176 Girl Names That Start With K: for Crazy-Cool Girls

Keep it cool with these trendy girls' names that start with K.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, why not choose specific alphabet letters to explore name options? Girl names that start with K are badass and crazy cool. Whether it’s Kate, Kerry, or Kaleisha, we have a name to suit every taste.

Let’s go with Greek, enjoy English, and love Latin as we list 176 inspirational K names for girls and include their meanings and origin.

176 Outstanding Female Names That Start With K

Let’s kick off with adorable girl names with K.

  1. Kace – this quirky girl version of Casey is of Gaelic origin and means “alert and watchful.”
  2. Kacey – an alternative spelling of the Irish name Casey, meaning “vigilant.”
  3. Kadence – derived from the Latin word “cadence,” meaning “with rhythm.”
  4. Kadesha – this interesting Arabic feminine name means “trustworthy and respected.”
  5. Kadijah – related to the Prophet Muhammad, this Arabic name means “premature child.”
  6. Kaia – this rare but cute girl’s name comes from Scandinavia and means “pure and life.”
  7. Kaitlyn – this alternate spelling of the Irish name Caitlyn is of Greek origin and means “pure.”
  8. Kaleisha – very few women’s names that start with K are Jamaican – meaning “strong-willed women.”
  9. Kali – is of Sanskrit origin, meaning “time” and “the black one.”
  10. Kaliana – possibly of Greek origin from Callista, meaning “most beautiful.”
  11. Kalice – possibly meaning “just” from the Latin “iustus,” or means “gift of God.”
  12. Kalisha – derived from the Latin Felicia, meaning “fortunate” or possibly, “great joy.”
  13. Kalla – a variant of the Greek name Callista, meaning “most beautiful.”
  14. Kamellia – of Latin origin referring to the flowering Camelia flower.
  15. Kameron – derived from the Scottish name Cameron, this female form means “crooked nose.”
  16. Kamila – an alternate spelling of the Latin Camila, meaning “helper of the priest.”
  17. Kandace – possibly Greek or Egyptian mean “glowing.”
  18. Kandi – this cute English name is a possible derivative of Kandace, meaning “glowing or sweet.”
  19. Kandy – this nickname of the Latin Kandace means “clarity or whiteness.”
  20. Kaprice – a “whimsical and playful” girl’s name of American origin.
  21. Kara – meaning “beloved or dear,” this Italian girl’s name is so pretty.
  22. Karalee – of Irish, Latin, and Gaelic origin, meaning “beloved or friend.”
  23. Karin – one of the rare Swedish girls’ names to make the list meaning “pure.”
  24. Karina – of Scandinavian origin, meaning “pure or chaste.”
  25. Karla – the feminine German version of Karl, meaning “free man.”
  26. Karmina – some beautiful female names that start with K are from Hebrew – meaning “garden or orchard.”
  27. Karolyna – a variant of the Old German Caroline, meaning “free man.”
  28. Karter – derived from the Germanic name Carter, meaning “transporter of goods by cart.”
  29. Kasia – possibly of Polish origin, meaning “pure and soft-spoken.”
  30. Kassandra – a variant of the Greek Cassandra, meaning “unheeded prophetess and man’s defender.”
  31. Kassidy – a gender-neutral Gaelic name meaning “curly-haired or clever.”
  32. Kassie – derived from the Greek name Cassandra, meaning “unheeded prophetess and man’s defender.”
  33. Katalina – a derivative of the Greek Catherine, meaning “pure.”
  34. Katar – the first Armenian name to appear on the list, meaning “peak or summit.”
  35. Kate – a short form of the Greek name Catherine/Katherine meaning “pure.”
  36. Katelin – the second of a long list of English/Greek names meaning “pure.”
  37. Katey – an alternative spelling of the English name Katie – means “pure.”
  38. Katherine – this English name is of Greek origin, meaning “pure.”
  39. Kathleen – a Greek-inspired Irish name meaning “pure.”
