149 Girl Names That Start With I: Interesting & Innovative

Give them inventive, ingenious, and incredible girl names that start with I.

These girl names that start with I are inspirational, ingenious, intelligent, and interesting. So you’ve come to the right place if you want inventive and innovative names for your precious baby girl.

We get inspiration from different cultures, nations, and even place names, including many names from habitational, professional, occupational, and patronymic sources.

From Irma to Isabelle and Iris to Indigo, we list 149 outstanding I names for girls and explain their lovely meanings and origins.

149 Incredible Girl Names With I

Let’s explore women’s names that start with I.

  1. Ianna – a pretty girl’s name of Kiswahili (or Swahili) origin, meaning “beautiful flower.”
  2. Ianthia – a variant of the Greek name Ianthe, meaning “violet flower.”
  3. Iara – a popular Brazilian name meaning “small butterfly” and “water lady.”
  4. Ibbie – of Hebrew origin, meaning “God’s promise.”
  5. Iberia – the Southwestern region of Europe, derived from Iberes, the Celts of ancient Spain.
  6. Icelyn – an interesting Jamaican name meaning snow.
  7. Ichitaka – embrace your Aztec side with Ichitaka meaning “secret.”
  8. Ichtaka – an alternate spelling of Ichitaka with the same meaning.
  9. Ida – a classic German name meaning “hardworking.”
  10. Idalia – a pretty Italian girl’s name meaning “behold the sun.”
  11. Idalina – a mixture of Sanskrit and German, meaning “insight and work.”
  12. Idarine – this German name meaning “industrious one” is uncommon.
  13. Idea – a unisex English name meaning “thought.”
  14. Ideal – not the most popular American girl’s name – meaning “perfect.”
  15. Idelisa – one of the many Welsh names to feature, and means “bountiful.”
  16. Idell – possibly an alternate spelling of the Germanic name Adelle, meaning “noble.”
  17. Idiana – with Latin roots, this unusual name means “from India.”
  18. Idola – primarily a Greek female name meaning “vision.”
  19. Idona – is an Old German and Greek name meaning “hardworking.”
  20. Idonia – this Latin girl’s name appears in Norse mythology and means “sufficient.”
  21. Idra – one of the rarest botanical names, meaning “fig tree” in Aramaic.
  22. Idris – while primarily a male name, Idris is becoming popular with females and means “ardent ruler.”
  23. Iduna – some women’s names that start with I come from Old Norse – means “loving one.”
  24. Ieasha – of Arabic origin, this Muslim girl’s name means “woman.”
  25. Ifaion – possibly derived from the Gaelic/Scottish name Ffiona, meaning “white or fair.”
  26. Ifama – a classic female name of African origin, meaning “all is well.”
  27. Iffy – this unusual Kenyan name possibly means “God’s gift” or “feeling unwell” in English.
  28. Igeria – possibly derived from the Roman name Egeria, meaning “wise advisor.”
  29. Iggy – a gender-neutral English name meaning “fiery one.”
  30. Ignatia – derived from the Roman name Egnatius, meaning “the fiery one.”
  31. Ignessa – a Latinized version of the Greek word “hagnos,” meaning “chaste.”
  32. Ignis – this powerful Latin name means fire.
  33. Igrain – this Middle Welsh name means “mother of King Arthur.”
  34. Iida – this Finnish girl’s name means “industrious one” and “paddy of cooked rice” in Japanese.
  35. Ikapati – possibly our first Filipino name meaning “goddess of fields and lands.”
  36. Ila – a short French name meaning “from the island.”
  37. Ilana – a Hebrew name given to girls born on the Jewish New Year, meaning “tree.”
  38. Ilanis – of Old French origin, meaning “island.”
  39. Ileane – many women’s names that start with I come from Greek, like Ileane, meaning “Trojan.”
  40. Ilectra – a variation of the Greek name Elektra, meaning “amber.”
  41. Iliana – kicking off the Greek theme, this name means “from Ilium or Troy.”
  42. Ilisa – a variant of the Greek/German name Ilse, meaning “God is my oath.”
  43. Illia – a short and sweet Greek name meaning “from Ilium or Troy.”
  44. Illiana – a Greek variant of Ilyanna, meaning “Trojan or from Troy.”
  45. Ilyanna – means “land of the free” in Albanian,” “from Ilium/Troy” in Greek, and “kindness” in Arabic.
  46. Ilysse – related to the Old German name Alice, meaning “noble.”
