250 Names that Mean God: Sent from the Heavens Above

These spiritual names that mean God are as radiant as your little angel.

A beautiful baby blessing will often have you praising the heavens, which is why we’re sure you’ll adore these dreamy names that mean God for your new little angel.

Full of devout spirituality and conscience, these godly names are practically heaven-sent. With biblical and cultural origins, you’ll also find that each one flows with righteous virtues such as grace and honesty. If you’re looking to bestow one of these dreamy names meaning God upon your new arrival, be sure to learn all about their biblical meanings, origins, and more from our list below.

95 Angelic Names That Mean God for Girls

Your graceful girl will shine like the heavens with one of these adorable godly names for women.

  1. Aracely – this elevated Spanish girl’s name refers to an “altar of heaven.”
  2. Bithiah – a rare Old Testament name to bestow upon a “daughter of God.”
  3. Bogdana – for a Slavic girl “given by God.”
  4. Brielle – is luminous among French names, meaning “God is my strength.”
  5. Chike – sharp and strong among African godly names, meaning “God of strength” in Igbo.
  6. Daniela – a pretty feminine form of Daniel, meaning “God is my judge.”
  7. Danielle – a variant of Daniela, pretty and girly among names that mean God.
  8. Diana – a Roman goddess name with the heavenly meaning of “divine.”
  9. Diệu – meaning “exquisite, mysterious” as a Sino-Vietnamese name, also meaning “God” in French.
  10. Diorbhail – this head-turning Gaelic name for a “gift of God” dates back to medieval times.
  11. Donata – for an Italian girl “given by God.”
  12. Dorota – a sweet Slavic form of Dorothy, meaning “gift of God.”
  13. Dorothea – a vintage-sounding variant of Dorothy.
  14. Dorothy – a cute, old-timey name meaning “gift of God.”
  15. Eliana – a romantic Hebrew girl name and blessing for a family whom “God has answered.”
  16. Elise – one of many beautiful variants of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God.”
  17. Elisha – sounds jubilant with its “God is my salvation” meaning.
  18. Elishava – the traditional Hebrew root of Elizabeth, for a child “pledged to God.”
  19. Eliza – a shorter form of Elizabeth, fit for a fair lady.
  20. Elizabeth – this classic and regal name means “pledged to God, God is my oath.”
  21. Elsa – is famous thanks to Disney’s Frozen; this icy name means “God is my oath.”
  22. Emanuela – this vibrant and joyful Hebrew name reminds us how “God is with us.”
  23. Evana – a feminine form of Evan, meaning “God is gracious.”
  24. Faith – this powerful virtue name has the most beautiful spirit behind it.
  25. Gabriella – means “God is my strength,” with Gabby or Ella as adorable nicknames.
  26. Godgifu – this very Old English name is sure to stand out, meaning “God has given.”
  27. Godiva – a great historical English pick among names that mean “God’s gift.”
  28. Grace – another divine virtue name for a girl blessed with the church’s teachings.
  29. Harpreet – this adorable Sikh girl’s name beautifully provides “God’s love.”
  30. Heaven – a divine vocabulary name to bestow on a little angel.
  31. Ifanna – a sweet alternative to Evana if you love Welsh names meaning “God’s gift.”
  32. Ilse – a cute, 4-letter diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God.”
  33. Isabella – a popular pick for a girl “devoted to God.”
  34. Isobel – another popular form of Isabella, with the same “devout” meaning.
  35. Itzayana – a spectacular Mayan girl’s name, meaning “rainbow lady” and “gift of God.”
  36. Ivanna – a pretty, rustic-sounding name, meaning “God is gracious.”
  37. Jacqueline – a vintage name for a woman, asking, “may God protect.”
  38. Jane – a classic name often used as a passed-down middle name, meaning “God is gracious.”
  39. Janet – a two-syllable alternative to Jane, with the same heavenly meaning.
  40. Jasmine – this rich Persian flower name also means “gift of God.”
  41. Jean – an extra-vintage form of Jane, meaning “God is gracious.”
  42. Jeanette – or Janette, both ultra-feminine forms of Janet, meaning “God is gracious.”
  43. Jessica – meaning “God beholds,” this name is particularly popular for little girls.
