100 Unique International Boys Names: From Around the World

Find the best international male name for your new arrival with our epic list of the coolest choices from around the world!

There is a whole world out there, so why put a local limit on your hunt for the perfect name for your new son?

Bring cross-cultural coolness to his life and select one of these awesome international boy names for him, by learning all you need to know about its meaning, origins, history, namesakes, and much more!

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100 Unique International Names for Boys

Read on to discover some of the coolest, most cultural international male names, taken from all around the world.


According to Tongan mythology, ʻAhoʻeitu was the son of the God ʻEitumātupuʻa, who left ʻAhoʻeitu on Earth with his mortal mother. When, one day, ʻAhoʻeitu went to visit his father, he was brutally murdered by his jealous older half brothers who lived in the sky with their father. Thankfully, ʻAhoʻeitu was resurrected and, as punishment, ʻEitumātupuʻa condemned the brothers to always be servants to ʻAhoʻeitu and his house for eternity. This was the legendary story of how ʻAhoʻeitu became crowned the first King of Tonga.

  • Origin: Polynesian, Tongan
  • Meaning: Relating to the Tongan figure of ʻAhoʻeitu
  • Variations: Ahoeitu
Mythological, Regal


Aleksi is a sweet International name for a boy, being a Finnish variant of the name Alexis, which is Greek in origin. From the same stem as the name Alexander, this popular choice holds the powerful meaning of “defender, protector,” which sets your baby up to be a noble little guy. Swapping the “x” spelling to a “ks” gives Aleksi a unique, stylish flair while still retaining all of the class and popularity of the Alexis root.

  • Origin: Finnish, Greek
  • Meaning: Defender, protector
  • Variations: Alexis
Stylish, Cool


Aljaž is a handsome and stylish masculine name of Slovenian origin. Its meaning is unknown, yet when we hear the name Aljaž we can’t help but think of nature, fresh air, and adventure. Don’t let the spelling of this awesome and popular choice of Slovenian name put you off – Aljaž is a great choice for a cool little dude.

  • Origin: Slovenian
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
Earthy, Stylish


Ambrose is a particularly heavenly-sounding masculine name derived from the Latin name Ambrosius, which was taken from a Greek name meaning “immortal.” You may have heard of ambrosia, the divine food and drink of the gods in Greek mythology, said to have conferred immortality upon whoever consumed it. Ambrose is a great name to give a boy whose legacy is certain to live on forever!

  • Origin: Greek, Latin
  • Meaning: Immortal
  • Variations: Ambrosius, Ambrosio, Ambrus
  • Namesakes: Saint Ambrose, a theologian, statesman, and Bishop of Milan. Ambrose Burnside, an American general and, interestingly, the namesake of hair sideburns.
Sweet, Heavenly


Anatoly is a hugely popular name in its origin country of Russia, where it holds the dreamy meaning of “sunrise,” yet is rarely heard in the US. For a baby born in the morning, Anatoly is a fiery yet divine choice, with a stylish spelling and pronunciation.

  • Origin: Russian, Ukrainian, Greek
  • Meaning: Sunrise
  • Variations: Anatoliy, Anatolii, Anatole, Anatolio
  • Namesakes: Saint Anatolius of Alexandria, a 5th-century saint. Anatoly Lyadov, a Russian composer. Anatoly Karpov, a Russian chess grandmaster.
Stylish, Nature-inspired, Cool


Ariel is a gorgeous and dreamy unisex name of Hebrew origin, from which it holds the feisty yet pure meaning of “lion of God.” Ariel shot to popularity in the 1980s following the release of the Walt Disney Studios animated picture The Little Mermaid, in which the titular princess held this name. Before that, many years ago, Shakespeare used the name to give to a spirit in his play The Tempest. Both these references, although very different, give Ariel a magical, adventurous quality, as well as giving Ariel two of the coolest namesakes around.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Lion of God
  • Pronunciation: ehr-ee-el, ar-ee-el
Sweet, Heavenly


In ancient Greek mythology, Atlas was the name of a Titan who was forced by Zeus to carry the weight of the heavens upon his shoulders. A cool mythological name, Atlas also provides the fun geographical metaphor of being an open book, full of endless adventures and journeys to take.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: To support, to carry
Mythological, Unique


Ayaan is a handsome masculine name of Arabic origin. Some say it holds the beautifully spiritual meaning of “God’s gift,” whereas another possible interpretation would be for the name to mean “watchful one,” derived from the Arabic word “ayn”, meaning “sight.” Ayaan is a great name if you like to play around with spellings, as variations of this name include all different combinations of the letters “y” and “a” to keep people guessing. If you adore the name Ayaan as much as we do, make sure to choose the spelling which you think best represents your son’s unique style!

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: God’s gift, or watchful one
  • Variations: Ayan, Aayan, Ayyan
Cool, Stylish


Bandile is a stylish Zulu name popular in South Africa, yet uncommon enough in the US to stand out handsomely on any class register. Bandile’s unique meaning of “they have increased” evokes prosperity and fruitfulness, yet we suppose you could also interpret it as fun inside joke if you have rather a lot of children in your family already.

  • Origin: South African, Zulu
  • Meaning: They have increased
Unique, Stylish


Bao is a sweet Chinese surname and given name element, which could be a cool choice of international male name for your new son. If you do choose this stylish option for your boy, he will likely want to know that a “bao” is also a type of delicious dumpling in China, usually steamed with a variety of tasty fillings. Short but also sophisticated, Bao is a brilliant name to consider.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Treasure, jewel
  • Variations: Bǎo
Short, Cool
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Beau is an incredibly romantic and attractive international boy name, which manages to pull off being both adorable and cool at the same time. “Beau” literally translates to “beautiful” or “handsome” from French, yet is more used as a popular masculine name in English-speaking countries, particularly in the US. If you’re hoping for an especially sophisticated choice, you could even elongate Beau to Beaumont, or even Beauregard, to add a certain class for your son to carry.

  • Origin: French, English
  • Meaning: Handsome, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: bo
  • Variations: Bo, Beaumont, Beauregard
Sweet, Romantic, Cool


A handsome and heavenly Spanish boy name, Benicio holds the gorgeous meaning of “blessed.” Benicio is actually the Spanish variant on the English name Benedict, which in turn was derived from the Latin Benedictus. Ben is an ever-popular nickname used on names from this root in any language, but Benicio itself sounds cool and masculine enough to not need shortening.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Blessed
  • Variations: Ben, Benedict
  • Namesakes: Benicio Del Toro, a Puerto Rican actor.
Cool, Heavenly, Stylish


Birrani is a cool yet unique choice of name for your new son. Its origin is indigenous Australian, as Birrani means “boy” in the Wiradjuri language from the New South Wales group. This literal meaning gives the name a strong, masculine feel which we adore.

