137 Girl Names That Start With G: for Gracious Girls

Elevate your baby’s name from good to great with these gorgeous girl names that start with G.

Girl names that start with G can be great. They are colorful and descriptive and cover a wide range of origins, such as Hebrew, Greek, Old English, and other parts of the globe. Female names that start with G are never dull – you might even find the perfect moniker for your new baby girl!

Join us as we list 137 incredible G names for girls and explain their beautiful origins and meanings.

137 Outstanding Girl Names That Start With G

Let’s turn good into great with women’s names that start with G.

  1. Gabija – a Lithuanian mythological name meaning “to cover.”
  2. Gabriella – an alternative Spanish spelling of Gabrielle, meaning “God is my strength.”
  3. Gabrielle – the French feminine version of Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength.”
  4. Gabby – a short form of Gabrielle, meaning “gift of God or woman of God.”
  5. Gael – of Welsh origin, meaning “Gaelic.”
  6. Gafna – this unusual girl’s name means “vine.”
  7. Gaia – this classic Greek goddess name means “earth.”
  8. Gala – an Old French name meaning “merrymaking and festivity.”
  9. Gale – possibly a short version of the Hebrew name Abigail, meaning “pleasant and jovial.”
  10. Galaxy – derived from the Greek word “galaxias,” meaning “milky or large system of stars.”
  11. Gali Hebrew names are so descriptive, like Gali, meaning “fountain.”
  12. Galia – this Hebrew name means “wave.”
  13. Galilee – a region in Isreal of biblical importance, meaning “district or circle.”
  14. Gamora – a fictional character name possibly meaning “sheaf.”
  15. Gana – a short and snappy Hebrew name meaning “garden.”
  16. Garcia – a Spanish girl’s name – possibly means “bear, son of Garcia, and ruler of the spear.”
  17. Garda – possibly an Old Norse or Arabic name meaning “guarded and shelter.”
  18. Gardiner – an Anglo-Saxon occupational name meaning “gardener.”
  19. Garland – of Old English and French origin, meaning “land of the spear” and “wreath.”
  20. Garnet – this red semi-precious stone comes from the Latin “granatum,” meaning “pomegranate.”
  21. Gates – derived from the Old English word “geat” or “geatum,” meaning “dweller by the gate.”
  22. Gatlin – derived from the High German term “gateling,” meaning “companion, cousin, and fellow.”
  23. Gaye – of English and Gaelic origins, meaning “merry and happy.”
  24. Gaylene – the ancient Celts, Scots, and Irish used this name to represent “joy.”
  25. Gaylynn – is of Middle English origin, meaning “competitive, confident, and studious.”
  26. Gaynelle – an American name meaning “happy and shiny.”
  27. Gaynor – this popular Irish/Gaelic name means“son of the fair-skinned one.”
  28. Gazelle – of Latin origin, meaning “graceful deer.”
  29. Geah – a short and sweet Greek baby girl name meaning “earth.”
  30. Gelsomina – an exotic Italian name meaning “gift from God.”
  31. Gem – this English and Latin name meaning “jewel.”
  32. Gemima – of Old Greek and Hebrew origin, meaning “dove.”
  33. Gemma – is the prettiest Latin name meaning “jewel and gem.”
  34. Gemmalynn – this Brazilian alternative spelling of Gemma means “gem and jewel.”
  35. Generosa – of Spanish origin, meaning “generous.”
  36. Genesis – a classic Greek and Latin term meaning “creation or beginning.”
  37. Geneva – this French girl’s name is the Swiss city and means “juniper tree.”
  38. Genevieve – this classic old lady name means “woman of the race” in Celtic.
  39. Gentry – this gender-neutral name is of English origin and means “nobility of birth.”
  40. Georgette – of French and Greek origin, meaning “farmer or earth worker.”
  41. Georgia – the country or U.S. state, meaning “farmer or earth worker.”
  42. Georgianna – a Catalan, Greek, and Romanian variant of George, meaning “farmer and earth worker.”
  43. Georgie – a cuter feminine variant of the English name George, meaning “farmer.”
