131 Girl Names That Start With L: Lovely & Ladylike

You’ll love these special girl names that start with L, worthy of the loveliest ladies!

L is surely the most ladylike initial, so we’ve gathered some of the best-loved girl names that start with L to help prove the point.

From the lively to the luxurious, the luminous to the laid-back, there are so many fantastic female names that start with L to consider for your new little love. Plus, if it’s insightful meanings and origins you’re interested in, you’re in luck – we’ve included all those for you to discover too.

So, keep reading, as the most likable L names for gorgeous girls await…

131 Loveable Girl Names That Start With L

These names for girls that start with L will make you smile in no time.

  1. Labiba – meaning “wise, intelligent,” this Muslim name works for a girl bearing an old soul.
  2. Lacey – a frilly white alternative to Stacey, Macy, or Casey.
  3. Lada – a dreamy choice inspired by the Slavic goddess of fertility, marriage, and harmony.
  4. Lady – an ultra-feminine pick for a woman, full of elegance and stature.
  5. Lagle – a rare pick among bird-inspired names with L initials, meaning “goose” from Estonian.
  6. Lahja – meaning “gift,” this Finnish name would be amazing to bestow on a new blessing.
  7. Laikan – this charming girl’s name has an unknown meaning, yet a beautifully serene feel.
  8. Lainey – means “torch, light” and is a bouncier alternative to Lena.
  9. Lake – a serene and geographical name, conjuring images of beautiful blue.
  10. Lakshmi – inspired by the Hindu mother goddess, this spectacular name is feminine and elegant in style.
  11. Lalita – it’s fun to say and has the prettiest meanings of “playful, sweet” in Sanskrit.
  12. Lamina – after a mythical species of water nymph, this Basque name is fit for a mermaid.
  13. Lan – meaning “orchid,” this floral pick has Chinese and Sino-Vietnamese roots.
  14. Lane – a gender-neutral name literally referring to a long, countryside pathway.
  15. Laney – this fun and carefree English name is “beautiful, bright, shining.”
  16. Laoise – meaning “light, radiance,” this Gaelic girl’s name warms the cockles.
  17. Laquinta – this American name refers to “the fifth,” perhaps for a fifth-born daughter?
  18. Lara – meaning “protection,” this edgy 4-letter name is great for heroic gamer girls.
  19. Larissa – meaning “citadel,” this Greek name is sassy and fun to pronounce.
  20. Lark – a dreamy name inspired by the sing-song bird.
  21. Larkin – chirpy in sound, yet with the bold meaning of “rough, fierce,” this Irish name is sure to stand out.
  22. Larunda – an uncommon name with the hilarious meaning of “talkative” for chatty ladies.
  23. Lasair – a hot Irish name meaning “flame,” full of bright flair.
  24. Lassie – meaning “little girl,” famously used for a dog in a 60s television show.
  25. Lasta – this Quechua name meaning “snow” is perfect for a winter-born baby.
  26. Latika – meaning “vine,” this earthy Hindi name will surely creep into your heart.
  27. Latreece – a standout name, said to mean “noble.”
  28. Laura – meaning “laurel leaves,” this very popular girl’s name is earthy and glamorous.
  29. Laurel – a pretty and outdoorsy name after the symbolic plant.
  30. Lauren – a very popular girl name after the laurel plant.
  31. Laurie – referring to the lush laurel leaves, traditionally worn by champions.
  32. Lavanya – a luxurious-sounding Hindi girl name, overflowing with “grace, beauty.”
  33. Lavender – this floral name is warming, homely, and fragrant.
  34. Laverna – a mischievous name after a Roman goddess of thieves.
  35. Laverne – from a French surname thought to mean “alder” or “spring.”
  36. Lavinia – for a “woman of Rome,” Lavinia is impressively ladylike and elegant.
  37. Layla – from the Middle East, this enchanting “night” name may also be spelled Leila or Leyla.
  38. – the shortest of women’s names that start with L, meaning “pear” in Vietnamese.
  39. Lea – a cute spelling variant of Leah, but also meaning “meadow” in English.
  40. Leah – meaning “delicate, weary” for the most precious of petals.
  41. Leanne – a fresh name created from combining two popular girl name elements.