  44. Joan – is up there among the 4-letter godly names, Jane and Jean.
  45. Joanna – meaning “God is gracious,” with Joanne being another beautiful option.
  46. Juanita – meaning “God is gracious,” a sweet Spanish name for your new cutie.
  47. Kayla – a cool short form of Michaela, sounding modern among devout names that mean God.
  48. Libby – a sweet, diminutive form of Elizabeth with a gentle beauty.
  49. Liesl – this German form of Elizabeth will be appreciated among Sound of Music fans.
  50. Lisa – meaning “promised to God,” Lisa is cute and short among Hebrew names meaning God.
  51. Lissette – is an ultra-feminine French variant of Lisa.
  52. Lizzy – a classic nickname for Elizabeth, with Liza also as a stunning variation.
  53. Lyssa – a Greek goddess name, meaning “blessed, God’s promise.”
  54. Manuela – like Emanuela, this captivating name means “God is with us.”
  55. Mattea – a sexy feminine twist on Matthew, meaning “God’s gift.”
  56. Michaela – a feminine form of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
  57. Michelle – a traditional French variant of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
  58. Milagros meaning “miracles” in Spanish, Milagros has a divine aura of prosperity.
  59. Misha – a fun Russian girl name from the same root as Michael.
  60. Nathanielle – a lesser-heard feminine form of Nathan, meaning “gift from God.”
  61. Nevaeh – this modern name is “heaven,” spelled backward, for dreamy little girls.
  62. Ninette – a delicate French diminutive of Nina, meaning “little girl” or “favored by God.”
  63. Ohanna – a celebration of “God’s gracious gift,” this name is Armenian in origin.
  64. Oni – one of the shortest girl names that mean God, offering “protection of God.”
  65. Rafaela – a charming Spanish feminine form of Raphael, meaning “God has healed.”
  66. Samantha – meaning “God has heard,” this Hebrew name is friendly and familiar.
  67. Samara – for a lucky baby who is “protected by God.”
  68. Selma – is tough among names meaning God for girls; this German name means “helmet of God.”
  69. Seonag – a Scottish Gaelic alternative to Jane, pronounced “SHO-nak.”
  70. Shanequa – a trendy African-American name meaning “God is gracious.”
  71. Shauna – meaning “God is gracious” is a feminine twist on the Irish Shawn.
  72. Shona – similar to Shauna, also referring to a tidal island off Scotland.
  73. Siân – an exotic Welsh variant of Jane, meaning “God is gracious.”
  74. Sibeal – meaning “God is my oath,” this Irish girl’s name is pronounced “shib-eel.”
  75. Sinéad – another typically Irish pick among godly names, meaning “God is gracious.”
  76. Siobhan – also meaning “God is gracious,” from Irish roots.
  77. Sunday – an unconventional name inspired by the most holy day of the week.
  78. Tanaquil – a rare and queenly Etruscan name for your little “gift of God.”
  79. Téa – a cozy name meaning “gift of God,” reminding us of the hot drink.
  80. Theodora – or Teodora, for perfect “God’s gifts.”
  81. Theodosia – an even more spectacular variant of Theodora, of Greek roots.
  82. Urania – this Greek goddess name is the most “heavenly” among names, meaning god for girls.
  83. Uria – a pretty and ethereal name, meaning “God is my light.”
  84. Uriella – another “Uri-” name, yet with that adorably feminine “-ella” suffix.
  85. Vanna – meaning “God’s gift” in Hebrew, also “golden” in Cambodian.
  86. Xhaneta – means “God is gracious,” yet with that trendy X initial.
  87. Yana – short and international, meaning “God is gracious.”
  88. Yanira – girly and exotic among names that mean “God’s gift.”
  89. Yanka – distinctly Slavic among names that mean “God is gracious.”
  90. Yelyzaveta – or Yelysaveta, both head-turning Ukrainian variants of Elizabeth.
  91. Yocheved – a serious Hebrew name from the Bible, meaning “God is glory.”
  92. Yvanna – a variant of Ivanna, meaning “God is gracious.”
  93. Zariah – this international name has meanings including “helped by God,” “flower,” and “radiance.”
  94. Zhanna – a Russian name that has been “graced by God.”
  95. Zsanett – a Hungarian form of Jeanette, with a spelling that’s not to be sneered at.

147 Manly Names Meaning God for Boys

Any devout boy will sound handsome and charming with these adorable god names for men.

