102 Boy Names That Start With Z for Amazing Vibes

These awesome and zany boy names that start with Z are sure to stand out from the crowd

They may be right at the bottom of the register, but these boy names that start with Z are the most amazing of the bunch!

Each of these cool male names that start with Z offers fun, futuristic, and modern vibes, full of that snazzy appeal that will stand out from the crowd. Yet, behind each handsome name lies a unique and powerful meaning, sure to set any kid up for success.

Keep reading to uncover the most incredible Z names for boys, ranging from the most spiritual biblical entries to the coolest choices to suit the modern man.

102 Amazing Boy Names That Start With Z

These epic Z names for boys are full of zest and zeal.

  1. Zaahir – a luminous Arabic name for a “bright, shining” lad.
  2. Zac – or Zak, both trendy, 3-letter forms of Zachariah.
  3. Zaccai – a smart, ancient Hebrew name meaning “pure.”
  4. Zaccaria – is a gorgeous Italian spelling variant of Zachariah.
  5. Zacchaeus – this long, biblical form of Zaccai also means “pure.”
  6. Zach – easy, breezy, and handsome; Zach is short for Zachariah.
  7. Zachariah – a radiant and manly Hebrew name, meaning “God remembers.”
  8. Zacharias – the Greek form of Zechariah – beautiful and holy.
  9. Zachary – a shorter form of Zachariah, yet with all the same style and spirit.
  10. Zaden – after a medieval Georgian god of fruitfulness.
  11. Zadeni – a cool alternative spelling of Zaden.
  12. Zadkiel – after a Jewish and Christian archangel, this name means “God is my righteousness.”
  13. Zafar – a “victorious” Persian name for the luckiest men.
  14. Zagan – be careful with this evil name from demonology!
  15. Zahari – is beautiful among Bulgarian boy names with Z, as a form of Zachariah.
  16. Zaharias – a form of Zacharias, without the harsh “c” sound.
  17. Zahavi – uncommon among Hebrew male names that start with Z, meaning gold.
  18. Zahid – a gorgeously spiritual name for a boy “devoted to God.”
  19. Zahir – cute among Arabic boy names that start with Z, for your new little “helper.”
  20. Zaid – or Zayd, both trendy Arabic names meaning “to increase.”
  21. Zaiden – or Zayden, both modern names created to follow the American Haiden/Jayden/Caiden trend.
  22. Zain – this popular Muslim name radiates “beauty, grace.”
  23. Zaire – a cool choice, after the African Congo, “river that swallows all rivers.”
  24. Zakai – a modern and stylish form of Zaccai, meaning “pure.”
  25. Zakariya – a great Arabic spelling of Zachariah.
  26. Zakhar – a stylish Russian form of Zachariah.
  27. Zander – derived from Alexander, meaning “defender of the people.”
  28. Zante – a unique choice after the Greek island of Zakynthos.
  29. Zappa – meaning “hoe,” this electrifying unisex name would traditionally be used for a farmer in Italian.
  30. Zarek – this Polish male name comes from the Balthazar stem, meaning “may God protect the king.”
  31. Zarin – a Latvian name with the cute, earthy meaning of “little twig.”
  32. Zarin – alternatively, a shimmering unisex Persian name meaning “golden.”
  33. Zarin – yet another meaning of this mixed-nationality name would be “ruler, tsar,” from Bulgarian origins.
  34. Zavier – a spelling variant of the Basque Xavier, with the cozy meaning of “new house.”
  35. Zawadi – meaning “gift,” a precious Swahili pick among names for boys that start with Z.
  36. Zawisza – a legendary Polish name with the green meaning of “envy, jealousy.”
  37. Zaylor – a futuristic twist on the ever-popular name Taylor, meaning “tailor.”
  38. Zayn – a famous celebrity spelling of Zain, meaning “beauty, grace.”
  39. Zbigniew – promoting peace and compassion with its meaning of “to dispel anger” in Polish.
  40. Zdzisław – this powerful Polish name carries eternal “glory.”
  41. Zeb – a trendy pick, short for Zebedee or Zebulun.
  42. Zebedee – this sweet biblical male name meaning “gift of God” has the most uplifting sound.
  43. Zebediah – for a child “given by God,” this Hebrew name is beautiful and holy.
  44. Zebulun – another Hebrew name from the bible, meaning “exalted house.”
  45. Zechariah – this “e” spelling was the original, older form of the Hebrew Zachariah.
  46. Zed – is short for Zedekiah, or just a really cool 3-letter initial name.
  47. Zedekiah – meaning “the Lord is just;” this Hebrew name offers plenty of cool nicknames.
  48. Ze’ev – or Zev, both Hebrew names meaning “wolf” to have you howling at the moon!
  49. Zeferino – a Portuguese form of Zephyros, meaning “the west wind.”
  50. Zehab – of Turkish origins, this name means “gold.”
