105 Best Boy Names That Start With P: for Perfect Princes

These beautiful boy names that start with P are as regal as a charming prince!

Picture this: blessing your precious prince with one of these perfect boy names that start with P, bringing him all the power and positivity he needs. Wouldn’t that be pure perfection?

If this sounds pretty good, then keep reading. Below, we have listed the most popular names for boys that start with P, along with their priceless meanings, origins, namesakes, and more. No matter where you’re from or what kind of name you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly inspired by all these gorgeous and handsome options!

105 Pristine Boy Names That Start With P

Take your pick among the best boy names that start with P listed below.

  1. Pablo – is popular among Mexican boy names that start with P, meaning “little, humble.”
  2. Pace – a chilled-out English name for a “calm, peaceful one.”
  3. Paco – a friendly Native American name meaning “eagle,” also a Spanish nickname from Francisco.
  4. Paddy – this “noble” nickname is derived from the classic Irish male name Padraig or Patrick.
  5. Padraig – a traditional Irish Gaelic form of Patrick, pronounced either like “PAH-drig” or “POR-rick.”
  6. Pagan – dating back to the Middle Ages, this Latin name refers to a “country dweller.”
  7. Page – a loyal, gender-neutral name for an “attendant,” popularly spelled Paige when used for girls.
  8. Paget – a slight, diminutive variant of Page, meaning “little assistant.”
  9. Paisley – a snazzy Scottish boy name meaning “church,” reminding us of the patterned fabric.
  10. Palmer – an Old English name given to a “pilgrim, palm-bearer.”
  11. Pancho – like Paco, Pancho is a nickname from the Spanish Francisco, meaning “free.”
  12. Panther – a rare yet trending pick among black animal-inspired names that start with P for boys.
  13. Paolo – a hot Italian form of Paul, meaning “small, humble.”
  14. Pär – the shortest variant of the “stone” name Peter, of Swedish origins.
  15. Paris – a hot locational name inspired by France’s capital city of light.
  16. Parker – meaning “park-keeper,” this common surname makes a trendy given name for a boy.
  17. Parry – from Welsh, this last name means “son of Harry.”
  18. Pascal – perfect for a springtime-born baby, this Latin-rooted name means “Easter.”
  19. Pasha – the sweetest among Russian names for boys, meaning “small.”
  20. Pasi – this cute, 4-letter pick among Finnish guy names that start with P means “king.”
  21. Pastor – a holy Latin surname and given name meaning “shepherd” or “spiritual leader.”
  22. Patricio – a Hispanic variant of Patrick for handsome leaders.
  23. Patrick – a regal Latin name meaning “nobleman, ruler,” especially significant if you have Irish heritage.
  24. Patton – a rare English surname-turned-first-name from the same “noble” stem as Patrick.
  25. Paul – modestly meaning “humble,” this 4-letter biblical name is effortlessly charming.
  26. Pavan – meaning “wind, breeze,” this Hindu name will sweep you off your feet.
  27. Pavlo – a Ukrainian version of Paul, meaning “small, humble.”
  28. Paweł – a Polish form of Paul, meaning “small, humble.”
  29. Pax – borne by a Roman goddess, this modern-sounding, gender-neutral Latin name means “peace.”
  30. Paxton – combining Pax with the “-ton” suffix gives this name the beautiful meaning of “peaceful town.”
  31. Payton – or Peyton, a cool, gender-neutral English name, perhaps meaning “fighting man’s estate.”
  32. Pea – the cutest, veggie-inspired nickname for your newborn.
  33. Peadar – a standout Irish form of Peter, meaning “rock.”
  34. Pearson – best suited for an amazing “son of Peter.”
  35. Pedro – the popular Spanish form of Peter, also meaning “rock.”
  36. Pekko – a rare name inspired by an ancient Finnish god of crops, celebrated during harvest season.
  37. Pelle – this Swedish nickname also comes from the Peter stem, meaning “stone.”
  38. Penn – a Welsh name meaning “hill,” with mighty literary potential.
  39. Pepe – surprisingly, this Spanish boy’s name comes from the Joseph root, meaning “God increases.”
  40. Pepper – this fun and spicy name makes a cheeky nickname for a hot chap.
  41. Percival – a wizard-like name with French roots, meaning “one who pierces the valley.”
  42. Percy – the cutest among nicknames for boys that start with P, as a short form of Percival.
  43. Peregrine – a high-flying Latin unisex name meaning “traveler, pilgrim.”
  44. Perëndi – after an Albanian god of the sky and thunder, for an out-of-this-world baby legend.
  45. Perry – meaning “pear tree,” this English and Welsh surname sounds upbeat and rustic.
  46. Perseus – perhaps the most chaotic of P names for boys, meaning “destroyer,” from Greek mythology.
  47. Perun – a thunderous name inspired by the Slavic god of the sky, war, law, and other mighty things.
  48. Pete – a friendly and familiar short form of Peter.
  49. Peter – popular and saintly, this timeless, Greek-rooted male name means “rock.”
  50. Peura – this unique, unisex Finnish name means “reindeer,” perhaps for a yuletide baby?
  51. Phean – rooted in an Old Irish surname, this animal-inspired name means “wolf.”
