100 Girl Names That Start With V: Vibrant & Virtuous

These vibrant girl names that start with V are full of life and vigor.

Get ready to uncover the top girl names that start with V, each ideal for vibrant beauties. Sure, it’s not the most common initial, but you’re sure to be swept away by each of these spectacular options!

Although we’ve included international names on this list, you’ll find that many of the V names for girls here have Latin or Germanic roots, with lively, powerful, and fierce meanings for your little lady. So, whether she’s tough, elegant, or full of life, you will surely find the perfect pick for your darling girl below.

100 Vibrant Girl Names That Start With V

These top names for girls that start with V are perfect for any little visionary.

  1. Vaani – or Vani, fit for the most “eloquent” Hindu princess.
  2. Vada – or Veda, referring to the sacred Hindu texts, this Sanskrit name is holy and beautiful.
  3. Vader – a gender-neutral Veda alternative for Star Wars fans, meaning (spoiler alert!) “father” in Dutch.
  4. Vaiva – the most colorful of Lithuanian girl names that start with V, meaning “rainbow.”
  5. Valborg – a unique Scandinavian form of the Germanic Walburga, meaning “powerful fortress.”
  6. Vale – a pretty word meaning “valley,” offering rustic and homely connotations.
  7. Valencia – meaning “strength, vigor” in Latin, a sexy Spanish locational name.
  8. Valentina – perfect for a February-born baby, this romantic pick is “healthy, strong.”
  9. Valeria – a regal Roman girl’s name also meaning “strength, bravery,” from the Latin “valere.”
  10. Valerie – like Valeria, but this song reminds us of the Amy Winehouse song.
  11. Valeska – a sassy Slavic pick among “strong” names for girls that start with V.
  12. Valkyrie – the most badass Old Norse name for a Viking princess, meaning “chooser of the fallen.”
  13. Valley – like Vale, this unique name makes us think of a cozy home between towering mountains.
  14. Valor – the most powerful among unisex V names for a kid full of “honor” and “bravery.”
  15. Valoris – a variant of Valor with that same badass appeal.
  16. Valpuri – like Valborg, Valpuri is a form of Walburga, meaning “powerful fortress” in Finnish.
  17. Van – this Vanessa nickname is also a Dutch preposition and reminds us of the type of car.
  18. Vân – with Vietnamese roots, this fluffy name means “cloud.”
  19. Vanda – an international variant of Wanda and a German name referring to the Slavic “Wend” people.
  20. Vanderley – a gender-neutral Brazilian name derived from the Dutch surname van der Lee (“from the canal”).
  21. Vanellope – a sweet-as-pie Disney character name coined by mixing Penelope with Vanilla.
  22. Vanessa – created as a variant of Esther, inspired by the Persian word for “star.”
  23. Vanna – a brilliant international name for girls, meaning “golden” in Cambodian and “God’s gift” in Hebrew.
  24. Vanya – or Vania – short for the beautiful Ivanna, meaning “God is gracious.”
  25. Varinia – meaning “versatile,” this “varying” Roman name is fit for a fickle little pickle.
  26. Varsha – a Hindu name perfect for a girl born during the wet “Varsha” monsoon season.
  27. Varvara – meaning “foreign, strange,” this Slavic name is a variant of Barbara.
  28. Vasuda – or Vasudha, a “wealthy” Sanskrit name, also referring to the earth.
  29. Vava – a frilly, feminine sort of surname, perhaps a diminutive of Varvara.
  30. Veela – a form of Vila, used in Harry Potter to describe beautiful, feminine, nymph-like beings.
  31. Vega – a cute and summery Mexican and Spanish surname meaning “meadow-dweller.”
  32. Vega – alternatively, as an Arabic girl name, Vega means “swooping eagle,” like the star.
  33. Vela – this surname means “watchman” and translates to “sail” in Spanish.
  34. Velda – presumed to be of German origins, this cool name strikes “power.”
  35. Vellamo – a mermaid princess name inspired by the Finnish goddess of water.
  36. Velma – a Scooby Doo variant of the German Wilma, meaning “determined protector.”
  37. Velvet – the softest among names for girls that start with V, after the plush fabric.
  38. Venera – a pretty version of the celestial Venus.
  39. Venetia – perfect for a lovely lady “from Venice,” the city of canals.
  40. Venla – a Finnish feminine form of the masculine Wendel, meaning “vandal” or “wanderer.”
  41. Venus – an out-of-this-world name after the sexy Roman goddess of love and desire.
  42. Vera – an old-fashioned plant name to say “aloe” to, representing “truth” and “faith.”
  43. Veralynn – a fancy-sounding combination of the earthy Vera with the pretty Lynn.
  44. Verbena – one of the rarer floral V names for girls, after a “sacred plant.”
  45. Verena – meaning “truth, integrity,” one of the noblest Latin women’s names that start with V.
  46. Verity – the prettiest Latin and English virtue name with V, meaning “truth.”
  47. Vermont – a rare name inspired by the U.S. state, meaning “green mountain.”
  48. Verna – pretty and fresh, this vintage Latin name relates to “springtime.”
  49. Verona – a beautiful Italian city name, reminds us of the tale of Romeo and Juliet.
