100 Divine Names That Mean Gift from God

These dreamy names that mean gift from God are so perfect, they must be heaven-sent.

Any blessed parent should take a moment to consider these names that mean “gift from God” – the most perfectly pious of picks to bestow upon a child of the Lord. Including classic biblical titles to more modern variations, each name will inspire belief and spirituality within any little angel lucky enough to bear them.

Read on to discover divine names that mean “God’s gift” for babies, including all their heavenly origins, international meanings, and more.

37 Gorgeous Girl Names That Mean Gift from God

Bless your beautiful angel girl with one of these perfect “gift of God” names for women.

  1. Bogdana – rooted in Slavic, this is one of the stronger girl names meaning “given by God.”
  2. Diorbhail – a standout, medieval Gaelic pick among special names that mean “gift of God.”
  3. Dolly – playful among Dorothy nicknames, perhaps for country music superstars blessed with the love of God.
  4. Donata – an Italian name for a child who’s “given by God,” with Donna as a funky nickname.
  5. Dora – from Theodora, this name is best for explorers.
  6. Dorota – a typically Slavic variant of Dorothy, meaning “gift of God.”
  7. Dorothea – is an old, European form of Dorothy with a certain romance.
  8. Dorothy – a gorgeous Victorian pick among “gift from God” names.
  9. Dotty – or Dottie, both cute-as-can-be nicknames from Dorothy.
  10. Elidi – a Greek-rooted female name for a lady who was a “gift of the sun.”
  11. Feodora – like Theodora, but with the Slavic “F” initial spelling.
  12. Godgifu – a very Old English name and form of Godiva, meaning “God has given.”
  13. Godiva – meaning “God’s gift,” this historical English name is fit for a lady.
  14. Ifanna – this gorgeous Welsh name means “God’s gift,” with Ifanwy as a spectacular alternative.
  15. Isidora – or Isadora, meaning “gift of Isis,” referring to the ancient Egyptian goddess.
  16. Ivana – or Ivanna, meaning “God is gracious”- is a pretty feminine form of Ivan.
  17. Jane – far from plain, this classic name means “God is gracious.”
  18. Jasmine – a fragrant Persian flower name meaning “gift from God.”
  19. Karishma – meaning “miracle,” this Hindi girl’s name is perfect for a surprise gift from above.
  20. Mattea – from the same stem as the “God’s gift” name, Matthew, except for heavenly girls.
  21. Mckayla – one of the many modern spelling variations of Michaela.
  22. Michaela – a traditional feminine form of Michael, for a “God-given” angel.
  23. Michelle – another ultra-feminine take on Michael.
  24. Minha – a special Muslim girl’s name for your gorgeous “gift from Allah.”
  25. Mpho – this southern African name means “gift,” like a perfect blessing.
  26. Nathanielle – a lesser-heard feminine form of Nathan, meaning “gift from God.”
  27. Ohanna with Armenian roots, this celebration of a name means “God’s gracious gift.”
  28. Siân – a dreamy Welsh name for a “gift of God,” pronounced “shaarn.”
  29. Sunniva – the most radiant name for a Norwegian “gift of the sun.”
  30. Tanaquil – a rare Etruscan queen name, meaning “gift of God.”
  31. Téa – meaning “gift of God,” spelled like the hot drink but pronounced with two syllables.
  32. Theodora – or Teodora, both beautiful spiritual blessing names, meaning “gift from God.”
  33. Theodosia – a spectacular variant of Theodora, among Greek names that mean gift from God.
  34. Vanna – meaning “God’s gift” in Hebrew, this international name also means “golden” in Cambodian.
  35. Yanira – is rare yet romantic among girly names, meaning “gift of God.”
  36. Zaneta – a pretty Spanish Z name for a girl who’s “God-given.”
  37. Zani – a great international name meaning “gift from God” in Hebrew.

53 Graceful Male Names That Mean God’s Gift

These “God’s gift” names are especially dreamy when bestowed upon baby boy blessings.

