269 Awesome Edgy Baby Names: for Tots With Attitude

Set them on the right path in life and give your kid an edgy baby name.

What’s the appeal of edgy baby names? Is it badass or risque, or is it something sassy or spicy? We like to think we have an edge, as who wants to be labeled as “bland?” So, when you think of edgy names for our little ones, try words like grunge, spunky, feisty, and swaggy for size.

Choosing an edgy name for your baby just got much easier with our definitive list of inspiration.

140 Badass Edgy Girl Names

Let’s kick this off with the best edgy names for females.

  1. Alaska – this edgy Native American name comes from the U.S. state.
  2. Allegra – an Italian girl name that’s perfect for “joyous” children.
  3. Alexis – a diminutive of Alexander, meaning “defender” in Greek.
  4. Alicia – an edgier Spanish version of Alice, meaning “noble.”
  5. Allie – a Scottish Gaelic name meaning “harmony, stone, or noble.”
  6. Alora – is derived from the Hebrew female name Elora, meaning “the Lord is my light.”
  7. Amity – is of Latin origin, meaning “friendship and harmony.”
  8. Antoinette – an ancient Roman clan name meaning “highly praiseworthy.”
  9. Arden – means “of high” in Celtic and “enthusiasm” in Latin.
  10. Aries – an ideal name for kids born under the astrological sign, meaning “the Ram.”
  11. Arizona – from the U.S. state, this Spanish word means “small spring.”
  12. Arya – this unique Sanskrit and Persian name means “noble.”
  13. Aspen – a cool name for trendy kids, meaning “aspen tree.”
  14. Aster – it could mean “star” in Greek, but also “wealth and power.”
  15. Astra – from the Dutch, English, and Scandinavian name Astrid, meaning “star.”
  16. August – from the month, it also means “great and magnificent” in Latin.
  17. Aurora – you don’t get more badass than the Roman goddess of the “dawn.”
  18. Avery – a great example of an alternative, edgy baby name, meaning “elf ruler.”
  19. Avril – derived from April, meaning “to open” in Latin.
  20. Bea – a short form of Beatrice, meaning “voyager through life” in Latin.
  21. Bellamy – a mixture of French and Irish, meaning “handsome friend.”
  22. Bentley – a cool supercar, meaning “bent grass meadow” in Old English.
  23. Beth – a nickname for Elizabeth, meaning “house” or “God is my oath” in Latin.
  24. Bex – meaning “to tie,” as spunky nicknames go, Bex hits the spot.
  25. Blade – this dark and edgy name means “knife/sword” in Old English.
  26. Blaze – meaning “fire,” this Latin name dials up the sass to ten.
  27. Bree – it sounds cute, but this Cornish name meaning “hill” packs a punch.
  28. Briar – edgy kids need a spiky name, like Briar, meaning “thorny rose bush or brambles.”
  29. Briony – this derivative of a Greek girl name means “to grow luxuriantly.”
  30. Brody – is of Old Irish origin, meaning “ditch.”
  31. Bronwen – the first Welsh name to appear, meaning “fair.”
  32. Bronx – a borough of NYC, meaning “Bronck’s land.”
  33. Callie – this short form of Caroline means “beautiful” in Greek.
  34. Calypso – for secretive girls, Calypso means “she who hides” in Greek.
  35. Candy – a nailed-on cheerleader name meaning “sweet” in Old English.
  36. Carmen – in Latin, Carmen means “poem or ode” and “God’s vineyard” in Hebrew.
  37. Cassie – is of Greek and English origin, meaning “helper of man.”
  38. Cerce – straight from Greek mythology, Cerce means “bird.”
  39. Chica – a Portuguese name meaning “little girl.”
  40. Chicago – the windy city gets its name from Native American and French, meaning “onion field.”
  41. Chloe – from Greek mythology, meaning “young green shoot.”
  42. Cleo – this short and swaggy Greek name means “to praise/acclaim.”
  43. Clover – a classic mischievous English name meaning “meadow flower.”
