149 Girl Names That Start With M: for Magical Maidens

Get ready to marvel at these majestic and magical girl names that start with M.

When it comes to baby girl names, M is one of the most perfect initials. Parents really are spoiled for choice with such a range of magical, mesmerizing, and magnificent girl names that start with M.

To help you explore, we’ve listed many marvelous M names for girls below, ranging from the modern to the more mature. You’ll find that many of these share similar roots, so we’ve listed all their meanings, origins, and more for you to enjoy. Maybe you’ll find a magical M name for your daughter on this list.

28 Mesmerizing Girl Names That Start With M

These M names for girls are special and significant, just like your gorgeous daughter.

  1. Maelona – meaning “princess,” this uncommon Welsh name sounds straight from a fairytale.
  2. Maeve – meaning “she who intoxicates,” this Gaelic name is dominating popularity charts.
  3. Maia – the month of May was named after this Roman goddess of fertility, meaning “larger, greater.”
  4. Mairead – an enchantingly exotic Irish form of Margaret, pronounced: “mawr-aid.”
  5. Makani – this Hawaiian female name means “wind” and has blown right into our hearts!
  6. Malia – a Hawaiian form of Mary, used by President Obama for his daughter.
  7. Mandeep – this unisex Sanskrit name radiates like the sun, meaning “mind full of light.”
  8. Manuela – a gorgeously spiritual Hispanic name, meaning “God is with us.”
  9. Mariposa – means “butterfly” in Spanish, for beautiful girls who dance among flowers.
  10. Mavourna – an ever-so-elegant Gaelic name with the endearing meaning of “little darling.”
  11. Meadow – this enchanting name may be rare, but it makes us think of adventure.
  12. Medi – meaning “September” in Welsh, this name is full of that start-of-fall feeling.
  13. Mei – is so sweet and special; it has high usage in countless countries.
  14. Meleri – this Welsh girl’s name is so rare we don’t know its meaning, other than it belonging to a famous saint.
  15. Melody – a passionate, romantic, and musical name for a girl who shines like a “song.”
  16. Mercy – great for parents who love virtue names; this one is full of “compassion.”
  17. Mignonette – this French floral name may be long, but it has the effortlessly dainty meaning of “delicate.”
  18. Mirabel – meaning “wondrous,” this gorgeous Latin name is filled with beauty and grace.
  19. Miranda – a romantic Latin name for a special daughter who’s “worthy of admiration.”
  20. Misha – a Russian female name from the same root as the masculine Michael, meaning “who is like God?”
  21. Moon – a rare name for an ethereal little baby, perhaps born at night.
  22. Morana – from Slavic mythology, this name was morbidly borne by a goddess of death and winter.
  23. Morcan – another ocean-side entry among Welsh M names for girls, meaning “sea dweller.”
  24. Morgan – a popular Welsh name for a mermaid born “of the sea.”
  25. Morrigan – an Irish mythological pick with the terrifying meaning of “phantom queen.”
  26. Mrinalini – an enchanting Hindi flower name with the symbolic meaning of “lotus.”
  27. Muriel – a spectacular, gender-neutral name meaning “shining sea.”
  28. Myla – meaning “merciful” and “soldier,” perfect for the most noble of little women.

12 Magical M Names for Girls

These sweet and powerful girl names that start with M are best suited to magical maidens!

  1. Madeleine – a Greek name meaning “from Magdala” or “high tower.”
  2. Magnolia – a radiant flower name for babies born in the brightest sunshine.
  3. Mai – with the sweet floral meaning of “plum flower, cherry blossom” in Vietnamese.
  4. Marina – a Latin girl name meaning “of the sea,” is full of charm and magic.
  5. Medea – any sorceress would dazzle with this Greek mythological name that means “cunning.”
  6. Medusa – another powerful name from Greek mythology, after the Gorgon with snakes for hair.
  7. Merida – is borne by the fiery Scottish heroine princess in Disney Pixar’s Brave!
  8. Meryl – meaning “bright, shining sea,” Meryl glimmers like the sun off the water.
  9. Mia – one of the shortest and most common girl names with M initials, meaning “mine” in Spanish.
  10. Minnie – like the mouse, this adorable nickname sounds sweetly petite.
  11. Miriel – a cool name for Tolkien fans, meaning “jewel daughter” from his fictional Quenya language.
  12. Moana – a spectacular name for a Disney wayfinding princess, meaning “ocean, sea” in Hawaiian.

17 Mighty Women’s Names That Start With M

Warrior women will look tough and fabulous with these majestic M names for fearless females.