  47. Imald – possibly derived from the Spanish name Imelda, meaning “whole, universal, and battle.”
  48. Iman – of Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning “God is with us.”
  49. Imani – an original Arabic name meaning “faith.”
  50. Imeld – derived from the Spanish name Imelda, meaning “whole and universal.”
  51. Imelda – this Spanish name from the German name Irmhilde means “whole, universal and battle.”
  52. Imogen – derived from the Celtic word “inghean,” meaning “maiden.”
  53. Impa – possibly of Sanskrit origin, meaning “to impart.”
  54. Imperatrix – from the Latin “imperia,” meaning “imperial and commanding.”
  55. Imperia – of Latin origin, meaning “imperial and commanding.”
  56. Ina – means “pure” in Irish, “strong” in African, and “beloved” in Latin.
  57. Inara – this Arabic name comes from Hittite mythology and means “ray of light.”
  58. Inas – an unusual Middle Eastern name meaning “friendliness” or “nice time.”
  59. Inaya – this female Arabic name means “solitude, kindness, and grace.”
  60. Inbal – a popular unisex Hebrew name meaning “tongue of a bell.”
  61. Inbar – is possibly an Israeli name meaning “amber” in Hebrew.
  62. Inda – a variant of the name India, meaning “beautiful.”
  63. Indali – this Hindu name means “powerful.”
  64. Indeera – of Indian origin, meaning “beauty” in Sanskrit.
  65. India – after the country, and means “person from India.”
  66. Indiana – the U.S. state and a famous fictional movie character, means “land of the Indians.”
  67. Indie – this 5-letter catchy name means “independent” in English.
  68. Indigo – is of Greek and Italian origin, meaning “blue dye.”
  69. Indira – similar to Indrani, meaning “beauty” in Sanskrit.
  70. Indrani – is the Hindu goddess of beauty and means “wife of Indra.”
  71. Indu – a classic Hindi girl’s name meaning “moon.”
  72. Inei – a cool Japanese name meaning “dark, black, or gloomy.”
  73. Inej – a short and sweet Spanish name meaning “faithful one.”
  74. Inesita – the Spanish version of the Latin name Agnes, meaning “pure.”
  75. Inessa – a mixture of Greek and Russian, meaning “pure, holy, and chaste.”
  76. Inez – of Spanish and Latin origin, meaning “pure.”
  77. Inga – of Scandinavian and Old Norse origin, meaning “guarded by Ing.”
  78. Inge – a Scandinavian name for a Nordic deity, meaning “belonging to Ing.”
  79. Ingeborg – many girl names that start with I are from Northern Europe, meaning “stronghold and protection.”
  80. Ingmar – possibly Germanic and Old Norse, meaning “famous.”
  81. Ingrid – is of Scandinavian and Old Norse origin, meaning “Ing’s beauty.”
  82. Iniga – some female names that start with I are rooted in Spanish, like Iniga, meaning “fiery.”
  83. Inneke – some I names for girls are from Old Norse/Dutch, meaning “fright, queen, and pure.”
  84. Innes – of Scottish and Gaelic origin, meaning “island.”
  85. Innocence – this English name means “purity” and “freedom from guilt.”
  86. Innocentia – a Spanish variant of Innocencia, meaning “without guilt.”
  87. Innogen – derived from the Gaelic word “inghean,” meaning “maiden.”
  88. Inola – this cool name is of Native American origin and means “black fox.”
  89. Inora – possibly derived from the Irish name Nora, meaning “light.”
  90. Iola – we love the Greek names on this list – Iola means “violet-colored dawn.”
  91. Iolee – this English name of Latin origin means “purple.”
  92. Ionie – this cute Greek name means violet.
  93. Ionna – after the Scottish island, meaning “yew-place.”
  94. Iphigeneia – an uncommon Greek name meaning “sacrifice.”
  95. Ira – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “the earth.”
  96. Ireland – is the country known as the “Emerald Isle,” and means “goddess.”
  97. Irelena – this Irish, German, Hawaiian, and Hebrew name means “beauty and serenity.”
  98. Irene – the first of several Greek variants of Eirene, meaning “peace.”
  99. Irenka – this Slavic-sounding girl’s name is of Greek origin and means “peace.”
  100. Irina – a pretty Greek and Russian name meaning “peace.”
  101. Irini – a variant of the Greek goddess Eirene, meaning “peace.”
  102. Iris – a short and sweet Greek name meaning “rainbow.”
  103. Irissa – derived from the Greek name Iris, meaning “rainbow.”
