185 Boy Names That Start With S: For Special Sons

Put a smile on your face with these spectacular boy names that start with S.

Boy names that start with S are all simply sublime, and we’re here today to show you why.

Whether you prefer your child’s names to be simple, serious, or sentimental, you will surely find some perfect choices in this selection of S names for boys. With influences from many countries and cultures, you and your special son will be spoiled for choice.

So, keep reading to uncover the best names for boys that start with S, including all their meanings, origins, and more.

185 Spectacular Boy Names That Start With S

The sweetest selection of S names for special sons.

  1. Saad – a joyful Quranic pick among boy names that start with S, meaning “happiness, friend.”
  2. Sable – like the type of rodent, also a Slavic name meaning black.
  3. Sachie – a vibrant Japanese name with various meanings – “joy, happiness,” “good luck,” and “blessing.”
  4. Sage – this herby name would denote a “wise prophet.”
  5. Sahil – a dreamy, water-inspired name of Hindi origin, meaning “ocean, river banks.”
  6. Sailor – a cool name for a boy who’s always at sea.
  7. Saint – a unisex celebrity name full of spiritual connotations.
  8. Sajid – this honorable Arabic S name signifies “one who bows down to God.”
  9. Sal – a 3-letter pick full of swagger, short for Salvator and other names with that “Sal” element.
  10. Salazar – this cool Hispanic given name and surname has the Gothic-sounding meanings of “old hall, manor house.”
  11. Saleem – meaning “safe,” a protective pick to bestow upon your precious son.
  12. Salem – a witchy capital city name, and Arabic and Hebrew given name meaning “peaceful, safe.”
  13. Salman – or Salmaan, meaning “safe, truthful, loyal,” from Arabic.
  14. Salvador – a hot Hispanic form of Salvatore.
  15. Salvatore – this elevated Italian boy name denotes a “savior” – a tall title to live up to.
  16. Sam – the most iconic among short names for boys that start with S.
  17. Samael – this tempting alternative to Samuel means “poison of God,” after the Hebrew archangel.
  18. Sameer – or Samir, meaning “charming friend” worthy of “pleasant evening conversation.”
  19. Sami – a form of Sam, also relating to the Sámi people of Scandinavia.
  20. Samson – for a dreamy little “sun child,” this cute name sure has a glow.
  21. Samu – this short form of Samuel is popular in some countries as a sweet alternative to Sam.
  22. Samuel – blessed, boyish, and beautiful; Samuel is popular among S names for guys, meaning “God has heard.”
  23. Sancho – a strong, holy Spanish male name meaning “sacred.”
  24. Sandeep – or Sandip, meaning “shining light” from Sanskrit.
  25. Sander – a short form of Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  26. Sandy – also from Alexander, best for beachy babies.
  27. Sa’ng – a “bright” Vietnamese boy name, perfect if you’re looking for unique 4-letter names for boys that begin with the letter “S.”
  28. Sangster – this vibrant occupational surname would work well as a male given name, meaning “singer, musician.”
  29. Sanjay – a winner among Indian S names for boys, meaning “triumphant, victorious.”
  30. Sanjit – or Sanjeet, both fun alternatives to Sanjay for kids who are “always victorious.”
  31. Santeri – short for Aleksanteri, a Finnish form of Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  32. Santiago – a dreamy given name and surname derived from the Spanish place name.
  33. Santino – this cute Italian name will shine over any “little saint.”
  34. Santo – a Spanish and Portuguese alternative to Saint, with the same religious meanings.
  35. Saqib – any “bright, sharp, insightful” son would shine with this radiant Muslim name.
  36. Sargent – with cool military connotations, we love this Latin name for a “soldier, protector.”
  37. Sascha – this spicy Russian name comes from Alexander, meaning “defender of man.”
  38. Satchel – like the type of school bag, traditionally used to denote a bag maker.
  39. Satoshi – meaning “intelligence, wisdom,” this Japanese name is great for quick-witted little stars.
  40. Saul – a special Hebrew name for the son you always “prayed for.”
  41. Sawyer – full of adventure, Sawyer was traditionally used for someone who sawed wood for a living.
  42. Saxon – like the old Germanic tribe, with the cutting meaning of “knife.”
  43. Saylor – perhaps a spelling variant of Sailor, meaning “dancer” or “acrobat” in Old French.
