101 Top Boy Names That Start With V: Valiant and Charming

These top boy names that start with V are sure to be the most stylish around.

Whether your son is a vibrant light or a valiant knight, he’s sure to sound spectacular with one of these fantastic boy names that start with V.

One of the most stylish initials around, V names for boys often connote qualities such as vitality, bravery, and masculinity, making them the perfect choice to bestow upon a precious new boy. Here, we’ve gathered some of the most popular guy names that start with V from across the globe and listed them along with their valuable meanings, origins, and more.

Keep reading, and let’s find the perfect boy name with V for your little king!

101 Valiant Boy Names That Start with V

Bearing the strongest initial in the alphabet, these boy names with V will inspire and amaze.

  1. Vachel – a homely French boy’s name designed for one who works as a “cowherd.”
  2. Václav – a positively heroic Slavic name meaning “more glory.”
  3. Vader – meaning “father” in Dutch, inspired by the terrifying, all-black-wearing villain from Star Wars.
  4. Vahan – the most protective of guy names that start with V, meaning “shield” in Armenian.
  5. Vaibhav – with a standout spelling, this remarkable Hindi name means “glory, majesty, power.”
  6. Väinö – rooted in Finnish mythology, this powerful name means “wide river.”
  7. Valens – a Roman name for a valiant warrior, meaning “strong, healthy.”
  8. Valente – the most “valiant” of male names that start with V, with Italian roots.
  9. Valentine – romantic and saintly, this “strong, healthy” name is perfect for a boy born on Feb 14.
  10. Valentino – this Italian variant of Valentine sounds extremely fashionable.
  11. Valeriano – also from the “strong, healthy, valiant” Latin root, Valeriano sounds sexy and suave.
  12. Valerius – this powerful Latin male name radiates “strength, health.”
  13. Valeriy – this Slavic name has the same Latin roots as Valerius, meaning “strong, brave.”
  14. Valor – is strong and noble among names for boys that start with V, meaning “honor, bravery.”
  15. Van – among the most popular unisex V nicknames, also a Dutch preposition.
  16. Vance – a rustic English name relating to the “marshland.”
  17. Vander – short for Evander, this Greek-rooted boy’s name nicely means “good man.”
  18. Vanderley – a Brazilian name derived from the Dutch surname van der Lee, meaning “from the canal.”
  19. Vardar – meaning “shield” in Bulgarian, also referring to a “black water” river running through North Macedonia.
  20. Varg meaning “wolf” in Old Norse, this name was used for a mythical monster by J.R.R. Tolkien.
  21. Varnava – interestingly, a Russian variant of Barnabas, meaning “son of consolation.”
  22. Vasco – a short form of Velasco, also perfect for a Spanish lad “from the Basque county.”
  23. Vasili – the most “royal and kingly” of Greek V names for boys.
  24. Vasu – after Hindu deities and “bringers of wealth,” also meaning “excellence, brilliance.”
  25. Vaughan – or Vaughn, both comforting Welsh surnames meaning “small” for precious babies.
  26. Vebjørn – a cool Norse name meaning “home” and “bear.”
  27. Veer – a Sanskrit name for the “brave” warriors among us.
  28. Veeti – in Finnish, this cute nickname is used for names starting with “Frid-,” kind of like Fred.
  29. Vega – a Spanish surname meaning “meadow-dweller” and a celestial Arabic name meaning “swooping eagle.”
  30. Vegard – this mighty Norwegian V name means protector.
  31. Veikko – a diminutive form of the Finnish name Veli, meaning “brother.”
  32. Velasco – from Basque, this cool, medieval name means “crow” or “raven.”
  33. Veli – meaning “brother,” this family-oriented Finnish male name is warm and charming.
  34. Venator – this surname comes from the Latin word for “hunter,” making an epic given name.
  35. Venceslás – meaning “greater glory,” this powerful name is certainly admirable.
  36. Venti – not just a Starbucks drink size, but also minor deities in Roman mythology.
  37. Veon – meaning “sky,” this modern-sounding Irish name is fit for dreamers.
  38. Verlin – a unique Irish boy name with the dated meaning of “farthing coin.”
  39. Vermont – rare among U.S. state names for boys, meaning “green mountain.”
  40. Verne – short for the earthy name Vernon, with a rugged, fern-like feel.
  41. Vernon – with French roots, this handsome name refers to the symbolic “alder tree.”
  42. Vescovi – an Italian occupational surname meaning “bishop,” great for a bible-devout lad.
  43. Vespasien – after a Roman emperor, meaning “wasp,” “evening,” or “west,” yet also a “urinal” in French.
  44. Vesper – is a dreamy Latin name inspired by the “evening star.”
  45. Vetle – uniquely meaning “winter traveler,” this Norwegian name is best for adventurers.
  46. Vicario – spiritual and just, meaning “vicar” in Spanish and Italian.
  47. Victor – only winning lads may bear this champion name, meaning “victorious.”
  48. Vidal – a tough Spanish boy’s name, also meaning “life, vitality.”
