182 Boy Names That Start With J: With Meanings

These jubilant boy names that start with J are just delightful!

Boy names that start with J are timelessly popular among parents, with this handsome, charming initial being one of the most beloved around. It’s no wonder since many J names for boys have beautiful biblical origins, while countless others offer spectacular meanings from all around the world.

Below, we have gathered the top names for boys that start with J and listed their most joyful meanings, origins, namesakes, and more. Your son will be jubilant to behold any of these gorgeous options, so keep reading to find his unique jewel of a name below.

182 Joyful Boy Names That Start With J

Your son will shine with one of these perfect names for boys that start with J.

  1. J – the letter works as a fun nickname, popular when paired with other initials.
  2. Jaasiel – a radiant biblical name for a child, meaning “God is my maker.”
  3. Jabari – this handsome Swahili name is fit for “brave, fearless” men.
  4. Jabbar – this epic name means “giant, almighty” in Arabic.
  5. Jabez – a lesser-heard biblical name, disappointingly meaning “sorrowful.”
  6. Jac – or Jak, if you’re looking for a trendy, 3-letter spelling of the ever-popular Jack.
  7. Jace – a handsome and spiritual name, meaning “lord of salvation, healer.”
  8. Jacek – rare among flower names for boys, this Polish pick refers to a “hyacinth flower.”
  9. Jaci – this unisex name belonged to the god of the moon in Tupi-Guarani mythology.
  10. Jacinto – a Spanish and Portuguese name meaning “hyacinth flower.”
  11. Jack – a classic among names that start with J for boys, meaning “God is gracious.”
  12. Jackie – a diminutive of Jack, perhaps more often used for females.
  13. Jackson – a very popular patronymic name for a “son of God.”
  14. Jacob – this hugely popular biblical name means “supplanter.”
  15. Jacobo – who knew adding an “o” to the already-gorgeous Jacob would make such a charming name?
  16. Jacques – a classic French male name meaning “may God protect.”
  17. Jacy – as a Native American (Blackfoot) name, this celestial pick shines like “the moon.”
  18. Jada – a gender-neutral, Hebrew celebrity name for a kid destined to be “all-knowing, wise.”
  19. Jadon – a “thankful” Hebrew name meaning “God will judge.”
  20. Ja’far – meaning “stream, creek,” this Arabic name belongs to an iconic Disney villain.
  21. Jäger – or Jaeger, a common German surname meaning “hunter,” for adventurous lads.
  22. Jagger – full of swagger, this music-lovers name is traditionally referred to as “carter.”
  23. Jago – this trendy pick is a Cornish form of Jacob, meaning “supplanter.”
  24. Jai – a radiant Sanskrit name, shining with “victory” and “triumph.”
  25. Jairo – or Jair, a Spanish name for a spiritual soul who “shines.”
  26. Jakai – it’s hard not to be impressed by this modern name, combining Jack with the romantic Kai.
  27. Jake – one of the cutest nicknames for boys that start with J, from Jacob.
  28. Jaki – a fun variant of Jack, this Icelandic name means “iceberg.”
  29. Jakobe – like Jacobo, this is a unique twist on the classically popular name Jacob.
  30. Jalaneel – great if you love colorful J names for boys; this Indian boy’s name means “blue.”
  31. Jaleel – fit for a king, this Arabic name is “grand, great, noble.”
  32. Jalmari – protected and ready for battle, this Finnish name means “helmeted warrior.”
  33. Jalo – a luminous, 4-letter name meaning “noble, gracious.”
  34. Jamal – with the simple meaning of “beauty,” this divine Arabic name shines bright.
  35. Jamarcus – a cool American name coined from Marcus, related to the Roman god Mars.
  36. Jamari – a striking Arabic name meaning “beauty.”
  37. James – this classic boy name means “supplanter,” great as a middle name that’ll go with anything.
  38. Jameson – if your child is a “son of James,” this is a gorgeous nod to behold.
  39. Jamie – a fun, gender-neutral diminutive from James, also spelled Jaime.
  40. Jan – an attractive and smart variant of John in many European languages.