  • Origin: Indigenous Australian
  • Meaning: Boy
Unique, Strong

Bō is a common Chinese family name, which may also be used as a masculine given name, holding the dreamy meaning of “like a wave.” However, to make it even more of an international boy name, Bo could also be interpreted as an Old Norse name, derived from the sweet nickname Bua, which holds the vibrant meaning of “to live.”

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Like a wave
  • Variations: Bo
Earthy, Short


Bram is a short and stylish choice for a cool little boy, with the rather gothic namesake of Bram Stoker, the author who wrote Dracula. Bram is originally derived from the biblical name Abraham, which holds the meaning of “father of multitudes.” Bram is cool and earthy as an independent name, too, and one we hope you’ll consider for your new little love.

  • Origin: Dutch, English, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Father of multitudes
  • Pronunciation: bram, brahm
  • Variations: Abraham, Abram
  • Namesakes: Bram Stoker, an Irish author known for penning Dracula.
Short, Cool, Earthy


Bruno is a gorgeous international name for boys, which was ultimately derived from the Old German word “brun,” meaning “brown.” Thanks to a chart-topping, record-breaking musical number “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from the 2021 Disney animated movie Encanto, everyone seems to be talking about this name at the moment, but all for good reason! Bruno is a name used internationally in not just German but also Spanish, English, Italian, French, and Slavic languages, so it’s one that will certainly be loved by all.

  • Origin: Old German
  • Meaning: Brown
  • Namesakes: Bruno the Great, a former Archbishop of Cologne. Bruno Fernandes, a Portuguese footballer. Bruno Mars, an American singer.
Popular, Cool, Sweet


Camilo is a handsome choice of name for a boy, yet somehow can’t compare to the popularity of its feminine equivalent, Camilla. It is said that the Spanish and Portuguese masculine name is derived from the Latin word “camillus,” which was a term given to young boys who were employed for religious services, such as a ceremonial attendant or an assistant to a priest. Camilo is stylish and slick, and its soft “C-” spelling gives it that sweet, comforting aura that we love.

  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese, Latin
  • Meaning: One employed for religious services
  • Pronunciation: ka-mee-lo
  • Variations: Camillus, Camille
Sweet, Stylish, Handsome


Although it is technically more of a nickname, we think you’ll agree that Cisco makes a great, unique name for a fun little lad. Cisco is derived from Francisco, a Spanish and French masculine name meaning “frenchman,” making it an awesome choice for a little boy of French heritage. At first, Cisco may sound a bit like a corporate acronym to some, but after some time, they’ll no doubt learn to associate the name with your awesome little international boy.

  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese
  • Meaning: Frenchman
  • Variations: Francisco
Locational, Unique, Fun


Dai is a bright international name for boys, full of sunshine and sweetness. The name has two possible origins, both very different, but it makes Dai an awesome choice of name if you’re looking for something to appeal across cultures. First of all, Dai is a Welsh masculine name taken from Dafydd, which is a form of the Hebrew David, meaning “beloved.” An awesome and unique variation on the commonly-heard Dave, then! Alternatively, Dai is also used as a Japanese masculine name. Here, it holds the strong and powerful meaning of “great” or “large,” so truly wonderful for your new baby warrior.

  • Origin: Welsh, Japanese
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Variations: Dafydd
Short, Cool, Strong


Dakari is a handsome and stylish South African male name, brimming with so much happiness that it literally holds the meaning of “rejoice!” Dakari, or its spelling variation Dakarai, are certainly up-and-coming names in the US, yet originally derived from the Shona language of South Africa. With a stylish spelling and glorious meaning, it’s hard not to adore this choice of name for happy, upbeat, and friendly little boys.

  • Origin: South African, Shona
  • Meaning: Rejoice, or full of joy
  • Variations: Dakarai
  • Namesakes: Dakari Johnson, an American professional basketball player. Dakarai Gwitira, a Zimbabwe-born music producer, also known as D.G.
Cool, Sweet, Stylish
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Dante is a Latin masculine name dating back to medieval times, made particularly famous by Dante Alighieri (real name: Durante), who penned the epic Divine Comedy. Dante has a nice bite to the name and it is certainly stylish, making a great choice for a cool, independent little guy.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Enduring
  • Variations: Durante
  • Namesakes: Dante Alighieri, a 14th-century Italian poet and writer who famously penned The Divine Comedy.
  • Popularity: In the US, Dante is a popular choice for boys. Its peak so far was in 1997, when it ranked as the 200th most popular name in the country.
Cool, Stylish


Dara is a cute and accessible international name for a boy, which features in various different languages around the world. In Persian, Dara holds the prosperous meaning of “wealthy,” whereas as an Irish name it holds the similar meaning of “fruitful,” as a name derived from Dáire. Dara could be interpreted as meaning “beautiful” in languages including Yoruba or Bermudian, or even “leader” in Punjabi. Finally, Dara is also a name in the Austroasiatic language of Khmer, in which it holds the adorable meaning of “star.” All in all, Dara is a highly International boy name, and one with many powerful meanings for your little son to aspire to as he grows older!

  • Origin: Persian, Irish, Punjabi, etc.
  • Meaning: Wealthy, beautiful, leader
  • Namesakes: Dara Shikoh, an Indian prince. Dara, a South Korean singer and actress. Dara Khosrowshahi, an Iranian-American businessman and CEO of Uber.
  • Popularity: Although it featured as a fairly common girl’s name in the latter half of the 1900s in the US, Dara is currently a rare name for both boys and girls.
Short, Cool


Dathan is a handsome name for a boy, featured in the Old Testament as the name of a participant in the rebellion against Moses and Aaron. With the flowing and prosperous meaning of “fountain” from Hebrew, Dathan makes a gorgeous and less-commonly heard alternative to the popular Nathan.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Fountain
Heavenly, Handsome


With the gorgeous meaning of “beginnings,” Davu is a fantastic male name to capture the beauty of the new life in your family and the fresh page on which to begin your journey together. Davu is a name of African origin, and its spelling is close enough to the popular choices like David and Davey to be assuredly popular, however etymologically different enough to keep it fresh and unique. Davu may be seen as a surname, yet works as a brilliant choice for a given name too.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Beginning
Unique, Stylish, Heavenly


