126 Names That Mean White: for the Purest Hearts

These adorable baby names that mean white are as bright as a sparkling snowflake!

For a baby as beautiful and perfect as a crisp winter morning, consider one of these spectacular names that mean white to bestow upon them.

Each representing purity, innocence, and simplicity, these white names are as comforting and cozy as a fresh set of clean linen.

Here, we’ve gathered an assortment of the most precious names meaning white from around the globe, each with varying inspirations encompassing the natural world, popular culture, artistry, language, and more. With your little angels in mind, we’ve also listed all their gorgeous meanings and origins. Keep reading, and prepare to be dazzled!

75 Perfectly Pure Girl Names That Mean White

These precious white names for girls are full of dainty youthfulness.

  1. Acheflow – a very rare and legendary “white flower” name from Middle English.
  2. Akmaral – also rare, meaning “white deer” in Kazakh.
  3. Alba – great if you love international names, means “white, bright” in Latin and “dawn” in Spanish.
  4. Albinka – the most cutesy of Polish girl names, meaning “white, bright.”
  5. Arianwen – this melodic Welsh name means “white, blessed, fair” for spiritual girls.
  6. Bianca – a sassy sort of name, meaning “fair, white.”
  7. Blanca – the Spanish word for “white” sounds almost holy in nature.
  8. Blancanieves – this Spanish version of Snow White would be ideal for a Disney princess.
  9. Blanche – another Caucasian version of Blanca, this time from French.
  10. Blodwen – bold and firm, yet with the most delicate Welsh meaning of “white flower.”
  11. Blondie – a great, rock ‘n’ roll name, perhaps for a baby with “blond, white” hair.
  12. Branca – this unique Portuguese take on Blanche sounds earthy and fun.
  13. Calla – inspired by the Calla lily flower, often seen blooming crisp and white.
  14. Candida – sassy and feminine, meaning “white” in Latin.
  15. Clematis – after a gorgeous vine flower, occasionally found in pure white varieties.
  16. Dahlia – white Dahlias are so dreamy, making this name gorgeous for your little “valley flower.”
  17. Daisy – this sweet, white, and yellow flower name means “day’s eye.”
  18. Danala – a rare Hebrew girl name with all the elegance of a “white swan.”
  19. Dove – a gorgeous, white bird-inspired name and a global symbol of peace.
  20. Edelweiss – we can’t hear this “noble, white” mountain flower name without humming The Sound of Music soundtrack.
  21. Eilwen – an Earthy Welsh name meaning “white brow.”
  22. Eira – this Welsh “snow” name sounds full of magic.
  23. Eirlys – the cutest Welsh name meaning “snowdrop” for airy fairies.
  24. Elsa – meaning “God is my oath,” this popular name reminds us of the white-haired Disney ice queen.
  25. Endzela – a Georgian pick among white names, meaning “snowdrop.”
  26. Fiona – this Gaelic name is fit for “fair” maidens.
  27. Fionnuala – meaning “white-shouldered,” this Old Irish name makes us think of girls born in a snowstorm.
  28. Fjolla – the most delicate Albanian name, meaning “snowflake.”
  29. Fuyoko – the most perfect among names that mean white to bestow upon a “winter child.”
  30. Galatea – a strange name from Greek mythology, for a girl “who is milk-white.”
  31. Gauri – a cool Hindi goddess name, shimmering in “white.”
  32. Gowri – a regional spelling variant of Gauri, with the same “white” meaning.
  33. Gwen – a legendary Welsh name with the chaste meaning of “white, holy.”
  34. Haukea – a great winter-inspired pick among names meaning “white snow” from Hawaiian.
