175 Girl Names That Start With S: for Stylish Sweeties

These fabulous girl names that start with S are shining, shimmering, and splendid!

It’s a sure thing that girl names that start with S are the sweetest. So, we have sorted a selection of the best S names for girls to make you smile, including all their meanings, origins, namesakes, and more.

Whether you prefer names that are floral and feminine, pretty and powerful, or magical and mystical, there are dozens of names for girls with S initials to fit the bill. Keep reading, and we’ll uncover every one of these shimmering S names for your little sweetheart.

175 Stylish Girl Names That Start With S

These girl names with S initials are sure to stand out!

  1. Sabella – an unusual short form of Isabella, itself, a form of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  2. Sabina – a Latin girl’s name referring to someone from the Sabine tribe, an ancient civilization in central Italy.
  3. Sable – after the unusual mammal and a dark shade of black.
  4. Sabrina – a name of unknown meaning, best associated with a legendary Celtic princess or teenage witch.
  5. Sacagawea – after the historical Native American figure, this standout name means “bird woman” or “boat launcher.”
  6. Säde – pronounced “sa-deh,” this Finnish female name shines like a “ray of light.”
  7. Sadhbh – not the easiest to spell, but this standout Irish name means “sweet, lovely,” pronounced “SYVE.”
  8. Sadie – a royal name for the prettiest monarch, this Hebrew pick means “princess.”
  9. Saffron – an exotic color name after the sweet flower and hot spice.
  10. Sage – like a wise prophet or a fragrant herb.
  11. Saint – a cool celebrity pick among S names for girls, with a spiritual appeal.
  12. Sakura – this dreamy Japanese girl’s name holds all the perfection of a delicate “cherry blossom.”
  13. Salacia – borne by the Roman goddess of the sea and salt water; this expressive name means “salt.”
  14. Salem – a witchy city name meaning “peaceful, safe” with Hebrew and Arabic origins.
  15. Salla – a cool alternative to Sally, this Finnish name means “princess.”
  16. Sally – with the royal meaning of “princess,” this 5-letter Hebrew S name is full of joy and charm.
  17. Salome – a biblical Hebrew name connoting perfect “peace.”
  18. Sam – a classic, gender-neutral, 3-letter name that goes with anything.
  19. Samantha – a familiar Hebrew name meaning “God has heard,” with Sam or Sammi as cute nicknames.
  20. Samara – meaning “protected by God,” this name is a spiritual one to bestow upon a daughter.
  21. Samirah – a friendly name meaning “companion” or “conversationalist” in Arabic.
  22. Sammi – a vibrant and energetic nickname from Samantha and a great alternative to the more commonly-heard Sam.
  23. Sandra – short for Alexandra, this middle-aged name means “protector of man.”
  24. Sandrica – a rare yet fabulous name coined from Sandra.
  25. Sandy – beachy and feminist, this also means “protector of man.”
  26. Sang – a special, gender-neutral Vietnamese name for a little “bright one.”
  27. Santa – a “saintly” Spanish and Portuguese name, with bonus points for sounding extra-festive.
  28. Santana – a devout Spanish name for a follower of “Saint Anne.”
  29. Santina – a Latin alternative to Santa, also meaning “saint.”
  30. Saoirse – pronounced “SEER-sha,” this romantic Irish name connotes “freedom and liberty.”
  31. Saphira – from fiction and fantasy, borne by a dragon in the Eragon series.
  32. Sapphire – like the precious gemstone, this name is vivid and royal blue.
  33. Sarah – or Sara, both ultra-popular Hebrew-rooted girl names meaning “princess.”
  34. Sarai – a beautiful twist on Sarah, also meaning “princess.”
  35. Sarika – a delicate Hindi name after a small bird native to Asia.
  36. Šárka – a badass name borne by a legendary Czech heroine.
  37. Sarma – this Latvia name meaning “frost” is full of uniqueness and charm.
  38. Sasha – this Russian female name comes from the same stem as Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  39. Satu – meaning “fairy tale,” this mystical Finnish name will surely carry the most magical future.