Bouncy and fun-loving, the popular name Diego is Spanish in origin, yet has two possible etymological interpretations. Some would say Diego is a short form of the name Santiago, which actually stems from the Hebrew name James, meaning “supplanter.” (Santiago was derived from Saint Yago, which translates to Saint James!). Alternatively, Diego may have been taken from the medieval names Didacus or Didaco, derived from a Greek word meaning “to teach.” Whichever way you choose to interpret this name for your son, it’s sure to be admired and adored for its fun, cool, and upbeat style.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Supplanter, or to teach
  • Variations: Santiago, Diogo, Didacus, Didaco
  • Namesakes: Diego Maradona, an Argentinian football player. Diego Luna, a Mexican actor.
Cool, Popular, Stylish


Eliel is a dreamy biblical name derived from Hebrew. Its first syllable, “Eli,” works as a popular masculine name on its own, holding the meaning of “my God.” The second syllable, “El,” means “God,” thus giving Eliel the heavenly and true meaning of “my God is God.” Names starting with the “El-” sound are consistently popular for both boys and girls, and Eliel is a gorgeously lesser-heard option if you’re looking for a name of this style.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: My God is God
  • Variations: Eli, Elliot
Heavenly, Sweet


With the simple yet adorable meaning of “friend,” Emre is a brilliant choice of name for a chirpy little boy who wants to smile at everyone and everything! Emre is Turkish in origin, with a short but sweet spelling and an upbeat pronunciation. As well as being a masculine given name Emre is also a Turkish surname.

Sweet, Short, Cool


Eneko is a lovely name for a little boy, with one of the sweetest, most enduring meanings. Basque in origin, Eneko is composed of the elements “ene” and “ko,” meaning “my” and “little,” respectively, giving the name the meaning of “my little dear.” An alternative spelling choice to Eneko would be Enneco, and the popular Spanish choice Íñigo is also a form of this cool name.

  • Origin: Basque
  • Meaning: My little one
  • Pronunciation: eh-ne-ko
  • Variations: Enneco, Íñigo
Sweet, Unique


The adorable, international boy name Enzo has risen from nowhere up the US popularity charts in recent years, and we can see why! Short, sweet, and funky, Enzo makes a fun choice for any happy little boy. In terms of etymology, Enzo has a couple of possible origins. Some say it is an Italian variant on the German name Heinz, meaning “home-ruler,” although others suggest it is a variant on the name Anzo, also Germanic. Finally, Enzo could simply be a cute nickname form of longer Italian-originating names such as Lorenzo or Vincenzo. The thing about having a name of varied origin means it has no set meaning, but this just means you can let your little Enzo set his own meaning to live up to!

  • Origin: Italian, German
  • Meaning: Home ruler
  • Variations: Heinzo, Lorenzo, Vincenzo, Anzo
  • Namesakes: Enzo Ferrari, an Italian race car driver and founder of the Ferrari automobile company.
  • Popularity: Enzo has shot up the US popularity charts in recent years, entering at rank 872 in 2003 and climbing all the way to rank 173 by 2020.
Stylish, Sweet


Ezekiel is a strong and powerful masculine name of Hebrew origin. Of course, Ezekiel was the biblical prophet central to the Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament, and with its mighty meaning of “God’s strength,” we’d say Ezekiel is a perfectly stunning spiritual name. From Ezekiel comes the stylish nickname Zeke, but we think Ezekiel is a great choice if you like playing around with short forms, as you can experiment with forms such as Ezzie, Zeki, or even Kiel!

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God’s strength
  • Variations: Yehezkel, Zeke
Strong, Heavenly, Cool
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If you’re looking for a sweet international boy name that also doubles as a good-luck charm, Felix is a brilliant choice to go for! The name has been in use since ancient Roman times, derived from Latin, but now adopted as a masculine given name in languages including German, English, Swedish, and many more! It’s safe to say that Felix has international appeal as a masculine name and, with the adorable meaning of “lucky,” it will hopefully bring happiness and success upon all those who bear it.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Lucky
  • Variations: Feliks, Felice
  • Popularity: Felix has been a consistently popular name in the US, having ranked comfortably within the top 400 most popular names since 1900!
Popular, Sweet, Cool


Gorka is the Basque form of the popular English name George which, in turn, was derived from the Greek name Georgios, meaning “earthworker” or “farmer.” Gorka has a rather feisty feel to it, perhaps from its sharp yet stylish spelling and snappy pronunciation. Used as both a family name and masculine given name, Gorka is not as commonly-heard outside of Spain, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t choose it for your awesome little dude.

  • Origin: Basque
  • Meaning: Farmer, earthworker
  • Variations: George
Earthy, Unique, Cool


Hai is a common Chinese surname, yet is also used as a cool given name for boys too. Meaning “ocean” or “sea,” Hai has a cool, calm stillness to it while still being full of life and evoking feelings of adventure and possibility. If you love short but dreamy international male names, Hai is an option you should certainly consider.

Nature-inspired, Short, Cool


Hakan is a mighty name for a boy, being derived from the Turkish imperial title Khagan, given to those of emperor status. So, if your little boy looks like he’s going to be the new “supreme ruler” in your life, Hakan could be the name for him! Khagan also works as a cool, unique given name, as well as the spelling variant Khakan. We love the powerful connotations of this confident, headstrong name, and its stylishly cool spelling is sure to impress as well!

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Emperor, supreme ruler
  • Variations: Khagan, Khakan
Strong, Regal, Cool

Hye-Seong  (혜성)

Meaning “comet, star” or perhaps “blessing,” Hye-Seong is an intergalactic name that shines as bright as the night sky! On its own, the element Hye was notably used by the 28th King of Baekje, giving it regal connotations, too.