  1. Aayan – meaning “God’s gift, blessing,” to shoot your boy straight to the top of the register.
  2. Abdullah – famous and respected among Muslim male names, meaning “servant of God.”
  3. Adriel – meaning “God is my master” as a Hebrew name, also “beaver” from Native American origins.
  4. Amadeus – an epic Latin name for a child who either “loves God” or is “loved by God.”
  5. Amos – humble yet spectacular, meaning “carried by God.”
  6. Atlas – after the mythical Titan god, known as the “bearer of the heavens.”
  7. Azaziah – this spectacular Hebrew name is rich with the “strength of the Lord.”
  8. Balthazar – a festive biblical boy’s name, patriotically meaning “God protects the king.”
  9. Baraqiel – this most angelic name has a powerful meaning: “lightning of God.”
  10. Bogdan – for a “God-given” Slavic hero.
  11. Caius – a name to sing out loudly, meaning “rejoice.”
  12. Castiel – meaning “shield of God” for a spectacular guardian angel.
  13. Chatzkel – a Yiddish name meaning “God strengthens.”
  14. Chidike – this African (Igbo) name is confident with its “God is strong, strength of God” meaning.
  15. Daniel – meaning “God is my judge,” a consistently popular pick among devout parents.
  16. Dominic – a Pope’s name for a child “of the Lord.”
  17. Donato – for a child “given by God,” with trendy Spanish and Italian roots.
  18. Dorotheos – a male form of Dorothy with ancient Greek origins.
  19. Eli – a short yet special name for a humble man, short for Elijah or Elias.
  20. Elias – meaning “the Lord is my God,” this old-fashioned name is strong and secure.
  21. Elijah – a variant of Elias, meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  22. Emmanuel – or Immanuel, meaning “God is with us” from Hebrew roots.
  23. Eoin – a fun Gaelic form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  24. Evan – a cool Welsh variant of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  25. Ezekiel – meaning “God’s strength,” this Hebrew name has cool nicknames such as Zeke or Ezzy.
  26. Fyodor – a hot Russian variant of Theodore, meaning “God’s gift.”
  27. Gabriel – the most handsome angel name for a boy, meaning “God is my strength.”
  28. Gadiel – not as popular as Gabriel, meaning “God is my fortune.”
  29. Gavril – also meaning “God is my strength,” is of Slavic origins.
  30. Geppetto – an Italian name meaning “God will increase,” famously borne by the character in Disney’s Pinocchio.
  31. Gianis – this Greek name is cool and continental, meaning “gift of God.”
  32. Giovanni – one of the longer variations of John, this time of Italian origins.
  33. Gleb – a funny Russian name meaning “heir of God.”
  34. Godfrey – meaning “peace of God,” this name has the most harmonious connotations.
  35. Gorm – a Viking name for a “respector, worshiper of God.”
  36. Gottfrid – a Swedish variant of Godfrey, meaning “peace of God.”
  37. Gustavo – for a Brazilian boy who is “protected by God.”
  38. Han – this shorter name is great for Star Wars fans, originally a variant of John.
  39. Haniel – sounds radiant in Hebrew; this joyful name means “God’s grace.”
  40. Ian – or Iain, a typically Scottish form of John.
  41. Ismael – with Arabic and Hebrew roots, meaning “God will hear, God listens.”
  42. Ivan – a Slavic name to remind us that “God is gracious.”
  43. Jaasiel – this rare yet special biblical name means “God is my maker.”
  44. Jace – this handsome name means “healer” and “lord of salvation.”
  45. Jack – a timeless classic name for a lad, meaning “God is gracious.”
  46. Jackson – a powerful patronymic, meaning “Jack’s son” or perhaps “son of God.”
  47. Jacob – another iconic biblical name, meaning “supplanter” or “may God protect.”
  48. Jacques – a typically French name, asking “may God protect.”
  49. Jadon – a Hebrew name meaning “God will judge” or “thankful.”
  50. Jahleel – a hopeful name, meaning “God waits.”
  51. Janne – a shorter, Swedish variant of Johannes.
  52. Japeth – a unique biblical name for a “handsome” man, meaning “God extends.”
  53. Jarmo – fun and Finnish, meaning “God will exalt.”
  54. Jaziel – or Jahziel- are unique names with stylish spelling, meaning “God apportions.”
  55. Jedidiah – is rhythmic among Hebrew names meaning God, for a child “beloved of the Lord.”
  56. Jehoiachin – a standout biblical name for a heaven-sent baby “established by God.”
  57. Jehonathan – for when you can’t choose between Jonathan or Nathan.
  58. Jehovah – a highly significant Hebrew name relating to God Himself.
  59. Jeremiah – meaning “God will exalt” for manly Hebrew warriors.
  60. Jeremy – a modern-sounding variant of Jeremiah, popular in the U.S.
  61. Jesse – this Hebrew name oozes charisma and the joyful assurance that “God exists.”
  62. Jesus – the most captivating among God’s names, meaning “the Lord is salvation.”
  63. Jevon – a trendy Welsh name for your “gift of God.”
  64. João – a Portuguese variant of John.
  65. Joaquín – a cool, shorter variant of Jehoiachin.
  66. Joe – a classic nickname for a friendly little dude, short for Joseph or other “Jo-” names.
  67. Joel – a devout Hebrew name signifying “the Lord is God.”
  68. Joey – a cutesy variant of Joe, perfect for a little kangaroo baby.
  69. Johannes – a longer, more gracious form of John with the same heavenly meaning.
  70. Jonathan – for a blessed baby, consider this name meaning “God has given.”
  71. Jonty – a unique and typically British diminutive of Jonathan.
  72. Joseph – meaning “God will give,” this biblical name is a consistently popular pick among parents.
  73. Josh – this Joshua nickname is simultaneously spiritual and stylish.
  74. Joshua – meaning “God is salvation” for boys on a righteous path.
