100 Boy Names That Start With W: for Wonderous Warriors

You’re on to a winner here, as these boy names that start with W are all wonderful.

W is one of the strongest initials for a baby, and we’re about to show you why with this list of the most wonderful boy names that start with W.

With many of these international names holding hardy English and Germanic roots, most W names for boys will surely be well-received among warriors. And, with each winning name holding such worthwhile meanings, origins, and histories, you’ll struggle to whittle the list down to just one!

Without further ado – let’s discover how marvelous these names are.

100 Wonderful Boy Names That Start With W

These handsome boy names with W initials are all worthwhile choices.

  1. Wade – means “to go,” a very old pick among 4-letter boy names that start with W.
  2. Wadsworth – an uppity English place name that means “village near the ford.”
  3. Wagner – a hardworking German last name meaning “wagoner.”
  4. Wahkan – this Native American (Sioux) name means “sacred.”
  5. Wahyu – an enlightening Indonesian pick among unique W names for boys, meaning “revelation.”
  6. Wainwright – this adventurous name would have referred to a “wagon maker” in Old English.
  7. Waldo – this familiar Old German name means “to rule,” but leaves us wondering – where’s Waldo?
  8. Waldorf – like a type of salad and an uncommon name meaning “village in the forest.”
  9. Waleed – a perfect Arabic baby boy name meaning “newborn.”
  10. Walenty – a Polish form of Valentine, this romantic name is “strong and healthy.”
  11. Walery – a powerful Polish pick among male names that start with W, meaning “strength.”
  12. Walid – like Waleed, this Arabic name is perfect for a “newborn.”
  13. Walker – a common occupational surname for a traditional cloth-cleaning method known as “walking.”
  14. Wallace – used for a person “from Wales,” perfect if you have a heritage in that country.
  15. Wallis – a variant of Wallace, this surname-turned-first-name also means “Welshman.”
  16. Wally – is short for names with the “wal” element and a fun and friendly nickname.
  17. Walter – a strong name for a man, holding all the power of an “army commander.”
  18. Wangchuk – a rare yet godly Tibetan name, meaning “mighty, power, possessing.”
  19. Wanyonyi – this Eastern African name is said to signify a baby “born in the weeding season.”
  20. Wapi – a short yet sparky Native American (Sioux) name meaning “lucky.”
  21. Waqas – or Waqqas, one of the most badass Muslim boy names with W, meaning “brave, wise, warrior.”
  22. Ward – an affectionate Old English name meaning “guard.”
  23. Wardell – an old place name after a “watchman’s look-out hill.”
  24. Warden – like Ward, this English name would best suit an attentive little caretaker.
  25. Warren – with English and French roots, this homely occupational name means “park-keeper.”
  26. Warrick – meaning “leader who defends,” you’re sure to trust anyone named Warrick.
  27. Warrin – this dreamy Australian Aboriginal name is for a baby “born in the colder months.”
  28. Warrior – an unconventional yet powerful W name for a baby, full of might and adventure.
  29. Washington – a presidential place name, especially significant if you have a heritage in the state.
  30. Wassily – a Polish form of the regal Russian Vasiliy, meaning “kingly.”
  31. Wasswa – a unique African boy’s name given to the “eldest of twins.”
  32. Watatsumi – rare among guy names that start with W, after a dragon water god from Japanese mythology.
  33. Watson – meaning “son of Walter,” this English name would be great for budding detectives.
  34. Wayland – a unique Old English name meaning “land by the roadway.”
  35. Wayne – this manly name means “wagon maker” in Old English.
  36. Weber – from an old occupational surname meaning “weaver.”
  37. Webster – an alternative to Weber, Webster also means “weaver.”
  38. Wei – short but strong, this Chinese name element has various meanings, including “power.”
  39. Wekasa – this African name is for a child born “during the harvest.”
  40. Wellington – a strong historical name, meaning “from the wealthy estate” or “from the temple clearing.”
  41. Wen – a Chinese name oozing with “culture” and meaning “literary, writing.”
  42. Wenceslaus – right from the Christmas carol, this Slavic boy’s name shines with the “greater glory.”
  43. Wendell – meaning “wanderer,” this German-rooted name is like an adventure waiting to happen.
  44. Wentworth – meaning “winter settlement,” or perhaps “pale man’s settlement,” after an English place name.
  45. Wenzel – a shorter Slavic form of Wenceslaus, also meaning “greater glory.”
  46. Werner – a strong German surname and first name for a “defending warrior.”
  47. Wes – is short for Wesley but could also mean “west!”
  48. Wesley – meaning “western meadow,” this old-fashioned boy’s name sounds pretty and peaceful.