  44. Schäfer – this wooly last name means “shepherd” and would work well for a cozy lad.
  45. Schlau – rare yet mischievous, this cute German name would suit a “crafty, cunning, and smart” guy.
  46. Schmidt – this German form of Smith would make a trendy-sounding given name for a man.
  47. Scipio – with a unique spelling, this commanding Latin name means “scepter, walking stick.”
  48. Scott – any chap of Scottish heritage will surely be proud of this charming S name.
  49. Scottie – an even cuter form of Scott that’d sound perfect for a younger lad.
  50. Scout – an adventurous and inquisitive name for a kid you’ll always put first.
  51. Seamus – a typically Irish name for a man, meaning “supplanter.”
  52. Sean – a 4-letter spelling alternative to Shaun, meaning “God is gracious.”
  53. Seb – this fun nickname for Sebastian was also borne by an Egyptian earth god.
  54. Sebastian – a fantastic and sophisticated Christian saint name, meaning “venerable.”
  55. Selby – a gender-neutral English name with the wistful meaning of “willow farm.”
  56. Senan – this strong Irish boy’s name is sure to age like fine wine, meaning “old, wise.”
  57. Sendoa – a rare Basque name for a “strong” little lad.
  58. Seneca – derived from Latin, this wise name means “old.”
  59. Sequoyah – meaning “sparrow,” this spectacular Native American (Cherokee) name reminds us of California redwood trees.
  60. Serafino – an Italian form of Seraphim, meaning “fiery, burning,” and “serpent.”
  61. Seraphim – the hottest of Hebrew S names for boys, relating to angels – meaning “burning, fiery.”
  62. Sergio – for a strong lad destined to be a “guardian, protector,” you can’t go wrong with Sergio.
  63. Seth – meaning “appointed,” is a soft Hebrew name belonging to an Egyptian god of chaos.
  64. Severus – popularized by Harry Potter, this Latin boy’s name means “stern, serious.”
  65. Seymour – derived from the name of a French town, meaning “marshy land by the sea.”
  66. Shaan – a cool and confident Hindi name, oozing “pride” and “dignity.”
  67. Shahbaz – meaning “royal falcon,” this Muslim name soars among animal-inspired names that start with S.
  68. Shakir – your little boy will be “thankful” to bear this handsome Arabic name.
  69. Shalom – a powerful Hebrew pick among unisex names with S, meaning “peace.”
  70. Shane – from the same stem as Shaun, this smart name means “God is gracious.”
  71. Shappa – a stormy Native American (Sioux) name with the epic meaning of “red thunder.”
  72. Shaquille – or Shakil, a “handsome” Arabic name, ideal for superstar athletes.
  73. Shashi – one of the most ethereal S names for boys and girls, meaning “moon” in Sanskrit.
  74. Shaughnessy – fancy and long – comes from the Irish surname Ó Seachnasaigh, of unknown meaning.
  75. Shaun – or Shawn, with the praiseworthy meaning of “God is gracious.”
  76. Shay – this gender-neutral Gaelic name has the virtuous meanings of “esteemed, fortunate, admirable.”
  77. Shea – a uniquely nutty variant of Shay.
  78. Sheldon – an English name for a man “from the steep valley,” with Shelly as the cutest nickname.
  79. Shelton – meaning “shelf town,” after an English place name.
  80. Shep – a simple name used as a friendly short form of the Old English surname Shepherd.
  81. Sherman – from an English occupational surname for a “shearer of cloth.”
  82. Shia – after the Islamic movement, this powerful name means “followers.”
  83. Shigeki – an elegant Japanese male name with different meanings, including “tree” or “compassion.”
  84. Shihab – don’t forget to make a wish on this Arabic name, meaning “shooting star.”
  85. Shilah – perfect for a second-born baby son; this Navajo name means “brother.”
  86. Shiloh – a handsome, gender-neutral Hebrew name offering “heavenly peace, tranquility.”
  87. Shiraz – the “sweetest” among popular Muslim names for boys that start with S.
  88. Shlok – with a punchy spelling, this poetic Hindi boy’s name means “hymn, verse.”
  89. Shlomo – a strong Jewish name meaning “peace.”
  90. Shmuel – a strong biblical variant of Samuel, meaning “God has heard.”
  91. Shū-Huì – pronounced “shoo-whey,” a great pick among Mandarin guy names that start with S.
  92. Shyamal – this vivid Sanskrit color name resembles deep shades of black and blue.
  93. Shyloh – an even softer variant of the Hebrew Shiloh, with a gorgeously devout feel.
  94. Sia – this unisex 3-letter name that begins with the letter S is inspired by the Egyptian deification of wisdom and perception.