  1. Maajida – this all-mighty Muslim name for girls means “powerful.”
  2. Maanasi – meaning “deeply intelligent,” this Sanskrit choice is truly special.
  3. Magnhild – meaning “powerful in battle,” for little legends you wouldn’t want to mess with!
  4. Mallt – a rare Welsh alternative to Maud, meaning “strong in battle.”
  5. Marceline – with French roots, this powerful name would suit a “young warrior” perfectly.
  6. Marcella – don’t mess with anyone bearing this powerful Roman name, meaning “strong, warlike.”
  7. Martina – also related to the Roman god Mars, this “warlike” name sure packs a punch.
  8. Matilda – a perfect literary name for powerful little girls, meaning “strong in battle.”
  9. Mattie – like the determined heroine in the novel True Grit, this Matilda nickname is brilliant.
  10. Maud – a short version of Matilda and a medieval pick among tough names for girls that start with M.
  11. Maxine – from the Latin “Max” root, this commanding girl’s name means “the greatest.”
  12. Meja – this badass pick comes from Old Norse, meaning “power.”
  13. Meredith – a noble Welsh name meaning “great leader” for a wonderful woman in charge.
  14. Merrick – this epic English unisex name is fit for champions, meaning “fame, power, rule.”
  15. Mieczysława – a terrific Polish girl’s name, combining elements meaning “sword” and “glory.”
  16. Minerva – this Latin name means “the mind, intellect,” borne by the Roman goddess of wisdom.
  17. Mulan – a gorgeously floral Chinese name borne by the legendary warrior.

9 Modern Girl Names That Start With M

The most trendy of baby girl names that start with M, for the coolest girls only!

  1. Mackenzie – a trendy spelling variant of the Scottish McKenzie, great for cool kids.
  2. Macy – a popular choice meaning “weapon” in Old French or “hill” in English.
  3. Mae – a trendier spelling of May for your beautiful, spring-born angel.
  4. Marlee – a delightful name for a girl, with the enchanting meaning of “pleasant meadow or seaside meadow.”
  5. Marnie – a cute diminutive of various “Mar-” names, meaning “from the sea.”
  6. Marvel – an epic, trendy choice for urban superheroes, this M name is one to “marvel” at!
  7. Mikayla – a unique variation of Michaela, has seen many unique spellings, such as this modern option.
  8. Montana – the most popular of U.S. state names beginning with M for girls.
  9. Murphy – meaning “sea warrior,” this Irish name would make a stylish choice for a girl.

17 Mature Female Names That Start With M

These M names are all very vintage but great for classy little ladies.

  1. Mabel – derived from the Latin word “amabilis,” this cute name means “loveable.”
  2. Magdalene – a famous biblical girl’s name for baby blessings, perhaps meaning “high tower.”
  3. Mallory – a vintage-sounding French name with the alarming meaning of “misfortune” and “ill-omened.”
  4. Margaret – an old-fashioned female name with varied meanings, including “pearl,” “beloved,” or “bitter.”
  5. Margot – a French name meaning “pearl,” with a silent “t.”
  6. Marion – a gender-neutral name from Mary, meaning “bitter, beloved.”
  7. Marjorie – also from the Margaret stem, this medieval Scottish name means “pearl.”
  8. Martha – this vintage name for a “lady of the house” is making a well-deserved comeback.
  9. Mary – timeless, spiritual, and beautifully classic as a given or middle name, meaning “beloved” or “bitter.”
  10. Maureen – an old-school Irish name, taken as a diminutive of the classic Mary.
  11. Mavis – a French old lady name with the melodic meaning of “songbird.”
  12. Milady – just like a nod of the head, this formal moniker doubles as a polite greeting!
  13. Mildred – a very old-fashioned name rooted in Old English, meaning “gentle strength.”
  14. Millicent – meaning “industrious, hard-working,” this name is one to be proud of.
  15. Misty – like a foggy day, this cool name is full of ambiance and intrigue.
  16. Muireann – an eloquent-sounding Irish name with the spectacular color meaning of “sea-white.”
  17. Myrtle – a dated pick among M names, inspired by a type of spiritual evergreen shrub.

66 More Marvelous Girl Names With M Initials

There are so many majestic M names for girls, and here are even more of the best picks.

