142 Girl Names That Start With O: for Outstanding Girls

Don’t settle for ordinary when girl names that start with O are outstanding.

What’s in a name? Everything! A name says so much, such as whether you’re reflecting your personality or your child’s. And when it comes to the outstanding, over-the-top, and opulent, choosing among these girl names that start with O is an obvious place to start.

We feature O names from across the globe, including Greek, Latin, Old English, Irish, and even Nigerian monikers. Let’s delve into the archive of female names that start with O and examine their exceptional meanings and origins.

142 Outstanding O Names for Girls

From Ophelia and Olive to Oakley and Oprah, we’ve got girl names with O covered.

  1. Oakleigh – a unisex Old English name meaning “meadow of oak trees.”
  2. Oakley – a variant of Oakleigh meaning “meadow of oak trees.”
  3. Oaklynne – possibly a Welsh name meaning “oak pond” or “beautiful oak.”
  4. Oaks – is of Old English origin, meaning “near the oak trees.”
  5. Oba – a cute Nigerian name meaning “ruler or river goddess.”
  6. Obdulia – of Spanish and Latin origin, meaning “God’s servant and protector.”
  7. Ocarina – a cute name for a small Italian flute – means “little goose.”
  8. Ocean – derived from the Greek name Oceanus, meaning “the sea.”
  9. Ocie – possibly means “ocean” or “wave” in French or “chaste” in Latin.
  10. Octavia – popular in the Victorian era, this elegant name means “eight.”
  11. Octiana – is of Latin origin, meaning “eight.”
  12. October – derived from the Roman/Latin word “octo,” meaning “eight.”
  13. Oda – a variant of the Hebrew Odelia, meaning “praise God.”
  14. Odean – possibly of Irish origin, meaning “descendant of the deacon.”
  15. Odela – a pretty Greek girl name meaning “song.”
  16. Odele – an alternate spelling of Odela of the same meaning and origin.
  17. Odelet – a cute Greek name possibly meaning “little singer” or “song.”
  18. Odelia – this unique name is of Hebrew origin and means “praise God” and “wealthy one.”
  19. Odell – is of Old English origin, meaning “woad hill,” referring to a blue flower used for dye.
  20. Odera – a gender-neutral Igbo (Southern Nigerian) name meaning “once God writes it.”
  21. Odessa – the Ukranian port city named after a Greek colony, meaning “one who receives pain.”
  22. Odette – an exquisite French and German name meaning “wealthy.”
  23. Odila – is of Old German origin, meaning “fortunate and prosperous in battle.”
  24. Odile – an alternative spelling of Odile with the same origin and meaning.
  25. Odilia – a gorgeous Germanic girl’s name possibly meaning “praise God, wealth, and heritage.”
  26. Odola – this uncommon name is possibly Greek but has an uncertain meaning.
  27. Odora – possibly derived from Latin, meaning “fragrant” or “just.”
  28. Odyssa – is of Greek origin, meaning “angry man.”
  29. Ofeera – this Arabic female name refers to a type of gazelle and represents “beautiful women.”
  30. Ofelia – the Portuguese version of the Greek Ophelia, meaning “one who helps.”
  31. Ofrat – a cute Hebrew name meaning “fawn.”
  32. Ogenya – of Hebrew origin, possibly meaning “leader of women” or “God is my help.”
  33. Ohana – a lovely Hawaiian name meaning “family.”
  34. Oheo – a cool Native American name meaning “beautiful.”
  35. Ohndrea – a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “manly and virile.”
  36. Ohtli – a gender-neutral Aztec name meaning “road or path.”
  37. Ojasvee – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “bustling with life.”
  38. Oksana – this Japanese-sounding name is Slavic and means “praise God.”
  39. Oktawja – this Polish name derives from the Latin “iustus,” meaning “just.”
  40. Olabesi – some girl names that start with O have a beautiful aesthetic – means “bringing joy.”
  41. Olaga – this Samoan girl’s name means “life.”
  42. Oleda – derived from the Latin Alida, meaning “small winged one.”
  43. Oleen – this rare name meaning “joyous” could be Hawaiian or Greek.
  44. Oleena – this Greek and Ukranian girl’s name means “sunray or shining light.”
  45. Olenka – possibly of Norse, Slavic, and Ukrainian origin, meaning “blessed and holy.”
