120 Legendary Boy Names That Start With L: for Lively Lads

These brilliant boy names that start with L are all so likable, you’ll love them all.

Look at all these awesome boy names that start with L!

L is one of the most likable initials for a lad to bear, and we’re sure you’ll discover some fantastic L names from around the world on this list.

Whether your son is lion-hearted or a bit more laid-back, you’re bound to find a pick among these L names for boys for your little champ. Keep reading, and he’ll have the most legendary L name in no time.

120 Legendary Names for Boys That Start With L

These awesome L names are sure to turn heads.

  1. Lachlan – oozes Celtic charm, meaning “from the land of the lakes.”
  2. Lad – a boyish nickname used particularly in Britain to describe a young man, attendant, or soldier.
  3. Ladon – a rare name after a dragon in Greek mythology.
  4. Lafayette – from an effervescent French surname, referring to a “beech tree forest.”
  5. Laine – or just Lane, originally a topographic name referring to a small path.
  6. Lake – the most beautiful blue name, after the tranquil water formation.
  7. Lakshay – meaning “target, goal,” this Indian name will encourage your son to aim high.
  8. Lalama – a melodic Hawaiian boy’s name for a “clever, fearless” leader.
  9. Lalit – one of the more youthful male names that start with L, meaning “playful, desirable,” in Hindi.
  10. Lamar – a cool and adventurous Latin boy’s name meaning “of the sea.”
  11. Lambert – from German roots, this earthy given name and surname means “bright land.”
  12. Lan flower names aren’t commonly heard for boys, but we love this unisex Vietnamese “orchid” pick.
  13. Lance – a handsome Old German name meaning “land,” conjuring images of knights and adventure.
  14. Landon – with the unusual meaning of “long hill,” this Old English name is dramatic yet earthy.
  15. Landry – for regal boys, this cool French name means “ruler.”
  16. Langston – a cool English surname and given name, meaning “tall man’s town.”
  17. Lanh – full of “goodness” and “happiness,” this is a wonderful choice to bestow upon a son.
  18. Lanzo – perhaps a trendier form of Lance, also meaning “land.”
  19. Laraib – a romantic pick among Arabic names for boys that start with L, meaning “undoubting.”
  20. Laramie – or Laramy, both earthy, French-rooted names referring to leafy woodlands.
  21. Lark – like the bird, this unisex name is sing-songy and high-flying.
  22. Larkin – referring to lush “laurel leaves,” this name may be inspired by English poet Philip Larkin.
  23. Larry – short for Lawrence, this classic name is often heard on middle-aged men.
  24. Lars – a distinctly Scandinavian name for a champion “crowned with laurel.”
  25. Lashawn – a suave Black American step-up from the 5-letter Shawn, meaning “God is gracious.”
  26. Lasta – this Quechua name means “snow” – great for winter-born babies.
  27. Latimer – originally an occupational surname for a clerk who interpreted documents from or to Latin.
  28. Laurent – a sexy Latin name popular in France, meaning “laurel leaves” or “from Laurentum.”
  29. Laurie – this romantic literary man’s name may be short for Lawrence.
  30. Lawrence – from the same stem as Laurent, this charming name means “laurels.”
  31. Lawson – a common English surname and male given name, traditionally used for a “son of Lawrence.”
  32. Lazar – a trendy, Hebrew-rooted boy’s name meaning “God has helped.”
  33. Lech – this Slavic name means “from Poland,” borne by the legendary founder of the country and its people.
  34. Led – short yet sharp, this Russian name means “ice.”
  35. Ledimir – Slavic and grand, this L name means “ice piece.”
  36. Lee – hugely popular as a given, middle, and surname internationally, often meaning “meadow.”
  37. Legend – a hefty name for your newest heir to live up to, full of celebrity status.
  38. Legolas – a head-turning literary name taken from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.
  39. Lei – like the floral garland necklace, this Hawaiian name would suit anyone.
  40. Leif – a cool yet affectionate Viking name for a son, meaning “heir” and “descendant.”
  41. Leighton – handsome and earthy, this name means “meadow town.”
  42. Leland – meaning “open field, meadowland,” this name sounds distinctly upper-class.
  43. Lemmitty – a fun, wholesome Finnish name for your new baby boy “beloved.”
  44. Len – this “lion” nickname may be short, but it’s full of pride!
  45. Lenni – is the cutest Finnish pick among guy names that start with L for a “brave lion.”
  46. Lenno – a strong Native American name meaning “man.”
  47. Lennon – one for British music fans, this Irish boy’s name romantically means “lover.”
  48. Lennox – is great if you like surnames as first names; this Scottish pick means “elm grove.”
  49. Leo – another name meaning lion, great for a baby born into this zodiac sign, perhaps.
  50. Leon – also meaning “lion,” but also after various cities bearing this name.
  51. Leonard – the most proper of “brave lion” names, sounding very vintage indeed.
  52. Leonardo – like Leonard, but with that sexy, leading man appeal.
  53. Leonitus – a head-turning Latin name for a man who is “like a lion.”
  54. Leopold – this German male name sounds even more old-fashioned than Leonard, also meaning “brave.”
  55. Leroy – from Norman times, this elegant name means “the king.”
  56. Les – short for the unisex name Leslie and significantly more masculine-sounding.
  57. Leslie – a festive-feeling Scottish name meaning “garden of holly.”
  58. Lester – a smart name derived from the Old English Leicester.
  59. Lev – a Russian form of Leo, if you like powerful 3-letter names for boys that start with L.