  44. Coral – from the natural sea growth, Coral means “fate, destiny, and luck” in Latin.
  45. Coraline – the long form of Coral with the same meaning.
  46. Dahlia – this futuristic name means “Dahl’s flower.”
  47. Dana – an uncommon Old English female name, meaning “from Denmark.”
  48. December – meaning “ten” from the old ten-month Roman calendar.
  49. Della – often short for Adeline, this German girl name means “noble.”
  50. Dextra – an Old English name meaning “dye and one who dyes.”
  51. Diana – from the Roman goddess of hunting, fertility, and the moon, Diana means “divine.”
  52. Domi – a Hindu baby name with religious connections, meaning “belonging to God.”
  53. Ebony – meaning “black wood,” this Egyptian, Greek, and Latin name is so feisty.
  54. Echo – from Greek mythology, meaning “reverberating sound.”
  55. Effie – with an old-world charm, this Greek prep-school moniker means “pleasant speech.”
  56. Eleanor – meaning “light-hearted” and “shining light,” this Greek/French name is edgy but posh.
  57. Elora – of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is light.”
  58. Ember – few titles are as eccentric as Ember, meaning “spark, burning low.”
  59. Emerald – why not name your precious child after a precious stone?
  60. Emmie – of German origin, this edgy but cute feminine name means “universal or whole.”
  61. Eve – this famous Hebrew name means “life.”
  62. Everest – an unusual and eclectic Nepalese name meaning “forehead of the sky.”
  63. Fae – your edgy little “fairy” needs a name to match.
  64. Fallon – of Irish origin, meaning “superiority, royalty, and leader.”
  65. Gabby – a unisex short form of the Hebrew name Gabriel, meaning “God is my might.”
  66. Gem – this cute and edgy name is perfect for your precious little “jewel.”
  67. Gilda – this Old English name means “entire, total, sacrifice.”
  68. Ginger – an ideal name for redheads, meaning “pure, chaste, virginal” in Old English.
  69. Harlow – in Old English, Harlow means “rocky hill.”
  70. Hattie – a diminutive of Harriet, meaning “home-ruler” in Old English.
  71. Haven – another stylish Old English word meaning “safe place.”
  72. Heddy – this Greek name means “sweet and pleasant.”
  73. Hermoine – from Greek mythology meaning “messenger.”
  74. Hesper – another Greek mythological name meaning “evening or evening star.”
  75. India – from the country, India is a cool grunge name for your badass kid.
  76. Indy – this Latin and Old English name means “independent” or refers to India.
  77. Isla – a pretty alternative name of Spanish and English origin, meaning “island.”
  78. Ivy – from the climbing plant, Ivy means “vine.”
  79. Jamie – a female version of the male name James, meaning “he who supplants.”
  80. Jane – meaning “God is gracious” from the French and Hebrew names Jehhane and Yochanan.
  81. Jazz – taken from jazz music, this freeform eclectic music is a perfect metaphor for your kid.
  82. Jennie – meaning “fair and yielding” in Cornish and “white wave” in English.
  83. Jessie – short for Jessica, this Scottish, English, and Hebrew name means “God is gracious.”
  84. Jetta – has several meanings, including “black” and “son of Japtheh” in English.
  85. Jewel – similar to Gem and Emerald, this sparkling name is perfect for edgy daughters.
  86. Josie – a female form of Joseph, meaning “God will give” in Hebrew.
  87. Juniper – is of Latin origin, taken from the berry, meaning “young.”
  88. Juno – from Roman mythology, she was the “queen of heaven.”
  89. Keisha – this name of Hebrew origin means “her life, great joy, and favorite.”
  90. Kendra – a tough baby name meaning “greatest champion” in Welsh.
  91. Kim – a diminutive of Kimberley, meaning “bold family” in Old English.
  92. Lacy – of French and English origin, meaning “lace-like, cheerful, and unbridled.”
