101 Names That Mean Rain: Sent From the Skies Above

These are the most refreshing names that mean rain for the cutest little water babies.

Does it look like rain in your pregnancy? Grab your umbrella and cozy up here to discover the sweetest names that mean rain, each ideal for babies born during a gorgeous shower!

Whether you prefer the gentle refreshment of morning rainfall or the thunderous chaos of a dramatic storm, you’re sure to be inspired by all these adorable rain names for babies. And, with all their watery meanings, origins, namesakes, and more for you to enjoy, your new little rain baby will have the most heavenly title in no time.

Let’s take a peek.

44 Delicate Girl Names That Mean Rain

She’ll sound as fresh as a daisy with one of these adorable names meaning rain for girls.

  1. Amaia – a great international name meaning “brave warrior” (Greek), “high place” (Spanish), and “night rain” (Japanese).
  2. Amaya – like Amaia, this pretty “rain” name will surely make you smile.
  3. Ame – the sweetest among rain names, meaning “beloved” in Latin and “rain” in Japanese.
  4. April – a gorgeous month name, making us think of cozy April showers.
  5. Aqua – a vivid blue name for a girl born on a watery day.
  6. Asiaq – an enchanting name after an Inuit weather goddess.
  7. Audra – a variant of the English Audrey, also meaning “storm” in Lithuanian.
  8. Aysu – meaning “moon water” in Turkish, may inspire a lunar baby born during a twilit rainfall.
  9. Barkha – is strong yet unique among Hindi girl names meaning “rain.”
  10. Bora – a vivid international name, meaning “snow” in Albanian, “purple” in Korean, and “storm” in Turkish.
  11. Bunzi – fun and fabulous, inspired by a rain goddess from Kongo mythology.
  12. Dima – as an Arabic female name, this watery pick means “rain, downpour.”
  13. Dodola – a name for a new baby rain bringer inspired by a Slavic rain goddess.
  14. Doireann – meaning “tempestuous,” this Irish name sounds like a proper whirlwind.
  15. Ekaitza – a feminine twist on Ekatiz, meaning “storm” in Basque.
  16. Euri – an uncommon Basque choice among names meaning “rain.”
  17. Huyana – an elegant name of Native American (Miwok) origin, meaning “falling rain.”
  18. Iris – after the Greek rainbow goddess, this name is also a type of flower.
  19. Jorah – a melodic Hebrew girl’s name meaning “autumn rain,” full of cozy, familiar vibes.
  20. Lluvia – the Spanish word for “rain” makes an uncommon yet continental option.
  21. Lumo – is a cute name after a Tibetan rain and sky goddess.
  22. Mariamman – after a Hindu weather goddess, with Mari as an adorably feminine nickname.
  23. Misty – a poetic weather-inspired name, full of intrigue and suspense.
  24. Nafula – a fun African name for an angel “born during the rainy season.”
  25. Neha – a popular Hindi name with various meanings, including “love” and “rain.”
  26. Nimbus – from Latin, this rain name refers to a gray cloud.
  27. Noelani – this Hawaiian feminine name means “heavenly mist,” making us think of the most divine rain.
  28. Nyambura – a romantic African name, also meaning “rain.”
  29. Ọya – sounds tempestuous among rain names for girls, after a Yoruba goddess of rain and violent weather.
  30. Pluie – the French word for “rain” looks like it’d make a cute given name for a girl.
  31. Puleng – a rare African pick among names for girls born “in the rain.”
  32. Raina – a Slavic name meaning “queen,” with that rainy-day spelling.
  33. Rainlynn – combining Rain with the popular suffix “-lynn” creates this cute, modern name.
  34. Rainy – a fairy-like pick among rain names for gorgeous girls born in a shower.
  35. Reign – it sounds like “rain” but has a particularly regal spelling.
  36. Reva – an alluring Indian pick among girl names that mean “rain.”
  37. Riu – a pretty Japanese girl’s name element with many possible meanings, including “rain” or “jasmine.”
  38. Sade – the Finnish word for “rain”- resembles the unrelated English girl’s name, Sadie.
  39. Stormi – a cute celebrity baby name, impactful with imagery of thunder and lightning.
  40. Tali – a variant of the unisex Hebrew name Tal, meaning “rain, dew.”
  41. Tufani meaning “storm” in Swahili, sounding a bit like the unrelated female name Tiffany.
  42. Tundra – a unique geographical vocabulary name for a baby with a stormy feel.
  43. Varsha – a strong Hindu name for girls born during the “Varsha” monsoon season.
  44. Vrishti – another pretty Hindu name meaning “rain.”

29 Handsome Boy Names That Mean Rain

The trendiest rain names for the coolest men, full of adventure and outdoorsy inspiration.