  35. Haunani – another dreamy Hawaiian girl’s name, meaning “beautiful snow.”
  36. İnci – a sweet Turkish pick among white names that means “pearl.”
  37. Inzhu – another “pearl” name for girls with shimmering white hearts, from Kazakh.
  38. Irwen – an earthy Welsh name with the wintery meaning of “white snow.”
  39. Ivory – a crisp, pure shade of white.
  40. Jasmine – after a dreamy white flower name, also meaning “gift from God.”
  41. Jemima – an upbeat Hebrew name with the pure meaning of “dove.”
  42. Jennifer – this popular name comes from Cornish roots and means “white fairy” or “fair one.”
  43. Jenny – a classic among light nicknames derived from the adorable Jennifer.
  44. Jumana – a gorgeous Arabic name meaning “silver pearl” or “rare pearl.”
  45. Lacey – or Lacy, this alternative to Stacey/ Macey/ Casey sure sounds white and frilly.
  46. Lily – a common floral name, with white lilies symbolizing purity and rebirth.
  47. Lumi – meaning “snow,” this Finnish girl’s name sounds like a white winter wonderland.
  48. Maille – this pretty name means “pearl” as a Gaelic name or “small coin” in French.
  49. Malika – a sassy and fragrant Hindi name referring to “jasmine.”
  50. Margaret – a classic old lady name rooted in Greek, with the shimmering meaning of “pearl.”
  51. Margarita – this Spanish form of Margaret reminds us of “pearls,” pizza, and cocktails.
  52. Margot – also from the Margaret root, this pretty French name means “pearl.”
  53. Marjory – or Marjorie – dated variations of the “pearl” name, Margaret.
  54. Megan – is derived from Margaret, meaning “pearl,” or means “honorable” in Irish.
  55. Miyuki – possible meanings behind this adorable Japanese name include “beautiful snow” or “beautiful happiness, fortune.”
  56. Muireann – a spectacular, mermaid-ready pick among Irish color names, meaning “sea-white.”
  57. Neve means “snow” in Latin or is a variant of the “bright” Irish name Niamh.
  58. Nicosia – a capital city name from mythology, meaning “city of the white gods.”
  59. Olwen – a rare name from Welsh mythology, meaning “white footprint.”
  60. Opal – a gemstone name, milky-white at first glance yet streaked with all kinds of rainbow shades.
  61. Paloma – a Spanish word for “dove” or “pigeon,” among beautiful bird-inspired names associated with white.
  62. Pearl – a perfect pick among white names for ocean gems.
  63. Peggy – playful and dainty, this Margaret diminutive means “pearl.”
  64. Peony – white peonies symbolize shyness, innocence, and bashfulness, not to mention being beautiful.
  65. Riko – possible meanings of this popular Japanese name include “white jasmine” or “reason, logic.”
  66. Rosalba – enchanting and fresh, combining elements meaning “white rose.”
  67. Shweta – a powerful Hindi choice among girl names that mean “white.”
  68. Snowdrop – the cutest among white flower names, perhaps for a baby born just before the springtime.
  69. Swan – or Swann, both surnames inspired by the elegant, white bird.
  70. Tanwen – a rather badass Welsh name for girls with “white fire” in their bellies.
  71. Ulexite – rare among gemstone names, after a mineral stone of silvery-white.
  72. Whitley – a coastal English name with the adventurous meaning of “white meadow.”
  73. Xewali – a rare Indian girl name referring to the white, night-blooming jasmine flower.
  74. Yasmine – or Yasmeen, both dreamy alternatives to Jasmine, with that same fragrant, floral meaning.
  75. Zuriñe – meaning “white” in Basque, great if you love that sought-after “Z” initial.

