115 Girl Names That Start With N: for Noteable Newborns

These adorable girl names that start with N will shine a light over any newborn!

There’s something distinctly elegant about girl names that start with N, with their noble, neat, and natural appeal that would ideally suit any little woman. Whether you prefer popular picks or more niche names, there are many gorgeous options to admire.

Taking inspiration from around the world, we have gathered the nicest names for girls that start with N for you to peruse and listed them along with their delightful meanings and origins.

115 Prettiest Girl Names That Start With N

Take note, as these N names for girls are the nicest around.

  1. Nabi – a sweet, soft, unisex name meaning “butterfly” in Korean and “prophet” in Arabic.
  2. Nadia – a strong, internationally popular girl’s name in many different languages, meaning “hope.”
  3. Nadine – a sexy diminutive for Nadia, full of elegance for a French female.
  4. Nadiyya – a captivating Arabic variant of Nadia, meaning “delicate.”
  5. Naia – full of that desirable mermaid aesthetic, this Basque name means “sea foam” or “wave.”
  6. Naila – an Arabic female name for a “successful achiever.”
  7. Nainsí – a lesser-seen Irish form of the vintage English name Nancy.
  8. Nairobi – a cool, head-turning place name for your African princess.
  9. Najima – this ethereal Middle-Eastern name twinkles like a “star in the sky.”
  10. Nala – an African name best associated with a Disney “lion queen,” meaning “successful.”
  11. Nalani – a Hawaiian girl name referring to the “heavens” – for any girl with her head in the clouds.
  12. Nalini – meaning “lotus,” Nalini makes a great floral pick among Hindi names for girls that start with N.
  13. Nancy – a timeless British pick among girl names that start with N, meaning “grace.”
  14. Nanna – a grandmotherly Old Norse name meaning “brave, daring.”
  15. Nanny – meaning “grace, favored,” an affectionate name for a wise young lady.
  16. Naomi – a trendy Hebrew female name meaning “pleasant.”
  17. Narah – fit for a bubbly baby, this Gaelic name means “happy.”
  18. Narangerel – one of the longer N names for girls, meaning “sunlight” in Mongolian.
  19. Narcissa – this Greek name meaning “daffodil” is full of the joys of a sunshine-soaked springtime.
  20. Narice – an attractive Greek girl’s name fit for a mermaid, meaning “sea nymph.”
  21. Natalia – a pretty and very feminine form of Natalie.
  22. Natalie – this popular English name means “Christmas day,” full of festive feelings.
  23. Natalka – a Polish and Ukrainian form of Natalie, still with that same festive spirit.
  24. Natasha – this Natalie variant is Russian, for a girl “born on Christmas day.”
  25. Nathanielle – a feminine variant of the Hebrew male name Nathan, meaning “gift from God.”
  26. Natividad – another cool Christmas name, meaning “nativity” in Spanish.
  27. Natsuko – a vibrant and sweet Japanese girl’s name, meaning “summer, child.”
  28. Navy – a vivid color name, also great for a girl destined to be in the forces.
  29. Nayeli – a rare name of Native American (Zapotec) and Hispanic origins, said to mean “I love you.”
  30. Nayo – an African girl’s name worth singing about, meaning “she is our joy.”
  31. Nea – short for Linnea, a delicate floral pick among Scandinavian women’s names that start with N.
  32. Neale – like the masculine name Nial, this sweet Celtic name means “champion.”
  33. Neasa – with the unusual meaning of “not gentle,” this cool Celtic female name is rich in mythology.
  34. Nebraska – this American state isn’t commonly heard as a girl’s name, but it works well!
  35. Nebula – an astronomical Latin name meaning “mist” – for a daughter destined to be among stars.
  36. Nedda – a strong Slavic girl’s name, suited for a girl “born on a Sunday.”
  37. Neelam – this unique gem of a name means “sapphire” in Hindi.
  38. Nefertiti – a majestic ancient Egyptian name, letting everyone know “the perfect woman has arrived.”
  39. Neha – this Hindi girl’s name is full of “love” and “affection,” thus perfect to bestow upon a daughter.
  40. Neko – we love this 4 letter name with Japanese roots, meaning “cat.”
  41. Nelly – like the nursery-rhyme elephant, this name means “light, shining.”
  42. Nelsie – adding an N to the gorgeous Elsie (“pledged to God”) creates this beautifully modern name.
  43. Neneh – one of the most affectionate girl names that start with N, simply meaning “little girl” or “baby.”
  44. Neoma – from Greek roots, this celestial N name means “new moon.”
  45. Nerea – one of the prettiest Basque picks among women’s names that start with N, meaning “mine.”
  46. Nereida – fresh from Greek mythology, this mermaidy name means “nymph.”
  47. Nerissa – a Shakespearian name rooted in Greek, meaning “sea nymph.”
  48. Nerthus – another mythological name from Germanic culture, meaning “strong, healthy.”
  49. Nerys – a delicate Welsh name for the newest little “lady” in your manor.
  50. Ness – making us think of the mythical monster in the Scottish lochs!
  51. Nesta – a homely Welsh name with the innocent meanings of “pure” and “chaste.”
  52. Netty – a fun, vintage-feeling nickname from various girl names with the “net” element, such as Janette.
  53. Neus – pronounced like “news,” this dreamy Catalan name means “snow.”
  54. Nevada – a full American state name, meaning “snow-capped” in Spanish.
  55. Nevaeh – this ultra-modern choice comes from the word “heaven,” spelled backward.
  56. Neve – a simplified spelling of the Irish Niamh, also a Latin name meaning snow.
  57. Neves – adding an “s” gives us this fun flurry of a Portuguese “snow” name.
  58. Newt – a cute, sci-fi-type name after the small amphibian creature.
