100 Gorgeous Names That Mean Purple: to Pack a Punch

Floral and fancy - you’ll adore these daydreamy names that mean purple for babies.

Is purple your family’s favorite color? Has a new baby got you all swept up in a lavender haze? Well, why not choose one of these spectacular names that mean purple for your new arrival?

As the glorious hue symbolizes royalty and luxury, it’s only natural to want to pick from pure purple names for your baby lords or ladies. And, with countless inspirations from nature, language, and even popular culture, purple names can be enjoyed wherever you look.

So keep reading, and let’s mine some of the most gorgeous gems among names meaning purple for boys and girls.

70 Gorgeous Girl Names That Mean Purple

Any little fairy queen will dazzle with one of these adorable purple names for girls.

  1. Amarantha – after a pretty pink and purple flower, whose Greek girl’s name means “unfading.”
  2. Amethyst – rare among gemstone-inspired violet names, meaning “intoxicating.”
  3. Bay – this tree name has more green vibes than purple but holds the juicy meaning of “berry.”
  4. Bellflower – another name for campanula, a pretty, purple flower.
  5. Berry – a common British surname and a juicy idea for a fruit-inspired purple name.
  6. Bíborka – a badass-sounding Hungarian girl name meaning “purple.”
  7. Bora – a great international name, meaning “storm” in Turkish and “purple” in Korean.
  8. Calfuray – a Native American pick among “violet flower” names that mean purple.
  9. Campanula – meaning “little bell,” referring to a pretty purple variety of flowers.
  10. Clematis – a pretty and vibrant genus of plant, often flowering in purple.
  11. Crimson – a sexy shade of red, just tilting towards a deep purple hue.
  12. Fialová – a Czech surname meaning “violet,” as a feminine form of Fiala.
  13. Fioled – this rare Welsh name means “violet.”
  14. Funda – meaning “heather,” a cute pick among purple-inspired nature names.
  15. Fuschia – inspired by the sweet garden flower, this name is a vivid shade of purple-red.
  16. Grozda – a pretty and sweet, short form of Grozdana.
  17. Grozdana – a feminine form of the Slavic masculine name Grozdan, meaning “grapes.”
  18. Hanga – a fun-to-say Hungarian name meaning “heather.”
  19. Heather – after the shrub that flowers in pinks and purples, symbolizing protection and good luck.
  20. Hortensia – meaning “garden,” this purple flower name sounds impressively creative.
  21. Hyacinth – a dated yet feminine pick among purple flower names for babies.
  22. Ianthe – after a nymph from Greek mythology, this romantic, fairytale name means “violet flower.”
  23. Ibolya – a head-turning Hungarian take among purple names meaning “violet.”
  24. Iolanthe – a dreamy international name meaning “violet flower” from Greek.
  25. Ione – a unique “violet” name from Greek mythology, after a gorgeous flower.
  26. Iris – meaning “rainbow,” this Greek goddess name also refers to a delicate purple flower.
  27. Jolanthe – a German take on Yolanda, meaning “violet.”
  28. Khuzama – a captivating Arabic girl name meaning “lavender.”
  29. Lavender – warm and fragrant, a classic among floral girl names that mean purple.
  30. Lila – dreamy and international, meaning “night” in Arabic or “purple” in German.
  31. Lilac – like the flower, this beautiful color name represents a most delicately light shade of purple.
  32. Lilach – as with Lilac, but this spelling is distinctly Hebrew.
  33. Magenta – sounds fit for superheroes, inspired by that hot, deep, red-purple shade.
  34. Mai – sweet and perfect for springtime, this Vietnamese pink/purple name means “plum flower, cherry blossom.”
  35. Makvala – meaning “blackberry,” this Georgian name is cute and autumnal.
  36. Marja – this Finnish word for “berry” also makes a pretty purple alternative to Maria.
  37. Mauve – after a shade of purple, a good alternative to the Gaelic female name Maeve.
  38. Mauveine – a shade of purple with a very elegant ring to its name.
  39. Mazarine – sweet-sounding and continental, this French girl’s name refers to a rich shade of deep blue-purple.
  40. Melyonen – a rare name meaning “violet” in Cornish.
  41. Murasaki – the Japanese word for purple, a vivid and beautiful color name for a girl.
  42. Orchid – after the delicate flower, but be careful as it does mean “testicle” in ancient Greek!
  43. Orvokki – this cute pick means “violet” or “pansy” in Finnish.
  44. Pansy – pansies bloom in different colors, but the purple varieties are gorgeous.
  45. Periwinkle – this airy-like, Middle English name is inspired by the blue-purple flower, with great potential nicknames.
  46. Petunia – an uppity sort of flower name, also often blooming in purple.
  47. Plum – fruity and vivid, this purple girl’s name is as cute as a button.
  48. Prune – a fancy French “plum” name, although it might sound shriveled up.
  49. Prunella – after the “heal-all” flower, or a fruity variant of Prune.
  50. Rebecca – a “captivating” Hebrew name, after a lovingly-named web shade of purple.
  51. Sigal – a delicate Hebrew girl name, also meaning “violet.”
  52. Sigalit – a variant of Sigal, special and floral for Jewish ladies.
  53. Sumire – a Japanese “violet flower” name with a gentle lilt we adore.
  54. Temenuzhka – one of the longer names that means “violet,” from Bulgarian.
  55. Thistle – a cute, purple, autumnal nature name for prickly babies.
  56. Umeko – floral and delicate, this Japanese name is destined for a “plum blossom child.”
  57. Uva – the Spanish word for “grape” sounds pretty as a first name.
  58. Veronica – a classy purple flower name, meaning “she who brings victory” as a Latin girl name.
  59. Vi – a classic pick among purple nicknames, as a sassy short form of Violet.
  60. Viola – this musical Violet alternative was used by Shakespeare in Twelfth Night.
  61. Violet – another beautiful and popular pick among vivid purple flower names for babies.
  62. Violetta – sassy and radiant, we love this European variant of Violet.
  63. Viorela – a feminine form of the “violet” Romanian male name, Viorel.
  64. Viorica – another Romanian “violet” name, as an alternative to Viorela.
  65. Vjollca – an Albanian form of Violet, with excellent spelling.
  66. Wiola – the Polish form of Viola, with a strong “W” spelling.
  67. Wioletta – a Polish variant of Violet.
  68. Wisteria – a romantic flower, gorgeous among nature-inspired girl names meaning purple.
  69. Yolanda – an upbeat Spanish girl’s name meaning “violet.”
  70. Yolande – a medieval French form of Yolanda meaning “violet.”