  50. Veronica – a Latin name to set a daughter up for success, meaning “she who brings victory.”
  51. Veruca – famously used in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this pretty-sounding name means “wart!”
  52. Verushka – this Russian diminutive of Vera is undeniably fun to say.
  53. Vesna – inspired by the Slavic goddess of spring and fertility, this mythical name is full of life.
  54. Vespa – meaning “wasp,” this Italian girl’s name is worth buzzing about.
  55. Vesper – a cute wish of a name, meaning “evening star” in Latin.
  56. Vesta – a cozy pick after the Roman goddess of the hearth, home, and family.
  57. Vetch – a rare girl name inspired by the common climbing garden plant.
  58. Vibeke – a vibrant Danish pick among V names for girls that mean “war, battle.”
  59. Vibiana – carrying all the best vibes, this Roman name means “liveliness, alive.”
  60. Vickilyn – a modern name created by combining Vicky with the feminine “-lyn” suffix.
  61. Vicky – a common short form of Victoria, also spelled Vicki if you’re feeling sassy.
  62. Victoria – the most queenly and popular of girl names with V, meaning “victory.”
  63. Victorine – a rare alternative to Victoria, although it sounds like a cleaning solution!
  64. Victory – the most triumphant among girl names with V initials.
  65. Vidonia – a rich, earthy name with Portuguese roots, meaning “vine branch.”
  66. Vidya – a powerful pick among Sanskrit names, promoting “knowledge, learning.”
  67. Vienna – dreamy and romantic, this city name would suit any little Austrian lady.
  68. Viera – an enticing Slavic alternative to Vera, meaning “faith, truth.”
  69. Vigga – meaning “war,” this Danish girl’s name sounds like a battle cry.
  70. Viking – a rare yet powerful and fierce name for a warrior girl.
  71. Vila – a magical sort of 4-letter name inspired by a type of fairy-like creature in Slavic mythology.
  72. Vilde – a short form of the Norse Alvilde, with the cute and spritely meaning of “elf battle.”
  73. Vilja – meaning “grain, cereal,” this Finnish girl’s name would sound cute on a bright, morning-born baby.
  74. Villanelle – it may be deliciously edgy-sounding, but this rustic Italian name means “farmhand.”
  75. Vilma – strong and confident, this European name and Velma-variant means “determined protector.”
  76. Vimala – a feminine form of the Indian and Tamil name Vimal, meaning “clean, pure” in Sanskrit.
  77. Vinca – another name for a pretty “periwinkle” flower.
  78. Vincente – a feminine form of the “triumphant” male name Vincent.
  79. Vincenza – like Vincente, this Italian name is “prevailing” and “conquering.”
  80. Vincetta – or Vincentia, are pretty, girly alternatives to the masculine Vincent.
  81. Vinh – a gorgeous pick among gender-neutral Vietnamese V names, full of “glory.”
  82. Viola – meaning “violet,” used by Shakespeare in his comedy Twelfth Night.
  83. Violet – the most beautiful of floral female names that start with V, luscious in deep purple.
  84. Violetta – a sassy and ultra-feminine European form of Violet.
  85. Viona – an awesome mashup name, combining Viola with Fiona (“blessed, fair”).
  86. Virge – a short form of Virginia, also meaning “alert” in Estonian or “flourishing” in Latin.
  87. Virginia – a U.S. state with the dainty meaning of “pure, virginal, or maiden” in Latin.
  88. Virtudes – translated from Spanish, this holy name means “virtues.”
  89. Visage – the French for “face” would make an especially striking middle name for girls.
  90. Visitación – a powerful Spanish female name referring to the Virgin Mary’s “visitation” in the bible.
  91. Vita – the most prosperous among Latin V names for girls, meaning “life.”
  92. Vitaliya – an energetic international name meaning “full of life.”
  93. Vitória – is a top Brazilian form of Victoria, without the “t.”
  94. Vivi – lively among various V nicknames for girls, also perhaps short for the popular Olivia.
  95. Vivian – from the Latin “vivianus,” this pretty girl’s name means “lively, alive.”
  96. Vivienne – an elegant and ultra-feminine spelling variant of Vivian.
  97. Viviette – a lesser-seen variant of Vivienne with a romantic, French-sounding appeal.
  98. Vlasta – homely and secure, this beautiful Slavic girl’s name means “homeland.”
  99. Vondra – a confident Czech girl name for a “brave, womanly” lady.
  100. Vui – a 3-letter name of Vietnamese origin, meaning “radiant, amusing, joyful.”

V Names for Girls FAQs

What Are Some Unusual Girl Names With V?

If you’re looking for unusual and rare girl names with V initials, consider foreign picks such as Vigga, Vilja, Vlasta, Vellamo, or Venla. Place names such as Vienna, Verona, or Vermont all sound ultra-modern and rare, or you could opt for a famous fictional name, such as Vader or Vanellope.

What Are Some Popular V Names for Girls?

Victoria is one of the most popular international girl names that start with V, being so regal and queenly. Flower names such as Violet and Viola are also pretty and popular, as well as elegant names such as Vanessa, Vivian, Veronica, and Virginia.

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