  44. Georgina – the female variant of George, meaning “earth-worker” or “farmer” in English.
  45. Geraldine – another strong female name from Germany, meaning “spear ruler.”
  46. Germaine – from the Roman name Germanus, meaning “brother, and from Germany.”
  47. Germani – possibly an alternative spelling of Germany, meaning “Germania.”
  48. Gerri – for such a short name, the Germanic meaning of “spear ruler” is intimidating.
  49. Gertha – derived from the German word “garten,” meaning “garden.”
  50. Gertrude – an imposing Old German name meaning “strong spear.”
  51. Getla – an Old English name describing someone “from a town of dark or black people.”
  52. Ghada – this Arabic name refers to girls who are “graceful.”
  53. Ghalia – an Arabic female name that means “dear, respected, and highly regarded.”
  54. Gia – a short form of Giada, meaning “God is gracious” in Italian.
  55. Giada – an Italian girl’s name that means “jade.”
  56. Giana – this Hebrew and Italian name means “God is gracious.”
  57. Gianda – of Italian origin, meaning “jade.”
  58. Gianella – part of the “God is gracious” collection of Hebrew and Italian names.
  59. Gianetta – you guessed it, Gianetta means “God is gracious.”
  60. Gianna – derived from the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, with the same meaning as Gianetta.
  61. Gianni – another Italian name derived from Hebrew meaning “God is gracious.”
  62. Giannina – a classic Italian variation of Gianna and Gianni.
  63. Giavonna – an Italian name derived from Hebrew, meaning “God is gracious.”
  64. Gigi – this light-hearted nickname has no known meaning.
  65. Gila – a short and sweet Hebrew name meaning “joy of the Lord.”
  66. Gilberte – possibly meaning “hostage and bright promise,” this French name is cute.
  67. Gilda – derived from the Germanic “gild,” this Celtic girl’s name means “servant of God.”
  68. Gillian – this Latin and English name mean “youthful.”
  69. Gilma – a classic Portuguese female name meaning “one who advances or goes forward.”
  70. Gin – a nickname for Virginia and a Japanese name meaning “silver.”
  71. Gina – an Old Italian and Greek name meaning “queen.”
  72. Ginamarie – this French and German name means “queen” or “regal.”
  73. Gineen – of Hebrew and Latin origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  74. Ginette – names for girls that start with G often have Latin roots, meaning “God is gracious.”
  75. Ginger – an English nickname for someone with “red hair.”
  76. Ginny – a diminutive of the English name Virginia, meaning “chaste and pure.”
  77. Giorga – the Southern American state, taken from the Latin Georgious, meaning “farmer” or “earth-worker.”
  78. Giovanna – a gorgeous Italian and Hebrew name meaning “God is gracious.”
  79. Girl – from the Old English “gyrle,” meaning “young person or child.”
  80. Gisella – an Italian form of Giselle, meaning “pledge and hostage.”
  81. Giselle – derived from the Latin name Gislenus, this Germanic version means “pledge.”
  82. Gislaine – the French version of the Latin name Gislenus, meaning “pledge.”
  83. Gita – this short and sweet Hindu name means “song.”
  84. Gitana – a classic Spanish name meaning “gypsy.”
  85. Gitanjali – this unique Bengali name means “song offerings.”
  86. Gittel – some women’s names that start with G are rare, like Gittel, meaning “good” in Hebrew.
  87. Gitty – this funny Jewish nickname means “good.”
  88. Giuliana – is an Italian derivative of Juliana, meaning “youthful and downy.”
  89. Glade – possibly meaning “shining,” this Middle English name also means “forest clearing.”
  90. Gladys – the best Welsh names are aristocratic, like Gladys, meaning “royalty.”
  91. Glenda – another Welsh baby girl’s name meaning “holy and good.”
  92. Glendora – names for girls that start with G are often Welsh, meaning “sanctified good.”
  93. Glenn – this predominantly male English name is unisex and means “valley.”