  93. Leia – meaning “weary,” edgy girl names don’t get spicier than Princess Leia.
  94. Lennon – the bad-boy Beatle with attitude; Lennon means “lover” in Irish Gaelic.
  95. Lexie – derived from Alexander, meaning “man’s defender.”
  96. Lilith – edgy girl names don’t get any darker than “night monster” and “of the night.”
  97. Lola – a diminutive of Delores, meaning “sorrow” in Spanish.
  98. Lolita – the long form of Lola, this Spanish girl’s name means “suffering.”
  99. Lourdes – the French pilgrimage site, this Basque originated name means “craggy slope.”
  100. Lyra – meaning “lyre,” this name is associated with the constellation in Greek Mythology.
  101. Magenta – from the color, this Italian name means “purplish-red color.”
  102. Mallory – from Old French meaning “unlucky.”
  103. Marley – an unusual English male and female name meaning “pleasant wood.”
  104. Matilda – this German name has the powerful meaning of “mighty in battle.”
  105. Millie – is of English and German origin, meaning “gentle strength, strong in work.”
  106. Mina – an alternative girl’s name of German origin, meaning “ love.”
  107. Montana – from the U.S. state, Montana derives from the Spanish and Latin for “mountain.”
  108. Nessa – possibly short for Vanessa, this Latin word means “pure, holy, and chaste.”
  109. Nova – referring to the bright star, Nova means “new” in Latin.
  110. Oakley – an Old English name meaning “from the oak meadow.”
  111. Pandora – a famous name from Greek Mythology, meaning “all-gifted.”
  112. Parker – one of the few occupational edgy baby names, meaning “park keeper.”
  113. Pepper – spicy nicknames don’t come any better than Pepper, meaning “berry.”
  114. Peyton – a classic English name with the badass meaning of “fighting man’s estate.”
  115. Phoebe – is derived from ancient Greek, meaning “bright and shining.”
  116. Phoenix – from the Greek mythical creature, meaning “dark red.”
  117. Pixie – taken from the Gaelic and Irish for “fairy.”
  118. Quinn – this ancient Scottish and Irish name means “counsel and intelligent.”
  119. Rae – taken from the Hebrew for “ewe,” this nickname is full of swag.
  120. Ridley – a gender-neutral name meaning “reed/wood clearing” in English.
  121. Riley – an Old English version of the Irish Reilly, meaning “valiant” and “wood clearing.”
  122. Ripley – loud kids will appreciate Ripley, meaning “shouting man’s meadow.”
  123. Rumer – a trendy nickname from Old English, meaning “a gypsy.”
  124. Sade – of African origin, Sade means “honor confers a crown.”
  125. Saskia – of Dutch and German origin, this trendy name means “a Saxon woman.”
  126. Scout – a cool occupational name meaning “to listen” in French.
  127. Skyla – a Dutch and English derivative of Skye, meaning “fugitive.”
  128. Sloane – a sophisticated name of Irish descent meaning “raider.”
  129. Star – meaning “dark and light” and “bright,” this edgy name is stylish.
  130. Tate – a short name of English origin for “cheerful” girls.
  131. Tillie – a diminutive of Matilda, this German name means “mighty in battle.”
  132. Uma – a Hindi girl name with several meanings, including “light, peace, nation, mother, and flax.”
  133. Velvet – the soft-napped fabric, Velvet is a classy and unusual name.
  134. Vesper – from Latin, meaning “evening star” and a cool James Bond character.
  135. Willow – one of the earthiest edgy girl names meaning “willow tree.”
  136. Wren – this cute nature-inspired name means “small songbird” in English.
  137. Xena – a warrior name of Greek origin, meaning “guest and stranger.”
  138. Zelda – possibly meaning “happy and blessed” or “grey fighting maiden” this Germanic name is badass.
  139. Zephyr – straight from Greek mythology, meaning “west wind.”
  140. Zoe – is derived from Greek, meaning “life.”