  52. Philander – a Greek name meaning “friend of man,” although now holding “womanizing” connotations.
  53. Philibert – this standout, uncommon German boy’s name would shine on a “very bright” boy.
  54. Philip – perfect for animal lovers, this classic Greek-rooted name means “lover of horses.”
  55. Philokrates – great if you want head-turning Greek boy names with P initials, meaning “power of friendship.”
  56. Phineas – perhaps of Egyptian origin relating to the “Nubian” people, or meaning “serpent’s mouth” from Hebrew.
  57. Phoebus – a radiant and godly Greek name meaning “pure, bright.”
  58. Phoenix – an epic fantasy name after the mythical bird that rebirths from its ashes.
  59. Phong – a Vietnamese boy name meaning “wind” for a baby born on a blustery day.
  60. Phúc – this Vietnamese name is a powerful one to bestow upon your latest “blessing.”
  61. Pierce – a form of Piers, also meaning “rock,” with that “piercing” appeal.
  62. Pierre – a handsome French form of Peter, also meaning “rock.”
  63. Piers – a fancy English form of Peter, dating back to medieval times.
  64. Pillan – this impressive Native American name comes from the Mapuche god of stormy weather.
  65. Pim – is uniquely a Dutch diminutive of William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  66. Pinchas – this Hebrew boy’s name means “serpent” or “dark.”
  67. Piotr – this Polish form of Peter has the coolest spelling.
  68. Pip – a short form of Philip, famously used by Charles Dickens in Great Expectations.
  69. Pippin – a musical Latin name referring to a “traveler” or “pilgrim.”
  70. Piran – meaning “prayer,” this handsome yet uncommon name was borne by the patron saint of Cornwall.
  71. Pius – a “dutiful” virtual name for a man, meaning “pious.”
  72. Plato – inspired by the famous ancient philosopher, this fantastic name means “broad-shouldered.”
  73. Platt – traditionally an English locational surname, meaning “flat land.”
  74. Pluto – like the dwarf planet, the Roman god, and the Disney dog.
  75. Pochanaw – a fun Native American pick with the most unusual meaning of “hump of a buffalo.”
  76. Poe – a great literary name meaning “peacock” from Norse origins.
  77. Pol – a lesser-heard Latin variant of Paul, sounding even smaller and sweeter.
  78. Polaris – this spectacular name refers to the glittering “polar star.”
  79. Pollux – after a Greek and Roman mythological deity, this starry name means “very sweet.”
  80. Pontius – a posh Roman name meaning “fifth,” perhaps for a baby born in May?
  81. Porter – another occupational last name, this one meaning “gatekeeper.”
  82. Poseidon – despite being a Greek sea god, this mighty name means “lord of the earth.”
  83. Powell – a Welsh surname meaning “son of Hywel.”
  84. Prabhakar – one of the most luminous male names that start with P, meaning “maker of light” in Sanskrit.
  85. Pradip – or Pradeep, both shining Hindi names meaning “light.”
  86. Praise – a powerful virtue name full of admiration and celebration.
  87. Pravin – or Praveen, is fit for “skilled, talented” Indian individuals.
  88. Predrag – one of the most affectionate Slavic names for boys, meaning “precious, very beloved.”
  89. Preecha – a cool Thai name full of “wisdom, intelligence.”
  90. Prescott – a smart yet rustic Old English name, meaning “priest’s cottage.”
  91. Presley – a stylish, gender-neutral name of Old English origin, meaning “priest’s meadow.”
  92. Prestley – the same as Presley, but with a teeny-little spelling and pronunciation difference.
  93. Preston – meaning “priest’s town,” this UK place name would make a smart middle name.
  94. Prince – this regal title would make a fantastic name for music lovers.
  95. Princeton – meaning “princely town,” this name comes with the most prestigious connotations.
  96. Proinsias – a rare yet fancy-sounding Latin and Irish name referring to a “little French one.”
  97. Prosper – a unique virtue name for a “fortunate” man, worthy especially among Star Trek fans.
  98. Prospero – this “prosperous” name was used by Shakespeare in The Tempest.
  99. Pryor – a unique 5-letter name for a “superior” guy or “head of a monastery.”
  100. Ptolemy – the P is silent in this Greek and Latin-rooted name, meaning “war.”
  101. Pua – a Hawaiian name meaning “flower,” perhaps more commonly heard for girls than boys.
  102. Puck – a fun Shakespeare name inspired by a mischievous imp from English folklore.
  103. Pwyll – a great Welsh mythology name meaning “wisdom,” surprisingly pronounced “poowysh.”
  104. Pylyp – this Ukrainian choice is great if you love Philip but prefer foreign names without vowels.
  105. Pyry – a chilly Finnish male name meaning “snowfall.”

P Names for Boys FAQs

What Are Some Gender-Neutral P Names?

Top unisex names that start with P include Presley, Payton, Page, Pascal, and Pepper. More unique options include Peregrine, Pax, and Peura.

What Is the Most Popular Boy Name That Starts with P?

Peter is one of the best-recognized P names for boys, including all its international variants, such as Pedro, Peadar, Pierre, Pelle, Piers, Piotr, and Pete. Other P names, including Paul, Percy, Patrick, and Phineas, are all well-loved choices, too, and more modern options such as Parker, Peyton, and Prince.

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