100 God-Given Names That Mean Blessing: for Your Miracle

These perfect names that mean blessing are all heaven-sent, just like your gorgeous new arrival.

As any proud parents will agree, the arrival of a new baby is one of life’s finest miracles. So, why not honor your glorious new arrival by selecting one of these gorgeous names that mean blessing?

We’ve found the most beautiful blessing names from around the world. With religious, cultural, and spiritual significance enlightening each one, your baby will grow to know just how thankful and honored you feel to have them in your family.

Keep reading to learn the most perfect names meaning blessing for babies, including all their purest meanings, origins, and more.

59 Perfect Girl Names That Mean Blessing

These gorgeous blessing names for girls all glow with spiritual beauty.

  1. Aashvi – triumphant and loving, this vibrant Hindi girl’s name means “blessed, victorious.”
  2. Adwen – belonging to the Cornish patron saint of sweethearts, this dreamy name means “blessed.”
  3. Aile – a short Scandi pick among “holy, blessed” names for women.
  4. Althea – a magical Greek name for a lady “blessed with healing powers.”
  5. Anam – a pure, sweet, simple choice among Muslim girl names that mean “blessed.”
  6. Anum – a bit like Anam, this spiritual Muslim name means “blessing, mercy of Allah.”
  7. Anwen – meaning “very blessed, very beautiful” for your perfect Welsh princess.
  8. Aparecida – meaning “appeared,” this spiritual Portuguese name refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  9. Arianwen – sounds romantic among Welsh names for girls, meaning “white, blessed, fair.”
  10. Beata – is stylish among Polish names for girls, meaning “blessed.”
  11. Beatrix – a playful yet saintly name, meaning “blessed” and “voyager.”
  12. Beatrycze – with a tricky spelling, the snazzy Polish form of Beatrix.
  13. Benedicta – a lesser-heard feminine variant of Benedict, meaning “blessed.”
  14. Beracha – a melodic Hebrew name for your pretty new “blessing.”
  15. Bogdana – a strong Slavic name, best bestowed upon your new “God-given” blessing.
  16. Bracha – an earthy, shorter form of Berahca, meaning “blessing.”
  17. Bronny – a “bonnie” Welsh nickname, adorably meaning “fair, blessed.”
  18. Celia – a Latin girl’s name that shines like “heavenly, blessed land.”
  19. Cerridwen – a mystical name from medieval Welsh legend, romantically meaning “blessed poetry.”
  20. Chieko – this Japanese name carries “a thousand blessings.”
  21. Delyth – a unique Welsh female name, “pretty” and “blessed” in meaning.
  22. Dilwen – a feminine form of Dilwyn, meaning “blessed, genuine,” from Welsh.
  23. Dwynwyn – meaning “blessed,” borne by the Welsh patron saint of lovers.
  24. Eirwen – perfect for babies born in the wintertime, this Welsh name means “blessed, white snow.”
  25. Eurwen – separate from Eirwen, this Welsh name is made of elements meaning “blessed, white,” and “gold.”
  26. Felicitas – an awesome Roman female name, carrying “good luck,” “happiness,” and “blessings.”
  27. Fiona – a fantasy Gaelic name meaning “white, fair, blessed.”
  28. Fuku – full of abundance, this Japanese name means “good fortune, blessing, happiness.”
  29. Grace – this consistently popular English virtue name for girls symbolizes a perfect blessing.
  30. Guinevere – rooted in Arthurian legend, this enchanting Welsh name may mean “white phantom” or “blessed.”
  31. Gwen – short for various Gaelic “Gwen-” or “Guin-” names, for a girl who’s “fair, pure, blessed.”
  32. Gwyneth – a famous Welsh name, full of “blessings” and “happiness.”
  33. Helga – from the Old Norse “heilagr,” this dated name means “blessed, holy.”
  34. Helka – a Finnish alternative to Helga, sounding cool and fresh with that tiny spelling difference.
  35. Iorwen – a feminine form of Iorwerth, this noble Welsh name means “blessed lady.”
  36. Lahja – a Finnish name meaning “gift,” like a perfect baby present.
  37. Lyssa – is dreamy among Greek goddess names, meaning “God’s promise” or “blessed.”
  38. Macaria – from Spanish and Greek, this cute pick means “happy, blessed.”
  39. Mahmuna – or Maymuna, meaning “auspicious, blessed” in Arabic.
  40. Mary – a deeply religious name after the blessed virgin mother of Jesus, meaning “beloved” or “bitter.”
  41. Masego – a pure African girl’s name meaning “blessings.”
  42. Mpho – a Southern African “gift” among girl names that mean blessing.
  43. Mymounah – another longer, more romantic way of spelling the Arabic Mahmuna.
  44. Nima – or Nimat, both cute and delicate among Arabic female names meaning “blessing.”
  45. Oili – a fun Finnish form of Olga, among vowel-heavy girl names that mean “blessed, holy.”
  46. Olga – meaning “blessed,” this name is fit for a confident Scandinavian lady.
  47. Roopa – a rich Indian name for a girl who’s been “blessed with beauty.”
  48. Sadia – this Arabic name is like a charm, meaning “blessed, lucky.”
  49. Santina – meaning “saint,” this pretty Latin name is full of holy blessings.
  50. Shreya – a pretty Hindi pick among girl names meaning “blessed, good fortune, beauty.”
  51. Siân – a cute Welsh name meaning gift from God, gorgeous for a blessed baby.
  52. Sláine – rooted in Irish legend, this name offers the perfect healing blessing of “health.”
  53. Svatava – a fun-to-say Slavic girl name meaning “blessed, holy.”
  54. Tadala – a cute and celebratory African name, meaning “we have been blessed.”
  55. Tegwen – yet another lovely Welsh female name, meaning “fair, blessed, lovely.”
  56. Theodora – the most womanly of blessing names, meaning “gift of God.”
  57. Vanna – meaning “God’s gift” in Hebrew and “golden” in Cambodian – for the most brilliant blessing.
  58. Winifred – an Old English name for a lady, meaning “holy, blessed, joy.”
  59. Zelig – meaning “blessed” in Yiddish, Zelig is a cute and sparky Z girl’s name.