  1. Maddy – or Maddie, both popular short forms of various “Mad-” names.
  2. Madigan – a unique entry among “Mad-” names, meaning “little dog” in Irish.
  3. Madison – originally a presidential surname intended for a “son of Matthew.”
  4. Magenta – a rare color name after the hot shade of purple-red, sounds fit for superheroes.
  5. Maiara – a romantic and dreamy-sounding name meaning “clever girl” from the Tupi language of Brazil.
  6. Maille – means “pearl” as a Gaelic girl name or “small coin” as a French one.
  7. Maisie – a gorgeous twin to Daisy, this Scottish name means “pearl.”
  8. Maite – a sweet Basque name with the everlasting, adorable meaning of “love.”
  9. Malika – meaning “jasmine,” this fragrant Hindi name captivates and dazzles.
  10. Malina – the fruitiest of Slavic girl names that start with M, meaning “raspberry.”
  11. Mandy – short for Amanda, this upbeat M name means “loveable.”
  12. Manju – a pretty Hindi choice among women’s names that start with M, meaning “pleasant, sweet.”
  13. Manon – with French and Welsh origins, meaning “bitter,” “beloved,” and “beautiful queen.”
  14. Mara – a biblical Hebrew name with a gorgeous sound, meaning “bitter.”
  15. Margarita – a Spanish form of Margaret, also makes us think of the pizza and the cocktail.
  16. Maria – fresh, youthful, and romantic, this ever-classic M name means “beloved” or “drop of the sea.”
  17. Mariah – a Hebrew feminine name for divas, meaning “the Lord is my teacher.”
  18. Marian – a mature-sounding variant of Maria to consider for a daughter.
  19. Marianna – a romantic take on Marian, full of “grace.”
  20. Maribel – an adorable French name, combining the Maria element with the “beautiful” Belle.
  21. Marie – this form of Mary is French and sounds sweetly continental.
  22. Marilyn – a famous celebrity name for a “star of the sea” and a star of the screen.
  23. Marja – a form of Maria, but also a Finnish word meaning “berry,” for tangy added sweetness.
  24. Marta – a sweet European girl’s name meaning “lady.”
  25. Martiza – a sassy German and Spanish form of Maria, with an awesome spelling.
  26. Mary Jane – one of the most popular double-barreled M names, combining two timeless classics into one.
  27. Marzipan – like the almondy paste, Marzipan’s not a common name, but it sure is sweet!
  28. Masha – a trendy Russian diminutive of Maria, with an awesome sound that’s infinitely fun to say.
  29. Maura – a cool name with various meanings, including “star of the sea,” “dark,” and “from Mauritania.”
  30. Mauve – like the rich purple color, best for royal little ladies.
  31. Mavi – this Turkish word meaning “blue” makes a rare yet vivid name.
  32. May – a gorgeous choice among M names for girls born in the fifth month.
  33. Maya – a common name worldwide with many origins and meanings, all beautifully marvelous.
  34. Mazarine – this uniquely French name refers to a rich shade of deep blue.
  35. McKenzie – this Scottish name was traditionally reserved for a “son of Kenneth,” now it’s a great, unisex choice.
  36. Megan – is sometimes considered a Welsh diminutive of Margaret or perhaps means “honorable” in Irish.
  37. Melania – this slight variant of the commonly-heard Melanie is beautiful and romantic.
  38. Melanie – with Greek roots, the popular Melanie means “dark or black.”
  39. Melina – a girl’s name that’s “sweet as honey,” with a charming ring.
  40. Mélisande – this standout name is the French form of Millicent.
  41. Melissa – a popular pick among parents, meaning “bee,” in Greek.
  42. Mercedes – like the slick car, this Spanish girl’s name holds the compassionate meaning of “mercy.”
  43. Merle – an awesome French name inspired by nature, with the friendly meaning of “blackbird.”
  44. Michaela – the feminine form of Michael, this spiritual name asks, “Who is like God?”
  45. Michelle – a popular French feminine form of Michael, asking the all-encompassing question of “Who is like God?”
  46. Mika – a cute choice with various meanings, including “fragrance” and “good.”
  47. Mila – adorably delicate, Mila means “gracious, favored” in Slavic or “miracles” in Spanish.
  48. Milana – a Slavic female name with the affectionate meanings of “loving, gracious, dear.”
  49. Millie – the prettiest nickname of Millicent or other names with that sweet “Mil-” syllable.
  50. Mǐn – a Chinese name element for a child who is “clever” and “quick.”
  51. Mina – petite and feminine, originally a short form of longer names such as Philomina or Minerva.
  52. Minh – a famous, revolutionary Vietnamese girl’s name with a “bright” meaning.
  53. Miriam – a dainty take on Mary / Maria, meaning “beloved.”
  54. Mirren – a sexy Scottish form of Marion with a gorgeous ring to it.
  55. Miyuki – this Japanese female name captures all the magic of a winter day, meaning “happy, deep snow.”
  56. Moira – yet another Mary derivative, this one of Gaelic roots.
  57. Molly – an Irish and English form of Mary, with so much fun behind it.
  58. Mona – has various meanings, such as “alone” in Sanskrit or “noble” in Italian.
  59. Monica – likely belongs to someone you’d want to be friends with, meaning “advisor!”
  60. Monique – a sexy French form of Monica, also meaning “advisor.”
  61. Morag – a typically Scottish girl name, with Gaelic meanings including “great” and “sun.”
  62. Moya – one of the rarer variations of Mary, this time with Irish roots.
  63. Mpho – of Southern African origins, this cool name has the adorable meaning of “gift.”
  64. Mỹ – a sweet and “beautiful” choice among Sino-Vietnamese female names that start with M.
  65. Mylene – meaning “merciful,” or perhaps “star of the sea.”
  66. Myrna – a rare name with the vibrantly creative meaning of “festive, merry, or beloved.”

Girl Names That Start With M FAQs

What Is the Most Popular M Name?

Mary is one of the most commonly heard names internationally, thanks to its countless diminutives and variations in many languages. Other popular M names include those from the Margaret root and other options, including Mia, Michaela, Matilda, Millie, and Maeve.

What Are Rare Girl Names With M Initials?

Names such as Marzipan, Meadow, Milady, and Medusa are rarely heard, while others such as Marjorie, Maureen, and Mavis have fallen off popularity charts in recent decades. Other unique M names for girls include Moya, Mallt, and Maelona.

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