  75. Josiah – or Josias, meaning “God supports, God heals.”
  76. Jovan – a “majestic” Roman name to tell us that “God is gracious.”
  77. Juan – a typically Spanish take on John.
  78. Juho – meaning “God is gracious,” this Finnish name is pronounced “yoo-hoo.”
  79. Kaapro – a cool Finnish name for a “strong man of God.”
  80. Khodadad – this unique Persian male name is also for a child “given by the Lord.”
  81. Lazar – a sparky Hebrew name for a child whom “God has helped.”
  82. Manish – this “intelligent” Hindu name celebrates a “God of the mind.”
  83. Manolo – assuring us that “God is with us,” as a cute variant of Manuel.
  84. Manuel – a handsome Spanish name, reminding its bearer that “God is with us.”
  85. Matt – a classic, 4-letter nickname from Matthew.
  86. Matthew – a humble and soft name for a “God-given” baby.
  87. Matvey – a unique Russian variant of Matthew with the same pious meaning.
  88. Michael – asking, “Who is like God?” this classic biblical name is full of spirituality and hope.
  89. Michaelangelo – combines two heavenly names to create this famous and spectacular name for a man.
  90. Miguel – this classic Spanish form of Michael looks handsome on any church-going man.
  91. Mihailo – a gentle Slavic form of Michael, with the rejoiceful “hail” element we adore.
  92. Mike – or Mikey, both classic nicknames from Michael.
  93. Mitchell – this last name comes from the same stem as Michael, asking, “Who is like God?”
  94. Nael – meaning “gift of God,” this French name looks like Nathaniel, but squished.
  95. Nate – short for Nathan or Nathaniel, for an easygoing kid.
  96. Nathan – meaning “gift of God,” this most handsome Hebrew name is truly captivating.
  97. Nathaniel – a longer form of Nathan with the same God-given meaning.
  98. Nehemiah – another rare pick among Hebrew names that means God for boys, meaning “God comforts.”
  99. Nosson – a unique Yiddish pick, meaning “God-given.”
  100. Nuriel – as radiant as the sun, this Hebrew name is blessed with the “fire of God.”
  101. Othniel – meaning “lion of God” to bring the pride of religion into your family.
  102. Pepe – meaning “God increases,” this Spanish name surprisingly comes from the same root as Joseph.
  103. Rafał – meaning “God heals,” is a Polish form of Raphael.
  104. Ramiel – meaning “thunder of God,” perfect for a baby born under stormy heavens.
  105. Raphael – meaning “God has healed,” this beautiful Hebrew name keeps the faith.
  106. Sajid – this Arabic boy’s name is destined for “one who bows down to God.”
  107. Sam – a classic, 3-letter pick among godly names for boys, short for Samuel or Samael.
  108. Samael – rich in temptation, this Hebrew archangel name means “poison of God.”
  109. Samuel – meaning “God has heard,” this boyish name is popular for a reason.
  110. Sean – meaning “God is gracious,” also often seen spelled like Shaun or Shawn.
  111. Shane – from the same stem as Shaun, signifying that “God is gracious.”
  112. Shia – a dreamy Hebrew name fit for celebrities, meaning “gift of God.”
  113. Shiloh – a Hebrew name as soft as a whisper, meaning “heavenly peace, tranquility.”
  114. Shmuel – a traditional biblical variant of Samuel, meaning “God has heard.”
  115. Teofil – this peculiar Polish and Romanian name is “loved by God.”
  116. Theo – short for Theodore, but increasingly used as a standalone name.
  117. Theodore – vintage and sweet for your little chosen one, meaning “gift of God.”
  118. Tiago – this hot Portuguese name pleads, “may God protect.”
  119. Timothy – to be borne by “one who honors God,” with Tim as a sweet nickname.
  120. Tobias – with the simple yet stunning meaning of “God is good.”
  121. Toby – a cute and popular short form of Tobias.
  122. Txomin – believe it or not, this is a Basque form of Dominic, meaning “belonging to God.”
  123. Ubadah – a devout Arabic name for a “servant of God.”
  124. Uchechi – this unique African name represents “God’s will.”
  125. Ukesh – this rare Indian boy’s name also means “God’s gift.”
  126. Uri – is short among Hebrew godly names for boys, meaning “God is my light.”
  127. Uriel – a romantic name, also meaning “God is my light.”
  128. Uzziah – meaning “strength of God,” this Hebrew name has the cutest possible nicknames.
  129. Yachle’el – a variant of Jahleel, meaning “God waits.”
  130. Yadiel – this Spanish name is vibrant in “praise of God.”
  131. Yahya – fun to say and handsome; this Muslim name means “God is gracious.”
  132. Yakim – a Russian form of Jehoiachin, meaning “established by God.”
  133. Yisrael – or Yisroel, meaning “God contends.”
  134. Yousuf – or Yusuf, meaning “God will add,” as an Arabic form of Joseph.
  135. Zach – or Zak, both trendy short forms of Zachary or Zacharias.
  136. Zacharias – or Zacharaiah, meaning “God has remembered” from Hebrew roots.
  137. Zachary – shorter than Zacharias, yet with the same beautiful spirit.
  138. Zadkiel – this Jewish and Christian archangel name means “God is my righteousness.”
  139. Zahid – for a baby boy “devoted to God.”
  140. Zarek – another patriotic pick, this Polish name means “may God protect the king.”
  141. Zebedee – uplifting in sound and style, this biblical name means “gift of God.”
  142. Zebediah – another “gift of God” name from Hebrew.
  143. Zedekiah – this Hebrew Z name means “the Lord is just.”
  144. Zeke – a trendy short form of Ezekiel, meaning “God’s strength.”
  145. Zephaniah – is cool among names that mean God with Z initials, meaning “God has hidden.”
  146. Ziven – meaning “light of God” as a Hebrew name, or “lively” from Slavic roots.
  147. Zuriel – powerful and sweet, meaning “the Lord is my rock.”