  41. Jango – meaning “brave warrior,” this African boy’s name will be admired by Star Wars fans.
  42. Janko – a Slavic diminutive name from others with that charming “jan” element.
  43. Janne – a Swedish form of Johannes, meaning “God is gracious.”
  44. Janus – after the Roman god of beginnings, great if you have a January-born son.
  45. Janvier – the French word for January makes a great pick for a New Year-born baby.
  46. Japheth – a biblical name meaning “handsome” or “God extends.”
  47. Jaq – perhaps the most exotic way of spelling Jack.
  48. Jarbig – an unusual Armenian name for “smart, clever, able” men.
  49. Jared – meaning “he descends,” this Hebrew pick is popular in America.
  50. Jareth – from the Welsh name Gareth, this unique choice means “gentle.”
  51. Jarl – a slick Viking name designed for a “chief” or “nobleman.”
  52. Jarlath – a regal entry among boy names that start with J, meaning “leader, princely” in Gaelic.
  53. Jarmo – a fun Finnish form of Jeremiah, meaning “God will exalt.”
  54. Jaromír – a cool Slavic male name with meanings including “spry,” “peace,” and “world.”
  55. Jarosław – this Polish name is ready for battle, meaning “powerful glory.”
  56. Jarrett – a badass British name for a lad as “brave, strong” as a “spear.”
  57. Järvi – a Finnish surname and male given name with the cool meaning of “lake.”
  58. Jarvis – an English surname presumed to mean “servant’s spear.”
  59. Jason – a timeless male name meaning “healer.”
  60. Jasper – this hot Persian boy’s name meaning “guardian of treasure” is a great gemstone name.
  61. Jasur – is powerful among Asian male names that start with J, meaning “brave, courageous.”
  62. Javi – is short for Javier, with a fun, youthful appeal.
  63. Javier – this popular Spanish name means “new house.”
  64. Javon – this cool Hebrew name refers to the country of Greece.
  65. Jax – a modern diminutive of Jackson, with that stylish and desirable “x” spelling.
  66. Jay – the cutest of initial names, also signifying the type of bird.
  67. Jayceon – a futuristic-looking twist on Jason, meaning “healer.”
  68. Jayden – a modern invented name matching other popular rhymes such as Hayden or Kaiden.
  69. Jayvon – a spelling variant of Javon, or just a cool-sounding, modern American moniker.
  70. Jaziel – or Jahziel, both unique names meaning “God apportions.”
  71. Jazz – this unisex name is funky and soulful, inspired by the genre of music.
  72. Jean – the French form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  73. Jean-Baptiste – a glowing French name referring to Saint John the Baptist.
  74. Jeb – is short for Jacob, or perhaps a separate Hebrew name for a “beloved friend.”
  75. Jed – a punchy short form of Jedidiah.
  76. Jedidiah – this infinitely fun-to-say Hebrew name is fit for a “beloved of the Lord.”
  77. Jędrek – tough and ready, this Polish name is designed for a “strong man.”
  78. Jeet – a unique Hindi pick among guy names that start with J, meaning “victory.”
  79. Jeff – short for Jeffrey, also spelled Geoff.
  80. Jefferson – a presidential surname for a “son of Jeffrey.”
  81. Jeffrey – a form of the Germanic-rooted name Geoffrey, meaning “peace.”
  82. Jehoiachin – this standout biblical name means “established by God,” with Joaquín as a shorter variant.
  83. Jehovah – one of the most significant Hebrew boy names with J, relating to God himself.
  84. Jelani – a charming African-American name meaning “strong, powerful, great.”
  85. Jenesis – a trendy, unisex name, taken as a mis-spelling of Genesis.
  86. Jenner – a trendy celebrity surname with the awesome meaning of “engineer.”
  87. Jens – a cool Danish form of John.
  88. Jensen – means “son of Jens.”
  89. Jep – another of many 3-letter J nicknames on this list, short for Jeffrey or Jerald.
  90. Jephthah – another biblical Hebrew name meaning “to open.”
  91. Jerald – like Gerald, spelled with a J, meaning “rule of the spear.”
  92. Jeremiah – a loving and manly Hebrew name, meaning “God will exalt.”