  49. West – fit for celebrity babies, this direction makes the trendiest of W names for boys and girls.
  50. Westley – like Wesley, this vintage British name means “western meadow.”
  51. Weston – similarly, Weston is a name for a kid “from the western town.”
  52. Whelan – is an Irish family name meaning “wolf.”
  53. Whetū means “star” in Maori, for a fun, glittering, 5-letter name.
  54. Whitaker – an Old English surname with the wintery meaning of “white field.”
  55. Whitney – this gender-neutral British name meaning “white island” is perhaps more famously used for females.
  56. Wicket – a rare yet sporty name referring to the stump in cricket.
  57. Widukind – a Germanic name born by a Saxon leader, meaning “child of the forest.”
  58. Wilbur – meaning “resolute” or “wild boar” from Old German, with hardy, commanding vibes.
  59. Wilder – this surname starting with W would make a funny given name for a “wild, untamed” boy.
  60. Wiley – from various place names in England, Wiley makes a fun yet “tricky” name.
  61. Wilfred – a strong, proper name with the gentle meaning of “one who desires peace.”
  62. Wilhelm – an aspirational and virtuous pick for a “determined warrior.”
  63. Wilkie – a cutesy Scottish diminutive form of William.
  64. Will – the most recognizable diminutive from William or other “Wil-” names.
  65. Willard – another powerful “Wil-” name of German origin, meaning “brave, hardy.”
  66. Willem – is a Dutch form of William.
  67. William – timeless and popular, this classic German-rooted male name means “resolute protector.”
  68. Willie – a dated pick among nicknames from titles with that “wil” element.
  69. Willihard – like the “brave, hardy” name Willard, yet with another syllable.
  70. Willoughby – one of the longest boy names that start with W, meaning “willow farm.”
  71. Wilmer – made from elements meaning “will, desire,” and “famous” – a passionate German name indeed.
  72. Wilson – a common surname and cool first name, meaning “son of Will.”
  73. Wim – a preppy alternative to Will, Wim is a short form of various “Wil-” names.
  74. Wincenty – a Polish form of Vincent, with the triumphant meaning of “to conquer.”
  75. Winfred – a posh English male name given to a “peaceful friend.”
  76. Winsome – a rare, Old English word meaning “agreeable.”
  77. Winston – a great historical British name, meaning “joyful stone” or “wine’s town” in Old English.
  78. Winter – a cool, gender-neutral name, perfect for a festive baby.
  79. Winthrop – meaning “friend’s village,” this English name sounds upper-class.
  80. Wiremu – great if you’re looking for unique international forms of William; this one is from Maori.
  81. Wisdom – a lesser-heard option but an ideal name for blessing a baby with intelligence.
  82. Wit – short yet adventurous, meaning “life” or “wide.”
  83. Witold – a Polish boy’s name meaning “chaser of the people” and “ruler of the forest.”
  84. Wojciech – a cool Polish name for a “joyous warrior.”
  85. Wojsław – meaning “famous warrior,” this Polish name would suit a well-recognized badass.
  86. Wolcott – a quaint name for a baby born in a “cottage near a spring.”
  87. Wolf – an epic, animal-inspired middle name for kids who howl at the moon.
  88. Wolfgang – if Wolf wasn’t cool enough already, consider this German name meaning “traveling wolf.”
  89. Wolfhard – or here’s another great one, meaning “brave wolf” in German.
  90. Wonder – a rare yet magical name for your baby miracle.
  91. Woodrow – a presidential name, traditionally referring to a “row of houses by a wood.”
  92. Woody – kids will love this earthy, rustic male name of Toy Story fame.
  93. Wren – like the small songbird, this 4-letter name is sweet and melodic.
  94. Wright – an old occupational surname for a “craftsman,” makes a smart, admirable given name.
  95. Wu – a strong Chinese name element meaning “military, martial.”
  96. Wyatt – meaning “brave at war,” this fiery English name has the coolest spelling.
  97. Wyn – a Welsh pick among short names for boys that start with W, meaning “pure, fair.”
  98. Wynono – a lesser-heard male form of the Native American (Lakota) girl name Wynona, meaning “firstborn.”
  99. Wystan – a rare yet handsome Old English name meaning “battle stone.”
  100. Wyvern – one of the more fantastical W names for boys, after a two-legged dragon from European folklore.

W Names for Boys FAQs

What Is a Gender-Neutral Name With W?

Good unisex W names include Whitney, Wyn, Wren, and Willie, as well as modern word names such as Warrior, Winter, Wonder, and West.

What Is the Most Popular W Name for Boys?

William is undoubtedly the most popular among boy names that start with W, including its nickname Will. Other W names for boys such as Walter, Winston, Wallace, and Wayne all sound familiar yet are much less common than decades ago.

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