8 Gorgeous Gender-Neutral God Names

These unisex names meaning god are perfect for any little angel on a path of righteousness.

  1. Angel – a luminous, gender-neutral name for a baby messenger sent straight from the heavens.
  2. Elliott – meaning “the Lord is my God” can also be spelled Eliott or Elliot.
  3. Isa – an international name with various meanings, including “devoted to God” or “strong-willed.”
  4. Jackie – a gender-neutral diminutive of Jack or Jacqueline, meaning “God is gracious.”
  5. Sammy – or Sammi, short for the devout names Samuel or Samantha.
  6. Yachin – rare yet special among biblical names, meaning “God will establish.”
  7. Yanis – a funky unisex name for your baby “gift of God.”
  8. Yannick – a well-to-do name meaning “God is gracious” of French or Hebrew origins.

Godly Names FAQs

What Name Means “Who Resembles God?”

The name Michael holds the meaning of “Who is like God?” If you love that name, consider variants such as Miguel, Mitchell, or Mihailo and the classic diminutive form, Mike. For girls, we love Michelle or Michaela and the trendy short form Kayla.

What Are Some Common Godly Names?

Spiritual names that mean God are ever-popular among parents. For boys, you’ll no doubt have heard names such as David, Michael, Daniel, Joshua, Jacob, Samuel, or John, while girl names such as Elizabeth, Gabriella, Danielle, Jessica, and Isabella all shine too.

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