  51. Zein – is a gender-neutral spelling of the “beautiful” Arabic name Zayn.
  52. Zeke – a sexy short form of Ezekiel, meaning “God’s strength.”
  53. Zeki – a Turkish pick among “clever, intelligent” Z names with 4-letters.
  54. Zelig – upbeat and perky, this unisex name means “blessed” in Yiddish.
  55. Zen – this gentle name carries so much peace and tranquility, symbolic of Buddhism.
  56. Zeno – one for Greek mythology lovers, this name means “gift of Zeus.”
  57. Zenobios – this ancient Greek name means “life of Zeus,” the all-powerful god of the sky.
  58. Zenon – like Zeno, this Polish name relates to the god Zeus.
  59. Zeph – short for Zephaniah, looking fresh and modern as an independent boy name.
  60. Zephaniah – another dreamy Hebrew Z name, meaning “God has hidden.”
  61. Zephyr – short for the godly Zephyros, which would sound awesome as a middle name.
  62. Zephyros – the Greek god of the west wind, for babies who know how to make an entrance.
  63. Zeppelin – one of the rarest picks on this list, referring to badass, high-reaching lads.
  64. Zerin – a Persian name for a man who appears to be “made of gold.”
  65. Zero – a lonely yet stylish word name, literally meaning “nothing.”
  66. Zeru – meaning “sky,” this Basque name is best for babies with their heads in the clouds.
  67. Zeus – the most powerful of guy names that start with Z, after the Greek king of the gods.
  68. Zev – like Ze’ev, this funky Hebrew name means “wolf.”
  69. Zheng – one of the most common Chinese surnames and a cool name for a baby.
  70. Zhi – short yet commanding, meaning “wisdom” in Chinese.
  71. Zhirayr – meaning “strong, active,” this manly Armenian name sure does have a confusing spelling.
  72. Ziegler – this German occupational surname oozes masculinity, meaning “brickmaker.”
  73. Zigfried – an initial swap on the German Siegfried, meaning “victory.”
  74. Ziggy – shining like stardust, a great pop culture name for a rockstar lad.
  75. Zilar – means “silver” in Basque.
  76. Zima – this cozy Slavic surname and given name means winter.
  77. Zimmerman – this long German surname means “carpenter” for handy lads.
  78. Zinoviy – a cool Russian form of Zenobios, relating to the Greek god Zeus.
  79. Zion – reach the “highest point” with this heavenly, gender-neutral Hebrew name.
  80. Zitin – a rare Hindu boy name, is believed to refer to a “shining spark.”
  81. Ziven – meaning “lively” as a Slavic name, or “light of God” from Hebrew.
  82. Ziya means “light” in Turkish, the most luminous of boy names that start with Z.
  83. Zlatan – a common Slavic name meaning “golden” for any little star.
  84. Zo – short among male names that start with Z, believed to mean “spiritual leader” in Africa.
  85. Zodiac – inspired by the starry belts in the heavens for budding astronomer babies.
  86. Zoe – this Greek boy’s name meaning “life” is much more commonly heard for girls.
  87. Zog – after a dragon in English children’s picture books, by Julia Donaldson.
  88. Zohaib – for a baby destined for greatness, this Muslim name means “king, leader.”
  89. Zohar – this Hebrew name shines in “splendor, brilliance.”
  90. Zoilus – or Zoilos – famed ancient Greek name meaning life.
  91. Zoltán – meaning “sultan,” this regal Hungarian name is one to look up to.
  92. Zorion – a joyfully snazzy Basque name radiating “happiness.”
  93. Zorro – a legendary literary character known for his iconic black mask, meaning “fox” in Spanish.
  94. Zubair – this one is “strong” and “brave” among names for boys that start with Z.
  95. Zubayr – a “strong” Arabic name and spelling variant of Zubair.
  96. Zuberi – another variant of Zubair for “strong” kiddos.
  97. Zulfiqar – a powerful Islamic name belonging to the legendary sword of Ali.
  98. Zunair – meaning “moonlight,” this Urdu name casts the most ethereal glow.
  99. Zuriel – a devout biblical name meaning “the Lord is my rock.”
  100. Zuzen – a “fair, just” Basque name for a man.
  101. Zvi – also spelled Tzvi, this graceful Hebrew name means “deer.”
  102. Zyon – a variant of Zion, after the “highest place.”

Z Names for Boys FAQs

What Are Some 3 Letter Z Names?

Zac and Zak are two very popular 3-letter names for boys that start with Z. However, we also love Zen, Zeb, Zed, Zhi, Zog, Zoe, Zev, or Zvi.

What Are Some Gender-Neutral Names That Start With Z?

The coolest unisex Z names for boys and girls include Zarin, Zelig, Zein, Zoe, and Zion. Trendy choices such as Zappa, Ziggy, and Zero would suit cool kids of any gender as well.

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