  104. Irit – a classic Hebrew name meaning “asphodel (lily plant).”
  105. Irita – an alternate form of the Greek name Iris, meaning rainbow.
  106. Irivin – derived from the Scottish name Irving, meaning “water of green.”
  107. Irlene – taken from the Greek goddess of peace, meaning “peace.”
  108. Irma – a derivative of the German word “irmin,” meaning “whole, great, and world.”
  109. Irmen – a classic German girl name meaning “whole, universal, and great.”
  110. Irmgard – this German name possibly means “war goddess” or “whole enclosure.”
  111. Irmhild – derived from the Old German “irmin,” meaning “battle, whole, and great.”
  112. Irminia – is an Old German name meaning “entire and universal.”
  113. Iruka – translates as “dolphin” in Japanese and “the future is supreme” in Nigerian.
  114. Irwina – possibly a feminine version of Irwin, meaning “boar friend” in Old German.
  115. Isabeau – a French feminine name with Hebrew origins, meaning “God is my oath.”
  116. Isabelle – the alternative spelling of the Hebrew Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  117. Isabelita – this sophisticated Hebrew girl’s name means “God’s promise.”
  118. Isadora – a variant of the Greek name Isidoros, meaning “gift of Isis.”
  119. Isadore – from the Greek name Isidoros, meaning “gift of Isis.”
  120. Isaura – a cool Spanish name meaning “from the land of Isauria.”
  121. Iscah – a rare biblical girl’s name derived from Jessica, meaning “to behold.”
  122. Ishana – this beautiful Hindi name translates as “rich and prosperous.”
  123. Ishi – means “live, last, and remain” in Swahili and “stone” in Japanese.
  124. Isidra – possibly derived from the Egyptian name Isidora, meaning “gift of Isis.”
  125. Isla – a popular Scottish name meaning “island.”
  126. Islay – many Scottish names for girls are unique, like Islay, meaning “swelling island.”
  127. Isleen – a classic Irish baby name meaning “vision.”
  128. Ismena – many girl names with I come from Greek, like Ismena, meaning “wise.”
  129. Isolt – with firm Welsh roots, this rare I name for girls means “fair lady.”
  130. Israel – the country of biblical importance, meaning “one who struggles/prevails/wrestles with God” or “triumphant with God.”
  131. Issie – of Hebrew origin, meaning “God’s promise.”
  132. Istred – possibly derived from the Old Norse name Astrid, meaning “God and beautiful.”
  133. Ita – of Polish and Yiddish origin, meaning “thirst.”
  134. Itala – possibly derived from the Latin “Italia,” meaning “Italy.”
  135. Itotia – a 6-letter Aztec name meaning “dance.”
  136. Iulia – a Romanian variant of the English name Julia, meaning “young.”
  137. Ivalyn – with roots in Old English, meaning “ivy or vine.”
  138. Iveta – a variant of Ivette, meaning “yew” in Old German.
  139. Ivette – some girl names that start with I are cute, like Ivette, meaning “yew.”
  140. Ivone – derived from Old German and French meaning “yew.”
  141. Ivory – the prettiest English name meaning “pure and white.”
  142. Ivrit – this classy name means “from the land of Abraham,” “ivory,” or “of Ivrit.”
  143. Ivy – a short and sweet English name meaning “vine.”
  144. Ivyanne – an interesting English name meaning “ivy plant.”
  145. Iwona – a pretty Scandinavian name meaning “bow of yew.”
  146. Iyar – the eighth month in the Hebrew calendar, meaning “light.”
  147. Izmet – a popular Turkish name meaning “honor.”
  148. Izna – Sanskrit name for girls that start with I are cool, like Izna, meaning “light.”
  149. Izzie – derived from the Hebrew girl’s name Isabel, meaning “God is my oath.”

Girl Names That Start With I FAQs

What Are the Most Popular Girl Names That Start With I?

The most popular girl names that start with I include Ivy, Iris, Isla, Ivory, Izzie, Isabella, India, and Imogen. Other examples, like Issie, Isadora, Inga, Ingrid, and Iman, come from German, Old Norse, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.

What Girl Names That Start With I Are Edgy?

The edgy girl names that start with I include Inge, Iveta, Issie, Irwina, Indigo, and Innocence. Other badass names, like Ira, Isleena, Iara, and Ignis, are great names for girls with attitude.

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