  40. Saulė – after a Baltic sun goddess, this name means “sunlight.”
  41. Savannah – one of the prettiest S names for girls, reminding us of the grassy plains of Africa.
  42. Savita – this hot Indian girl’s name means “sun.”
  43. Sawyer – an adventurous, unisex name traditionally used for a person who saws wood.
  44. Saylor – an awesome French name for a “dancer” or an unusually-spelled “sailor.”
  45. Scarlett – a popular English color name after the passionate shade of red.
  46. Scottie – a feminine diminutive of Scott, great for a girl with Scottish heritage.
  47. Scout – a cute, adventurous name for a kid, like the character in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  48. Seble – this unique African girl’s name means “harvest.”
  49. Sela – a stunning Hebrew name with the sturdy, everlasting meaning of “rock.”
  50. Selby – this unisex English name has the romantic meaning of “from the willow farm.”
  51. Selene – dreamy and romantic, this Greek name means moon.
  52. Selina – like Selene, this is a lunar name with lots of charm and mystery.
  53. Selma with German roots, this protective name works like a “helmet of God.”
  54. Seonag – pronounced “SHO-nak,” this Scottish Gaelic name means “God is gracious,” as an alternative to Jane.
  55. Septima – an ancient Roman name meaning “seventh,” for a girl born in July, perhaps?
  56. Seraphina – a spectacular name for a “fiery” little girl, sure to stand out from the crowd.
  57. Seren – meaning “star” in Welsh, this gorgeous name is most popular in that country.
  58. Serenity – nothing but calm and tranquility in this spectacular and spiritual girl’s name.
  59. Setsuko – perfect among women’s names that start with S for winter-born babies, meaning “snow child” in Japanese.
  60. Sevyn – a unique, modern name meaning “seven,” perhaps for a seventh child?
  61. Shaan – a commanding Hindi name, virtuously meaning “pride, dignity.”
  62. Shadow – mysterious and alluring; Shadow is a rare pick among girl names that start with S.
  63. Shaelee – a modern-looking and fresh 7-letter Gaelic name for an “admirable” little queen.
  64. Shakti – meaning “power” in Sanskrit, this Hindu girl’s name is a force to be reckoned with.
  65. Shalom – this perfect Hebrew name means “peace” and is suitable for boys or girls.
  66. Shamira – a Hebrew name meaning “guardian, protector,” to watch over your little girl with love.
  67. Shanequa – a vibrant African-American name with various meanings, including “God is gracious.”
  68. Shania – a Native American girl’s name said to mean “on my way” for a girl who feels like a woman!
  69. Shannon – after the “wise river” that runs through Ireland.
  70. Shantel – a lesser-seen spelling of the French name Chantel, meaning “stone.”
  71. Sharon – a Hebrew name meaning “fertile plain.”
  72. Shawna – from the Irish name Shawn, this feminine pick means “God is gracious.”
  73. Shay – meaning “esteemed, admirable, fortunate,” this Gaelic name is one for overachievers.
  74. Shea – a spelling variant of Shay, also like the type of nut butter.
  75. Sheelin – full of magic, this name belongs to a lake in Ireland known as the “fairy pool.”
  76. Sheila – of various possible origins, Sheila either means “heavenly” or “blind.”
  77. Shelly – is short for Michelle or just a cute nickname for a beachcombing little mermaid.
  78. Sheridan – an earthy and fresh Gaelic name meaning “searcher.”
  79. Sherry – meaning “darling,” or just a fun nod to the upbeat song by The Four Seasons.
  80. Shiloh – full of “peace and tranquility,” this gender-neutral biblical name is absolutely beautiful.
  81. Shirley – meaning “bright meadow,” this Old English name sounds like springtime in the sun.
  82. Shona – meaning “God is gracious,” Shona could also relate to a tidal island off Scotland.
  83. Shoshana – a traditional, biblical variant of Susan, meaning “lily.”
  84. Shū-Huì – pronounced “shoo-whey,” this unisex Mandarin S name means “intelligent.”
  85. Shyamala – a lyrical Sanskrit name, with the colorful meanings of “black, blue.”