  1. Anẓar – after a rain god in Berber mythology.
  2. Brennan – rooted in Irish, this surname and given name could mean “rain, drop.”
  3. Chaac – a cool name with unique spelling, inspired by a Maya god of rain and storms.
  4. Coyote – a wild, animal-inspired name after a rain-controlling character in Navajo mythology.
  5. Dalphon – or Dalfon, both unique Hebrew male names with the splish-splashy meaning of “raindrop.”
  6. Dzahui – or Dzavui, after a god of rain from Mesoamerican mythology.
  7. Ekaitz – this badass name meaning “storm” in Basque, bursts with electricity.
  8. Ghayth – a unique Arabic boy’s name meaning “rain,” with a gentle sound we adore.
  9. Horus – the most powerful of boy names that mean rain, after the Egyptian god of the sky.
  10. Lono – is inspired by the Hawaiian god of fertility, agriculture, and rainfall.
  11. Mazin – meaning “rain clouds,” this Arabic name comes from the skies above.
  12. Mehul – a handsome Indian name meaning “cloud” or “rain.”
  13. Neifion – interestingly, a Welsh form of Neptune, meaning “wet clouds.”
  14. Neptune – the Roman god of the sea and freshwater, bore this “wet” name.
  15. Nuada – from Irish legend, this spellbinding name means “cloud maker.”
  16. Ociel – meaning “from the sky,” this Latin name is as heavenly as fresh rainfall.
  17. Perun – is after the Slavic sky god, one of the most thunderous rain names.
  18. Pillan – after a god of stormy weather in Native American (Mapuche) culture.
  19. Prospero – a “prosperous” name borne by the powerful, weather-controlling character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
  20. Rafferty – a powerful yet overwhelming Irish boy’s name meaning “prosperity” and “flood tide.”
  21. Regen – a rare name from a German word meaning “rain.”
  22. Saar – or Sa’ar, a Hebrew name meaning “storm.”
  23. Styrmir – rooted in Old Norse, this name reflects a “storm” perfectly.
  24. Thor – a badass choice for a man, after the famous and heroic Norse god of thunder.
  25. Tlaloc – inspired by an Aztec god of rain and fertility, among earthy, rain-inspired names for babies.
  26. Wafula – of African origin, this name denotes a lad “born during the rainy season.”
  27. Wambua – this adorable African name is destined for a boy “born during the rainy season.”
  28. Zeus – an all-mighty Greek god name for a badass “sky father.”
  29. Zryan – a rare Arabic male name meaning “storm.”

28 Refreshing, Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Rain

Join us under this colorful umbrella of unisex rain names for the cutest water babies.

  1. Baran – this Persian pick is great if you love gender-neutral names that mean “rain” for babies.
  2. Brishan – a refreshing Romani choice for a baby “born during a rainstorm.”
  3. Chumani – meaning “dew drops” or “prosperity,” this Native American and African name is fresh and vibrant.
  4. Cloud – a unique nature name for fluffy little angels.
  5. Enakai – this cute Hawaiian name means “storm,” like a choppy ocean.
  6. Flood – a traditional last name found in Ireland, meaning “flood, stream.”
  7. Freyr – inspired by the all-powerful Norse god of weather, fertility, and prosperity.
  8. Gale – a windy name that makes us think of blustery, autumnal showers.
  9. Hurricane – a chaotic gender-neutral name inspired by dramatic weather.
  10. Indra – like the Hindu sky deity, this name means “possessor of the rain.”
  11. Jupiter – an out-of-this-world name after the almighty Roman god of the sky.
  12. Lokni – a unique Native American name, said to refer to rain falling through a roof.
  13. Marka – a gender-neutral African name referring to “steady rainfall.”
  14. Moe – a Burmese name meaning “rain,” also a cute nickname for various “Mo-” names.
  15. Myrsky – we love this fun Finnish name meaning “storm.”
  16. Nehal – like the feminine Neha, this charming Sanskrit name has various meanings, including “rainy” and “beautiful.”
  17. Raiden – is badass among rain names, after a legendary Japanese god of storms.
  18. Rain – simple yet spectacular, is the most literal and beautiful among names that mean rain.
  19. Rainbow – the most magical of weather-inspired names for a rainy-day baby.
  20. Raine – another rather enchanting and unique way of spelling Rain.
  21. Regn – the literal word for “rain” in Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish languages.
  22. Sky – a gorgeous, rain-related vocabulary name for a kid who’s always lost in a daydream.
  23. Storm – you’ll hear them coming with this thunderous rain-inspired name!
  24. Tal – a refreshing Hebrew pick meaning “rain” or “dew.”
  25. Tempest – an awesome middle name for a kid with the stormiest personality.
  26. Tornado – another epic middle name, sure to get them in a spin.
  27. Yağmur – meaning “rain” in Turkish, makes a strong given and last name for a baby.
  28. Yu – a Chinese name element with various meanings, including “rain” and “jade, gemstone.”

Rain Names FAQs

Is Rainy a Good Name?

Rainy is an adorable name, especially for a girl born during a shower. Alternatively, Rain makes a sweet, gender-neutral choice, or you could opt for the regal spelling variant, Reign. Lastly, we love modern rain name choices such as Rainlynn or Rainbow.

What Are Some Rain Cloud Names for Babies?

If you want to take inspiration from the cloudy skies above, consider baby names such as Nimbus, Mazin, Mehul, Neifion, or Nuada. Cloud also makes a dreamy name choice, which could work better as a middle name.

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