129 Super-Cool Edgy Boy Names

With so many edgy boy names, finding one for your badass little warrior should be a breeze.

  1. Abe – a diminutive of the Hebrew boy’s name Abraham, meaning “father of many.”
  2. Ace – the ace is the top card in the deck, and so is your badass son.
  3. Acer – to be “number one” and “the best,” you need a name like Acer.
  4. Aiden – a classic Irish and Gaelic guy name, meaning “little fire.”
  5. Ajax – this cool Greek male name means “eagle.”
  6. Apollo – one of the bad boys of the Greek gods; Apollo means “to destroy.”
  7. Archer – derived from the Latin word “arcarius,” meaning “bowman.”
  8. Aster – this Greek word means “ star” and is where asteroid and asterisk get their name.
  9. Atlas – relates to the Greek Titan who carries the world on his shoulders.
  10. Axel – this classic Scandi name means “my father is peace.”
  11. Bader – possibly meaning “bather” or “full moon,” this Arabic/German name is cool.
  12. Becker – a striking German name with a simple meaning of “one who bakes bread.”
  13. Billy – edgy boy names don’t come any cooler than Billy, meaning “determined protector.”
  14. Blaze meaning “fire” or “flame,” this is a hot name in more ways than one.
  15. Bond – the greatest secret agent, this English name means “husbandman” or “farmer.”
  16. Brad – a short version of Bradley, this Old English name means “broad” or “wide.”
  17. Brandon means “king” in Irish and “hill covered with broom” in English.
  18. Brendon – is similar to Brandon, meaning “prince” in Irish.
  19. Brent – an Old English place name meaning “holy one.”
  20. Bronco – this trendy Spanish male name means “unbroken horse” or “rough.”
  21. Caesar – after the Roman emperor, this Latin name means “head full of hair.”
  22. Callum – this gentle name is Scottish and Gaelic, representing peace and purity.
  23. Casper – a German and Aramaic name meaning “treasurer.”
  24. Cassius – a classic Latin name meaning “empty and vain.”
  25. Colt – a spunky name for feisty sons, meaning “frisky young horse.”
  26. Creed – a mix of Latin and Old English, referring to a “religious belief and doctrine.”
  27. Croft – this habitational English name derives from “small arable enclosures.”
  28. Damian – of Greek origin, meaning “to tame and subdue.”
  29. Damon – similar to Damian, it also means “to subdue.”
  30. Dane – possibly meaning “God is my judge” or “from Denmark.”
  31. Darren – of Gaelic, Welsh, and Irish origin, meaning “oak tree.”
  32. Dart – a habitational name from the River Dart in England meaning “oak.”
  33. Decker – this classic sci-fi name from Old Hebrew means “piercing.”
  34. Dexter – with several meanings, including “right-handed, fortunate” and “woman who dyes.”
  35. Diego – a Spanish version of James, meaning “he who supplants.”
  36. Diesel – this Germanic name comes from the engineer Rudolph Diesel.
  37. Draco – of Greek origin, meaning “dragon, serpent,” also where draconian originates.
  38. Drake – an Old Norse and Latin name meaning “dragon.”
  39. Fabian – this exotic Latin name means “bean grower.”
  40. Fender – meaning “defender and protector,” this stylish name is ultra-trendy.
  41. Fenton – meaning “fen or marsh town,” this Irish and English title is a great middle name.
  42. Finley – a Scottish and Irish name meaning “fair warrior.”
  43. Finn – another Gaelic derivative of Finley, meaning “fair.”
  44. Ford – the Old English meaning of Ford is “river crossing.”
  45. Fox – an Old English name referring to a “fox catcher or den.”
  46. Gabe – a short and snappy Hebrew name meaning “God is my might.”
  47. Gage – this French occupational name means “pledge and oath.”
  48. Garnet – from the precious stone, this English name represents “dark red.”
  49. Griff – this Welsh name possibly means “little king” or “the Lord’s strong grip.”
  50. Hamilton – is of Old Scottish and English origin, meaning “flat-topped hill” or “from the beautiful mountain.”
  51. Harlan – an Old English name meaning “the meadow of the hares.”
  52. Harry – popular in England and the States, this Germanic name means “army or home-ruler.”
  53. Harvey – a strong French boy’s name meaning “iron” and “blazing.”
  54. Hawk – from the bird of prey, who wouldn’t want Hawk as a name?
  55. Hendrix – legendary guitarist, Hendrix is the Dutch version of Henry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  56. Holt – derived from Old English and German, meaning “wood.”
  57. Hutton – this unusual Old English name means “settlement on the bluff.”
  58. Huxley – a grand Old English name with pedigree, meaning “Hughe’s meadow.”
  59. Hyde – possibly gender-neutral, meaning “land measurement” in Old English.
  60. Jagger – a legendary rockstar name, meaning “Carter” in English.
  61. Jake – this Hebrew name is short for Jacob and means “supplanter.”
  62. James – another Hebrew name meaning “supplanter.”
  63. Jared – this badass Hebrew name means “descent,” ruling, and commanding.”
  64. Jax – this trendy name means “God is gracious” and “has shown favor.”
  65. Jett – from the black gemstone, this name is ideal for hip kids.
  66. Joaquin – this edgy Hebrew name means “God will judge.”
