105 Best Boy Names That Start With N: Nice and Noteworthy

These top boy names that start with N are all so neat!

Boy names that start with N are some of the noblest around, making N the perfect initial for little princes.

With international examples spanning from ancient to modern, each with unique meanings and origins to note, it’s easy to find the perfect boy names with N to nurture your new namesake. So, keep reading as we navigate through these novel N names, ideal for neat kids!

105 Noble Boy Names That Start With N

Get ready to take note, as these N names for boys will make you smile.

  1. Nabeel – or Nabil, the most “noble” among Arabic names for boys that start with N.
  2. Nabi – this great unisex name means “butterfly” in Korean and “prophet” in Arabic.
  3. Nabu – an intellectual name inspired by the Babylonian and Assyrian god of scribes, literacy, and wisdom.
  4. Nadeem – the most handsome name to bestow upon your new little best “friend.”
  5. Naeem – if you love vowels, consider this chilled-out Arabic name meaning “comfort, ease.”
  6. Najam – this Arabic name refers to the “morning star.”
  7. Najib – one of the most regal boy names that start with N, meaning “distinguished, high-born,” in Arabic.
  8. Náli – tread carefully around this Old Norse name, meaning “dead person.”
  9. Namid – a gorgeous Native American name for a boy “who dances among stars.”
  10. Nanna – a moon god in Sumerian mythology and a cozy name for a grandmother.
  11. Nanuq – a rare yet icy name of Inuktitut origins, meaning “polar bear.”
  12. Naomhán – a head-turning Gaelic name meaning “little holy one,” pronounced “NAYV-awn.”
  13. Naomhán – devout parents will love this unusual name for their new “little saint.”
  14. Naphtali – this powerful, biblical Hebrew name refers to a “struggle” – full of lessons and strength.
  15. Napier – an English surname meaning “linen keeper,” makes an unusual but smart first name.
  16. Napoleon – a standout French name from History, perhaps referring to Naples in Italy.
  17. Narcyz flower names are rare for boys, but we adore this Polish boy’s name referring to a narcissus plant.
  18. Naruhito – a regal Japanese male name meaning “virtue, compassion.”
  19. Naseem – charming and chilled, this easygoing name whistles like a “breeze.”
  20. Nash – is traditionally an English surname with the woody meaning of “ash tree.”
  21. Nasir – or Naseer, a “helpful, supportive” kid would shine with this beautiful Arabic name.
  22. Natalio – if you love the “Christmas” appeal of Natalia (a girl’s name), consider this hot masculine alternative.
  23. Nate – a cool, 4-letter nickname from the handsome Nathanial.
  24. Nathan – a charming Hebrew name for a son like a “gift of God.”
  25. Nathaniel – an even more dreamy form of Nathan, meaning “God has given” in Hebrew.
  26. Naveen – a handsome and charismatic Indian name, giving “new, fresh” vibes.
  27. Navid – a joyful Persian boy’s name that brings “good news” of a beautiful baby boy.
  28. Nayan – this Hindi boy name refers to “the eyes,” perhaps for a baby with spectacular little peepers.
  29. Naylor – this Old English surname would traditionally be used for a maker of nails.
  30. Neacel – a unique Gaelic spin on Nicholas, still giving that cool Nick nickname.
  31. Neasán – a Gaelic saint name that’s so rare its meaning is actually unknown.
  32. Ned – a no-nonsense nickname for Edward, meaning “wealthy guardian.”
  33. Neel – a spelling variant of Neil, meaning “sapphire” as a Hindi name.
  34. Neelam – meaning “sapphire,” this gender-neutral Hindi name is vivid and blue.
  35. Nehemiah – one of the longer N names for boys, meaning “God comforts” in Hebrew.
  36. Neil – meaning “champion,” this Irish name is the most triumphant.
  37. Nelson – an English place name with meanings including “champion, hero,” or “son of Neil.”
  38. Nemo – like the Pixar fish, disappointingly lacking in its meaning of “nobody, nothing.”
  39. Nenad – a Slavic boy name meaning “unexpected,” perhaps for a surprise little bundle of joy.
  40. Neo – this cool Matrix name sounds modern and “new.”
  41. Neptune – a standout name after the Roman sea god and planet in our solar system.
  42. Nereo – of Greek and Spanish origins, Nereo is an “aquatic” name for baby mermen.
  43. Neri – in Hebrew, this homely name refers to candlelight.
  44. Nero – a “stern, powerful” name inspired by the famous Roman emperor.
  45. Nesbitt – an old Scottish clan name, said to (weirdly) refer to a land that’s shaped like a nose.
  46. Nestor – a given name and surname with the heartwarming meaning of “returner.”
  47. Neumann – literally means “new man” – a cool German middle name to consider for a son.
  48. Neville – a French name for a lad, meaning “new town.”
  49. Nevin – this unique Irish and Scottish surname means “little saint” or “little bone.”
  50. Newel – rhyming with jewel, this uncommon medieval English name means “new hall.”
  51. Newt – a cool name for a kid, reminding us of the peculiar amphibians.
  52. Newton – an Old English surname meaning “new town,” also inspired by the scientist.