  59. Ngọc – this fun Vietnamese name means “jade,” like the precious gemstone.
  60. Nguyen – this is the most common Vietnamese surname and would look cute for a baby girl.
  61. Nguyệt – perfect for a nighttime-born baby, this Sino-Vietnamese name means moon.
  62. Nia – a short choice among names for girls that start with N, similar to Mia, Tia, or Lia.
  63. Niamh – a hugely popular Irish female name meaning “brightness, radiance.”
  64. Nicki – or Nicky, a sassy-sounding “nick”- a name for girl names with that “Nic” element.
  65. Nicola – a sassy alternative to the French name Nicole.
  66. Nicole – a triumphant French name meaning “victory of the people.”
  67. Nicolette – an even frillier form of Nicole, also from French.
  68. Nicosia – this foreign capital city name comes straight from mythology, meaning “city of the white gods.”
  69. Nieve – like Neve, this is also a “snow” name for girls in Spanish.
  70. Nigella – like the famous British chef, Nigella means “hero,” but perhaps also “black.”
  71. Nihad – a heroic Arabic name for boys and girls, meaning “strong, mighty, powerful.”
  72. Nikita – this gender-neutral N name means “victor” in Greek, and “house” as an Indian name.
  73. Niko – a sparky Slavic name with that familiar “Nic” sound, meaning “victory of the people.”
  74. Nilak – a standout Arctic princess name meaning “freshwater ice,” great if you love unique girl names with N.
  75. Nilüfer – a dreamy Turkish and Persian N name for girls, meaning “water lily.”
  76. Nima – also Nimat, both Arabic names meaning “blessing.”
  77. Nimerah – radiating “beauty, strength, and power,” this Arabic name was designed for a “tigress.”
  78. Nimue – rich in Arthurian legend, this enchanting name means “lady of the lake.”
  79. Nina – means “little girl” in Spanish, a gorgeously affectionate pick among female names that start with N.
  80. Ninette – with various roots, this delicate female name may mean “little girl,” “grace,” or “favored by God.”
  81. Ninja – a badass warrior name for a feisty female.
  82. Nisha means “night” in Sanskrit for an enchanting ambiance full of excitement and possibility.
  83. Nishelle – an uncommon N variant to Michelle, asking, “Who is like God?”
  84. Noa – a cute Hebrew name meaning “motion,” also a spelling variant of the biblical Noah.
  85. Noctis – a rare yet enchanting Latin name meaning “night.”
  86. Noëlle – this French name meaning “Christmas” makes a great alternative to Natalie.
  87. Noêmia – this Brazilian Portuguese version of Naomi also radiates “pleasantness.”
  88. Nóirín – an Irish form of Nora, bringing “honor” to any family.
  89. Nollaig – also meaning “Christmas,” this Irish name is as special as the holiday season itself.
  90. Nomi – simple yet special, this Japanese and Hebrew-rooted name means “beautiful, delightful.”
  91. Non – a rare Welsh saint name meaning “nun” – full of spiritual devotion.
  92. Nona – meaning “ninth,” this Latin name may suit a baby born in September.
  93. Noor – this luminous Arabic choice means “light, brightness.”
  94. Nora – a vintage nickname, perhaps from Honora (“honorable”) or Eleanor (“light”).
  95. Noralee – combining Nora with the ultra-feminine suffix “lee” gives a fresh, modern flair we adore.
  96. Norberta – is a feminine take on the Old German Norbert, with elements meaning “north” and “bright.”
  97. Noreen – this old lady’s name still shines brightly, meaning “luminous,” “light,” or “honor.”
  98. Nori – an unusual yet sweet Japanese name meaning “ceremony,” or after the type of edible seaweed.
  99. Norma – like the opera, meaning “rule” in Latin, or “Northman” as a feminine form of Norman.
  100. North – a fun celebrity baby name, full of chill and adventure.
  101. Nova – this Latin girl’s name meaning “new” makes us think of stars and supernovas!
  102. Novalise – like Nova, yet amplified with that pretty and ultra-feminine “lise” suffix.
  103. Novella – a dainty Latin pick among female names that start with N, meaning “little, young one.”
  104. November – an ultra-unique name for a winter-born baby girl.
  105. Novia – meaning “new” or “girlfriend,” a beautiful Latin-Spanish pick among sweetheart girl names with N.
  106. Nozomi – an excellent choice if you like Japanese names for girls that start with N, meaning “hope.”
  107. Nthanda – a unique name meaning “star,” taken from Tumbuka (African) roots.
  108. Nữ – the most literal pick among women’s names that start with N, meaning “female” in Vietnamese.
  109. Nuala – perfect for a blonde-haired Irish lass, meaning “fair-shouldered.”
  110. Nur – a vibrant and holy Arabic name meaning “light” that shines in Islamic tradition.
  111. Nydia – an invented name from literature, perhaps meaning “nest” in Latin.
  112. Nylah – only champions can bear this stunning international name, meaning “winner.”
  113. Nyota – this enchanting Swahili name sparkles like a “star.”
  114. Nyrah – admirably relating to Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and learning.
  115. Nyx – straight from Greek mythology, this alluring three-letter N name means “nighttime.”

N Names for Girls FAQs

What Is a Rare Girl Name That Starts With N?

Our top picks of rare N names for girls include Noctis, Nayeli, Non, and Nishelle. Names such as Nefertiti, Nebraska, November, and Ninja all sound familiar but are also uncommon picks that are sure to stand out.

What N Names for Girls Mean “Christmas?”

N is a fabulous initial if you are looking for festive names for girls. Natalie is a great example of meaning “Christmas,” along with its international variants, Natalia, Natalka, and Natasha. Natividad, Noëlle, and Nollaig are also fun, holiday-inspired N names for girls from around the world.

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