  42. Lechosława – one of the longest L names for girls, meaning “from Poland.”
  43. Lee – one of the most common first, middle, and last names internationally; this pretty pick goes with anything.
  44. Lefaye – a mystical French name for a “fairy” princess.
  45. Lefu – be careful with this African girl’s name, which looks cute but means “earth.”
  46. Legacy – a badass choice among female names that start with L to pack a punch.
  47. Legend – for a mythical lady destined to go down in history, this name is sure to turn heads.
  48. Lei – pretty, floral, and exotic, just like a Hawaiian flower garland.
  49. Leia – another spelling variant of Leah, especially great for Star Wars-loving parents.
  50. Leigh – a popular spelling variant of Lee, commonly seen as a middle girl name.
  51. Leiko – an uncommon name of Japanese and Hawaiian origins.
  52. Leilani – a dreamy Hawaiian girl name for a “heavenly flower” baby.
  53. Lemmitty – the cutest Finnish name for your new “beloved” baby.
  54. Lempi – this name means “love” in Old Finnish.
  55. Lena – from the same stem as Helena, this internationally popular girl name means “torch, light.”
  56. Lenni – this adorable Finnish name means “brave lion.”
  57. Lennon – one for music lovers, this surname and unisex given name, means “lover.”
  58. Leona – a pretty Latin girl name meaning “lioness.”
  59. Leoni – a melodic alternative to Leona, full of that “lioness” pride.
  60. Leslie – a gender-neutral Scottish name meaning “holly garden.”
  61. Letitia – a very vintage girl name with the radiant meanings of “joy, gladness.”
  62. Lettice – not the leafy green, but an English name meaning “joy!”
  63. Lexi – from the same stem as Alexandra, this modern feminist name means “defender of men.”
  64. Líadan – if you’re a fan of Irish folklore, consider this unique name, inspired by the “Grey Lady.”
  65. Liana – a fresh take on Leanne, also short for names such as Juliana.
  66. Libby – a gentle diminutive form of Elizabeth, with the powerful meaning of “God is my oath.”
  67. Liberty – a freeing virtue name, especially great for a patriotic American gal.
  68. Liekki – a spicy Finnish girl name meaning “flame.”
  69. Lien – this Vietnamese name means “water lily” and sounds delicate and pretty.
  70. Liesl – a German romantic form of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  71. Lífdís – this uncommon Icelandic name means “shield, protection,” and “woman.”
  72. Lilac – a beautiful choice if you love L names for girls that symbolize flowers and colors.
  73. Lileas – with Gaelic influences, this is a beautiful alternative to Lily.
  74. Liliana – combining Lily with the feminine “anna” creates this gorgeously “pure” girl name.
  75. Lilibet – Harry and Megan chose this name for their daughter as a diminutive of Elizabeth.
  76. Lilith – a famous Jewish name with demonic connotations, meaning “of the night.”
  77. Liliwen – if you love Lily but want it even purer, consider this Welsh name meaning “snowdrop.”
  78. Lilla – a gorgeous L name of various meanings, yet full of vibrant, flowery appeal.
  79. Lillian – a rather old lady-ish form of Lily, yet with the same sweet, floral meaning.
  80. Lily – one of the most popular names for girls that start with L, just like the beautiful flower.
  81. Linda – this name means “pretty” in Spanish – just like your gorgeous little chica.
  82. Lindsey – or Lindsay, this British name comes from that of an old Anglo-Saxon kingdom.
  83. Linh – this highly popular Vietnamese name means “spirit, soul.”
  84. Linnea – this popular Swedish and Finnish name comes from a type of flower.
  85. Liora – meaning “my light,” this enchanting Hebrew girl’s name shines like a star.
  86. Lisa – this fun 4-letter L name means “promised to God” in Hebrew.
  87. Lissette – a fancy French pick among female names that start with L, meaning “God’s promise.”
  88. Liv – short for Olivia, also a “protective shelter” of a Norwegian girl’s name.
  89. Livy – from the Latin “livius,” this earthy name means “to envy.”
  90. Lixue – this romantic Chinese female name refers to “beautiful snow.”
  91. Liza – comes from Elizabeth; this dreamy name is devout and noble, meaning “God is my oath.”