  86. Shyla – this spectacular Indian name is said to mean “daughter of the mountain.”
  87. Sia – like the singer and the Egyptian deification of wisdom.
  88. Siân – this exotic Welsh form of Jane means “God is gracious.”
  89. Sibeal – pronounced “shib-eel,” this devout Irish name means “God is my oath.”
  90. Sidney – a unisex English name meaning “wide watered land,” or like the famous city, Sydney.
  91. Sidra – an out-of-this-world Latin name meaning “like a star.”
  92. Sienna – an orange-red name, like the Italian city rich in clay.
  93. Sierra – an adventurous Spanish name meaning “mountain range.”
  94. Sif – a standout 3-letter S name, after a Norse earth goddess.
  95. Sigrid – a cool Scandinavian name for a girl who’s “victorious” and “beautiful.”
  96. Siiri – like the phone assistant, this Scandinavian name means “victorious.”
  97. Síle – a melodic Irish name meaning “musical,” pronounced “she-la.”
  98. Silva – a glittery-sounding Spanish and Portuguese surname meaning “forest.”
  99. Silvestra – for a girl “from the forest,” full of magic and mischief.
  100. Simcha – a gender-neutral Hebrew name that’s full of “joy.”
  101. Simin – this unique Persian girl’s name represents a glittering shade of silver.
  102. Simone – or Simona, both dreamy Hebrew names meaning “to hear, to listen.”
  103. Simran – a spiritual Indian name representing “remembrance, meditation, recollection.”
  104. Sinéad – a typical Irish variant of Jane, meaning “God is gracious.”
  105. Sini – yet another colorful pick among women’s names that start with S, meaning “blue” in Finnish.
  106. Siobhan – an enchanting Irish name meaning “God is gracious.”
  107. Síofra – for a mischievous baby, this cool Gaelic name means “fairy, changeling,” pronounced “shee-fra.”
  108. Siren – a vibrant name for a girl who looks alarmingly like a mermaid.
  109. Siria – meaning “sun, glowing,” this warm name could also relate to the country Syria.
  110. Siriol – a vibrant Welsh girl’s name for a “cheerful” little girl.
  111. Sisko – a Finnish name meaning “sister,” perfect for your first girl.
  112. Sitara – a day-dreamy Hindi girl’s name, radiating “starlight.”
  113. Sky – or Skye, for day-dreamy little girls with their heads among the clouds.
  114. Skylar – a modern pick, meaning either “scholar” or a twist on the name Sky.
  115. Sláine – a name from Irish legend, with the prosperous meaning of “health.”
  116. Slavena – great for a “Slavic woman,” this powerful name means “glory, fame.”
  117. Sloane – a confident Irish pick among female names that start with S, meaning “leader, warrior.”
  118. Snotra – after the Old Norse goddess of wisdom, this “clever” name may not be the sweetest sounding.
  119. Snow – a unique weather name for girls born in the wintertime.
  120. Snowdrop – a rare pick among flower names, yet with a beautiful spring-like appeal.
  121. Sobiesława – meaning “wisdom, fame,” what more could your girl want from a Slavic S name?
  122. Sofia – a cool international spelling of the popular Sophia, meaning “wisdom.”
  123. Solana – a Spanish name for a girl who’s full of “sunshine.”
  124. Soleil – the French word for “sun” makes a perfectly joyous name for a girl.
  125. Solongo – this rhythmic Mongolian girl name means “rainbow.”
  126. Solveig – ideal for a summer-born ray of sunshine, this Old Norse name means “strength of the sun.”
  127. Soni – from Japanese, this elfin name is fit for a “fairy princess.”
  128. Sonora – this Mexican girl’s name is “pleasant sounding” in nature and meaning.
  129. Sonya – or Sonja, both sassy Russian names connoting “wisdom.”
  130. Sophia – an international classic, this Greek-rooted girl’s name means “wise.”
  131. Sophie – a highly popular form of Sophia, also meaning “wise.”
  132. Sorcha – meaning “brightness,” the Gaelic name is quite the scorcher!
  133. Sorrel – meaning “reddish-brown,” this dainty-sounding name sounds vibrantly autumnal.
  134. Sparrow – an inquisitive girl name inspired by the garden bird.
  135. Stacey – or Stacy, meaning “resurrection,” as a diminutive of the Greek name Anastasia.
