104 Girl Names That Start With T: For Little Treasures

There’s a whole treasure trove of girl names with T to be found here!

It’s easy to be tempted by these awesome girl names that start with T – one of the most delightful and charming initials in the alphabet.

Names for girls that start with T span from popular to unique, with a whole treasure trove of thought-provoking meanings and origins lighting up each one. Trust us when we say you won’t want to miss out on discovering these terrific T names for girls.

104 Top Girl Names That Start With T

We know you’ll agree that these T names all sparkle like treasure!

  1. Tabitha – meaning “gazelle” or “graceful,” this charming Aramaic name is full of sweet innocence.
  2. Tähti – a dazzling Finnish name meaning “star,” for a nighttime-born little wonder.
  3. Tai – despite only having three letters, this Chinese girl’s name holds a “vast, extreme” presence.
  4. Taika – perfect for a baby born with a twinkle in her eye, this Finnish name means “magic.”
  5. Taimi – a sweet, 5-letter name with Finnish roots meaning “seedling,” which is perfect for a precious newborn.
  6. Taissa – a uniquely American name with a rustic, adventurous feel to it.
  7. Taleah – a fun alternative to Thalia, this name represents fresh morning dew.
  8. Talibah – inquisitive individuals will love this Muslim name, designed for a “seeker of knowledge.”
  9. Talita – the cutest choice, meaning “little girl” from Aramaic.
  10. Tallulah – a bouncy name of Native American heritage, meaning “leaping water.”
  11. Talvi – a glowing, white Finnish pick among festive names for girls that start with T, meaning “winter.”
  12. Tam – delicate and gentle, this gender-neutral 3 letter name means “heart” in Vietnamese.
  13. Tamanna – for a longed-for daughter, you’ll love this Indian girl’s name meaning “desire, wish.”
  14. Tamara – an earthy Arabic name referring to the date fruit and the palms it grows on.
  15. Tamika – a sassy Japanese name for a “beautiful child.”
  16. Tammy – a great American girl name, often short for other T names such as Tamsin or Tamara.
  17. Tamsin – a shortened form of Thomasin, with a fresh, modern ring.
  18. Tana – this spectacular name shines with meanings such as “star goddess” and “fairy queen.”
  19. Tanushree – one of the longest T names for girls, meaning “radiant beauty” in Sanskrit.
  20. Tanvi – this Hindi girl’s name is designed for a “beautiful, feminine one.”
  21. Tanya – this Russian form of Tatiana has become a cool choice used independently.
  22. Tara – a multi-meaning option among T names for girls, meaning “star” in Sanskrit or “hill” in Gaelic.
  23. Taryn – an earthy name said to mean “rocky hill.”
  24. Tash – short for Natasha, perfect for a girl “born on Christmas day.”
  25. Tatiana – a sassy name of unknown meaning, yet with cool ancient Roman roots.
  26. Tawny – meaning “light brown,” this beautiful color name reminds us of the owl.
  27. Taylor – a hugely popular, gender-neutral choice, from an English surname meaning “tailor.”
  28. Téa – meaning “gift of God,” this name does look like a beverage but is pronounced with two syllables.
  29. Teal – a unique pick among color girl names with a T, after the oceanic shade of blue-green.
  30. Tegan – or Teagan, this glowing Welsh saint name means “beautiful.”
  31. Tegeirian – a standout Welsh name meaning “orchid,” full of magical and exotic appeal.
  32. Tegwen – meaning “fair, blessed, lovely,” you can’t go wrong with this adorable Welsh girl’s name.
  33. Tejal – this T name is positively glowing, meaning “light, lustrous, energy, brilliance” in Sanskrit.
  34. Temhair – a very unusual name after an Irish site, meaning “great height.”
  35. Tennessee – this long state name makes a standout unisex name, originally meaning “gathering place.”
  36. Teresa – a popular international girl’s name meaning “to harvest,” also spelled Theresa.
  37. Terje – an awesome Scandinavian warrior name, meaning “Thor’s spear,” after the mighty Norse god.
  38. Terrwyn – this unique Welsh name holds so much power and confidence, meaning “brave.”
  39. Tertia – this Roman girl name means “third,” perhaps for a third child.
  40. Tess – a less-common alternative to Jess, with the same youthful, energetic feel.
  41. Tessa – a cute nickname form of Theresa.
  42. Teter – a funny-looking Armenian name with the prettiest meaning of “butterfly.”
  43. Thalia – this Greek name would look enchanting on a “flourishing” female.
  44. Thandiwe – a dazzling Southern African name meaning “beloved” for special little girls.
  45. Thanh – a Vietnamese name with vibrant meanings, including “bright blue” and “brilliant.”
  46. Thebe – a feminine name from Greek mythology and a unique African male name meaning “shield.”
  47. Thelma – is great when paired with Louise; this literary name means “will.”
  48. Theodora – or Teodora, meaning “gift of God” for beautiful blessings.
  49. Theodosia – another spectacular Greek name meaning “God’s gift.”
  50. Theresa – or Teresa, a romantic, saintly, Greek-rooted female name meaning “summer” or “harvester.”
  51. Therese – this spelling variation of Theresa sounds distinctly European.
  52. Therma – from Greek roots, this name means “heat,” as if for a summer-born baby.