  92. Lizzy – perhaps the most commonly-seen nickname for Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  93. Ljiljana – a Slavic take on Lily, with a spelling you can’t help but be impressed by.
  94. Llewella – if you really love the letter L, you’ll adore this Welsh name meaning “leader!”
  95. Loan – or Luan, inspired by a bird from traditional Vietnamese mythology.
  96. Lochana – this Indian name relates to “the eyes,” perhaps for a girl with dazzling little peepers.
  97. Lois – this Greek choice may be “the most desirable” of women’s names that start with L.
  98. Lola – fit for a showgirl, Lola could be a short form of the “sorrowful” Spanish name Dolores.
  99. London – like the city, this name would suit a proper little British lady.
  100. Loreal – it makes you think of the haircare brand, but it sure does sound cute as a girl’s name!
  101. Lorelai – or Lorelei, after an alluring mythical enchantress of European folklore.
  102. Loretta – meaning “bay laurel,” from the same stem as Lauren.
  103. Lori – a 4-letter spelling variant of Laurie, perfect for any laurel-wearing champions.
  104. Lorna – a dated English name of various origins that sounds retro today.
  105. Lottie – an inquisitive and sweet nickname for Charlotte, meaning “free.”
  106. Lou – a cute, 3 letter nickname, perfect for any cool kid.
  107. Louella – combining the “Lou” from Louise with the feminine “ella” gives you this fancy, feminine L name.
  108. Louisa – a softer form of Louise, yet still with that same powerful meaning.
  109. Louise – meaning “renowned warrior,” this super-popular middle name is a feminine form of Louis.
  110. Love – a romantic name, perfect for a girl born on Valentine’s Day.
  111. Lovely – this uncommon name would be a beautiful one for a girl to live up to.
  112. Loviatar – a rather striking and loaded name inspired by the Finnish goddess of death and disease.
  113. Lovise – a lovely spelling variant to the ever-popular Louise.
  114. Lowri – a gorgeous Welsh form of Laura with a girly aesthetic.
  115. Lucia – this Lucy alternative could be pronounced with a hard or soft “c,” depending on preference.
  116. Luciana – the most radiant form of Lucy, shining with its meaning of “light.”
  117. Lucille – this lovely French name meaning “of the light” sounds like an old lady classic.
  118. Lucretia – an ultra-glam girl name with Roman roots, dripping with its expensive meaning of “wealth.”
  119. Lucy – or Lucie are both very popular L names for girls meaning “light.”
  120. Ludwika – a feminine form of the Polish male name Ludwik, meaning “famed warrior.”
  121. Luigina – the feminine form of the typically Italian name Luigi, meaning “renowned warrior.”
  122. Lulu – a fluffy nickname for girls whose names have that “lou” element.
  123. Lumi – a unique Finnish name meaning “snow.”
  124. Luna – inspired by the Roman lunar goddess, this ethereal L name means “moon.”
  125. Lux – this trendy pick among Latin girl names that start with L means “light.”
  126. Lydia – a pretty Greek girl’s name inspired by an ancient kingdom.
  127. Lykke – inspires “good fortune” with this unusual Viking name for girls.
  128. Lyla – an enticing and mysterious name, meaning “night, dark, black.”
  129. Lynette – a dated feminine Welsh name meaning “idol.”
  130. Lynn – or Lynne, meaning “lake” in Welsh.
  131. Lyra – this musical name means “harp,” just like the ancient lyre instrument.

L Names For Girls FAQs

What Are Some Unisex L Names?

Gender-neutral names that start with L include Lane, Lake, Leslie, Lennon, and the internationally-popular Lee.

What Girl Name Starts with L and Means Light?

If you’re looking for luminous L names for girls, consider Lucy and all its diminutive forms, such as Lucille, Lucia, or Luciana. We also love Lux, Laoise, Lena, Laney, and Liora, all of which means “light.”

What Is the Prettiest Girl Name that Starts with L?

All names for girls that start with L are pretty, but the most gorgeous, in our opinion, include Lisel, Lottie, Leoni, Leilani, and Laurie. Names such as Laura, Lauren, Leah, Louise, and Lily are also really popular choices, proving that parents from all over would agree that they’re the prettiest!

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