  40. Kathlynn – a variation of the Irish name Kathleen, meaning “pure.”
  41. Katie – this English version of the Greek Katherine has the same meaning.
  42. Katniss – a common name for the Sagittaria plant, with no specific meaning.
  43. Katrice – a German version of Katrina, meaning “pure.”
  44. Katriona – derived from the Greek name Katrina, meaning “pure.”
  45. Kay – possibly of Greek and Irish origin, meaning “rejoice” and “keeper of the keys.”
  46. Kayla – an Irish/Gaelic name meaning “slim and fair.”
  47. Kaylee – is of Gaelic origin, meaning “slender, fair, and slim.”
  48. Kayleigh – the more traditional spelling of the name, meaning “slender, slim, and fair.”
  49. Kaylene – is of Gaelic and Hebrew origin, meaning “slender.”
  50. Kayloni – possibly of Hawaiian origin, meaning “the sky or heavens” and “royal one.”
  51. Kaysen – a modern mix of Kay and Jason, meaning “healer or precious.”
  52. Kayton – a spiritual Native American name meaning “throne of clouds.”
  53. Kazuma – a classic Japanese name meaning “peace and harmony.”
  54. Keana – is possibly Irish or Hawaiian, meaning “ancient.”
  55. Keandra – means “son of Henry” in Gaelic and “shining bright” in Greek.
  56. Keandrea – a rare name derived from the Greek Kandare, meaning “to shine.”
  57. Kebrina – an unusual name of unknown origin, meaning “honesty, sacrificer, and admirer.”
  58. Kechia – according to some, Kechia is an American name meaning “respectable and pioneering.”
  59. Kedra – is possibly of Ugandan origin, meaning “genius.”
  60. Keeleigh – an alternative spelling of Keighley, meaning “slender and pretty.”
  61. Keera – derived from the Irish word “ciar,” meaning “dark.”
  62. Keighley – has Gaelic and Irish roots, meaning “slender and pretty.”
  63. Keilani – a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin, meaning “the heavens.”
  64. Keira – an exquisite Irish name meaning “little dark one.”
  65. Kelly – a classic Irish name meaning “bright-headed.”
  66. Kellyanne – this vintage Irish/Gaelic name means “lively and aggressive.”
  67. Kelsa – a short form of the English name Kelsey, meaning “ship’s victory.”
  68. Kelsey – derived from the Old English name Ceolsige, meaning “ships victory.”
  69. Kemberley – with roots in Old English, meaning “Cyneburg’s field.”
  70. Kena – a wonderfully concise Welsh girl’s name meaning “greatest champion.”
  71. Kendall – a traditional Old English name referring to the “Kent River valley.”
  72. Kendra – this English name is of Celtic origin and means “knowing.”
  73. Kenleigh – an Old English name meaning “the king’s meadow.”
  74. Kenna 5-letter names for girls that start with K are often stylish, like Kenna, meaning beautiful.
  75. Kennedy – a famous Irish/Gaelic name meaning “helmet head.”
  76. Kennetha – this Anglicized version of a Gaelic name means “handsome.”
  77. Kenta – is a great Japanese name for “healthy and strong” babies.
  78. Kenya – a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “animal horn” and “mountain of whiteness.”
  79. Kenz – this stylish Arabic name means “treasure.”
  80. Kenzie – a cute, sassy, modern-sounding Scottish feminine name meaning “the fair one.”
  81. Kerenza – this Cornish name means love.
  82. Kerrin – means “beauty” in Hebrew and “dark” in Irish.
  83. Kerry – a place in Ireland, Kerry means “black-haired.”
  84. Kesley – derived from the Old English name Ceolsige, meaning “ship’s victory.”
  85. Keslyn – this cool American name means “beautiful and intelligent.”
  86. Ketara – a popular Arabic name possibly meaning “from Qatar, blessed, holy, and pure.”
  87. Ketsia – a variation of Ketsy, meaning “gift of God.”
  88. Ketsy – possibly of African origin, meaning “gift of God and royal/regal.”
  89. Kevia – an all-Irish name meaning “handsome and beloved.”
  90. Kevinisha – this modern-day name is of unspecified origin and possibly means “kindness.”
