101 Radiant Names That Mean Rainbow: to Light Up the Sky

These are the brightest names that mean rainbow for the most beautiful baby miracles.

There are many reasons why parents might search for names that mean rainbow. They might be dazzled by the beauty of the natural phenomenon. The Pride-associated connotations of a rainbow may also be inspiring among LGBTQIA+ families.

Alternatively, you may have your very own “rainbow baby” – a miracle baby born after losing a previous precious angel. In faith circles, the rainbow also symbolizes God’s promises and faithfulness amid difficult times.

Whatever your reason for choosing one of these gorgeous options, we’ve searched the skies to find the brightest spectrum of names that mean rainbow. Keep reading to marvel at their ethereal meanings and colorful origins.

52 Radiant Rainbow Baby Girl Names

The most dreamy and angelic rainbow names for girls that light up the sky.

  1. Abha – take their breath away with this Hindi girl’s name, meaning “light, aura, splendor.”
  2. Akiko – meaning “bright child,” this Japanese baby name is full of color and joy.
  3. Amitola – a dreamy “rainbow” name from legend, special in Native American and Mexican culture.
  4. Anuenue – meaning “rainbow,” this Hawaiian goddess name is like a vibrant island blessing.
  5. Apsara – angelic and dreamy, a spiritual Sanskrit name for a girl who “moves among clouds.”
  6. Aya – a Japanese name for creative girls, meaning “design, colorful, beautiful.”
  7. Bunzi – a colorful name inspired by the goddess of rain in Kongo mythology.
  8. CǎiHóng – meaning “rainbow in the sky,” this Mandarin girl’s name is lovely.
  9. Dorothy – means “gift of God” for a Kansas girl dreaming of “somewhere over the rainbow.”
  10. Duha – the Czech word for “rainbow.”
  11. Eirisse – a spectacularly pretty Greek variant of Iris, meaning “rainbow.”
  12. Enfys – retro-sounding and cute among names that mean “rainbow,” from Welsh origins.
  13. Flower – the most basic of floral names, representing so many colors of natural beauty.
  14. Goldie – this shimmering name sounds like it would be found at the end of a rainbow.
  15. Hila – with the double meaning of “halo” (Hebrew) and “hope” (Pashto,) just like an inspiring rainbow.
  16. Hina – meaning “light, sun,” inspired by a Hawaiian goddess who travels upon a rainbow bridge.
  17. Hunu – this rare Maori name means “sunray,” connoting rainbows in her future!
  18. Iiris – a Finnish spelling of Iris, if you like vowel-heavy names meaning “rainbow” for girls.
  19. Irida – a pretty Greek alternative to Iris, with an ultra-feminine flair.
  20. Iridessa – a happy play on the adjective “iridescent,” making us think of glittering color.
  21. Iridiana – like the word “iridian,” but with the feminine “-a” suffix added for extra-magical cuteness.
  22. Iris – meaning “rainbow,” this name also belongs to a flower and a Greek goddess of rainbows.
  23. Irissa – a fluffier form of Iris, also with Greek roots.
  24. Irita – another cute alternative to Iris, meaning “rainbow.”
  25. Irsia – enchanting and dreamy, this Persian name means “colors of wonder, rainbow.”
  26. Itzayana – this radiant Mayan female name means “rainbow lady,” for a gorgeous “gift of God.”
  27. Ixchel – inspired by the Mayan goddess of midwifery, this dreamy name means “rainbow lady.”
  28. Julunggul – a rare name inspired by a “rainbow serpent” deity in Australian Aboriginal culture.
  29. Kahukura – one of the longest “rainbow” names, this one of Maori origins.
  30. Koko – cute and nutty; this Japanese name symbolizes rainbows and storks.
  31. Lesedi – meaning “woman of light,” this southern African name is dazzling as a rainbow.
  32. Malina – for a radiant “sun goddess,” this cute Inuit name is full of vibrancy and hope.
  33. Manzat – a goddess personification of the rainbow in Western Asian mythologies.
  34. Maya – after Angelou, who taught us to “try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”
  35. Meriweather – this Disney fairy name and last name makes us think of the “merriest weather.”
  36. Narangerel – means “sunlight” in Mongolian because, without sunlight, there would be no rainbows!
  37. Nuanua – means “rainbow” in Samoan, for happy island babies.
  38. Opal – if you look closer at this milky gemstone, you’ll see it’s streaked with rainbow shades.
  39. Osumare – after an African rainbow deity, meaning “rainbow” in Yoruba.
  40. Prendre – after an Albanian goddess of love who wears a rainbow as a belt.
  41. Rung – meaning “colorful” or “rainbow,” of Thai and Indian origins.
  42. Säde – meaning “ray of light,” this fun Finnish girl’s name is pronounced “sa-deh.”
  43. Saulė – meaning “sunlight,” this Baltic solar goddess name certainly shimmers.
  44. Solongo – is melodic among girl names meaning “rainbow,” from Mongolian.
  45. Solveig – from Old Norse, for rainbow-spotters who love to marvel at the “strength of the sun.”
  46. Sunbeam – the happiest of sun-inspired rainbow baby girl names.
  47. Synnøve – meaning “sun gift,” this Scandinavian girl’s name reminds us of rainbows.
  48. Tagwanibisan – also means “rainbow,” of Native American origins.
  49. Tiranna – a Sumerian name alternative to Manzat, after the Mesopotamian rainbow goddess.
  50. Vaiva – of Lithuanian roots, a sassy European pick among “rainbow” names.
  51. Violet – a pretty purple color name after a shade found in a rainbow.
  52. Ziazan – one of the most fabulous-sounding names meaning “rainbow,” from Armenian.