  49. Vidar – from Norse mythology, after the “warrior” son of Odin.
  50. Vide – we love the romantic meaning of “willow tree” behind this Swedish name.
  51. Viggo – a Norse nickname meaning “war,” for if you love feisty V names for boys.
  52. Vihaan – meaning “dawn,” this Sanskrit name is ideal for a fresh, morning-born baby.
  53. Vihtori – an unusual form of Victor, from Finnish.
  54. Viking – ideal for tough boys, ready to invade your heart!
  55. Vikram – a great Hindi male name for a “valorous” or “courageous” hero, with Vik as a cool nickname.
  56. Viktor – like Victor, yet with that spiky northern and eastern European spelling.
  57. Vilhelm – is the Scandinavian form of William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  58. Vilho – from the same stem as William, this Finnish name means “resolute protector.”
  59. Villanous – it sounds “villainous,” but means “farmhand” as a Latin name!
  60. Vimal – a gorgeous Indian and Tamil name meaning “clean, pure” in Sanskrit.
  61. Vince – short for Vincent, this Latin name means “to conquer.”
  62. Vincent – popular and endearing among male names that start with V, meaning “triumphant.”
  63. Vincenzo – a great Italian form of Vincent, for a “conqueror, victor.”
  64. Vindkaldr – a head-turning name from Norse mythology, meaning “wind-frozen.”
  65. Vinh – the noblest of gender-neutral Vietnamese boy names that start with V, meaning “glory.”
  66. Vinny – a typically American nickname, short for Vincent or other names with that “vin” element.
  67. Vinson – meaning “son of Vincent,” this unique name is a great patronymic.
  68. Vinter – a Scandinavian word for “winter” makes a cool, chilled-out name for a boy.
  69. Vinzenz – an awesome foreign alternative to Vincent, meaning “conqueror.”
  70. Viper – a sharp pick if you love snake-inspired boy names with V initials.
  71. Vipin – a stylish Indian pick with the earthy meaning of “forest.”
  72. Virgil – we love the “flourishing” meaning of this Latin name.
  73. Virginius – a Roman boy’s name meaning “chaste, pure,” as a variant of the feminine Virginia.
  74. Virgo – like the zodiac sign, meaning “chaste, pure,” from Latin.
  75. Viserion – a unique fantasy name inspired by a dragon in Game of Thrones.
  76. Vishnu – a mighty and spiritual name after the supreme Hindu protector god.
  77. Vitale – full of energy and prosperity, this Latin name will surely give you “life.”
  78. Vito – like Vitale, this fun, 4-letter name means “life, alive.”
  79. Vitold – means “chaser of the people” in Lithuanian or “ruler of the forest” in Germanic.
  80. Vittorio – a charming Italian variant of Victor.
  81. Vitus – from the Latin “vita,” this vibrant Roman name means “life.”
  82. Vitya – this Russian nickname is derived from Viktor.
  83. Vivek – meaning “wisdom,” this Sanskrit name gives off serious smart cookie vibes.
  84. Vivian – a familiar unisex name from Latin, meaning “alive.”
  85. Vlad – a historical Slavic name that’s positively vampiric, meaning “to rule.”
  86. Vladimir – this Slavic boy’s name is to be bestowed by “one of great power.”
  87. Vladislav – for the most confident kids, this Slavic name carries “glory” and “fame.”
  88. Voigt – this German surname meaning “steward” would make a trendy given name.
  89. Voitto – meaning “victory,” this Finnish name gives us something to cheer about.
  90. Vojtech – a Slavic name with the adorable yet feisty meaning of “joyous warrior.”
  91. Voldemort – an alarmingly unconventional name after the terrifying villain in Harry Potter.
  92. Volker – from Old German roots, this honorable name means “people’s army.”
  93. Volkhard – like Volker, this Old German name has the “folk” (“people”) element, also “hart” (“brave”).
  94. Volkmar – also from Old German, meaning “famous people.”
  95. Volos – or Veles, inspired by the Slavic god of the earth, underworld, livestock, and water.
  96. Volya – is a cool Russian nickname for powerful picks such as Vladimir or Vsevolod.
  97. Von – meaning “hope” in Norse, also a patronymic name element in German, meaning “son of.”
  98. Vsevolod – the most powerful of Slavic V names for boys, meaning “lord of everything.”
  99. – a common Vietnamese surname and cool given name, meaning “feather” or “military.”
  100. Vulcan – after the Roman god of fire, this name is fiery and badass.
  101. Vyvyan – a spectacular way of spelling Vivian, used by Oscar Wilde.

V Names for Boys FAQs

What Are Some Strong V Names for Boys?

V is a very powerful initial. The Latin name Valens means “strong, healthy” and has international variants, including Valentino, Valerius, Valeriy, and Valor. Names such as Veer, Vegard, and Vidar are great for brave warriors, and we love the glory behind Vladislav, Volkhard, and Vsevolod.

What Are Some Gender-Neutral Names That Start with V?

Unisex V names include Vivian, Vinh, Van, Virgo, and Vesper. Modern picks such as Viking and Vermont may also be gender-neutral.

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