  91. Kewanda – possibly of Ugandan origin, meaning “the dark one” or “skill, researcher, or mysterious.”
  92. Kewanna – an exotic African baby girl’s name meaning “beautiful and little dark-haired one.”
  93. Keya – a short and sweet Bengali name meaning “flower.”
  94. Khala – according to some, this Sanskrit name means “richness, newness, and difference.”
  95. Khaleesi – an invented name for GOT meaning “queen or mother of dragons.”
  96. Khali – this Arabic name means “solitary” and “that which has passed.”
  97. Khamala – meaning “lotus or pale red;” this Hindu name is the goddess of luck and prosperity.
  98. Khaniya – this African girl’s name means “the pale one.”
  99. Kharisma – an alternate spelling of Charisma, meaning “personal charm.”
  100. Kharter – possibly meaning “follower of Christ, sincere friend, and honorable comrade” in Arabic.
  101. Khianna – the perfect Muslim female name meaning “God is gracious” and “dark hair.”
  102. Khloe – an alternative spelling of the Greek name Chloe, meaning “fertility and blooming.”
  103. Kiania – this pretty Hawaiian nickname means “divine.”
  104. Kiara – an Aboriginal word for a cockatoo; in Korean, it means “first ray of sun.”
  105. Kiera – a feminine version of the Irish/Gaelic name Kieran, meaning “dark-haired.”
  106. Kiersti – an alternate spelling of Kirsty, meaning “follower of Christ” in Latin.
  107. Kiki – this pretty Old French nickname means “double happiness.”
  108. Kila – a Sanskrit gender-neutral name meaning “flame, fire, and fort.”
  109. Kileigh – of Irish origin, meaning “the grey church” or “church of Aedh.”
  110. Kim – a shortened nickname of Kimberley, meaning “Cyneburg’s field.”
  111. Kimber – is an alternate form of Kimberley, meaning “Cyneburg’s field” in Old English.
  112. Kimberley – derived from Old English, meaning “royal fortress meadow.”
  113. Kimela – according to some, this Arabic name means “butterfly.”
  114. Kimia – of Persian origin, meaning “elixir.”
  115. Kimmarie – this English name means “courage, caretaker, and investigator.”
  116. Kimmy – a short form of Kimberley, meaning “Cyneburg’s field” in Old English.
  117. Kimorah – an Old English baby name meaning “brave and strong” and “God’s gift.”
  118. Kindell – this Old English name means “royal valley” or “Kent River valley.”
  119. Kindness – this name does what it says on the tin!
  120. Kindred – some female names that start with K can be middle names – meaning “family connectedness.”
  121. Kingsley – is of Old English origin, meaning “king’s meadow.”
  122. Kinley – possibly Irish or Old English, meaning “fair-haired or king’s meadow.”
  123. Kinnick – this Gaelic/Scottish habitational name represents a family seat in Fife.
  124. Kinsie – is of Old English origin, meaning “king’s victory.”
  125. Kinza – this Arabic word means “hidden treasure.”
  126. Kira – derived from the Irish girl’s name Ciara, meaning “black.”
  127. Kirandeep – of Punjabi origin, meaning “ray of light or hope.”
  128. Kirby – possibly Old Norse/Scottish meaning “village with a church” or “dark son” in Irish.
  129. Kirsty – comes from Old Latin, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  130. Kisa – of Old Greek and Russian origin, meaning “kitty or pussycat.”
  131. Kishia – possibly an alternative spelling of the Japanese name Kishi, meaning “long and happy life.”
  132. Kjerstin – of Scandinavian and Latin origin, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  133. Kleigh – an unusual name possibly of English origin meaning “clay or clay worker.”
  134. Kloe – an alternative spelling of the vintage Greek name Chloe meaning “blooming and fertility.”
  135. Koda – a classic Japanese name meaning “friend.”
  136. Kodak – an invented name for the photographic company – means “youth” in Hindustani.
  137. Kodi – an Americanized version of the Irish name Cody, meaning “descendant of the helpful one.”