30 Beautiful Blessing Names for Boys

These perfect boy names that mean blessing are fit for charming cherubs.

  1. Aayan – a shining A name, meaning “blessing, God’s gift.”
  2. Ashish – an Indian name affectionately meaning “blessing from the elderly.”
  3. Ayman – a strong Arabic name meaning “right-handed” and “righteous, blessed.”
  4. Barack – or Barak, an Arabic name meaning “blessed,” but also “lightning” in Hebrew.
  5. Baruch – a biblical Hebrew name meaning “blessed,” also spelled Baruk.
  6. Beatus – a saintly Roman boy name from the Latin “beatus,” meaning “blessed.”
  7. Beaty – a fresh-sounding Latin pick among “blessed” names for baby boys.
  8. Bekim – a rare Albanian name meaning “blessing.”
  9. Ben – short, humble, and sweet; this cute name can be short for Benedict.
  10. Benedict – borne by popes and saints, this “blessed” name sure is a spiritual one.
  11. Bengt – a compact Swedish form of Benedict for “blessed” lads.
  12. Benicio – a Spanish form of Benedict, suave among boy names that mean blessing.
  13. Dilwyn – a rustic-sounding Welsh name for an innocent lad, meaning “blessed, genuine.”
  14. Felix – from Latin, this cool name carries “blessings,” “luck,” and “happiness.”
  15. Finnian – a fun Finn name from Irish, meaning “white, blessed.”
  16. Fionn – a cool Old Irish name for a blond boy, meaning “fair, blessed.”
  17. Helge – rooted in Old Norse, meaning “holy, blessed,” a masculine alternative to Helga.
  18. Iorwerth – from Welsh, this powerful name means “blessed lord,” full of stature and nobility.
  19. Lôc – a short Vietnamese name meaning “luck, blessings,” and “flower bud.”
  20. Macario – he’ll be thankful for this cool international name, meaning “blessed, happy.”
  21. Nenad – a Slavic boy’s name meaning “unexpected,” for your surprise blessing that was simply meant to be.
  22. Ngozi – a vibrant Nigerian name meaning “blessing,” worthy of celebration.
  23. Norman – an old man’s vibrantly vintage name, meaning “blessed.”
  24. Oleg – a classically Russian variant of Helge, meaning “blessed.”
  25. Piran – a unique Cornish name with the spiritual meaning of “prayers.”
  26. Sachie – this Japanese male name sounds like sunshine, with meanings like “joy,” “good luck,” and “blessing.”
  27. Svante – full of charm, this Swedish name means “blessed people.”
  28. Theo – the cutest nickname from Theodore, for your perfect blessing from God.
  29. Theodore – a powerful name with the beautiful meaning of “gift from God.”
  30. Usher – as a Yiddish name, this would denote a “happy, blessed” little guy.

11 Gorgeous Unisex Names That Mean Blessing

These gender-neutral blessing names for babies are practically God-given.

  1. Arwyn – a fairytale Celtic name for a hopeful kid who’s “bright, fair, blessed.”
  2. Asher – as a Hebrew name, Asher means “happy, blessed.”
  3. Ayamin – is a unisex name for “blessed” babies of any gender.
  4. Bennet – a Latin-rooted last name meaning “blessed,” great for Pride and Prejudice fans.
  5. Blessing – the most loving name to bestow upon your gorgeous new addition.
  6. Hye-Seong (혜성) – an intergalactic unisex Korean name with meanings including “comet, star” and “blessing.”
  7. Irwen – a Welsh variant of Eirwen, meaning “blessed, white snow.”
  8. Miracle – full of wonder and joy, this name sums up a magical blessing beautifully.
  9. Phúc – a cool Vietnamese choice among names meaning “blessing, good fortune.”
  10. Saint – a celebrity-approved, blessed vocabulary name.
  11. Wynn – or Wynne, both Welsh surnames meaning “holy, pure, blessed.”

Blessing Names FAQs

What Are Some African Names Meaning Blessing?

If you adore the beauty of an African name that means blessing, check out choices such as Tadala, Masego, Mpho, or Ngozi.

What Name Means Lucky and Blessed?

For the most fortunate children with names meaning “lucky and blessed,” consider Sadia, Fuku, Felicitas, or Shreya for girls and Felix, Sachie, or Phúc for boys.

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