20 Inspiring Rainbow Baby Boy Names

Let your son light up the sky with these glowing names, meaning rainbow for baby boys.

  1. Apollo – a handsome Greek sun god, often associated with LGBT themes, making a cool, Pride-inspired name.
  2. Avilion – spectacular with the meaning of “golden rainbow,” a great literary name.
  3. Baldur – after a Norse god of light, with the strikingly regal meaning of “prince.”
  4. Chitrachap – a rare Hindu name, giving off that “bright, colorful, rainbow” aesthetic.
  5. George – meaning “farmer, earthworker,” borne by a pink hippo puppet from the TV show Rainbow.
  6. Heliodoro – a sweet Spanish name for your “gift from the sun” rainbow baby.
  7. Horus – after the infamous Egyptian god of weather and rainstorms, for babies born in dramatic weather.
  8. Indra – the Hindu god of war and thunder, who shoots lighting arrows from a rainbow bow.
  9. Iridian – a cool adjective describing a dazzling rainbow of color.
  10. Jamshid – is joyous and vivid among Persian male names, referring to “shining sun rays.”
  11. Joseph – meaning “God will give,” like the technicolor dreamcoat owner in the Bible (and musical theater).
  12. Mayur – meaning “peacock,” this Hindi boy’s name is gloriously colorful and proud.
  13. Motley – after an archaic term meaning “colorful,” synonymous with rainbows.
  14. Musoke – a cool “rainbow” name from African religion.
  15. Nuada – rich in Irish legend, this bright name means “cloud maker.”
  16. Oscar – after Wilde, who said, “When it rains, look for rainbows, when it’s dark, look for stars.”
  17. Tangakwunu – of Native American (Hopi) roots, solid among “rainbow” baby boy names.
  18. Tuyen – a rainbow-themed boy name from Sino-Vietnamese, meaning “angel, ray, line.”
  19. Uenuku – after an atua (Polynesian god) of rainbows in Maori culture.
  20. Walken – a celebrity surname and Australian aboriginal boy name meaning “rainbow.”

29 Unique Unisex Names Meaning Rainbow

These gorgeous gender-neutral names would suit rainbow babies of all different dispositions.

  1. Angel – the most ethereal of names, for your God-given gift from the skies.
  2. Arcoíris – a Spanish translation of “rainbow” for fabulous children.
  3. Arcus – after a rainbow goddess from various mythologies.
  4. Bow – a cute-as-pie, gender-neutral name, adorable if twinned with Rain.
  5. Caihong – cool among Chinese names meaning “rainbow,” also a weird-looking, extinct, bird-like dinosaur.
  6. Cillín – is a historical burial site for stillborns in Ireland, a touching name for a rainbow baby.
  7. Cozamalotl – an unusual Aztec name meaning “rainbow.”
  8. Ellianther – created by Tolkien, this unique literary surname means “lover of rainbows.”
  9. Hinata – this Japanese name element means “sunny place” or “to the sun,” where rainbows are found.
  10. Hong – a meaningful Chinese name inspired by a two-headed dragon symbolizing a rainbow.
  11. Indigo – inky and alluring, this deep blue-purple color name can be found in a rainbow.
  12. Itzel – meaning “rainbow,” Itzel is gorgeous among colorful Native American names.
  13. Jalus – a significant name in Tibetan culture, meaning “rainbow body.”
  14. Keshet – is simple yet dazzling among “rainbow” baby names from Hebrew.
  15. Miku – delicate yet special, with the Japanese-rooted meaning of “beautiful sky.”
  16. Niji – a cute Japanese choice among names that mean “rainbow.”
  17. Nijiko – adding that “ko” suffix adds even more affection, meaning “rainbow baby.”
  18. Pride – an outstanding English vocabulary name, especially significant among Pride communities.
  19. Prism – a unique vocabulary name, makes us think of rainbow beams and fragments of dancing light.
  20. Rain – fresh and earthy, this would be the cutest name to twin with Bow.
  21. Rainbeau – with unique spelling, this modern pick combines Rainbow with the “beautiful” French “beau.”
  22. Rainbow – the most beautiful of “rainbow” names, perfect for colorful kids.
  23. Ray – like a cute little sunbeam, this unisex name sounds like dazzling light across the sky.
  24. Sabrang – a rare Hindu “rainbow” name, great for boys and girls.
  25. Sky – or Skye, for beautiful babies from the colorful heavens above.
  26. Skylar – means “scholar,” but makes us think of the vast and colorful heavens above.
  27. Spectrum – a rare yet fabulous name covering a range of colors and rainbow themes!
  28. Sunny – an affectionate weather name for a kid with a disposition full of love and laughter.
  29. Zippy – after the funny, wide-smiled puppet from the old British children’s TV show Rainbow.

Rainbow Baby Names FAQs

What Greek Names Suit a Rainbow Baby?

If you’re looking for rainbow names, there are some great Greek options we’re sure you’ll love. Try Iris or its variants, Eirisse, Irissa, or Irida, for girls. For boys, we love the power and strength behind the iconic god name Apollo.

What Are Some Rainbow God or Goddess Names?

For girls, consider the most ethereal of vibrant rainbow goddess names, such as Iris, Anuenue, Hina, Saulė, Tiranna, Prendre, Ixchel, Manzat, and Bunzi. For boys, we love Baldur, Uenuku, Horus, or Arcus.

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