  • Origin: Korean
  • Meaning: Comet, star, blessing
  • Namesakes: Hye of Baekje, the 28th King of Baekje.
Nature-inspired, Cool, Regal


Íñigo is a handsome Spanish name for a beloved little boy, with the adorable and heartfelt meaning of “my little love.” Íñigo is a variant on the Basque name Eneko, yet is heard more often outside of Spain, often anglicized as Inigo. One of the more notable namesakes was the priest and theologian Saint Íñigo López de Loyola. He was also known as Saint Ignatius, offering another, rather a sophisticated-sounding variant on the name.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: My little love
  • Variations: Inigo, Eneko
  • Namesakes: Saint Íñigo López de Loyola, a Spanish Basque priest, theologian and saint. Íñigo Arista of Pamplona, the first king of Pamplona. Inigo Jones, an early modern British architect.
Sweet, Handsome, Cool


Not only is Isa a handsome and strong-sounding international male name, but it is actually the classic Arabic translation of Jesus, used in the Quran. This gives Isa a particularly mighty and heavenly strength to it, and it is frequently chosen for baby boys born in the Muslim religion. Alternative spellings to Isa include Eesa or Issa, both equally as beautiful.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Jesus
  • Variations: Eesa, Issa, Jesus
Heavenly, Short, Handsome


I-Seul is a unisex Korean name, holding the sweet meaning of “morning dew.” This beautiful, nature-inspired meaning evokes all the adventure and possibility that comes with a new dawn and would make a fine choice of name for your handsome little son.

  • Origin: Korean
  • Meaning: Dew
  • Pronunciation: ee-sul
Nature-inspired, Sweet, Earthy


Ivan is a brilliantly popular International boy name, Slavic in origin but popular and commonly-used worldwide. Ivan is actually derived from the same root as the Hebrew name John, with the same, handsomely heavenly meaning of “God is gracious.” Ivan is a name that has been borne by many emperors and men of nobility, particularly in the countries of Russia and Bulgaria. Ivan is short and snappy as a name, with historical connotations of power and aggression, yet carried today as confidence and might.

  • Origin: Slavic, Russian
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Popularity: Ivan is a very popular name in the US, ranking in the top 300 most popular names for most of the past century!
Strong, Regal, Popular


Jago is a Cornish surname, yet also used as a cool masculine given name, too. Jago is the Cornish form of the popular names Jacob and James yet, although Jago dates back to the 13th-century, it somehow sounds much more modern and hip.

  • Origin: Cornish
  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Variations: Jacob, James
Cool, Unique
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Charming, sophisticated, and handsome, Jacques is a stunning international male name to consider for your son. Dating back to the Middle Ages, Jacques is French in origin but can be heard around the world as both a stylish given name and a noble family name. Jacques is derived from the same stem as the popular masculine names James and Jacob, holding the meaning of “supplanter.”

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Variations: James, Jacob
Regal, Handsome


Jasper is a stylish and mysterious name for a boy and a great one to consider for your son if you are looking for something especially dazzling! Jasper has a couple of possible origins to consider, but both are equally as lovely. In Persian, Jasper holds the meaning of “treasurer,” and it is said that one of the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus during the nativity was named Jasper, giving the name a wise, philosophical appeal. In English, Jasper is a variety of semi-precious quartz, whose name was taken from the Old French “jaspre,” meaning “speckled stone.” This reddish-brown gemstone is said to possess warm, healing energy, which would make a lovely testament to the kind and gentle nature of your beautiful little boy.

  • Origin: French, Persian, English
  • Meaning: Treasurer, or named after the gemstone Jasper
  • Popularity: In the US, Jasper was very popular throughout the early 1900s, dipping for a bit later in that century, but is seeing a newfound wave of popularity in the 2010s, climbing back up to the 136th most popular boy name rank in 2019.
Cool, Stylish


Jayceon is a stylish and sci-fi-sounding variation on the popular international male name Jason, which is derived from Greek. In ancient Greek mythology, Jason was the leader of the Argonauts, a band of heroes, making this name stem a wonderful choice for a confident and bold little king. Jayceon is a more uncommon alternative to Jason, yet still benefits from the wise and gentle meaning of “healer,” as well as the option for cool nicknames like Jay, Jace, or Jaycie.

  • Origin: Greek, English
  • Meaning: Healer
  • Variations: Jason
Stylish, Mythological


Jędrek is an awesomely powerful name for a strong little man, with the literal meaning of “strong man!” Jędrek is a Polish masculine name and is actually a diminutive of the name Andrzej, which is from the same root as the English Andrew. A more traditional spelling would be Jędrzej, but we think Jędrek looks just as cool.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Strong man, masculine
  • Variations: Jędrzej, Andrzej
  • Namesakes: Jędrzej Śniadecki, a Polish writer, philosopher, and scientist.
Handsome, Strong


Jeton is a unique but stylish international name for a boy, with a couple of origins you’re sure to love! First of all, in English, a “jeton” is a counter or token used for counting, gaming, or purposes similar to how we would use currency. These unique medallions were used across Europe from the 13th to 18th centuries and were named thanks to the French “jeton,” meaning “token.” Alternatively, Jeton may be interpreted as a masculine name of Albanian origin, as the name translates to the verb “to live.” So, whether you like Jeton as a cool historical word name or as a full-of-life choice for a bouncy baby, we think it’s a great international male name to consider.

  • Origin: English, French, Albanian
  • Meaning: A token, or life
Stylish, Cool


Jin is a short and cool unisex name, with various meanings depending on its use. In Chinese, Jin may hold the meaning of “gold, money,” “tapestry, embroidery,” or “ferry,” whereas, in Japanese, Jin may mean the sweet “tenderness.” In Korean, the name may mean “truth.” All in all, we think Jin is a lovely choice of international boy name if you are looking for something short, snappy, yet beautiful.

  • Origin: Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Meaning: Gold, tenderness,
  • Variations: Chin
Short, Cool, Popular


Commemorate your son’s birthday by choosing the name Juma, which holds the precious meaning of “born on a Friday!” Not only will this Swahili name always allow the beauty of his birthdate to shine through, but we think the “Friday” meaning also carries that exciting “thank goodness” feeling of the weekend ahead!

  • Origin: African, Swahili, Arabic
  • Meaning: Born on a Friday
Sweet, Unique


Kairo is a cool and stylish international masculine name, with origins including Greek, Arabic, and Japanese. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, making Kairo a fun locational name, yet spelled with the sharper-seeming “K-” rather than “C-.” The Arabic origins of the name hold the mighty meaning of “victorious,” so Kairo is a wonderfully confident name for a little boy destined to succeed.

  • Origin: Arabic, Japanese, Greek
  • Meaning: Victorious
  • Variations: Cairo, Kyro
Cool, Locational


Names that mean “moon” always have an ethereal, dream-like quality to them, and Kamari is no exception. Ultimately derived from the Arabic word “qumar,” meaning “moon,” the handsome international boy name Kamari originated from Swahili and tends to be popular amongst African-Americans.