  93. Jeremy – a radiant name and variant of Jeremiah, meaning “God will exalt.”
  94. Jericho – a place name and first name believed to mean “city of the moon.”
  95. Jermaine – this “brotherly” name has Latin, German, and French roots.
  96. Jerome rooted in Greek yet timelessly American, this strong J name means “sacred.”
  97. Jeronimo – also means “sacred” and is an alternative to Geronimo.
  98. Jerrel – or Jerroll, a rare English name for a “strong ruler.”
  99. Jerry – a classic old man name, short for anything with that “Jer” element.
  100. Jerzy – a cool Polish form of the classic George, meaning “farmer.”
  101. Jesse – handsome and fun, this Hebrew name confirms that “God exists.”
  102. Jeston – a cool Welsh last name, perfect for a “clever thinker.”
  103. Jesus – the most captivating name, meaning “the Lord is salvation.”
  104. Jet – with Latin roots, this hot 3-letter name resembles the darkest shade of black.
  105. Jethro – a trendy Hebrew pick meaning “abundance” or “excellence.”
  106. Jeton meaning “life” in Albanian, or referring to an old counting “token” in French.
  107. Jez – a fun nickname for Jeremy, meaning “hedgehog” in some European languages.
  108. Jian – this prosperous Chinese male name element means “strong, healthy.”
  109. Jiemba – this indigenous Australian name has the most joyful meaning of “laughing star.”
  110. Jim – a classic, 3-letter diminutive from James.
  111. Jimbo – this short form of James sounds like he’d be the life of the party!
  112. Jimeno – an affectionate Spanish J name, meaning “son.”
  113. Jiminy – Jiminy Crickets! Like the insect from Pinocchio, often used as an exclamation of surprise.
  114. Jimmy – a diminutive of James and a variant of Jim, perhaps best for younger lads.
  115. Jimson – if your boy’s father is called Jim, consider this cute name, meaning “son of Jim.”
  116. Jin – a cute, 3-letter Asian name with meanings including “gold” and “bright.”
  117. Jiraiya – this awesome Japanese boy’s name means “young thunder” for the coolest kid around.
  118. Jistu – a mischievous, animal-inspired Cherokee name after a legendary trickster “rabbit.”
  119. João – a Portuguese take on John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  120. Joaquín – a strong, masculine Spanish name for a family “established by God.”
  121. Job – a dated biblical name rarely heard today, meaning “persecuted.”
  122. Jocelyn – derived from the German Gauts tribe, perhaps better recognized as a girl’s name.
  123. Jock – this sporty stereotype makes a cool variant of Jack or John.
  124. Jockel – a fun, spiky, European nickname for Jacob or Joaquín.
  125. Jody – a gender-neutral nickname derived from J names such as Joseph, John, or Judy.
  126. Joe – everyone knows someone named Joe, short for Joseph or other “Jo-” names.
  127. Joel – a gorgeous Hebrew name meaning “the Lord is God.”
  128. Joey – is an easy-going variant of Joe, bringing cute baby kangaroos to mind.
  129. Joffrey – a lesser-heard, Game of Thrones-inspired fantasy variant to Jeffrey, meaning “peace.”
  130. Johannes – a longer form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  131. John – the most beloved of biblical J names for boys, meaning “graced by God.”
  132. Johnson – a common Anglo-Saxon surname and male-given name, meaning “son of John.”
  133. Johnston – only slightly different from Johnson, but means “John’s town.”
  134. Jökull – meaning “ice, glacier,” this Icelandic name is full of chill.
  135. Jolyon – a head-turning medieval form of Julian, with the most joyful spelling.
  136. Jonah – a handsome biblical Hebrew name with the symbolic meaning of “dove.”
  137. Jonas – a suave alternative to Jonah, with the pure white meaning of “dove.”
  138. Jonathan – a strong and longer alternative to John, meaning “God has given.”
  139. Jones – this hugely common British last name, meaning “son of John.”
  140. Jonny – an easy-going variant to John, great for a young man.
  141. Jonty – a quirky British diminutive of Jonathan.
  142. Joralf – a cheeky Norse name believed to mean “king elf.”