  46. Olesia – a Greek derivative of Alexander, meaning “man’s defender” or “girl in the forest” in Slavic.
  47. Oletha – possibly Scandinavian meaning “light and nimble” or “truth” in Greek.
  48. Oletta – of Norse and German origin, meaning “nobility, or ancestor’s descendant.”
  49. Olette – this royal Latin-inspired name means “nobility, goddess of truth,” and “of Alida.”
  50. Olexa – possibly related to the Greek Alexander, this Czech name means “defender of mankind.”
  51. Olga – a well-loved Scandinavian/Russian name meaning “blessed, holy, and successful.”
  52. Olia – this sweet Russian nickname for Olga means “holy and blessed.”
  53. Olida – more Latin “olive tree” names – Olida is popular in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.
  54. Olife – possibly derived from the Latin Olive, meaning “olive tree and peace.”
  55. Olimpia – a variant spelling of the Greek Olympia, meaning “from Mount Olympus.”
  56. Olimpiada – some women’s names that start with O are long, like Olimiada, meaning “from Mount Olympus.”
  57. Oline – possibly Hawaiian or Scandinavian meaning “joyous” or “ancestor’s relic.”
  58. Olinia – an unusual Russian name meaning “sunray.”
  59. Olinija – a variant of Olinia of the same origin and meaning.
  60. Olisa – possibly French or African meaning “God.”
  61. Oliva – one of many Latin-derived O names meaning “olive tree.”
  62. Olive – a great first and middle English name of Latin origin, meaning “olive tree.”
  63. Olivera – possibly a Spanish/Catalan version of Olive, meaning “olive tree.”
  64. Olivet – so many Latin-inspired O names mean “olive tree.”
  65. Olivia – this Latin nature-inspired name means “olive tree” and “peace.”
  66. Olivine – from the Latin for “olive tree,” or possibly refers to the gemstone of olive-green color.
  67. Oliwja – this Hawaiian girl’s name derives from the Latin Olivarius, meaning “olive tree.”
  68. Ollie – derived from the Latin Olivarius, this trendy unisex name means “olive tree.”
  69. Olsen – a Danish/Norwegian patronymic name meaning “son of Ole.”
  70. Oluremi – some names for girls that start with O are African – means “God comforts me.”
  71. Olva – related to the Latin Olivia, this short and sweet name means “olive tree.”
  72. Olwen – an original Welsh fantasy name meaning “white foot or footprint.”
  73. Olwyn – this alternate spelling of Olwen has the same origin and meaning.
  74. Omana – the female version of Oman, meaning “to settle” in Arabic.
  75. Ombretta – a majestic Italian name meaning “shadow” or “shade of darkness.”
  76. Omega – this gender-neutral Greek name means “the end.”
  77. Omeira – an alternate spelling of Myra, meaning “myrrh” in Latin.
  78. Omolara – possibly a common name in West Africa, meaning “child born at the right time.”
  79. Omyra – possibly derived from the Latin word “myrrh” or “iustus,” meaning “just.”
  80. Onawa – a fun Native American name describing a “wide-awake one.”
  81. Ondine – a variant of the Latin-derived name Ondyne, meaning “little wave.”
  82. Ondrea – an uncommon Czech name meaning “strong and courageous.”
  83. Ondyne – this rare Latin-derived name means “little wave.”
  84. Onee – possibly means “elder sister” in Japanese or “born on holy ground” in Native American.
  85. Onella – a perfect Greek name for the “light” of your life.
  86. Oni – this Native American girl’s name sounds simple but means “born on holy ground.”
  87. Onjella – an alternate spelling of the Latin Onnjel or Angela, meaning “angel.”
  88. Onora – this simple name is of Latin origin, meaning “honor.”
  89. Onorata – with Latin roots, this Italian name means “honored.”
  90. Onyx – bizarrely, Onyx derives from the Greek word “onyxis,” meaning “fingernail.”
  91. Oona – of Scottish origin, possibly meaning “lamb” or “one and universal.”
  92. Opa – girl names with O can be short and sweet, like Opa, meaning “owl” in Native American.
  93. Opal – the prettiest Sanskrit name, meaning “precious stone.”
  94. Opalina – derived from the Sanskrit word “upala,” meaning “gem or jewel.”
  95. Orabella – the first of two versions of the Latin Arabelle, meaning “prayerful.”
