131 Gorgeous Names That Mean Green: To Be Envious Of

These names that mean green are as beautiful as a springtime day!

Green. It’s a beautiful color connoting health, adventure, nature, and luck. So it’s only fitting to want to bless such fresh virtues upon a baby by using one of these special names that mean green.

With spectacular influences from across our wild and wonderful earth, these divine green names encompass nature, science, artistry, and more – each one sure to make others green with envy. Keep reading to learn about the meanings and origins behind these gorgeous names, meaning green for boys and girls, with the most adventurous spirits.

58 Gorgeous Girl Names That Mean Green

Your little earth goddess will dazzle with one of these dreamy, green-inspired names.

  1. Apple – this standout celebrity baby name is a fruity choice to consider.
  2. Bay – inspired by the evergreen shrub, also holding the fruity meaning of “berry.”
  3. Beryl – this old-fashioned name comes from “beryllium” and is a precious green gemstone.
  4. Bích – this Vietnamese girl’s name refers to the precious green “jade” gemstone.
  5. Blerta – an Albanian name, beautiful in meanings of “green” or “blossom.”
  6. Chloe – this popular girl name means “blooming,” referring to springtime colors of yellow and green.
  7. Chloris – a Greek mythology name, after a pretty shade of pale green.
  8. Clora – a beautiful form of Chloris, meaning “pale green,” a dreamy alternative to Chloe.
  9. Clover – a rare flower name, carrying all kinds of luck.
  10. Daphne – meaning “laurel,” this name was borne by a tragic Greek mythological nymph.
  11. Elphaba – musical theater fans will appreciate this Wicked name, after the green wicked witch.
  12. Emerald – a captivating gemstone name and birthstone for May.
  13. Erin – this Gaelic name is a shade of spring green and refers to Ireland.
  14. Esmeralda – a captivating Spanish and Portuguese form of Emerald.
  15. Fern – like the lush green plant, this earthy name will creep into your heart.
  16. Flora – a timeless “flower” name relating to plants and all their unique shades of green.
  17. Gaia – after the personification of the earth in Greek mythology, this gorgeous name connotes natural beauty.
  18. Gamora – inspired by the green-skinned Marvel heroine from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.
  19. Georgia – an American state name, also a form of the gardening-inspired name George.
  20. Giada – a sexy Italian form of Jade for glittering girls.
  21. Greenleigh – a modern-looking pick among fresh baby names that mean “green,” with that American “-leigh” suffix.
  22. Hadassah – this Hebrew girl name relates to the symbolic myrtle tree.
  23. Holly – like the prickly leaves, perfect for a winter-born baby girl.
  24. Honeydew – like the melon, a very pale shade of fruity green.
  25. India – a memorable locational name describing the shade of green from the country’s flag.
  26. Jada – a pretty, celebrity variant of Jade.
  27. Jade – a popular 4-letter pick among gemstone girl names that mean green.
  28. Laurel – pretty and festive, this outdoorsy green name represents the triumphant and symbolic plant.
  29. Lea – a form of Leah (“delicate”) reminding us of vast green grasslands when spelled this way.
  30. Lettice – this funny English old lady’s name means “joy,” reminding us of the leafy salad green.
  31. Lime – is an uncommon pick among slime neon “green” names for babies, with a certain zest.
  32. Lowri – a cute Welsh girl’s name relating to the evergreen “laurel” leaves.
  33. Meadow – this pretty girl’s name makes us think of soft, green grass sprinkled with wildflowers.
  34. Midori – an enchanting Japanese choice among baby girl “green” names.
  35. Myrtle – a great choice among green names for girls, inspired by the spiritual, evergreen tree.
  36. Ntsuab – a dreamy Hmong name meaning “green.”
  37. Oliva – a pretty Spanish variant of Olive with the same earthy tone.
  38. Olive – a popular vintage name after the tree, the fruit it bears, and the deep shade of green.
  39. Olivia – a hugely popular variant of Olive, meaning “olive branch” or “elf warrior.”
  40. Parsley – an unusual pick among herb names, inspired by the garnish.
  41. Reseda – after the plant, and gray-green hue.
  42. Rosemary – a pretty yet dated herb name, combining the beloved women’s names Rose and Mary.
  43. Sage – a herb name also meaning “wise,” for babies with intellect behind green eyes.
  44. Silvia – a pretty Latin name meaning “woodland, forest,” perfect for a little nymph.
  45. Smaragda – a Greek feminine name meaning “emerald.”
  46. Téa – means “gift of God” and reminds us of the green beverage.
  47. Teal – fit for mermaids, this name refers to a blue-green shade.
  48. Turquoise – a French name meaning “Turkish,” but most recognizable as the watery shade and gemstone.
  49. Verda – a Spanish “green” name, also similar to the word “verdad,” meaning “truth.”
  50. Verna – a pretty Latin pick for a “springtime” green girl.
  51. Viridi – from the Latin for “green,” this Italian girl’s name sure sounds pretty.
  52. Willow – a symbolic and majestic tree full of dark-green magic.
  53. Xanh – another beautiful Vietnamese pick among names that mean “green-blue.”
  54. Yarkona – a Hebrew pick among unique names that mean “green” for girls.
  55. Yeşim – another dreamy name, meaning “jade” in Turkish.
  56. Zelena – a dreamy form of Selena, also meaning “green” as a Czech name.
  57. Zümra – this “emerald” name has been very popular in Turkey recently.
  58. Zümrüd – an Azerbaijani pick among “emerald” names meaning green.