  136. Star – the most ethereal pick among 4-letter names that start with S for girls.
  137. Starla – this invented name takes “star” and gives it an ultra-feminine and pretty twist.
  138. Starling – a dreamy pick among S names for girls inspired by birds.
  139. Stella – a celestial beauty among S names for girls, meaning “star” in Latin.
  140. Stellaluna – a spectacular name combining Latin elements meaning “star” and “moon.”
  141. Stephanie – from the Greek word “stephanos,” this regal-sounding and popular name means “crown.”
  142. Steren – like Seren, this adorable name means “star,” this time in Cornish.
  143. Stormi – a celebrity choice of baby name for a tempestuous little lady.
  144. Sue – simple and strong among names for girls that start with S, meaning “lily.”
  145. Suki – a sassy-sounding diminutive form of name with that “Su-” element, like Susan.
  146. Suman – a strong Hindi name for boys and girls, meaning “intelligent.”
  147. Summer – like the warm months, this name is full of adventure and possibility.
  148. Sun – this name would go with Star perfectly for a gorgeous little beam of light.
  149. Sunčana – radiating the warmth of summer, this Croatian name means “sunny.”
  150. Sunday – a unique yet warming name after the holiest day of the week.
  151. Sunflower – full of the joys of springtime – a radiant pick among floral girl names with S.
  152. Sunita – meaning “well-behaved,” this is a Hindi girl name parents are sure to approve of.
  153. Sunniva from Norwegian, Sunniva is for a perfect “gift of the sun” daughter.
  154. Sunny – youthful and vibrant, this sunshine-filled name makes us smile.
  155. Sunshine – the most joyful of names for girls with S, for beaming babies.
  156. Suoma – from the Finnish word meaning “Finland” – ideal if you have a heritage in that country.
  157. Suri – an old form of Sarah, also meaning “princess.”
  158. Susan – meaning “lily,” this old-fashioned floral name is super cute.
  159. Susannah – the same as Susan, but with even more flourish!
  160. Susanne – pretty and ultra-feminine, this is a stylish alternative to Susan or Susannah.
  161. Susie – this diminutive form of Susan sounds youthful and upbeat.
  162. Susmita – this Hindi name has the most adorable meaning, designed for “one with a radiant smile.”
  163. Sutton – traditionally an English locational surname meaning “southern settlement,” now a trendy, unisex name.
  164. Suvi – the Finnish word for “summer” makes a gorgeous, foreign name.
  165. Suzette – a graceful variant of Susan, with that same adorable “lily” meaning.
  166. Suzuko – meaning “little bell,” this Japanese name has a nice ring to it.
  167. Svea – this Old German name means “Sweden,” so it is full of culture and heritage.
  168. Svetlana – a typically Slavic name for women, shining from its meaning of “light.”
  169. Sybil – or Sibyl, both very old names after female prophets of legend.
  170. Sydonia – a pretty name dating back to the name of an ancient Phonecian city.
  171. Sylph – after a type of mythical air spirit, this is an unusual yet striking name indeed.
  172. Sylvia – meaning “forest,” also spelled like Sylwia in Polish.
  173. Symphony – the most musical of female names that start with S, encouraging harmony and beauty.
  174. Syndi – a modern spelling of Cindy – a nickname for names such as Cynthia or Lucinda.
  175. Syvne – meaning “winter woman,” this indigenous Nenets name comes from northern Russia.

S Names for Girls FAQs

What Are Rare S Names for Girls?

If you’re looking for unique names for girls that start with S, consider Sandrica, Seble, Sylph, or Sabella. Names such as Sunday, Sunflower, and Sparrow are all uncommon but familiar, or you could opt for an exotic international S name such as Setsuko, Shakti, Sif, or Solongo.

What S Names for Girls Mean Sunshine?

There are many radiant girl names that start with S, which means “sunshine,” including Sun, Sunny, and Sunshine themselves! Internationally, Saulė, Siria, Savita, Solveig, Soleil, and Solana also mean “sun,” we love how Sunniva, which means “gift of the sun.”

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