  • Origin: Swahili, Arabic
  • Meaning: Moon, moonlight
Nature-inspired, Cool


With a wide array of meanings from various origins around the world, Kash is a great option for an international name for a boy. When English-speakers hear the name Kash, they will most likely associate it as a word name meaning “money,” as in the word “cash,” popularized as a name by the American musician Johnny Cash. However, a lesser-known English meaning of this name would be in reference to a person who made boxes, as Kash or Cash could be derived from an English occupational surname, whose etymology is from the Norman French word “casse,” meaning “case, box.” Finally, Kash could be interpreted as a shortened form of the Sanskrit masculine name Akash, which holds the bountiful and dreamy meaning of “sky.” Whichever stem you choose for this name, Kash is a great, short, and funky choice of international male name for your cool little son.

  • Origin: English, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Money, or box-maker, or sky
  • Variations: Akash, Cash
Cool, Short, Unique
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Kristoff is a stylish and bold international name for a boy, derived from the same stem as Christopher. The original root of this stem lies in the Greek name Christophoros, which holds the heavenly and pure meaning of “bearer of Christ.” In popular culture, Kristoff is the name of a handsome leading character in the hit Disney movie Frozen. A Scandinavian variant of this international male name, Kristoff, may be elongated to Kristoffer or softened in spelling to Christoph, which would be the German form.

  • Origin: Scandinavian, English, Greek
  • Meaning: Bearer of Christ
  • Variations: Kristoffer, Christoph, Christopher
Strong, Stylish, Handsome


Lachlan is a handsome and romantic Gaelic boy name, holding the meaning of “one from the land of the lakes,” from “loch,” meaning “lake.” Traditionally, this would likely have been given in reference to Viking settlers to Great Britain, coming from the fjord lands of Scandinavia. As a handsome, modern, International boy name Lachlan sounds like he’d be a character in a classic English romance novel, full of mystery and talent.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish, Irish
  • Meaning: One from the land of the lakes
Handsome, Romantic, Locational


Leif is a cool masculine name used throughout the Nordic countries as a smart choice derived from the Old Norse Leifr. With the meaning of “heir” or “descendant,” Leif is a brilliant choice to bless upon your newest little namesake! The traditional pronunciation of this name would be “layf,” however some may prefer to pronounce it “leef,” giving it an earthy, outdoorsy-kind of style. Other variants of the name would include Leifur or Leiv, all of which are awesome choices.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Heir, descendant
  • Pronunciation: layf, leef
  • Variations: Leifur, Leiv
  • Namesakes: Leif Erikson, a noted Norse explorer. Leif Larsen, a Norwegian sailor and naval officer.
Strong, Cool, Short


If you’re looking for a strong, international boy name to give to your newest little pride leader, Leo could be the choice for you! Despite its short, sweet style, Leo is a powerful name in several languages, holding the feisty meaning of “lion” from its Greek and Latin origins. Leo is also the name of a constellation and would be a cool name for a baby born during that astrological period. Alternatively, the name could be related to the thirteen popes named Leo, as well as countless saints, rulers, and religious figures. Leo may be a short form of names such as Leonard or Leopold, or even just Leon. All in all, this awesome name is a brilliant choice for your little “lion!”

  • Origin: Latin, Greek
  • Meaning: Lion
  • Variations: Leon, Leontius
  • Namesakes: Leo Tolstoy, a Russian novelist.
  • Popularity: Leo is a hugely popular name in the US and peaked at rank 36 in the US name charts in 2020.
Animals, Short, Popular


Macario is one of those names which just sounds so friendly and fun-loving. And, with the meaning of “blessed” or “happy,” it must be a great choice for a chirpy little kid! This international boy name is ultimately derived from the Greek name Makarios, via the Latin Macarius (borne by several early saints) and landing on the cool, Spanish form Macario.

  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino Latin, Greek
  • Meaning: Blessed, happy
  • Variations: Macarius, Makarios
Cool, Handsome


Breezy and tropical, Makani is a great international name of Hawaiian origin, meaning “wind.” Makani is a gender-neutral name suitable for both boys and girls, as well as being a surname. We love to think that giving your child a nature-inspired name meaning “wind” will ensure that the best possible opportunities will be “blown” towards him, ushering him in the right direction. Alternatively, you could choose Makani as an adorable choice for a baby born on a particularly blustery day!

Nature-inspired, Unique, Cool


Malachi is a biblical masculine name, best associated with the last of the twelve Hebrew prophets and traditional author of the Book of Malachi. Malachi, which may also be spelled Malachy, holds the sweet and trusting meaning of “my messenger.” Malachi may be one of the lesser-used Old Testament names in modern years, but we love its sophisticated and charming sentiment and unique spelling that’s certain to stand out.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: My messenger
  • Variations: Malachy
  • Namesakes: Malachi, a Jewish prophet. Saint Malachy, the first native-born Irish saint.
Unique, Heavenly, Sweet


Perhaps the most common interpretation of the sweet international male name Mano is that it is a shortened form of the Hebrew boy’s name Emmanuel, also Manuel, which holds the heavenly meaning of “God is with us.” Alternatively, Mano may be a Hawaiian boy name with the feisty meaning of “shark.” Finally, Mano is the name of a Liberian ethnic group, who speaks the Mano language, which could be a driving factor in your journey to finding the perfect name for your beautiful son.

  • Origin: Spanish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is with us, or shark
  • Variations: Emmanuel
Heavenly, Sweet, Animals


The cool and unique name Mauro is ultimately derived from the Latin Maurus. This holds a few meanings, including “moorish,” “dark-skinned,” or could even be used as a locational name for a person from the African country of Mauritania. Mauro has a soft, attractive pronunciation and makes a stylish choice of name for a handsome little boy.

  • Origin: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish Latin
  • Meaning: Moorish, or from Mauritania
  • Variations: Maurus
Handsome, Unique, Locational


Mehul is an Indian masculine name that holds the sweet, nature-inspired meanings of “rain” or “cloud.” But, don’t let this cast a drizzle over this choice of name, as we think the fun meanings are perfect metaphors for freshness, clarity, and dreaminess – wonderful associations to give to your new little darling!

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Rain, or cloud
Nature-inspired, Earthy
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Milo is a popular and charming international masculine name, which may be an Old Germanic form of the English name Miles, taken from a Latin name meaning “soldier.” However, you could interpret Milo as being a short form of a wide range of other international boy names, carrying meanings over from those. For instance, Milo could be derived from the Spanish Camilo, meaning “one employed for religious services,” or perhaps from the Slavic Miloslav, meaning “gracious” or “glory.”