17 Brilliant Boy Names That Mean Purple

Badass and royal, you’ll love these handsome purple names for boys.

  1. Barney – this fun nickname for boys only makes us think of famous purple dinosaurs.
  2. Burgundy – a deep purple-red shade, makes a very confident name.
  3. Grozdan – a fruity Slavic name meaning “grapes.”
  4. Han – a deep shade of indigo and a fun, Star Wars-inspired name meaning “God is gracious.”
  5. Jacek – this cool Polish boy’s name refers to the hyacinth flower, handsome among purple names for boys.
  6. Jacinto – a handsome Spanish and Portuguese boy’s name relating to a “hyacinth flower.”
  7. Jolan – perhaps a masculine take on the “violet” Yolanda stems.
  8. Kovidar – an enchanting yet rare name after a type of purple flowering tree.
  9. Morado – the Spanish word for “purple” makes a sexy name for a lad.
  10. Mulberry – a cozy purple shade name for boys, giving off all kinds of autumnal vibes.
  11. Porfirio – a cool boy name with Greek roots, relating to a rich “purple dye.”
  12. Porphyrios – an ancient Greek form of Porfirio, relating to a purple coloring.
  13. Prince – this regal name reminds us of the superstar singer of Purple Rain.
  14. Shiryu – the coolest Japanese boy’s name, meaning “purple dragon.”
  15. Spyro – a great pick among flame names, after the sparkly purple dragon from video game fame.
  16. Tyrian – a shade of purple and a great name option among Game of Thrones-loving parents.
  17. Viorel – a handsome Romanian choice among boy names that mean violet, after a “violet flower.”

13 Unique Unisex Names That Mean Purple

These gender-neutral purple names practically glow in the ultraviolet!

  1. Aster – after the gorgeous, star-shaped flower, often blooming purple in gardens.
  2. Claret – one for wine-loving parents, referring to that dark, purple-red color.
  3. Fiala – a Czech last name meaning “violet.”
  4. Haden – or Hayden, both trendy unisex names that may mean “Heather Valley.”
  5. Hadley – meaning “heather meadow,” this sweet name paints a gorgeous pastel vista.
  6. Heliotrope – after a dainty purple flower, with the ancient Greek meaning of “turn to the sun.”
  7. Indigo – an enticing color name inspired by the inky bluish-purple shade.
  8. Kikyō – a cool manga name, also relating to a purple flowering plant in East Asia.
  9. Li – this commonly-heard Chinese surname has the sweet-as-pie meaning of “plum, plum tree.”
  10. Phlox – an uncommon purple flower name, but one that’s sure to be memorable.
  11. Purple – uncommonly used as a given name, but it could work!
  12. Shion – a pretty purple Japanese name meaning “aster.”
  13. Vinca – another name for a “periwinkle,” also perhaps meaning “to conquer,” as a diminutive for Vincent.

Purple Names FAQs

What Names Mean Violet?

Violet is a gorgeous name for a girl, including its variants, Viola or Violetta. However, we also recommend international names meaning “violet,” including Calfuray, Foiled, Fialová, Ianthe, Ibolya, Yolanda, Melyonen, or Sigal. For boys, consider Jolan, Fiala, or Viorel.

What Are Some Purple Flower Names?

There are so many gorgeous purple flowers that make wonderful names, such as Lavender, Heather, Lilac, and Violet. Less commonly heard purple flower choices include Amaratha, Clematis, Fuschia, Hyacinth, Hortensia, Periwinkle, Aster, Phlox, and Heliotrope.

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