  95. Siddharth – a significant Hindi and Buddhist name, meaning “one who is accomplished, successful.”
  96. Sidero – this edgy name sounds cool but means “evil nymph” in Latin.
  97. Sidney – a unisex name rooted in Old English, meaning “wide watered land.”
  98. Siegfried – a famous Old German name promoting “victory” and “peace.”
  99. Sigfrid – soft yet powerful, this Swedish boy’s name also carries “victory” and “peace.”
  100. Sigge – a Viking nickname meaning “victory.”
  101. Sigmund – this vintage Germanic name is fit for a warrior, meaning “protected by victory.”
  102. Silas – earthy, rugged, and full of adventure, we adore this Latin name meaning “forest.”
  103. Silva – a very common Portuguese surname meaning “forest,” sounding metallic and colorful as a given name.
  104. Silvester – or Sylvester, a “wooded, wild” name with Latin roots.
  105. Silvestro – this charming variant of Silvester has quite the magical forest appeal.
  106. Simba – a famous Disney name meaning “lion” in Swahili.
  107. Simcha – this unisex Hebrew name will surely make you smile, meaning “joy.”
  108. Simeon – a gorgeous biblical pick among S names for boys, meaning “to hear, to listen.”
  109. Simi – a sweet, dreamy Native American (Chumash) name meaning “clouds, wind.”
  110. Simon – a timeless Hebrew name meaning “he who listens.”
  111. Simu – this cool name has various origins and may mean “he who listens.”
  112. Sincere – a “heartfelt” English virtue name that also means “genuine, pure” in Latin if spelled Syncere.
  113. Sinclair – a nod to Saint Clair, this shining name means “pure, illustrious, renowned.”
  114. Singh – meaning “lion” in Sanskrit, this is a common Sikh surname and middle name.
  115. Sioc – an icy Gaelic name for a winter-born baby, meaning “frost, freezing.”
  116. Sir – this honorable title would make a smart given name or nickname for a royal lad.
  117. Sisu – sounds soft and sassy, but this gritty Finnish name is full of “willpower, strength, determination.”
  118. Sixten – a unique Old Sweden name meaning “stone of victory.”
  119. Skip – is a quirky nickname for a “sea captain” with a spring in his step.
  120. Skoldolfr – an especially badass name from Icelandic, meaning “protector wolf.”
  121. Sky – or Skye, both dreamy choices for high-flying babies.
  122. Skylar – meaning “scholar,” this name reminds us of the clouds above.
  123. Slava – a vibrant Slavic boy’s name with the triumphant meaning of “glory.”
  124. Slim – an Old English pick for a “slender” man.
  125. Sloane – a unisex Irish name, full of fire in its meaning of “raider, warrior.”
  126. Smith – one of the most common surnames to honor any “blacksmith” family roots.
  127. Sobiesław – a commanding Slavic name, full of “wisdom” and “fame.”
  128. Socrates – a rare yet famous name sure to turn heads, after the significant Greek moral philosopher.
  129. Sohail – meaning “gentle, even,” this radiant name seems to shine like the sun.
  130. Soini – literally meaning “boy,” this Finnish name is an adorably masculine one to consider.
  131. Sol – literally means “sun” in Spanish, for little firecrackers.
  132. Solaris – a hot choice for an out-of-this-world baby boy, meaning “of the sun” in Latin.
  133. Solomon – or Salomon, both glorious Hebrew names for a “man of peace.”
  134. Sommer – meaning “summer,” this Swedish name is ideal for a lad with a sunny disposition.
  135. Son – the most literal pick among boy names that start with S for male offspring.
  136. Sonny – an even more affectionate form of Son, often used by proud fathers.
  137. Søren – with a stylish spelling, this Scandi boy name means “severe, serious.”
  138. Sorin – meaning “sun,” this handsome and unique name comes from Romanian.
  139. Sorrell – an earthy mixed-gender name, referring to a warm shade of “chestnut, reddish-brown.”
  140. Sothy – this sweet-sounding Cambodian name is best for a smarty-pants little “scholar.”
  141. Spencer – this popular pick comes from a British occupational surname, given to a “steward” or “administrator.”
  142. Spider– it’s cool; it’s creepy; here’s an unusual yet trendy boy name to remember!
  143. Spike – is a funky and funny nickname, reminding us of dragons and wacky hairstyles.
  144. Stacy – a common feminine name, also a nickname from the masculine Eustace, meaning “steadfast.”
  145. Stadtler – another surname that’d make a trendy pick among boy names with S, meaning “barn.”