  • Origin: Germanic, English
  • Meaning: Soldier
  • Variations: Mylo, Miles
  • Namesakes: Milo of Croton, a 6th-century ancient Greek wrestler. Milo Ventimiglia, an American actor.
  • Popularity: Milo is currently experiencing a huge increase in popularity in the US, appearing back in the name charts in 2001 at rank 984 and climbing all the way up to rank 134 by 2020!
Short, Cool


Morgan is a popular unisex name, which originated in Wales and Brittany. With the meaning of “sea chief,” combined with its association with Arthurian legend, Morgan has a certain magical and powerful quality to it, which we hope is reflected in your perfect new baby.

  • Origin: Welsh, French
  • Meaning: Sea chief
  • Variations: Morcant
  • Namesakes: Morgan Freeman, an American actor. Morgan le Fay, an enchantress from the Arthurian legends.
  • Popularity: Morgan is a consistently popular name in the US. It tends to be used for girls more commonly than boys.
Cool, Popular


Moshe is a lesser-heard alternative of the Hebrew biblical name Moses, making it a brilliant option if you would like a religious name for your son, but with a slight twist. Moses featured in the Old Testament as the hero who led the Israelites out of Egypt, yet was found as a baby in the bulrushes, giving the name the meaning of “drawn out of water.” Both names are equally gorgeous and brilliant choices for your new little hero.

  • Origin: Egyptian, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Drawn out of water, or born of God
  • Pronunciation: mo-SHEH
  • Variations: Moses, Moishe
Heavenly, Strong, Regal


Nabil is a handsome choice of name for an honorable little guy. Nabil is Arabic in origin, literally translating to “noble” from that language. The alternative spelling Nabeel means the same thing and has the same pronunciation, and Nabeelah would be a pretty feminine form. With its “noble” meaning, Nabil is a regal choice for a little king, certain to achieve his goals.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Pronunciation: na-BEEL
  • Variations: Nabeel
Regal, Strong, Handsome


For a name so short, Neo sure does have a lot of meanings! Neo is a great choice of international male name for a cool little boy. Yes, it may have been popularized by a character in The Matrix, but it features in so many different languages you are sure to find another interpretation you adore. Derived from Greek, Neo holds the sweet meaning of “new,” like the new little love your son is! In the Southern African language of Tswana, Neo holds the precious meaning of “gift.” Similar-sounding variations of the name include Neor, Nerom, or even the luminous Neon… which do you prefer?

  • Origin: Greek, English, Southern African
  • Meaning: New, Gift
  • Variations: Nero, Neor, Neon
Cool, Short


Nestor is a cool masculine given name and surname which, despite dating back to the times of ancient Greece, sounds surprisingly modern when used as a given name. In ancient Greek mythology, the King of Pylos was named Nestor, which holds the heartwarming meaning of “one who returns home from his travels.” As a surname, Nestor is of both Irish and Estonian origin and could make a touching given name if given in reference to a familiar namesake bearing that family name.

  • Origin: Greek, Irish, Estonian
  • Meaning: One who returns
Mythological, Stylish


Ngai is a unique international name for a boy, but one with a lot of depth. Ngai is the name of a Supreme God in the traditional African spirituality of the Kikuyu and other related religions, giving the name power, whereas the Ngái people are a Haak-speaking community in Vietnam, offering even more culture. Ngai is also a transliteration of three Chinese surnames from Cantonese, which may be a sweet namesake to use if you have family bearing one of these names.

  • Origin: African, Chinese, Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Varied Meanings
Locational, Unique, Strong


Obi is a short and sweet name of African origin, meaning “heart” in the Nigerian Igbo language. If this romantic and vital meaning of “heart” isn’t enough to make you adore this sweet name, another plus would be that this name is going to be consistently popular amongst Star Wars fans.

Short, Sweet, Romantic


The sweet name Olaf is derived from the Old Norse name Áleifr, which holds the loyal meaning of “descendant of ancestors.” Countless notable figures have borne this brilliant name, including several kings of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, and the warm hug-loving animated snowman from the hit Disney movie Frozen.

  • Origin: Norwegian, Danish, German, Polish
  • Meaning: Descendant of ancestors
  • Variations: Olav, Áleifr
Cool, Regal, Strong
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In ancient Greek mythology, Orion was the name of a mighty hunter, who became the namesake of the Orion constellation, which we can enjoy spotting in the night sky. If you choose this cool name for your son, you’ll have to go stargazing together as he grows up and read the stories of Orion the hunter together. Orion is a unique choice of name but recognizably awesome and makes a brilliant choice of international male names to consider.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Referring to the Greek mythological figure
Mythological, Cool, Heavenly


Oris is a rare name, but don’t let that stop you from choosing it for your beautiful new baby boy! Hebrew in origin, Oris holds the strong, stable, and majestic meaning of “tree.” Nature-inspired names are a brilliant way to bring some of that fresh air and earthy magic into your child’s life, and we love the uniqueness of Oris to really stand out from the rest of the forest!

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Tree
Nature-inspired, Unique, Earthy


Otis is a cool and upcoming choice of an international boy name, being both a Greek-originating surname and a given name of English and German origin. Otis is a variant of the German name Otto, which holds the abundant meanings of “wealth” and “fortune.” The strong “O-” spelling of Otis gives the name power and style, whereas its short spelling keeps it simple and amicable for all to appreciate.

  • Origin: German, English
  • Meaning: Wealth, fortune
  • Variations: Otto
Sweet, Short, Stylish


For a baby boy born during the beauty of springtime, Pascal would make a fine choice indeed. It is derived from the Latin name Paschalis, which is given in relation to the religious festival of Easter. Pascal is a soft and earthy masculine name, with close variations to be found internationally, such as the Italian Pasquale, the Spanish Pascual, or even the Cornish Pascoe.

  • Origin: Latin, French
  • Meaning: Easter
  • Variations: Pasquale, Pascual, Pascoe, Paschalis
Sweet, Earthy


Pwyll is an awesome and unique baby boy name of Welsh origin, where it holds the powerful meanings of “wisdom” and “prudence” – brilliant virtues to bestow upon your handsome new son. In Welsh mythology, Pwyll is the name of the Prince of Dyfed, a legendary hero who also makes an appearance within the Arthurian legend too. The pronunciation of Pwyll can be a bit hard to get your teeth around at first, but we promise it is worthwhile once you get to grips with it!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Wisdom, prudence
  • Pronunciation: poowysh
Unique, Mythological


Qasim is a strong and handsome masculine name of Arabic origin, where it holds the gorgeous meaning of “one who distributes,” or simply “generous.” The Islamic prophet Muhammad bore a son named Qasim, who was the first known bearer of this brilliant name. Alternative spelling variations include Qazeem or Qasem, or you could even substitute the “Q-” for a “K-” if you prefer the sharper Kasim option.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Distributer, generous
  • Variations: Kasim, Qazeem
Strong, Handsome, Regal


Quincy is a rather fancy-sounding choice of an international boy name, taken from an English surname of Norman origin, given in reference to those from Cuinchy, in France. Alternatively, Quincy may be derived as a short form or nickname from the ancient Roman boy’s name Quintus, which holds the meaning of “fifth.” So, if you are looking to name your fifth-born child, Quincy could be a cool choice to consider!