31 Adventurous Boy Names That Mean Green

Any little explorer will sound ready and raring with one of these cool green names for boys.

  1. Archer – a cool occupational name that sounds like it should be galavanting through a forest.
  2. Ashton – a trendy boy name from Old English, meaning “ash tree town.”
  3. Basil – a “royal” Greek male name, fits the bill as a green-related name thanks to its herby connotations.
  4. Berilo – a Spanish masculine form of the feminine Beryl, after the precious green gemstone.
  5. Busch – or Bush, a presidential pick among nature names associated with green.
  6. Earvin – a Gaelic name with the enticing meaning of “green, fresh water.”
  7. George – this regal name means “earth-worker,” great for gardening guys.
  8. Greenwood – an uncommon first name after the earthy green English surname.
  9. Grover – a hot name inspired by a thick “grove” of trees.
  10. Grün – this German surname also means “green.”
  11. Harial – an Indian color name meaning “green.”
  12. Irvin – or Irvine, like Earvin, this manly Gaelic name means “green, fresh water.”
  13. Jaden – a modern, popular name, great if you like Jade but need something for a boy.
  14. Kombu – a type of edible kelp, also denoting a deep black shade of green.
  15. Legolas – created by Tolkien, this name means “green leaves” in the fictional language of Sindarin.
  16. Leif – a classic Scandinavian name meaning “heir,” but it sure makes us think of green leaves.
  17. Merald – short for Emerald, except this time for men with a sparkling green aura.
  18. Moss – like the squishy green stuff, or perhaps a form of the biblical Hebrew name Moses.
  19. Odhran – this Irish saint name has the adorably unusual meaning of “little pale green one.”
  20. Oliver – an infinitely popular name meaning “olive tree” or “elf warrior.”
  21. Oran – an Anglicized form of Odhran, for a “little green one.”
  22. Patrick – this “noble” Irish name reminds us of the green-filled St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.
  23. Qīng – a Chinese boy’s name meaning “blue-green,” great if you love that unique Q initial.
  24. Qinglong – the coolest of names that mean green for boys, meaning “green dragon.”
  25. Roobarb – inspired by the fruit, yet spelled like the famous green cartoon dog from British TV.
  26. Silas – a Latin name meaning “of the forest” for a baby boy surrounded by lush green.
  27. Smaragdus – or Smaragdos, a head-turning Semitic name meaning “emerald.”
  28. Uaithne – a very old Irish name, perhaps meaning “green” or “wood.”
  29. Verde – the Spanish color word makes a hot choice among boy names that mean green.
  30. Vipin – a unique Sanskrit name with the woody meaning of “forest.”
  31. Zawisza – this legendary Polish name means “envy, jealousy,” both “green” emotions.

42 Unusual Unisex Green Names

Our top picks of dreamy green names for beautiful babies of any gender.