  1. Aayan – at the top of the register is this gorgeous pick among boy names, meaning “God’s gift.”
  2. Bogdan – a confident Slavic boy’s name for your newest “God-given” arrival.
  3. Božidar – with Polish and Slavic roots, this powerful name means “divine gift.”
  4. Domingo – a variant of Dominic, also the Spanish word for “Sunday.”
  5. Dominic – a holy and spiritual boy name, meaning “belonging to the Lord.”
  6. Donatello – a classy, longer form of Donato.
  7. Donato – with Spanish and Italian roots, this name means “given by God.”
  8. Dorotheos – rooted in ancient Greek, this male form of Dorothy means “God’s gift.”
  9. Evan – a Welsh form of John, for a beautiful child of God.
  10. Fyodor – a cute Russian variant of Theodore, meaning “God’s gift.”
  11. Gianis – a cool Greek pick for a “gift of God.”
  12. Haniel – an angelic Hebrew name to be thankful for, radiating “God’s grace.”
  13. Heliodoro – this stunning Spanish name means “gift from the sun” for the most vibrant little miracle.
  14. Isidore – meaning “gift of Isis,” after the Egyptian goddess, with Greek roots.
  15. Isidro – a cool Spanish take on Isidore, which we adore!
  16. Ivan – like Evan, this is a form of John with strong European roots.
  17. Jehonathan – a head-turning choice if you can’t choose between “God-given” names: Jonathan and Nathan.
  18. Jevon – a modern-looking Welsh name for a “gift of God.”
  19. John – an infinitely popular biblical Christian name, meaning “God is gracious.”
  20. Jonathan – for a “God-given” son, this noble bible name is pure and perfect.
  21. Jonty – a typically British short form of Jonathan, for a sweet child loved by God.
  22. Khodadad – a unique Persian name for a child “given by the Lord.”
  23. Maciej – this Polish form of Matthew has a spelling to make you look twice.
  24. Mateo – or Matteo, both streetwise European versions of Matthew.
  25. Matisse – a sexy surname and variant of Matthew.
  26. Matt – easygoing all-round, we love this classic nickname of Matthew.
  27. Matthew – one of the most popular “gift of God” names for boys, straight from the Bible.
  28. Matthijs – a Dutch name from the Matthew stem, with a spelling to get your head around.
  29. Matvey – a sexy Russian variant of Matthew, meaning “gift of God.”
  30. Michael – a traditional, popular Hebrew name, asking “Who is like God?” for a “God-given” baby boy.
  31. Miguel – a cool Spanish variant of Michael, radiating God’s will.
  32. Mihailo – a standout Slavic variant of Michael, asking, “Who is like God?”
  33. Mike – the most recognizable and friendly among Michael nicknames that goes with anything.
  34. Nael – a French boy’s name meaning “gift of God,” like a squished-down version of Nathan.
  35. Natan – this Hebrew and Polish form of Nathan is quite punchy but friendly.
  36. Nate – the trendiest nickname from Nathan, for a child protected by God.
  37. Nathan – one of the most handsome names that means “God’s gift,” from Hebrew.
  38. Nathaniel – a longer, dreamier form of Nathan, for the most charming of men.
  39. Neizan – a Spanish Nathan variant with an awesome, trendy spelling.
  40. Ngozi – this strong Nigerian name means “blessing” for gifted families full of faith.
  41. Nosson – a Yiddish “God-given” name, like a form of Nathaniel.
  42. Olympiodoros – this head-turning name came from ancient Greek, meaning “gift of Olympus,” where the Gods resided.
  43. Shia – a celebrity Hebrew name meaning “gift of God.”
  44. Ted – short for Theodore, the hit show Ted Lasso makes this cuddly name popular today.
  45. Theo – short for Theodore, but increasingly popular as a modern boy name on its own.
  46. Theodore – a vintage yet sweet name for a “gift of God.”
  47. Thijs – a unique Dutch name with a cool spelling, short for Matthijs.
  48. Todor – like Theodore, but this Slavic spelling uses much fewer letters.
  49. Txomin – surprisingly, a Basque form of Dominic, that’s “belonging to God.”
  50. Ukesh – a rare pick among Indian male names that mean “God’s gift.”
  51. Zebedee – great if you love biblical names meaning “gift of God” that are infinitely fun to say.
  52. Zebediah – another great “God-given” Z name for boys, from Hebrew.
  53. Zeno – meaning “gift of Zeus,” a spiritual name from Greek mythology and religion.

10 Gender-Neutral Gift from God Names

Any baby would be lucky to bear such beautiful unisex names that mean “God’s gift.”

  1. Angel – a spectacular, gender-neutral name for a baby who’s practically heaven-sent.
  2. Blessing – a spectacular name to encompass your gratitude for the beautiful baby God provides.
  3. Dominique – a sassy, gender-neutral French form of Dominic for the most devoted babies.
  4. Izzy – a precious, unisex short form of Isidore or Isidora.
  5. Madison – originally a presidential surname meaning “son of Matthew,” meaning “gift of God.”
  6. Mika – an international name with different interpretations, meaning “God’s gift” as a Finnish diminutive of Michael.
  7. Misha – like Michael, this “God’s gift” name asks, “Who is like God?”
  8. Mitchell – from the same stem as Michael, great as a given, middle, or last name.
  9. Vanya – like Vanna, a “gracious gift of God,” suitable for devout boys or girls.
  10. Yanis – like Gianis, but with a cool Y spelling and gender-neutral appeal.

Gift of God Names FAQs

What Biblical Name Means “Gift of God?”

Michael, Matthew, John, and Nathaniel are all classic biblical names meaning “gift of God.” Each also bears countless international variations to consider for your baby’s blessing.

What Is a Hebrew Name Meaning “Gift of God?”

Popular Hebrew-rooted names meaning “Gift of God” include Michael, Nathan, John, Matthew, or Zebediah. Less common options include Vanna, Zani, Haniel, or Shia.

What Is a Greek Name for a Gift of God?

Our top picks among “God’s gift” names for baby boys include Zeno, Dorotheos, Isidore, Olympiodoros, and Gianis. For girls, consider the heavenly options of Elidi or Theodosia.

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