  • Origin: English, Norman, Roman
  • Meaning: From Quincy, or fifth
  • Variations: Quincey, Quintus
  • Namesakes: John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States of America.
Stylish, Regal, Locational


Quinn is an impressively popular choice of unisex name, which is derived from the Old Irish name Conn. With the meanings of “chief” or “counsel,” Quinn is smart and wise, with a modern-sounding aura despite being rooted in historical Ireland.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Chief, counsel
  • Variations: Conn, Quin
  • Popularity: Quinn is a popular choice of modern name in the US. It was traditionally used more for boys, but was overtaken as a choice for girls in recent years.
Strong, Regal, Cool


Rafał is the Polish form of the powerful name Raphael, which is a Hebrew name holding the heavenly meaning of “God heals.” According to Hebrew tradition, Raphael is the name of an archangel, making the name especially spiritual and poignant. Rafał is a smart variant of the name, or you may also like the similar-sounding alternatives Rafaelo, Rafel, or even Rapolas.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Polish
  • Meaning: God heals
  • Variations: Raphael, Rafaelo, Rafel
Strong, Heavenly


Remington is a sophisticated and proper-sounding masculine name, taken from an English surname derived from the name of the town of Rimington, located in the Ribble Valley of Lancashire, UK. Remington holds the cozy meaning of “settlement” and makes a great choice if you have ties to that part of England. However, some may also say that Remington holds the gorgeous meaning of “raven,” as it was derived from the Old English word “hremm,” with that meaning. Both options are adorable meanings to hold in a name, and we love the classy style of this brilliant choice.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Settlement, or raven
Locational, Stylish, Animals
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Rico is a trendy masculine name indeed, sounding regal and classy while also being short, hip, and fun! Rico originated as a short form of the Spanish boy’s name Ricardo, a form of Richard which holds the mighty and noble meaning of “brave ruler.” Alternatively, Rico may be a nickname derived from the Italian Enrico, meaning “home ruler.” Whichever way you choose, Rico is a brilliant choice for your new little “ruler!”

  • Origin: Spanish, Italian
  • Meaning: Brave ruler, or home ruler
  • Variations: Ricardo, Enrico
Cool, Regal, Stylish


Rocco is a sweet and friendly international boy name, derived from the Germanic element “hrok,” meaning “rest.” The holy Saint Roch (also known as Rocco) is a brilliant Christian namesake who became the patron saint of the sick. Alternatively, you could just say that Rocco is a form of the word “rock,” making it a cool choice for your new little rockstar!

  • Origin: Germanic, Italian
  • Meaning: Restful, or rock
  • Variations: Rocko, Rocky
  • Namesakes: Saint Rocco, a 14th-century Catholic saint.
Sweet, Cool


Rowan is a gorgeous choice of unisex name. As a Gaelic option, Rowan represents the color red, making it a stunning choice for a baby born with luscious, fiery-colored locks. Alternatively, Rowan may be an Arabic name, holding the gentle meaning of “a river in paradise.” If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you may recognize the rowan tree for its beauty and tiny, scarlet, autumntime berries, whose branches themselves are said to be sacred protectors against harm. Aren’t these meanings all truly divine?

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish, English, Arabic
  • Meaning: Little red one, or a river in paradise
  • Variations: Roan, Rohan
  • Namesakes: Rowan Atkinson, an English actor also known as Mr. Bean. Saint Rowan, one of the Apostles of Ireland.
Nature-inspired, Handsome, Earthy


Shakir is a charming choice of masculine name from Arabic origin, where it is derived from the root “shakara,” holding the virtuous meaning of “to thank.” You could say that your baby boy will grow up to be “thankful” that you gave him such an adorable name! Shakur is another spelling variant of this cool name, whereas Şakir would be the Turkish form.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Thankful
  • Variations: Shakur, Şakir
Sweet, Cool


Shiloh is an awesome choice of gender-neutral name, Hebrew in origin and holding the glorious meanings of “heavenly peace” and “tranquility.” In the Bible, Shiloh is the name of a town mentioned throughout the Old Testament. Shiloh has a gorgeously soft lilt and unique spelling, an adorable choice to consider for your new little love, despite whether or not his tiny newborn lungs are offering “heavenly peace” at the moment!

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Heavenly peace, tranquility
Sweet, Locational, Heavenly


Simu is a gorgeously unique and stylish variation on the popular masculine name Simon. Ultimately derived from Hebrew, Simon holds the meaning of “one who listens” or “one who hears,” which is amusing to note when you apply it to the classic children’s game “Simon Says!” Simu is a great alternative to this name, sounding soft and hip simultaneously!

  • Origin: Romanian, Hebrew
  • Meaning: One who listens, one who hears.
  • Variations: Simon
  • Namesakes: Simu Liu, a Chinese-Canadian actor.
Unique, Sweet, Short


Søren is a brilliant and mystical-sounding name used throughout Scandinavia, yet derived from the Latin name Severus, meaning “strict” or “stern.” Despite these rather serious meanings, we think Søren has a more happy aura to it and is a name we’d love to see become more popular in English-speaking countries. It is not unheard of to drop the “ø” or “ö” spellings from the Scandinavian variants of this name and just choose Soren to make things more accessible when filling out forms.

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Latin
  • Meaning: Stern
  • Variations: Sören, Severus, Severin
Stylish, Sweet, Unique


Sterling is a trendy choice of given name for a boy, with various meanings brought from its English and Scottish origins. Sterling, or Stirling, is the name of a historical city in Scotland, making it a cool locational name for babies born in that area, although there are also countless places named Sterling across the United States, too. Sterling may also have been derived from the Old English word “staerling,” relating to the sweet little starling birds. As a word name, “sterling” also holds the English meaning of “excellent, high quality,” as you may have heard it in instances such as in “sterling silver.” We certainly think this name is of high quality!