  67. Judd – a cool Hebrew variant of Jordan, meaning “praised” and “down-flowing.”
  68. Jude – is derived from the Hebrew name Judah, with the same meaning as Judd.
  69. Judge – this uncommon English name means “decision maker/public official.”
  70. Keller – a classic Old German name meaning “cellar.”
  71. Kelsie – an Old English unisex name meaning “ship’s victory.”
  72. Kendrick – a Welsh male name with the fantastic meaning of “great champion.”
  73. Knight – a common English name referring to the knights of old.
  74. Knowle – possibly meaning “at the knoll” or “peacemaker/achiever.”
  75. Knox – a classic Scottish first and last name, meaning “round hill.”
  76. Kylo – derived from the Latin word “caelum,” meaning “sky.”
  77. Lance – meaning “land,” Lance is a Germanic name derived from Lanzo.
  78. Ledger – derived from Old Germanic Leodegar, meaning “spear tribe.”
  79. Lennon – of Irish descent and perfect for edgy kids, meaning “lover.”
  80. Lennox – this punchy unisex name comes from Scotland and means ”with many elm trees.”
  81. Luke – from the Latin boy’s name Lucas, meaning “light-giving.”
  82. Lynx – from the wild cat, meaning “brightness” in Greek.
  83. Madden – is one of the more unusual edgy boy names, meaning “little dog.”
  84. Maddox – derived from the Welsh surname Madoc, meaning “son of Madoc” and “fortunate.”
  85. Mark – this “warlike” name could mean “god of war” and “consecrated to the god Mars.”
  86. Maverick – while Maverick has no specific meaning, it describes independently-minded people.
  87. Max – short for maxwell or Maximus, it means “the greatest.”
  88. Murphy – from Irish Gaelic, this descriptive name means “sea warrior.”
  89. Oakley – is an on-trend Old English name meaning “from the oak meadow.”
  90. Oberon – if you think your son is “noble” and “bear-like,” this is a great option.
  91. Odin – the Old Norse father of gods, meaning “master of ecstasy” and “fury.”
  92. Ollie – surprisingly cute but edgy; Ollie means “olive tree.”
  93. Onyx – derived from the semi-precious “dark black gemstone.”
  94. Pete – this popular nickname comes from Old Greek, meaning “rock.”
  95. Phoenix – meaning “dark red,” and the fabled regenerating bird from Greek mythology.
  96. Pierce – similar to Pete, this English and Greek name means “rock.”
  97. Radley – another Old English name meaning “red meadow” or “meadow of reeds.”
  98. Raider – this Scottish surname is an occupational name meaning “one who raids.”
  99. Ranger – an English name that describes a “forest protector.”
  100. Rocco – this Italian boy’s name derives from Old German and means “to rest or repose.”
  101. Roman – a great alternative boy’s name meaning “citizen of Rome.”
  102. Ryder – an Old English occupational name meaning “horseman.”
  103. Ryker – derived from the German word “rike,” meaning “rich.”
  104. Sam – a classic Hebrew unisex name meaning “told by God.”
  105. Sanjay – a popular Sanskrit name meaning “triumphant.”
  106. Seth – is derived from the Hebrew word “sheth,” meaning “placed” or “appointed.”
  107. Silas – meaning “wood or forest” in Greek; Silas has an old-world edgy feel.
  108. Sirius – a Greek name meaning “burning brightly” and Sirius Black from Harry Potter.
  109. Slater – another occupational name for someone “who lays slates or slats.”
  110. Stryker – a bold and gutsy German name meaning “tester.”
  111. Sylvester – of Old English origin, meaning “from the forest.”
  112. Timber – a gender-neutral American name meaning “wood/strong.”
  113. Titan – means “defender” from Greek mythology; the Titans were giant gods.
  114. Tyson – meaning “high-spirited,” who can forget Iron Mike Tyson?
  115. Valerian – derived from Latin, meaning “strong and healthy.”
  116. Victor – this powerful Latin name means “conqueror.”
  117. Wendell – this German boy’s name meaning “wanderer” is rare.
  118. Wilder – for a wild, free-spirited child, this modern name means “wild animal.”
  119. Wolf – from the animal and one of the coolest edgy baby names out there.
  120. Wyatt – a Medieval English name meaning “brave in war.”
  121. Xavier – pronounced “sh-av-ier,” this ultra-smooth Spanish name means “new house.”
  122. Xeno – derived from the Greek name Xenophon, meaning “strange voice.”
  123. Yardley – this English place name means “fenced meadow” or “of the yard.”
  124. Yarrow – this Dutch and English word means “yellow,” from a flower with mystical qualities.
  125. Yates – a topographic and occupational English name meaning “gates,” as in “gatekeeper.”
  126. Zac – a diminutive of Zachary, meaning “the Lord has remembered” in Hebrew.
  127. Zane – a possible Hebrew variation of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  128. Zephyr – from Greek mythology, meaning “west wind.”
  129. Zeus – this Greek mythological name represents the supreme god of the Olympians.

Edgy Baby Names FAQs

What are Popular Edgy Baby Names?

Popular edgy baby names typically include Brad, Zac, Quinn, Pierce, and Maverick. These names are bold and badass-sounding, often linked to actors or movie characters, and are favorites with new parents nationwide. Other popular examples include Phoebe, Kim, Eve, and Diana.

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