  138. Kohar – possibly of American origin, meaning “gem and jewel.”
  139. Koi – a short and sweet Japanese name meaning “carp.”
  140. Kokiri – a descriptive Japanese name meaning “child of trees.”
  141. Koko – some girl names with K are cute nicknames, like Koko, meaning “night” in Native American.
  142. Kooper – an alternative spelling of an Old English occupational name meaning “barrel maker.”
  143. Korabelle – combines the Greek name Kora with the French word “belle,” and means “beautiful maiden.”
  144. Koralise – of Greek origin, meaning “maiden.”
  145. Korall – a derivative of the Latin Coral, meaning “destiny.”
  146. Korbyn – of Old English descent, possibly meaning “crow or raven-haired.”
  147. Kordelia – an alternative spelling of the Latin name Cordelia, meaning “heart.”
  148. Kordella – a different version of Cordelia, meaning “heart” in Latin.
  149. Korinne – many K names for girls derive from Greek – means “maiden.”
  150. Kornelia – this rare Latin female name means “horn.”
  151. Korrina – an alternative spelling of the Greek name Korina, meaning “maiden.”
  152. Kortlyn – of English origin, possibly meaning “fortune, health, and spirituality.”
  153. Koryn – derived from the Greek name Korina, meaning “maiden.”
  154. Koska – a diminutive of the Polish word “kosa,” meaning “scythe.”
  155. Kourtlynn – according to some, Kourtlynn is an American name meaning “sister.”
  156. Kourtney – of Old French origin, meaning “domain of Curtius.”
  157. Kree – this Native American/Canadian name means light.
  158. Krissi – a cute Latin nickname meaning “follower of Christ.”
  159. Kristal – an alternative spelling of the Greek word “crystal,” meaning “ice.”
  160. Kristalee – a variant of the Greek word “crystal,” meaning “ice.”
  161. Kristin – is of Latin origin, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  162. Kristinamarie – this Latin/Hebrew name means “Christ-bearer, anointed, disciple of Christ, and beloved.”
  163. Kristyna – an alternative spelling of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ” in Latin.
  164. Krymson – an unusual alternative spelling of the color; this Amharic (Ethiopian) word means “I am.”
  165. Krystabelle – with Greek and French influences, possibly meaning “beautiful crystal or ice.”
  166. Krystalanne – this uncommon English name means “follower of Christ, precious stone, or crystal.”
  167. Krystie – possibly Czech or Latin, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  168. Kunani – a unique Hawaiian girl’s name meaning “beautiful or beautiful one.”
  169. Kyarra – this uncommon Celtic and Latin name means “bright and clear” or “kind and loyal.”
  170. Kyla – a gender-neutral Irish name meaning “narrow or crown of laurel.”
  171. Kyleah – possibly of Scottish origin, meaning “narrow strip of land” or “strong girl.”
  172. Kylee – an alternative spelling of the Aboriginal name meaning “boomerang.”
  173. Kylie – is an Aboriginal word meaning “boomerang or curved returning stick.”
  174. Kymora – of English origin, meaning “a gift of God or found treasure.”
  175. Kyndle – girl names that start with K can be unique, like Kyndle, meaning “intolerant, charming, and adorable.”
  176. Kynlee – possibly of English, Irish, or American origin, meaning “white warrior or King’s meadow.”

Girl Names That Start With K FAQs

What Are the Cutest Girl Names That Start With K?

The cutest girl names that start with K include, Krystie, Koko, Kira, Kandy, and Kiki. Kyndle, Krymson, Kodi, Kinsie, and Kayla are other notable pretty name entries for girls.

Which Celebrities Have Girl Names That Start With K?

Many female celebrities have names that start with K, including Kate Winslet, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kylie Minogue, Kim Basinger, Keira Knightley, and Kelly Clarkson.

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