  94. Glennetta – an English derivative of Glenn, meaning “from the valley or glen.”
  95. Glennis – a pretty Welsh name meaning “pure and holy.”
  96. Glo – some Latin girl names with G have beautiful meanings, like Glo, meaning “glory.”
  97. Glora – is an extended version of Glo with the same meaning.
  98. Gloria – a short-form version of Gloriana with the same meaning.
  99. Gloriana – an alternative form of the Latin word “glory.”
  100. Glory – this name means what it says!
  101. Godiva – named after an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman, meaning “God’s gift.”
  102. Golda – a Yiddish name meaning “gold.”
  103. Golden – an Old English name meaning “little golden one” or the “color of gold.”
  104. Goldie – from the Yiddish name Golda, this English nickname means “made of gold.”
  105. Gordana – from Old Scottish, meaning “hill near the meadow.”
  106. Grace – many G names for girls are Latin, like Grace, meaning “favor and blessed.”
  107. Gracelynn – another Latin derivative of “gratia,” meaning “favor and blessing.”
  108. Gracen – this unisex English name means “son of the gray-haired one.”
  109. Graciella – from the Latin “gratia,” meaning “favor and blessing.”
  110. Gracious – another Latin girl’s name meaning “favor and blessing.”
  111. Gracy – of Latin origin, meaning “graceful, goodwill, or God’s grace.”
  112. Grady – of Irish/Gaelic origin, meaning “descendant of Grágaigh.”
  113. Granada – a rare girl’s name, Granada means “pomegranate.”
  114. Granger – derived from Middle French, meaning “farmer.”
  115. Gray – named after a person’s physical attributes, for a “gray-haired” person.
  116. Greer – possibly Greek or Scottish, meaning “alert and watchful.”
  117. Greeta – kicking off the name collection meaning “pearl,” this German name is cool.
  118. Greta – another Germanic version of Gretha, meaning “pearl.”
  119. Gretchen – German G names for girls are popular, with this one meaning “pearl.”
  120. Gretel – from ancient Greek, meaning “pearl.”
  121. Gretha – derived from Margaret, this German female name means “pearl.”
  122. Grethe – with Greek and Latin roots, meaning “pearl.”
  123. Greyson – an Old English patronymic name meaning “son of a gray-haired man.”
  124. Griselda – many female names that start with G come from Europe, meaning “dark battle.”
  125. Guadelupe – a Spanish place name meaning “valley and river.”
  126. Guida – derived from the Germanic Guido, meaning “guide.”
  127. Guilia – a classic Italian and Latin name meaning “youthful.”
  128. Guin – possibly English, German, or French, meaning “friend.”
  129. Gunda – a strong Germanic name meaning “fight.”
  130. Gussie – of Latin origin, meaning “great and magnificent.”
  131. Gustava – an old-fashioned Scandinavian name meaning “Goth (or God) staff.”
  132. Gwen – of Welsh origin, meaning “fair, white, blessed, and holy.”
  133. Gwendolyn – sticking with the Welsh theme, this classic name means “blessed ring.”
  134. Gwennetta – a variation of Gwyneth, meaning “white essence” in Welsh.
  135. Gwyn – is a Welsh short form of Gwyneth, meaning “fair and blessed.
  136. Gwyneth – this celebrity 7-letter Gaelic name means “happy woman and blessed.”
  137. Gypsy – some girl names that start with G are cool, like Gypsy, meaning “wanderer.”

Girl Names That Start With G FAQs

What Are the Most Popular Girl Names That Start With G?

The most popular girl names that start with G include Gwyneth, Gwen, Grace, Gina, and Gemma. Other popular examples with diverse origins include Gislaine, Grethe, Gittel, and Gale, which come from Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.

What Celebrities Have Girl Names That Start With G?

Celebrities with girl names that start with G include Gwyneth Paltrow, Gal Gadot, Gigi Hadid, Gwen Stefani, Gloria Gaynor, and Gloria Estefan. Let’s also not forget other famous people, such as Gladys Knight, Greta Garbot, and Gillian Anderson.

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