  53. Thomasin – like the popular male name Thomas, this sassy girl’s name means “twin.”
  54. Thomasina – an extra-feminine variant of Thomasin, perfect for Gemini-born babies.
  55. Thrud – a unique and rough-looking “strong” name after a Norse goddess.
  56. Tia – a cute 3-letter name, meaning “aunt” in Spanish.
  57. Tiamat – a dreamy name after a Babylonian sea goddess, bringing dragons and crashing waves to mind.
  58. Tiana – a gorgeous Disney Princess name for a “fairy queen.”
  59. Tiara – like the sparkling royal headgear, this T name is fit for a princess.
  60. Tiare – this adorable Polynesian name means “flower,” like the Tahitian gardenia plant.
  61. Tibby – a delicate nickname for Tabitha, or even perhaps Elizabeth.
  62. Tiên – pronounced “teen,” this ethereal Vietnamese name means “fairy, celestial being.”
  63. Tierney – a lyrical Irish name meaning “lord, master,” perfect for little girls or boys.
  64. Tierra – meaning “earth” in Spanish, this name may be rare, but it sure is beautiful.
  65. Tiffany – meaning “epiphany,” this name sounds like the start of a beautiful new beginning.
  66. Tiger Lily – an uncommon yet undeniably cool choice, this nature-inspired name is full of beauty and fire.
  67. Tilly – a short form of Matilda, meaning “strong in battle,” but also perfect when used independently.
  68. Tina – a short form of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  69. Tinuviel – this cute name was created by J.R.R. Tolkien, beautifully meaning “nightingale.”
  70. Tipper – a cute-as-can-be name for a girl who’s young and chipper, meaning “a well” in Irish.
  71. Tiree – or Tyree, just like the Scottish island.
  72. Tirion – a cool, unisex Welsh name for a “kind, happy” kid.
  73. Tllali – if you’re looking for super-unique girl names that start with T, consider this “earthy” Aztec option.
  74. Toiréasa – a super-stylish Irish form of Theresa, also meaning “harvester.”
  75. Toni – short for Antonia, for a “priceless, praiseworthy” little superstar.
  76. Topaz – a rarer pick among gemstone girl names, perfect for little treasures.
  77. Tora – a dreamy, feminine form of Thor, with the show-stopping meaning of “thunder.”
  78. Torah – with an “h” on the end, this beautifully spiritual name would be great for devout females.
  79. Tori – a short form of the “victorious” Victoria, meaning “bird” as a Japanese girl’s name.
  80. Tourmaline – a very rare pick among gemstone names for girls, symbolizing healing and revitalization.
  81. Tove – a unisex Scandinavian name for a child dedicated to the Norse god Thor.
  82. Tracy – or Tracey, both powerful first names meaning “fighter.”
  83. Trang – pronounced “chang,” a loving Vietnamese girl’s name meaning “adornment.”
  84. Treasa – a unique alternative to Teresa, meaning “strength” in Irish.
  85. Treasure – an uncommon yet special selection for a girl who makes everything worthwhile.
  86. Trinh – perhaps the most innocent among women’s names that start with T, meaning “virginal” in Vietnamese.
  87. Trinity – a spiritual Latin girl name relating to the Holy Trinity.
  88. Trisha – or Tricia, both derived from the “noble” feminine name Patricia.
  89. Tristana – a pretty feminine form of Tristan, with the rather gloomy meaning of “sad, sorrowful.”
  90. Troya – a feminine form of Troy, this ancient Gaelic choice means “descendant of the footsoldier.”
  91. Trúc – this Vietnamese name has the uniquely exotic meaning of “bamboo.”
  92. Trudi – fit for a tough girl; this nickname comes from badass names like Gertrude or Ermentrude.
  93. True – the adjective itself makes a spectacular middle name for an honest and hardworking child.
  94. Truly – the most honest of girl names with T, reminds us of the character Truly Scrumptious.
  95. Truth – a standout virtue name full of honesty and integrity.
  96. Tullia – the most “peaceful” of Irish female names that start with T, for perfectly serene ladies.
  97. Tulsa – a funky U.S. city name, originally meaning “old town.”
  98. Tünde – a magical name derived from the Hungarian word for “fairy.”
  99. Tundra – sounding rather stormy, Tundra is a cool geographical name for a girl.
  100. Turquoise – a color, a gemstone, and a French name meaning “Turkish.”
  101. Tuuli – a unique weather name meaning “wind” in Finnish.
  102. Tuuliki – as if Tuuli wasn’t cute enough, consider this diminutive form as well!
  103. Tuyen – like a heavenly alternative to the Vietnamese Tiên, Tuyen means “angel.”
  104. Tyra – the most badass among female names that start with T, meaning “thunder warrior” in Norse.

Female Names That Start With T FAQs

What Is the Most Popular Girl Name That Starts With T?

Taylor is the most popular girl name that starts with T today, although Tammy, Tanya, Tessa, Tegan, and Tara are also good options. Theresa, Tracy, Trisha, and Theodora have all been popular but seem to have fallen out of style in recent decades.

What Are Some Gender-Neutral Names That Start With T?

If you’re looking for unisex names, there are plenty of beautiful choices that start with T. These include Taylor, Tirion, Tove, Tennessee, and Tam, each with its unique yet spectacular appeal.

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