Fuku for baby girls and Sachie or Yoshi for boys.

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