  • Origin: Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Excellent, brilliant, or starling, or from Sterling
  • Variations: Starling, Stirling
Regal, Animals, Locational


Sunan is a beautiful yet unique international name for a boy, with various meanings associated with it. As a Thai male name, Sunan holds the pure meaning of “goodness,” which is a brilliant virtue to feature in any name. As an Arabic name, Sunan means “traditions” or “way of life,” which is a noble choice to bring into the warmth of your family. Also, Sunan is used as an honorific title in Indonesia, giving the name a regal feel.

  • Origin: Arabic, Thai, Indonesian
  • Meaning: Goodness, or traditions
Sweet, Unique, Regal


In Māori mythology, Tāne is the name of the God of forests and birds, as well as being the Tahitian god of beauty and peace. These namesakes allow Tāne to capture all the beauty and wonder of the Earth into its short and stylish name, and we love the glorious regality the name evokes.

  • Origin: Polynesian
  • Meaning: Man, or in reference to the Polynesian God of forests and birds
Earthy, Mythological
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Tate is a soft and earthy-sounding choice of name for a boy and a great choice if you like names that are short and cool in style. Tate is an English name derived from the Old Norse word “teitr,” meaning “cheerful,” which was assumed to have been brought over to England by the Vikings. In the UK, Tate is known as being an institution holding the country’s national collection of British art and has four art galleries within the country. Another fun fact about this awesome name is that, in Lakota mythology, Tate is a wind spirit!

  • Origin: English, Old Norse, Lakota
  • Meaning: Cheerful
  • Namesakes: Henry Tate, an English philanthropist.
Short, Mythological


Thierry is a soft and sweet International boy name, being French in origin but derived from the strong Germanic boy’s name Theodoric. The name holds the powerful and just meaning of “ruler of the people.” The pronunciation of Thierry may initially confuse some English speakers but, once they get to grips with it, they’re certain to approve and admire this gorgeous choice.

  • Origin: French, Germanic
  • Meaning: Ruler of the people
  • Pronunciation: tyeh-ree
  • Variations: Theodoric
  • Namesakes: Thierry Henry, a French football player. Thierry Mugler, a French fashion designer.
Sweet, Regal


In Norse mythology, Thor is the name of the God of thunder and storms, as well as the protection of mankind. Thor’s hammer-wielding presence has been recently recreated in the popular Marvel franchise of films, making the name particularly well-known and admired across the world. The name Thor is derived from an Old Norse word meaning “thunder,” making Thor an especially cute choice for a baby born during a raging storm. Even if not, we think Thor is a powerful and feisty choice for a confident, regal little dude.

  • Origin: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish
  • Meaning: Thunder
  • Variations: Tor, Thorsen
Strong, Nature-inspired, Mythological


Unai is a cute masculine name with a fun pronunciation and unique spelling. Unai originates from Basque origin, holding the rustic, earthy meaning of “shepherd” or “cowboy.” It is relatively unheard of outside of Spain but is a hugely popular choice for boys born in the Basque Country.

  • Origin: Basque
  • Meaning: Shepherd, cowboy
  • Pronunciation: oo-nye
Cool, Earthy


The biblical masculine name Uriel has the luminously heavenly meaning of “God is my light,” which we hope will shine a brilliant glow over your son should you choose it to be his name. Uriel is the name of an archangel in various religious traditions, giving this name even more of a spiritual depth, making it a brilliant choice if you are looking for an international male name of religion and hope for your son. If the “U-” spelling is not to your tastes, Auriel is another beautiful, glowing alternative to consider.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my light
  • Variations: Auriel, Orel
Heavenly, Strong


Although it holds the meaning of “small” or “little,” we think the international boy name Vaughn holds so much might! This cool option is Welsh in origin and perhaps more commonly heard as a surname. However, we know that surname-turned-first-names are popular and modern-sounding choices, so Vaughn would be an especially great choice to honor having this family name in your son’s lineage. Vaughan is a slightly different variant of Vaughn, yet with the same meaning. If you like the style of these names but would like to go even more international, perhaps consider Vagn instead – an Old Norse masculine name meaning “wagon” or “vehicle.”

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Small, little
  • Pronunciation: vawn
  • Variations: Vaughan, Vagn
  • Namesakes: Vaughn Monroe, an American singer.
Cool, Stylish


Warrin is a smart-sounding name of Australian Aboriginal origin, given in reference to the colder months. This makes Warrin an especially cozy choice for a baby born during the chilly wintertime. Warrin should not be confused with Warren, which – despite their similarities in spelling – are separate names, with the latter being of English origin meaning “guard” or “park keeper.” Warren is a lovely name, but we love the unique warmth brought by the wintry name Warrin.

  • Origin: Australian Aboriginal
  • Meaning: Born in the colder months
  • Variations: Warren
Cool, Earthy


Zarin is a simply wonderful example of a name that is completely international! A unisex name, Zarin holds different meanings from various countries of origin, each as beautiful as the next. For instance, as a Persian girl name, Zarin holds the meaning of “golden” and shines like the sun. In Latvian, Zarin (or Zariņš) is a surname meaning “little twig,” which we think would make an earthy and cool given name, too. Finally, Zarin may be considered to mean “ruler,” perfect for a headstrong little boy or girl.

  • Origin: Latvian, Persian, Bulgarian
  • Meaning: Golden, or ruler, or branch, twig
  • Variations: Zariņš
Strong, Cool


Zeferino is a Portuguese masculine name derived from the Greek boy’s name Zephyros. In ancient Greek mythology, Zephyros was the God of the west wind, giving the name stem a beautifully airy, earthy, and fresh vibe. “Z-” names are not as commonly used in English as other initials, and Zeferino makes an awesomely unique choice to give to your son.

  • Origin: Portuguese, Greek
  • Meaning: The west wind
  • Variations: Zephyr, Zephyrinus
Earthy, Mythological


Zoltán is an undeniably awesome-sounding masculine name of Hungarian origin. In spirit, Zoltán possesses a brilliant aura of wisdom and leadership, thanks to its meaning of “sultan,” a word to which the name also sounds similar. Zoltán is firm and mighty, but we know that “Z-” names are always admired as cool choices for little dudes!

  • Origin: Hungarian
  • Meaning: Sultan
  • Variations: Zsolt
  • Namesakes: Zoltán of Hungary, the third Grand Prince of the Hungarians. Zoltan Bathory, a member of the heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch.
Cool, Regal
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