  60. Levant – for a kid who aims high, consider this French name meaning “rising.”
  61. Levi – meaning “joined in harmony,” this melodic Hebrew name is fit for fashion-forward, denim-wearing kiddos.
  62. Leviathan – a rare yet spectacular name meaning “twisted” in Hebrew, borne by a biblical sea dragon.
  63. Leviticus – a very spiritual name of Greek origin, used to describe “the Levites” (biblical followers of Levi).
  64. Lewis – a popular English spelling variant of Louis, meaning “renowned warrior.”
  65. Li – the shortest of boy names that start with L; this goes with absolutely anything.
  66. Liam – meaning “resolute protector,” this handsome and popular name comes from William.
  67. Liber – inspired by the ancient Roman god of wine, freedom, and fertility, this vibrant L name means “free.”
  68. Liêm – from Vietnamese, this Liam alternative means “truthful, honest.”
  69. Likho – be wary of this Slavic boy’s name after a mythical embodiment of evil and misfortune.
  70. Lin – a beautiful, 3-letter Asian male name with various meanings and interpretations, including “forest” or “gem.”
  71. Lincoln – the most presidential of boy names with L initials, meaning “town by the pool.”
  72. Lindbergh – spelled with or without the H, a cool European name and surname meaning “linden tree mountain.”
  73. Lindsay – a Scottish clan name and place name, suitable for girls and boys as a given name.
  74. Linh – a popular unisex Vietnamese name, vibrantly meaning “spirit, soul.”
  75. Link – short for Lincoln, or just a cool, 4-letter pick among trendsetting boy names with L initials.
  76. Lintang – a unique yet touching Indonesian L name for boys, meaning “star.”
  77. Linus – from Greek mythology, Linus means “flax” or “blonde.”
  78. Lionel – full of pride, this Latin name means “little lion,” for the cutest cubs.
  79. Lisandro – a suave Spanish form of Lysander, with the vibrant meaning of “liberator.”
  80. Lisle – tropical and exotic; this French name is for a boy “from the island.”
  81. Lister – this sharp-shooting surname means “son of the arrow maker.”
  82. Livy – from the Latin word “livius,” this gender-neutral name means “blue, to envy.”
  83. Lloyd – of Welsh origin, this unusual color name means “gray.”
  84. Llywellyn – the most challenging spelling of L names for boys, meaning “lion-like,” “strong,” and “leader.”
  85. Lochan – this dreamy Hindu name relates to “the eyes,” perhaps for a lad with perfect peepers.
  86. Locke – a Germanic surname that would suit any baby escape artist nicely.
  87. Logan – a popular Scottish name meaning “little hollow,” sounding warm and homely.
  88. Loic – this unusually-spelled French name means “famed warrior.”
  89. Loki – after the Norse god of mischief, this epic name makes us smile.
  90. Lonán – uniquely handsome, this Gaelic boy’s name means “blackbird.”
  91. London – for a kingly gentleman, this British capital city sure is smart.
  92. Long – from Chinese and Vietnamese origins, this fiery man’s name means “dragon.”
  93. Lóngwěi – for a boy as “great as a dragon,” this traditional Chinese name sure is spectacular.
  94. Lorcan – if you have a “little fierce one” on your hands, this Gaelic name might be his.
  95. Lorenzo – a trendy Italian pick among boy names with L, meaning “laurel leaves.”
  96. Lorik – a cool European name with foreign meanings including “freedom,” “quail,” and “laurels.”
  97. Lornell – a unique twist on Lawrence with Scottish roots.
  98. Lotar – a badass Polish boy’s name meaning “famous warrior.”
  99. Lou – a common 3-letter nickname from the Louis stem.
  100. Louis – hardy and confident, this popular name means “renowned warrior,” pronounced “lu-wee” or “loo-is.”
  101. Lowell – this French surname meaning “young wolf” makes a cute male given name.
  102. Loyal – a rarely-heard pick among virtue boy names that start with L, for honest princes.
  103. Luan means “moon” in Portuguese and “lion” in Albanian.
  104. Luca – a masculine form of the delicate female name Lucy, meaning “bringer of light.”
  105. Lucas – a handsome and ethereal name for a “bringer of light,” with Greek and Latin origins.
  106. Luciano – from the Latin “lux,” this romantic name shines like a “light.”
  107. Lucifer – a devilish Hebrew name meaning “morning star” or “bringer of light.”
  108. Lucius – like the Harry Potter villain, this Roman name means “light.”
  109. Ludwig – meaning “famous warrior” – is one of the more commanding guy names that start with L.
  110. Luigi – a typically Italian man’s name meaning “renowned warrior.”
  111. Luis – this spelling variant of Louis looks rather continental.
  112. Luke – for the most handsome of men, this biblical boy’s name means “light.”
  113. Lumi – a radiant-sounding, gender-neutral Finnish name meaning “snow.”
  114. Luther – a German name to rely on, meaning “army” or “soldier of the people.”
  115. Lux – a modern and trendy Latin name for the newest “light” in your life.
  116. Lycus – one of the most feisty names from Greek mythology, meaning “wolf.”
  117. Lyle – meaning “island,” perhaps for a solitary little dreamer.
  118. Lyndon – a suave and sophisticated name for an English gentleman, meaning “from the linden tree hill.”
  119. Lynx – a rare choice, but this unique cat name sounds like it would turn heads.
  120. Lysander – a Shakespearian name of Greek origin, meaning “liberator.”

Boy Names That Start With L FAQs

What Rare Boy Names Start With L?

Legolas is a rare name for boys that starts with L, sure to turn heads in the playground. Names such as Legend, London, and Loyal sound familiar but aren’t commonly heard. Other awesome yet uncommon L names include Leviathan, Lynx, Likho, and Locke.

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