  1. Ainsley – meaning “solitary clearing,” this Scottish surname and given name is woody and green.
  2. Aoi – this Japanese name means “green, blue,” a cute 3-letter green-themed choice.
  3. Ash – is short for Ashley, also a beautiful type of tree.
  4. Ashley – a very popular English name, meaning “from the ash tree meadow.”
  5. Binda – this Aboriginal Australian name means “green place,” which sounds like heaven.
  6. Celadon – an unusual choice inspired by the pale shade of green.
  7. Chartreuse – rooted in French- this green-yellow shade would make an elaborate baby name.
  8. Cyan – this shade of green-blue would make a fantastic Ryan alternative.
  9. Denver – this U.S. state capital surname means “from Anvers” or “green valley.”
  10. Field – a unique name meaning “meadow,” commonly heard as an English last name.
  11. Forest – or Forrest, an enchanting name for a little woodland-dweller.
  12. Foster – meaning “forester, woodsman,” this British surname is full of outdoorsy vibes.
  13. Gardner – this modern name sounds like it’d be perfect for a green-fingered kid!
  14. Green – or Greene – English surnames that would work perfectly as unique given names for a baby.
  15. Harlequin – like the French clown character, also a term describing a yellow-green.
  16. Harley – a gorgeous and popular short form of Harlequin.
  17. Hunter – a feisty name for a warrior, also used to describe a woody shade of green.
  18. Juniper – a sweet Latin name with the delicate meanings of “tiny shrub” and “young.”
  19. Kale – a very trendy millennial name inspired by the leafy cabbage superfood.
  20. Kelly – a common Irish name meaning “bright-headed warrior,” referring to an intense green shade.
  21. Laramie – a fancy, unisex French name, handsomely referring to a “leafy canopy.”
  22. Laurie – a cute, gender-neutral nickname for Laurel, like the leaves.
  23. Leland – an elite-sounding name meaning “open field” or “meadowland.”
  24. Liberty – connoting “freedom,” referring to a patriotic shade known as “liberty green.”
  25. Lucky – a cute name to carry like a green shamrock for prosperity and fortune.
  26. Malachite – a shimmering mineral gemstone colored in a rich, bright green.
  27. Minty – lighthearted and fun, this “mint” name sounds fresh for a baby.
  28. Oleander – a unisex Greek name after an evergreen shrub, a dreamy alternative to Oliver.
  29. Oli – or Olly, a popular nickname for Oliver or Olive.
  30. Orchard – a rare yet fruitful pick among tree names for a baby.
  31. Pea – like the vegetable, one of the cutest green nicknames for a tiny newborn.
  32. Peridot – after the August birthstone, a pretty clear green in color.
  33. Perry – green, fruity, and rustic – this Welsh name meaning “pear tree” has it all!
  34. Pine – handsome and spiky, this green shade reminds us of the thick smell of Christmas trees.
  35. Robin – a bird – is on this list thanks to the famous, legendary, wood-dwelling, green-wearing Robin Hood.
  36. Rowan – this colorful name means “little red one” but relates to the gorgeous green tree.
  37. Silva – a common Portuguese surname, shimmering in sound yet with the earthy meaning of “forest.”
  38. Soldier – a badass name for a military baby, repping the troops in shades of camouflaged green.
  39. Vega – meaning “meadow-dweller,” this Spanish surname sounds like an adventure waiting to happen.
  40. Verdigris – of French origins, referring to a poisonous, green-colored pigment.
  41. Vermont – this uniquely American state name means “green mountain.”
  42. Viridian – an unusual Latin name after a green pigment.

Green Names FAQs

What Is a Greek Name that Means Green?

Greek green names for girls include Smaragda, Chloris, Clora, and the goddess-worthy Gaia. For boys, we love the herby name Basil, or perhaps Oleander.

What Name Means Green Jewel?

If you love green gemstone names, we’d recommend Emerald, Jade, Beryl, and Turquoise. Boy gemstone names include Malachite and Berilo. Peridot makes a cute, gender-neutral choice.

What Are Some Girl Names That Mean Emerald?

Emerald is a beautiful name for a little girl. But, if you’d like to mix it up a bit, consider variations such as Esmeralda, Smaragda, Zümrüd, or Zümra.

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