34 Dazzling Boy Names Meaning White

Crisp, clean, and youthful – we love these charming white names for little princes.

  1. Ákos – a badass Hungarian name with the warrior-ready meaning of “white falcon.”
  2. Alban – a saintly name meaning “white” or “from Alba.”
  3. Albino – an Italian and Hispanic given and last name, also denoting a fair-skinned person.
  4. Albus – one for Harry Potter fans, this wise wizard name means “white, bright” in Latin.
  5. Alby – short for Albus, or a modern way of spelling Ailbhe.
  6. Alpin – a Gaelic name meaning “fair, white,” perhaps for a blond baby boy.
  7. Alvi – an elven-sounding name meaning “white” for boys.
  8. Arjan – a trendy Hindi boy name and variant of Arjuna, meaning “white, clear.”
  9. Arjuna – meaning “white, clear” from Sanskrit, powerful and pure.
  10. Aubin – a French take on the Albus root, meaning “white, bright.”
  11. Bianco – an Italian boy variant of Bianca, meaning “fair, white.”
  12. Blanchard – a cool last name turned given name, meaning “white-ish.”
  13. Branco – a masculine form of Branca, meaning “white” in Portuguese.
  14. Callum – honest and pure, this charming Gaelic name means “dove.”
  15. Candidus – a male form of Candida, meaning “white” from Roman times.
  16. Cano – a surname from the Latin “canus,” meaning “old, white-haired.”
  17. Dhaval – a handsome Sanskrit name that dazzles in “pure white.”
  18. Dhavalchandra – even more spectacular, this one means “white moon.”
  19. Dilwyn – a magical sort of Welsh boy name for a lad who’s “fair, white” and “genuine.”
  20. Finlay – popular and powerful, meaning “white warrior” in Gaelic.
  21. Finn – used to denote Finnish heritage, but also means “fair” in Irish.
  22. Finnian – like Finn, but with even more rhythm, meaning “white, fair.”
  23. Fintan – another great Irish “Fin” name, meaning “white flame.”
  24. Gavin – from Welsh, with the impressive meaning of “white hawk.”
  25. Haku – is short and sweet among Japanese boy names that mean “white.”
  26. Jonah – this handsome Hebrew name has the pure and biblical meaning of “dove.”
  27. Jonas – a cool alternative to Jonah, also with the white meaning of “dove.”
  28. Kenyon – an English surname and male name for a “blond, white-haired” lad.
  29. Laban – a biblical Hebrew name meaning “white.”
  30. Tushar – meaning “white winter, snow, frost,” perhaps for chilled-out Hindi babies.
  31. Whit – a cool-boy English name, often short for longer surnames like Whitaker or Whitman, meaning “white.”
  32. Whitaker – from an Old English surname meaning “white field.”
  33. Whitman – an Old English boy name with famous literary value, meaning “white man.”
  34. Whittle – another Old English surname meaning “white hill.”

17 Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Names That Mean White

The ultimate assortment of unisex names, meaning white, for perfectly pure babies.

  1. Ailbhe – pronounced “al-va,” this dreamy Old Irish “white” name is pure and sweet.
  2. Akmar – a dazzling Arabic name, signifying “brilliant whiteness.”
  3. Arwyn – this “bright, fair, blessed” Celtic name sounds straight from a fairytale.
  4. Blake – surprisingly, this Old English name simultaneously means “pale, white” and “black, dark.”
  5. Bronwen – from Gaelic elements meaning “white, holy” and “breasted,” for a baby who’s pure of heart.
  6. Châu – a sweet Vietnamese pick among gender-neutral white names, meaning “pearl.”
  7. Columba – a great Christian name rooted in Latin, meaning “dove.”
  8. Fionn – a popular Gaelic choice among “fair, white” names for babies.
  9. Ghost – an undeniably edgy name, perhaps for a baby with the palest complexion.
  10. Himu – a Bengali pick among names meaning “white, pure, snow” with 4-letters.
  11. Lebanon – this Asian country name means “white,” making a sentimental choice for a kid.
  12. Moon – this out-of-this-world word name shines in ethereal white and silver.
  13. Snow – crisp and bright, this unique name would sound beautiful on a winter-born baby.
  14. White – most heard as an English and American surname, and rather literal among “white” names nonetheless.
  15. Whitney – meaning “white island,” this Old English name is perhaps more famously bestowed upon females.
  16. Winter – this coolest season name makes us think of snow-capped trees and icy festivities.
  17. Yuki – perfect for a winter baby; this Japanese name means “snow” or “happiness.”

Names That Mean White FAQs

What Are Some White Flower Names?

If you love the delicate beauty of flower names, consider white picks such as Snowdrop, Lily, Clematis, Edelweiss, Daisy, Dahlia, or Jasmine. Other pretty floral names associated with white include Acheflow, Calla, Xewali, or Yasmine.

What Are Some White Snow Names for Babies?

Both Snow and White are beautiful, gender-neutral picks for babies. However, if you’d like a very rare snow baby name, consider Eira, Fjolla, Irwen, Haunani, Lumi, Miyuki, and Neve for girls or Tushar, Yuki, and Himu for boys. Also, the princess-worthy names Snow White or Blancanieves will turn heads!

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