  143. Jordan – a top Hebrew name meaning “to flow down,” like the river.
  144. Jordy – derived from Jordan, this name sounds quirky and fun.
  145. Jorge – a hot Spanish form of George, meaning “farmer, earthworker.”
  146. Jörgen – like a Swedish form of George, also meaning “farmer.”
  147. José – a slick and popular Spanish form of Joseph.
  148. José María – this spectacular Spanish name combines those of the parents of Christ.
  149. Joseph – another strong biblical J name, meaning “God will add” or “God will give.”
  150. Josh – familiar and friendly; this is the most recognizable nickname for Joshua.
  151. Joshua – meaning “God is salvation,” this charming name is soft yet spectacular.
  152. Josiah – or Josias, both loyal names believing “God supports and heals.”
  153. Jóska – a unique Hungarian form of Joseph, meaning “God will add.”
  154. Joulu – great for a festive family; this Finnish word means “Christmas.”
  155. Journey – a unique name brimming with adventure and possibility.
  156. Jovan – soft and handsome, this “majestic” Roman name also means “God is gracious.”
  157. Jovanni – a rare, more modern spelling variation of the Italian Giovanni, meaning “God is gracious.”
  158. Jove – the powerful alternative name for the Roman god Jupiter.
  159. Joziah – like Josiah, but especially great if you love that snappy “z” spelling.
  160. Juan – the punchy and commanding Spanish form of John.
  161. Jubilee – is celebratory in tone, meaning “ram’s horn” as a unisex Hebrew name.
  162. Judah – biblical, symbolic, and mighty; this Hebrew name is worthy of “praise.”
  163. Judd – short but sturdy, this Hebrew-rooted name means “to flow down.”
  164. Jude – hey Jude, this gender-neutral name means “praised.”
  165. Judge – a great occupational name, fair and square.
  166. Judicaël – a rare yet awesome Breton name, meaning “generous lord.”
  167. Juho – pronounced “yoo-hoo,” this Finnish name means “God is gracious.”
  168. Julian – meaning “youthful,” this international name would be cute for a baby.
  169. Julio – the Spanish word for “July” is a variant of Julian, meaning “youthful.”
  170. Julius – recognizable among Roman emperor J names for boys, weirdly meaning “downy-bearded.”
  171. Juma – a beautifully commemorative name of Swahili origins, for a boy “born on a Friday.”
  172. Juneau – like Alaska’s capital city, great if your boy has a heritage in that state.
  173. Juni – playful and affectionate, this Swedish name would be cute for a baby born in “June.”
  174. Junior – an affectionate nickname often used if your son and his dad share a title.
  175. Junius – strong and Roman, and also perfect for a June-born baby.
  176. Jupiter – like the planet and the commanding ancient Roman king of the gods.
  177. Justice – perhaps the fairest of virtuous boy names with J initials.
  178. Justin – a cool name for a “just” man, rooted in Latin but typically American in style.
  179. Justus – if you love virtuous Roman saint names, you’ll adore this “just” option.
  180. Jyles – a trendy spelling of the English name Giles, meaning “young goat.”
  181. Jyoti – shining from its meaning of “light, flame,” this Hindi name sure is warming.
  182. Jyri – with a standout spelling and “yuy-ri” pronunciation, this sweet Finnish boy’s name means “farmer.”

J Names for Boys FAQs

What Are the Most Popular J Names for Boys?

In the U.S. alone, James has been the most popular boy name for babies born in the past 100 years, according to the Social Security Administration. John and Joseph also rank in the top 10. Jacob has been a consistently popular name among parents in recent decades, along with variants of all these names, such as Jake, Jonathan, and Joe.

What Are Some Modern Names for Boys That Start With J?

If you’re looking for the freshest, trendiest J names for boys, we’d recommend options such as Jagger, Jayden, Jakai, Jax, or Jayvon. Combining J with other initials to create unique names, such as JD or JR for a lad, is also stylish.

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