  53. Ngai – a super-international pick among N names for boys with African, Chinese, and Vietnamese roots.
  54. Ngawang – is said to mean “powerful speech” in Tibetan; this name is full of force and might.
  55. Ngọc – gemstone names are rare for boys, so you’ll love this gender-neutral Vietnamese pick, meaning “jade.”
  56. Ngozi – a strong and celebratory Nigerian name to bestow upon your new “blessing.”
  57. Nguyen – the most popular Vietnamese surname, also makes a cool given name for a man.
  58. Niall – an alternative to Neil, meaning “champion” in Irish.
  59. Nicholas – like the Christmassy saint, this classic N name for boys means “victory of the people.”
  60. Nicholson – meaning “son of Nicholas,” this smart name is a great way to honor a father.
  61. Nickel – a silvery-sounding name, possibly meaning “goblin, rascal” from German.
  62. Nicky – a classic nickname that can be shortened to Nick as he enters adulthood.
  63. Nico – this short form of Nicholas is cute as a button and a sweet alternative to Nick.
  64. Nigel – another form of Niall, meaning “champion,” or perhaps “dark, black” from Latin.
  65. Nihad – a badass Arabic name for little heroes, meaning “strong, mighty, powerful.”
  66. Nikhil – meaning “whole, entire,” this Hindi boy’s name perfectly summarizes how your son has “completed” your family.
  67. Nikita – a spicy, gender-neutral name meaning “victor” in Greek and “horse” in Indian.
  68. Niko – another great short form of name with that triumphant “Nic-” element, prominent in Slavic countries.
  69. Nile – this spelling alternative to Niall reminds us of the African river.
  70. Nils – a short Swedish pick among boy names that start with N, meaning “people of victory.”
  71. Nirmal – for a hygiene-conscious guy, consider this Indian name meaning “pure, clean.”
  72. Nirvana – like the state of bliss, perhaps the most chilled-out among guy names that start with N.
  73. Nishith – a Hindi name meaning “night,” with that ever-adorable Nish nickname.
  74. Nishtar – a razor-sharp name for a quick-witted lad, meaning “scalpel.”
  75. Nithe – a rare Old Norse name said to hold the slithery meanings of “dragon” or “serpent.”
  76. Nixon – a presidential surname used traditionally for a “son of Nick.”
  77. Njål – like Niall, but with an epic, Viking-inspired twist in spelling.
  78. Noa – separate from Noah, this gender-neutral Hebrew name connotes “motion, movement.”
  79. Noah – a timelessly popular name from the bible, meaning “rest, peace.”
  80. Noak – a Swedish form of Noah, yet with a cooler, lesser-heard appeal.
  81. Noam – a charming Hebrew name that exudes “pleasantness.”
  82. Noble – a name for a man to live up to, with the most regal of connotations.
  83. Noctis – this unusual Latin boy name means “night ” for a baby born under the moon.
  84. Nodin – a unique yet breezy Native American name derived from the Ojibwe word for “wind.”
  85. Noel – or Noël, a cozy, festive 4-letter name taken from the French word for Christmas.
  86. Nolan – meaning “noble, famous,” this surname-turned-first-name is fit for celebrities.
  87. Nollaig – a fantastic Irish name for a baby boy born on December 25th, meaning Christmas.”
  88. Noor – a unisex Arabic name, shining full of “light or brightness.”
  89. Noralf – means “north elf,” another great pick among wintery boy names that start with N.
  90. Norbert – an old-fashioned boy’s name with Old German elements meaning “north” and “bright.”
  91. Norm – short for Norman, this is perhaps the most “normal” nickname we can find.
  92. Norman – a vintage pick among old guy names that start with N, meaning “blessed.”
  93. Norris – traditionally used by Anglo-Normans to refer to those from Scotland, meaning “northerner.”
  94. North – a rare, celebrity baby name full of geographic insight.
  95. Norvel – an Old French name relating to a “northern town.”
  96. Notus – from Greek mythology, this godly name refers to the “south wind.”
  97. Novak – a strong and confident Slavic boy name, meaning “new.”
  98. Nuada – a legendary Irish name for a “cloud maker.”
  99. Nukpana – one of the most alarming Native American male names that start with N, meaning “evil.”
  100. Nuncio – this Italian boy’s name means “messenger,” perhaps for a baby with much to say!
  101. Nuriel – a radiant Hebrew name for a baby blessed by the “fire of God.”
  102. Nusrat – a gender-neutral name for champions, meaning “victorious one.”
  103. Nye – an “honorable” Welsh name associated with the Science Guy.
  104. Nyle – a handsome and trendy way to spell Niall, meaning “champion.”
  105. Nyx – the trendiest of 3-letter names for boys with N initials, meaning “night,” in Greek mythology.

N Names for Boys FAQs

What Unisex Names Start with N?

Gender-neutral names that start with N include Noa, Nikita, Nicky, and Noor, as well as Neelam, Ngọc, and Nabi internationally.

What Is the Most Popular N Name for Boys?

Popular N names for boys today include Nathan, Nathaniel, and Nicholas, with Noah sitting consistently high in the rankings. On the other end of the spectrum, rare boy names with N initials include Nehemiah, Ngawang, Nanuq, and Nukpana.

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