  146. Stanisław – this head-turning Polish name is fit for a lad destined to “achieve fame and glory.”
  147. Stanley – dating back to Old English, this friendly yet earthy name means “stone clearing.”
  148. Starling – a celestial-sounding name after the sweet English bird.
  149. Stavros – a powerful Greek given name and surname referencing the “cross” of Christ.
  150. Stefano – an attractive Italian name from the Steven stem, meaning “crown.”
  151. Stefek – a stylish Polish form of Stephen, meaning “crowned.”
  152. Stein – from a German surname meaning “rock,” reminding us of the hefty beer-drinking vessels.
  153. Stelaro – an Esperanto word name for a “stellar” sort of guy.
  154. Stellan – a calming Swedish name given to the most “peaceful” of men.
  155. Stelo – this Esperanto word for “star” is among the brightest, most unique S names for boys.
  156. Sten – the Swedish word for “stone.”
  157. Stephen – this popular name means “crowned” and has common spelling variations, including Steven or Stefan.
  158. Sterling – like the British currency, Scottish city, and grade of silver.
  159. Stetson – a knockout name for any cowboy, meaning “boxer, fighter.”
  160. Steve – a classic 5-letter nickname for Stephen, as everyone knows someone named Steve!
  161. Stevie – a youthful-sounding alternative to Steve, best for younger lads.
  162. Stewart – a strong and typically Scottish name for boys meaning “guard, steward.”
  163. Stig – a great choice for fans of Top Gear, this Swedish name means “pathway” or “wanderer.”
  164. Story – from Old Norse, this “large, big” name will surely provoke the imagination.
  165. Stu – a simple and sweet nickname for Stuart.
  166. Stuart – a common spelling variant of Stewart, notably born by the 19th-century British royals.
  167. Sufian – an Islamic name meaning “companion, friend,” or “fast-moving.”
  168. Suibhne – pronounced “SIV-ne,” this unique Gaelic boy’s name simply means “pleasant.”
  169. Suleiman – a strong Arabic name for a “man of peace,” an alternative spelling to Solomon.
  170. Sullivan – offers a mysterious aesthetic behind its alluring meaning of “dark eyes.”
  171. Sully – short for Sullivan, this upbeat nickname has a friendly feel.
  172. Sulo – a traditionally gender-neutral Finnish name, dripping with “grace, charm.”
  173. Suman – this wise Hindi name works for “intelligent” boys and girls.
  174. Sunan – an Indonesian honorific meaning “goodness” in Thai or “traditions” in Arabic.
  175. Suni – this darling, Viking-inspired name means “son.”
  176. Sunil – referring to a deep shade of blue, a rather handsome Sanskrit color name.
  177. Sunny – radiant and sweet, this sun-inspired name is perfect for beaming babies.
  178. Sutton – a gender-neutral pick among male names that start with S from surnames, meaning “southern farm.”
  179. Svante – handsome and romantic, meaning “blessed people” as a Swedish name.
  180. Sven – one of the most regal Scandinavian names, meaning “boy.”
  181. Swapnil – for a beautiful baby who can’t stop yawning, this cute Indian name means “dreamy, sleep.”
  182. Sweeney – this cool clan name means “pleasant” but also makes us think of demon barbers.
  183. Swithin – an uncommon English name with the “swift” meaning of “strong, quick.”
  184. Syd – a short form of Sidney, yet with that eye-catching unique spelling.
  185. Syed – a powerful Arabic name and honorific, meaning “king” or “noble one.”

S Names for Boys FAQs

What Are the Most Popular Boy Names With S?

Samuel is one of the most popular boy names that start with S, along with its nicknames, Sam and Sammy. Steven, Stephen, Sebastian, and Scott are also popular among boys. Surnames that start with S are becoming particularly popular as male first names, such as Sawyer, Spencer, and Sterling.

What Are Some Unisex Names That Start With S?

Beautiful S names for boys and girls include Shalom, Simcha, Sorrell, Sloane, Saint, Selby, Shay, Sulo, and Sutton. More commonly-heard gender-neutral options include Sidney, Sam, Shiloh, and Scout.

What Is an Edgy Boy Name That Starts With S?

If you’re looking for S names for boys with an edge over the rest, consider the villainous Severus, the creepy Spider, or the gothic Salazar for your son. Samael (“poison of God”), Scipio (“scepter”), and Sidero (“evil nymph”) all have punchy meanings, and Seth was the Egyptian god of chaos, which is about as edgy as you can get!

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