  96. Orabelle – a variant of the Latin Arabelle meaning “beautiful, prayerful, and seacoast.”
  97. Oracia – is rooted in Spanish and means “prayer and gold.”
  98. Oralie – of Latin origin, this French name means “golden.”
  99. Oralis – with roots in Latin, this edgy name means “golden-haired.”
  100. Orana – an Aboriginal word meaning “welcome.”
  101. Orania – possibly derived from Latin, this French feminine name means “sunrise.”
  102. Orasia – a Spanish version of Horace, meaning “time” or “season.”
  103. Orbella – a peaceful, vintage Latin name meaning “prayerful.”
  104. Orelda – another Latin entry; this one means “announcement from the gods.”
  105. Orelie – possibly French or Latin, derived from Aurelia, meaning “golden.”
  106. Orfeya – comes from the Greek name Orfia, meaning “beautiful voice.”
  107. Orian – possibly means “privileged birth” or “dawn” and “golden” in Greek.
  108. Oriana – a variant of Orianne, meaning “dawn and gold.”
  109. Orianne – possibly Latin or French meaning “dawn and gold.”
  110. Oriella – an alternate spelling of the Latin name Oriola, meaning “golden.”
  111. Orien – a variation of Orian, this Greek name means “of the Orient and East.”
  112. Oriola – a classic name derived from the Latin “orioulus,” meaning “golden.”
  113. Oriolle – derived from the Latin “oriolus,” meaning “the golden one.”
  114. Orla – this short and sweet Irish name means “golden princess.”
  115. Orlanda – a Spanish female version of Orlando, meaning “renowned land.”
  116. Orlena – a stylish Latin name meaning “golden.”
  117. Ornetta – an old-fashioned German name meaning “eagle ruler.”
  118. Ornina – a cool Hebrew girl’s name meaning “pine tree.”
  119. Orpa – a pretty Hebrew name meaning “young deer or fawn.”
  120. Orphea – the feminine Greek version of Orpheus, meaning “beautiful voice” or “darkness of the night.”
  121. Orsalina – a variation of the Italian Orssa, meaning “little she-bear.”
  122. Orssa – an Italian variation of Ursula, meaning “little she-bear.”
  123. Orszebet – an uncommon Hungarian name meaning “God’s promise.”
  124. Ortensa – an alternate spelling of Ortensia, meaning “farmer” in Latin.
  125. Orthia – derived from the Greek Orthos, meaning “straight.”
  126. Orvakki – possibly derived from the Finnish Orvokki, meaning “violet flower.”
  127. Osanna – the Latin short form of Hosannah, meaning “save” or “we pray.”
  128. Oskie – some girl names with O are very rare, such as Oskie, meaning “gold” in Armenian.
  129. Osma – a quirky Scandinavian name meaning “God’s protection.”
  130. Ostia – this Latin name refers to the original port in Rome.
  131. Osvalda – of Germanic origin, meaning “divine power.”
  132. Otthilda – Germanic O names for girls have powerful meanings, like “fortunate heroine.”
  133. Ottoline – this unusual French/German name means “prospers in battle” and “rich.”
  134. Ottorina – possibly with Germanic and Italian roots, meaning “wealth and fortune.”
  135. Oula – a short and sweet Norse name meaning “will and determination.”
  136. Ovelia – many female names that start with O are Greek, like Ovelia, meaning “help.”
  137. Owen – derived from the Welsh Owain, meaning “noble-born” and “young warrior.”
  138. Ozara – the first of a collection of Hebrew names, meaning “treasure and wealth.”
  139. Ozell – such a cute Hebrew name meaning “divine strength.”
  140. Ozella – derived from the Hebrew name Oziel, meaning “strength and power.”
  141. Oziel – a unique Hebrew name meaning “strength and power.”
  142. Ozzie – some English girl names that start with O are rare, like Ozzie, meaning “strong.”

Girl Names That Start With O FAQs

What Are the Rarest Girl Names That Start With O?

The rarest girl names that start with O include, Otthilda, Orszebet, Oksana, Ondyne, and Oni. Some of the most unusual names, like Opa, Ojasvee, Odyssa, and Ostia, come from Native American, Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin.

Which Celebrities Have Girl Names That Start With O?

Many celebrities have girl names that start with O, such as the late Olivia Newton-John, Olivia Colman, Olivia Rodrigo, Oprah Winfrey, Olivia Wilde, and Olga Kurylenko.

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